Useful Tips

Black magic - game (rally) for adults


Number of Players: Any

Optional: any items

The main participants in this game are the “wizard” and his assistant, who can read minds (clairvoyant). The focus with reading thoughts is quite simple: an object that “guesses” a “wizard” will be named, say, behind an object in black. Here is an example of this game.

The "clairvoyant" closes his eyes, while the "wizard" silently shows others the assigned subject. When the "clairvoyant" opens his eyes, the "wizard" asks him these questions:

“Do I think about salt?”

The clairvoyant answers: "No."

“Do I think of a napkin?” - “No.”

“Do I think about pepper?” - “No.”

“Am I thinking of ketchup?”

Then the assistant says “Yes”, because ketchup follows a black object - pepper.

Boxing Club - game (rally) for adults

Number of players: 2 guys and 2 girls
Optional: 2 pairs of boxing gloves, 2 candies

Before the start of the contest, the presenter calls two real men who are ready for anything for the sake of the lady. Ladies of heart are present right there to exert a beneficial psychological influence on their knights. Cavaliers wear boxing gloves, the remaining guests form a symbolic boxing ring.

The leader’s task is to intensify the situation as much as possible, to suggest which muscles are best to stretch, in general, everything, as in a real ring. After the physical and moral preparation is completed, the knights go to the center of the ring, greet each other. The host, he is a judge, recalls the rules, such as not striking below the belt, do not leave bruises, fighting until the first blood, etc. Read more @title

Surprise - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: glasses with beer, condoms

Participants are given narrow glasses, half filled with beer, are asked to take a glass in one hand and make rotational movements with the glass, supposedly so that the beer foams. At the same time, the participants are told that they will now be blindfolded, and they must do the same, but carefully so as not to spill beer on their lap. Read more @title

One, two, three - a game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: no

The game, for non-compliance with the rules - some kind of penalty, for example, a bottle of champagne. The Enchanter pronounces the conditions to the player:

“I say one, two, three.” You repeat “three” and are silent for exactly a minute.

After this, as a rule, a question of type follows, but you won’t laugh, you won’t tickle, they honestly say “no”. Mysterious:

- Well, here you are and lost, it was not necessary to repeat.

- Yes, you yourself said (or something like that). Read more @title

Banana contest - game (rally) for adults

Number of players: 4
Optional: Bananas

Four volunteers are selected. It is announced that there will now be a competition for eating bananas for a while with their eyes closed. One banana is distributed to each. When one has already been blindfolded, the rest are quietly released. Those. he eats this banana alone. This is best done on a camcorder.

Read carefully - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: 4-7
Optional: assignment sheets

Write this task on the paper. Call 4-7 volunteers who agree to do everything that is written here. Say that the winner is the one who does it all faster.

- count how many people are in the hall and shout out the number loudly

- jump 10 times

- go and hug a good friend

- meow 3 times

- speak the Russian alphabet out loud

- close your eyes and rotate 360 ​​degrees Read more @title

Traffic police rally - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Three to Four
Optional: pots, balloon, empty bottles

Three or four daredevils are invited to participate in the draw and it is announced that they need to overcome the distance in "super-modern race cars." Participants are given basins at which they should get to the finish line as soon as possible. At the finish line there is a “traffic police inspector” (leader), who stops the fastest rider and asks him to produce documents. Naturally, there are no documents, then the inspector offers to breathe into the tube (balloon), and you must breathe until the balloon bursts. Read more @title

The main ram - a game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: no

To conduct the game everyone needs to line up in a big circle. One person from the very beginning assumes the functions of a host, he also becomes the main instigator of the “turmoil” and decides to his taste who will become the "sacrificial ram."

The leader calls one person from the circle (the future “victim”), takes him to another room and asks him to wait there. Then the leader returns to the circle and explains to the other conspirators what is about to happen. Read more @title

The true gentleman - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: 2 stools, blanket

Of the players, a victim (guy) is voluntarily forced. He is led into a previously prepared room where he sees two girls sitting on the edges of an impromptu bench, assembled from chairs or stools, completely covered with a blanket.

The host informs the guy that he must choose one of these two girls that he likes best and sit on the bench in such a way as to show that he loves his chosen one, but, like a true gentleman, does not offend the second girl. The host says that one must use the body language, remember etiquette, etc. nonsense. The guy is given 20 seconds to think about how to do this. 90% of the 100% that a guy sits between the girls. Read more @title

April jokes - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: no

The company announced that now everyone will play one very funny game. Everyone should stand in a circle, squat down, put their hands on the floor and hook with the neighbors on the right and left with little fingers.

Then the host affectionately addresses the neighbor on the right, “Vassenka, you know how to play the April Jokes game.” To which the neighbor on the right should answer: “No, Andryushenka, I don’t know how to play the April Jokes game, then turn to your neighbor on the right with a similar question: "Masha, do you know how to play the April Jokes game? There’s an answer in a circle. Read more @title

Mole rat - game (rally) for adults

Number of Players: Any
Optional: no

For each player, “forfeits” are pre-assembled: a watch, a car keychain, earrings, glasses, a photograph of a loved one.

Next, the most responsible and accurate person from the whole company is selected. Together with him, the collected things are carefully laid out on the floor. Then he is informed that he will have to go blindfolded between these objects.

Having assigned such an important mission to the player, the facilitator allows him to once again align the objects, and gives several minutes to better look at their order and location. The player must remember everything as accurately as possible so as not to accidentally step on something, otherwise the error can become fatal. Read more @title