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Cake Decoration Castle


Whom do young girls try to imitate? Of course the princesses! If your little princess has a birthday soon, then the castle-shaped cake made by your hands will undoubtedly delight her. Use one of the tips and make such a festive dessert.

The story of a fairytale castle

Did you know that many fabulous castles actually exist? So this is true! There are several such castles in the world, but the most recognizable by everyone is Neuschwanstein Castle (in German Neuschwanstein), which is located in Germany (near the town of Füssen in Bavaria). And as soon as you look at the photo, you will understand that it was this castle that became the prototype of Disney screensavers in cartoons.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: construction time 1869-1886

The recognizable turrets of the movie studio Walt Disney copied from this gloomy today castle built by King Ludwig. Its name is complex for our ears, but it translates as “New Swan Cliff”. The beautiful and graceful structure also became the prototype of the castle for the familiar Sleeping Beauty, which was built in Paris for DisneyLand.

The building seems beautiful, but in fact, the castle is not completed. The death of the king changed the course of events, although the king did not skimp on the interior decoration. But the Second World War introduced some adjustments: the fortress became a cache of Reichsbank gold, and the valuables, antiques and paintings that belonged to Hitler were also brought there.


ready-made round cake covered with mastic (how to fit a round cake - we learn from here)

Ready cake in mastic

flower or gelatin mastic (the main thing is that it dries quickly)

White pastry

cardboard tubes that remain after using food foil, parchment paper or paper towels

Cardboard tubes: recyclable after using parchment, film

Ready-made wooden skewers

food helium or dry dyes

Liquid Food Coloring

How to make towers for Cake Castle

The main exhibit among the decorations from mastic is the tower. We will make them first, as they can dry up to several days. Magic towers, of course, must be made of stone. But, since we do not have special (texture) rugs, we will make a blank for creating the very brick texture.

We cut a simple sheet of paper into rectangular pieces.

A piece of plain paper

We wrap each of the segments in a tube, and glue the edge.

Sticky paper tube

We reunite our tubes so that on one side the edges are in the same plane.

Glued paper tubes

For the strength of our template, wrap all the tubes with a strip cut from paper.

Sticky paper tubes

Now on a flat surface we roll out a piece of our mastic. We need a pretty normal sized sheet, since we will make at least 4 pieces of the turret: 2 small and 2 larger ones.

Cut out a sheet of rectangular shape from mastic dough.

We work on the surface of the rectangle with our template - we print the drawing of bricks with paper tubes.

Rolled mastic with printed tubes

Now, with the obtained stamped rectangle, we wrap the tubes from paper towels.

It is worth noting: In order to reunite the sheet around the duct, we need to glue the edges of the turret beautifully. For this, one edge will be a little flattened, for example, using the usual student ruler. We will do the same with the second edge, but on the reverse side - on the reverse side, where there is no printed picture.

We use a ruler to trim the joint

The joint will turn out smooth and not noticeable. It sticks together by simple wetting with water.

Glued mastic practically invisible

We do the same with all other sheets of mastic dough, forming towers for the Castle.

Blanks of mastic castle towers

We will make paper cones that will help shape the roofs for the towers. Let the roofs dry on these paper cones.

Cones for tower roofs

From the mastic dough, cut out a circle. We cut the circle and wrap the paper cone with a blank. The rest of the mastic is simply cut off with a knife.

Tower and roof mastic blanks

Turrets and roofs are left to dry for the first time on molds. When we are convinced that the mastic already holds its shape and does not crumple, we release it from the frames and set it vertically for final drying.

Mastic tower blanks are dried vertically

We decorate the turrets with windows from multi-colored mastic.

We designate the windows on the towers

We lay the roof tiles of colored mastic dough.

Roof tile from color mastic

We mark the top of the roof with a ball to close the gap.

We mask the gap at the top with a ball of mastic

Here are the turrets for the castle fabulous cake.

Ready towers for a fabulous cake

How to make a castle cake out of mastic

Now we are starting to build a fabulous castle cake with a little surprise for the kids:

  • On the round cake covered with mastic, we set the turrets, which turned out to be small with us.
  • Big towers we need to put on the sides of the cake - glue them with food glue or plain water.
  • The skewers that we prepared at the beginning of the process, we need to keep the turrets on the cake. They are installed closer to the tower wall from two opposite sides, passing through the thickness of the cake.

Further, decorating the cake depends on the desire and flight of imagination.

Assembled Cake Castle with Towers

And where is the promised surprise for the kids, you ask? But he, in the turrets, did not leave them empty.

The towers are filled with a delicious surprise

Creating a surprise cake for the princess should inspire new achievements. After all, Cake Castle can be different.

Fairytale cake Castle in blue mastic

It should be noted: The turrets themselves and their roofs with tops can be made not only from mastic. You can not bother, and buy vanilla wafer cups at the nearest supermarket.

Assembling towers from waffle-ready cups

Or do it another way: make towers from mastic, and the tops from cups, which very much resemble a tiled roof.

Waffle cup tower roofs

If the tile roof does not suit you in the style of the cake, then the glasses can be “made up”.

Dip the cups first in cream or condensed milk.

Then dip in colored sugar powder.

Wafer cups in colored sugar powder

So we got funny roofs for the turrets on a fabulous cake.

Colored Roofs for Cake Towers Castle

Imagine, create, enjoy life itself, and please your loved ones and relatives!

Cake "Castle"

You will need:

  • two round cakes - bigger and smaller,
  • confectionery rolling pin,
  • mastic,
  • set of stacks
  • food gel dyes,
  • sweet rolls
  • waffle cups in the form of cones,
  • mastic cutter.

We make a cake in the form of a castle. First you need to roll the white mastic. Cut a rectangle out of it, and then ruin it with a stack, drawing bricks. Cut cloves on one of the long sides and wrap the edges of both cakes with these sides. Do the same with rolls. Place them on the sides of the cake - they make turrets. Wrap the waffle cones with pink mastic and place on top of the towers. Decorate the towers and castle with windows, doors and flags. You can add figures of knights, princesses or horses.

Princess Castle Cake

Ingredients for Biscuit:

  • Chocolate - 200 grams
  • butter - 100 grams,
  • premium wheat flour - 130 grams,
  • one and a half bags of baking powder,
  • sugar - 130 grams
  • ground almonds - 65 grams,
  • chicken eggs - 4 pieces.

Ingredients for the decor:

  • 300 grams of round biscuits,
  • some small waffle cones
  • chocolate in the form of large dragees,
  • finger chocolate cookies
  • one oval cookie
  • fruit cones in the form of cones,
  • a few pieces of toothpicks with flags.

Stir all the ingredients for baking a biscuit and in a round form bake it for about half an hour at 170 degrees. Place the finished biscuit on a board or cake plate. On four sides, cut out semicircular recesses of a size so that round cookies fit there. Stack the cookies and place them in the holes. Where the entrance will be, lay out a cookie-shaped fence in the form of fingers. In the center, put a small stack of round cookies - this will be the fifth main tower. Align the waffle horns to expose them on the tower, decorate with round marmalades and insert toothpicks with flags into the towers. The castle cake is ready.

Biscuit castle

  • chicken eggs - 16 pieces,
  • butter - 400 grams,
  • sugar - one and a half cups,
  • flour - one and a half cups,
  • condensed milk - half a can,
  • bananas - 4 pieces,
  • milk - 250 ml
  • white chocolate - 480 grams,
  • cream liqueur - 100 ml,
  • water - 100 ml
  • marshmallows or meringues - 200 grams,
  • chopped and toasted walnuts - 100 grams,
  • liquid honey - 6 tablespoons,
  • waffle cones - 6 pieces,
  • vanillin.

Cooking cake

For a girl, a castle cake is the best birthday present. Let's try to cook?

First, do the mastic. To do this, melt the chocolate in pieces of one hundred grams. It will be better to melt in a water bath. Add honey to it, mix well with a wooden spoon. Pour the mass into cling film and put in the refrigerator for a while.

Cooking rolls. Ten eggs and sugar beat until sugar dissolves. Add a little flour there and mix well. Divide the dough, which has turned out, into two parts - bigger and smaller - and bake on the baking sheet for fifteen minutes. Cakes, which turned out, we sprinkle with sugar and turn into a roll. We do the same with the second. We make the same dough for the base of the castle.

Now prepare the cream. Mix flour with milk and powdered sugar. We put on the stove, constantly stirring, cook until thickened, then add white chocolate, mix well again and let cool. Add the butter.

Cooking cream for rolls: beat butter with condensed milk and banana. Mix liquor with water, soak the rolls, spread them with cream and roll. Cut the main cake in half, then smear the cream on the lower cake, sprinkle it with nuts, spread the meringue, spread the cream and then only put the second cake on top. Coat the sides of the cake with cream and put it in the refrigerator.

Now collect the castle. A photo of a cake in the form of a castle will help you with this. Sprinkle a little starch on the table, put the mastic and roll it. Put the roll on the mastic, wrap it with mastic and put it in the cold. Add pink dye to white chocolate cream. The cones of the towers are smeared with pink cream. In the center we put the main cake, wrapped on the sides with mastic, and decorated with cream on top. On the sides and in the center we put turrets from rolls. Decorate at will.

Based on this recipe, you can cook a large wedding cake in the form of a castle.