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How to visually enlarge a breast - small tricks


Putting on open clothes, girls often worry about how good they will look. An open dress can show not only the beauty of your figure, but also a piece of underwear. There are also cases when the bust is exposed much more than what the hostess wants or does not look resilient.

To cope with this trouble and tighten the problem area, you can use adhesive tape for the chest.

It is about this rather simple trick that you will learn from our article.

The essence of the method

With the help of adhesive tape, you can give the bust the desired shape and raise it. Fixed with this simple device, it looks elastic and fit.

Kim Kardashian admitted that she uses masking tape. It better fits the bust, softer in structure, and when used, fewer folds are obtained. But you can use special stickers.

With a certain effort, you can ensure that he perfectly fit the chest. Is it possible for famous beauties to support their breasts with ordinary tape? Maybe! Kim Kardashian has proven this. At the same time, an excellent result was obtained!

Attention! You should not use ordinary transparent tape, it has a rigid structure and may not suit everyone.

Properly designed wardrobe

Visually making breasts more easily with appropriate clothing. Regardless of the style you choose, remember that a large design enhances the shape. In this case, lovers of bright bold blouses can wear them at any time, it is desirable to have a characteristic print in the chest area.

Owners of lush hips and modest breasts should combine clothes from the wardrobe in such a way that the lower part is inconspicuous, while the top is decorated with bright color patterns. Thus, this allows you to balance the proportions of the figure. Choose the bottom of the image dark and solid.

Experienced experts advise using the principle of layering. This also kind of adds volume to the bust. For this, a two-layer dress is suitable. In this case, wear tank tops over a turtleneck, and wear shirts on shirts. A couple of simple tricks with clothes and as a result, the chest is larger and more seductive.

Blouses with lush collars and ruffles hide the true shape of the bust, therefore they are relevant in any case. More outfits of this type and as a result, the chest will seem magnificent.

Use of accessories and cosmetics

Girls are strongly advised not to wear chains with a large cross section. This applies to brooches, beads and pendants of overly impressive sizes. Such jewelry is very distracting from the chest when it is on the female neck.

Many young ladies are interested in the question of how to visually increase the breast with cosmetics. It turns out that such tools are good not only for correcting imperfections and emphasizing the advantages of the face, but also the body.

With the help of shadows, tonalki, lipstick and bronzers, you can easily adjust the shape and volume of the bust. It is enough to apply dark shadows in the area of ​​the hollow, and light on the chest. The chest seems larger due to the contrast between the bulges and the body itself. After that, you can safely put on any outfit with a deep neckline and hit everyone around with magnificent and seductive forms.

Little tricks and little tips

  • After you put on a bra, each breast should be lifted in a cup. This will help to visually enlarge the breast, and the bra will support it well.
  • While wearing, the straps should not hang loose - this is the enemy of the magnificent chest. Tight straps also keep fit.
  • Young women should not worry too much about forms, as the body continues to grow up to 25 years.
  • You can determine the size of the bust at a young age. Pay attention to the bust of other women from all family members. Much is transmitted by genetics and breasts are no exception.
  • In no case should you wear a large bra. He will not only crawl, but his chest, therefore, seems saggy.
  • You can add volume to your bust by wearing two bras at the same time. Wearing them, you can visually enlarge the chest. But this method should be used carefully. Unsuccessful experiments end in an unnatural appearance.
  • A bra smaller than your breasts with tight clothes does wonders. This trick can be used by all girls, regardless of age, within reason, of course.
  • It is a mistake to believe that breast massage somehow affects its growth. You can’t change genetics with special techniques and compression.
  • To keep your chest always visible, wear a push-up bra and try to keep your posture straight. The breasts pushed forward always attract attention.

The above techniques and methods do not enlarge the chest forever, but only for a certain period of time. Think carefully about whether to resort to serious surgery. After all, beauty is a lot of different shapes and not necessarily large sizes. Each girl and woman is beautiful in her own way, so why not slightly adjust what nature has given? The advantage is that you can return to their original state at any time!

Camisole dresses and tops

This category includes all outfits in the style of linger, sports shirts, tops with thin straps and open sundresses on the straps of different thicknesses.

It can be difficult to pick up linen, even if you really want to. If you are comfortable enough without a bodice, then forget about this idea. Yes, under some of them the breast shape will be visible, but it's beautiful. If necessary, the prominent nipples can be hidden with stickers.

Light tops on thin straps are ideal for hot summers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose designer models from Michal Negrin. Victorian print tops decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystals. They look great without a bra.

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Dresses and tops that bare one or two shoulders do not require additional equipment. You can safely walk in them without a bra. Usually they are tailored so that they do not focus on the chest, transferring it to the shoulders.

If tight-fitting models are too much for you, choose styles with draperies or frills.

Some models do not fully open their shoulders. For example, Sportalm blouses add intrigue and femininity to the look and look great even without a bra!

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Blouse "Adeline" blue, from 18 000 rubles.,
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Shirts & Shirts

If you want to go without a bra in the summer, choose loose shirts and dresses in this style. Open as many buttons as you see fit. Nobody will see more - after all, almost all of these outfits do not fit on the body.

If you want to wear a men's shirt with a wide open - put on a beautiful tight-fitting top under it.

You can pick up different models of shirt dresses at the Ianishamalidy brand clothing and accessories store.

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Dress-shirt Ianis Chamalidy, from 19 700 rub.,
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Putting on a short top, throw away the thought of the bodice. These things are created just to maximize your feminine virtues and sexuality!

The correct recipe is for bare body only! Many of them are stitched so that they themselves support the chest - even quite large.

Open evening dresses

A tuxedo, a dress with a deep V-neck, lacing or an American armhole - all these things look perfect only on a naked body.

In order not to expose themselves completely during the defile on the red carpet or in the dance, the stars come up with various tricks with scotch tape and adhesives - they can also be noted.

Evening dresses midi or medium length with a corset from designer Masha Goryacheva will not leave you indifferent. The Ariel dress has a deep pleated skirt with a wide hem; the Judy dress is distinguished by a cutting waist on a high yoke and a half-sun skirt. They are so self-sufficient and elegant that a bra here only hurts.

Step-by-step instruction

Be sure to observe the following rules:

  1. Using a centimeter, measure the distance from the base of the chest to the shoulder. We apply a centimeter under the mammary gland, draw it along the nipple, then under the collarbone, and finish the measurement in the shoulder area.
  2. We measure out several strips of adhesive tape, cut it off.
  3. Glue one end of the strip under the chest, closer to the axillary region. Raising the bust, we continue to stick up the chest area. We glue the other end, wound it over the shoulder. Thus we rewind the chest until its shape suits us.
  4. If you need to fix the bust relative to the dress - you can use double-sided tape.
Important! From the first time, the construction of such a home-made bra may not work. But having trained, you can get very good results.

Another 10 working methods for tightening the problem area

Also check out other proven ways to help solve the problem more thoroughly:

  1. Strength exercises. Method number one, helping to form an excellent muscle relief, lift the chest and make it more elastic. Performing strength exercises constantly, you do not have to worry about extra pounds, as they successfully burn fat.
  2. Gymnastics. A great way to keep fit, maintain muscle elasticity, control weight. Gymnastic exercises form a beautiful posture and lift the chest due to the developed pectoral muscles. A necessary element of body care and maintaining muscle in good condition. The developed muscles of the mammary glands support the bust and do not allow it to sag.
  3. Firming creams and gels. One of the elements of breast care are creams. They are able to regenerate skin cells, increase elasticity, nourish and moisturize. Using the cream helps keep the skin young and beautiful.
  4. Masks Can be cooked at home. This requires natural ingredients that have a nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant effect. Lactic acid products, fruits, berries possess such properties.
  5. Wraps. Conducted in the form of courses, actively saturate the skin with useful substances, exfoliate dead cells, bleach, and enhance the effect of useful nutrients. This procedure also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  6. Massage. Used as an additional means of skin care for the bust. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with water procedures and gymnastics. Massage helps keep the skin supple and toned. This is due to improved blood circulation and exposure to biologically active points.
  7. Diet and special foods. The daily menu, built in accordance with the basics of good nutrition, is the foundation of beauty and health. A complete diet helps to saturate the body with all the necessary substances. Proper nutrition prevents overweight. Rigid diets are best avoided - they are harmful to your health. Stay on a balanced diet!
  8. A tightening bra. It forms an attractive female silhouette, raises the problem area and prevents its sagging, creates convenience and comfort. This is exactly the part of the women's toilet that combines both benefit and beauty. A wide variety of models allows you to choose to your taste another seductive little thing.
  9. Stickers on the chest. These products of various shapes and sizes, made of silicone, can be worn instead of a traditional bra for any, even the most daring neckline. If desired, you can use the cups, which can increase the breast and give it elasticity.
  10. Mesothreads. One way to tighten your chest and prevent it from sagging. Used with a small bust size and with a small degree of sagging. This method is good for age-related changes, as well as for sagging problem areas as a result of diets.

Also watch the video:

Popular beauties do not hide the fact that they use adhesive tape to raise their breasts and show them in the most favorable light. Using this method, it is possible to reliably hide everything that is optional. Many different ways can improve the appearance of the bust, pull it up and make it more elastic. Which one to choose is up to you!

Bras and stickers for raising a bust

The small breasts of many women are desperate. But to hide this drawback, just pick the right packaging.

Most modern bras are not only beautiful, but also have the ability to raise and visually enlarge the mammary glands:

  • Low-cut bras, wide-spaced shoulder straps and special side panels raise the chest and increase the neckline.
  • Women with curvaceous shapes fit underwear, whose cups lift the bust out. This bra is suitable for dresses with a deep neckline.
  • Cups with a push up effect will help to lift your chest well and make it visually larger.
  • There are even cups full of foam. They will definitely make your breasts larger by several sizes. But too zealous is not worth it.

For sporting events, you must purchase a special bra. He will well support the chest and prevent sagging skin.

To visually change the shape of the mammary glands, you can use special stickers.

They perfectly tighten the bust and make it beautiful and seductive. This little trick will allow any woman to feel fit even for a few hours.

These stickers are important when discreet underwear is needed.

This device has many advantages:

  1. No need to wear a bra.
  2. It can be worn under a dress with an open back and shoulders and at the same time they will be completely invisible.
  3. They are easy and convenient to use.
  4. Forms will look natural and appetizing.
  5. A woman with any breast size can choose the right stickers. Sizes range from A to D.
  6. There are waterproof options. This allows you to put on stickers under the swimsuit to look irresistible on the beach.
  7. The skin of the chest breathes and does not sweat.

Stickers are made from medical latex. They can be used even for girls with sensitive skin, there will definitely not be an allergy. Put them on like this: one half is attached to the bottom of the bust, the other is slightly higher, depending on how much you need to raise the chest. The stickers are reusable and will hold tight to your chest. To be able to put them on again, it is necessary to remove and attach to the source material.

A few secrets to visual breast augmentation

Not only special stickers and properly selected bra cups will help to lift the chest.

For this, you can use cosmetics:

  • Tanning. The tanned chest seems more voluminous and elastic. But, as you know, topless is not allowed to sunbathe. The sun's rays spoil the condition of delicate skin, make it sagging, and accelerate the aging process. Therefore, so that the neckline is dark, you can use tanning.
  • Creams, lotions, glitter powder. Shiny particles will reflect light, and distract attention from wrinkles and other imperfections. In the daytime, many such funds do not need to be applied. Increase the dose in the evening.
  • Bronze powder visually makes the breast bigger and more attractive. For this, the product should be a tone darker than the skin. The powder is applied using a special brush.

Too zealous with such funds is not worth it. A large number of cosmetics will look unnatural.

The following recommendations should be considered:

  1. The V-neckline will only emphasize the small size, so clothes with such a neckline can only be bought by women with curvaceous shapes. For owners of a small bust, a wide neckline is suitable.
  2. Ruffles, shuttlecocks, folds will add a few extra centimeters to the volume.
  3. Patch pockets, stripes, embroidery, applique and other prints on blouses will help improve the appearance of the chest.

The most popular ways to raise a bust

You can hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages of the bust, observing some rules:

  • Only the correct bra size must be selected. In order not to be mistaken, you can contact a professional or yourself, by measuring the circumference and depth of the cup, calculate your size.
  • No need to hide your chest. In whatever condition the bust is, try to emphasize it. Clothing should fit snugly under the chest. This will emphasize the figure and make the bust more voluminous.

  • For women whose breasts do not completely fill the cup of the bra, special gel tabs were invented. They need to be put inside the bra and then the chest will seem larger, tighter and at the same time it will look natural.
  • For a large bust, tops and bras with a V-neck are suitable. This will help to evenly distribute the volume and reduce the size.
  • Нельзя носить один бюстгальтер на протяжении нескольких лет. Он растянется и износится, и грудь будет выглядеть вялой и обвисшей.
  • The bra straps must be carefully adjusted. So they will provide additional breast volume.
  • You can hide a large bust with straight jackets and cardigans. They will make the waistline undefined.
  • The key to harmony and a taut bust is the correct posture. The shoulders should be straight and the back straight. Thus, the chest will be raised. A stoop will not help to hide even a large bust.

A few secrets for elastic breasts

In order not to resort to tricks to improve the appearance of the mammary glands, they must be properly looked after. The easiest and surest way to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin is a contrast shower. Perform the procedure every day. The alternation of hot and cold water will quickly help to tidy the neckline. You can also use ice cubes by wiping your chest skin every morning.

The skin of the mammary glands is especially delicate and thin. Therefore, it must be looked after with the help of special creams. You need to apply them in the morning and evening. It will be useful to make a mask once a week to smooth wrinkles. These simple manipulations will help preserve the beauty and seductiveness of the bust.

A girl with any shape and size can look attractive. You just need to be able to properly present yourself.