Useful Tips

Correct fax sending and receiving


The modern world of information requires the rapid exchange of various information. Facsimile takes a significant place in this stream. With its help, text messages, graphic diagrams, drawings are transmitted. Fax machines are installed in the offices, but not everyone knows how to use them, despite the widespread use of such equipment. You can also send / receive faxes via the Internet. Below you will find recommendations on how to send a fax in different ways.

Faxes are used for instant transmission and printing of documents by the recipient.

Fax Reception

If they called you, they ask you to receive a fax, you answer: “I accept” or with the conditional slang word “Start”, which means that you are ready for the procedure.

  1. After the tone, press the green “Start” button.
  2. Wait for the complete printout of the forwarded document.
  3. Having accepted the document, click “Stop”.

To receive the document, inform the sender of the readiness and click the "Start" button.

If the transmission went through with distortions of the text, graphics, notify the transmitter so that he retransmitted.

During transfer, the handset can be hung up after the transfer has begun. Work then will not be interrupted. If you want to confirm the transfer or continue the conversation, stay on the line when the transfer is completed, the audio call will work again, you can report the success of the procedure and continue the conversation.

There is an automatic mode that allows the device itself, without your help, to receive documents. You can configure it in the special menu “Parameters - Number of calls”, enable it by the button selected for this on the panel. The automatic mode is convenient when transmission is possible at night, on holidays, in the absence of workers in the office.

Sending a fax

If you have never worked with office equipment, we will explain how to send a document by fax.

Prepare a document, usually A4 format. Check the print quality so that the recipient does not have problems reading. With smeared ink, the presence of smudges can be difficult, it is better to print the sheet again. Remove paper clips and staples from the sheet before shipping. Number the pages to avoid confusion later.

  1. Open the cover, usually for this there is a small button on the side panel.
  2. Insert the sheet face down in the special tray. The tray in most devices is located in the back, covered with a lid. A click will sound, a short beep, meaning that the sheet is inserted correctly, the machine grabbed it.
  3. Call the recipient, inform about fax forwarding, the number of pages sent.
  4. When the addressee is ready to accept the document, he replies: "Let's start." Then he presses the “Start” button. The paper will move through the rollers, which means the transfer has begun. If the sheet stopped, an error occurred, information about it will be displayed on the board. The receiver should not hang up until the transfer is complete.
  5. Contact the recipient, find out if he received information, whether the text is blurry. If the quality is unsuccessful, resend the document.
  6. Close the cover by lowering it until it clicks.

Insert the document face down in the tray and press “Start”.

If you need to send multiple sheets, insert them one at a time. There are devices that support bulk sending, then you can put up to 10 pages at once in the tray.

Sending over the Internet

If there is no telephone connection for any technical reasons, the paper has run out in the machine, you can use the services of the World Wide Web to send from a computer. It may also be that the receiving party requires sending documents by fax, and you do not have this machine or it has broken. Post offices can help you with shipping, but it takes time and money. When there is Internet, you can act at a time convenient for you. Not all users know how to send a fax from a computer via the Internet. You just need to scan the document, find the intermediary site involved in sending faxes. We will name some of them.

For example, here is the MyFax service, which allows you to send 2 faxes per day up to 10 pages each for free. No registration required. The advantage of the service is the ability to send information to 41 countries of the world. In addition, a trial period of 30 days is offered, when you can get a personal fax number, send an unlimited number of documents, receive them. You can send documents in several formats. There is paid content.

To send a fax, fill in the sender and receiver blocks, attach the document and forward it by pressing the “SEND FAX” button.

An e-mail address provided by you will receive a link to confirm the sending. After the information is delivered, a message will be received about this or a notification of an error in the transfer.


The service allows you to send 5 faxes up to 14 pages through the Internet for free. Sending is carried out to 48 countries, unfortunately, does not work in Russia. On the first page of the submitted documents, advertising will be placed. Multiple document formats supported. After sending to the mail you will receive a notification.

Internet service that allows you to send faxes to the USA and Canada for free. No registration, no ads are added to the sent documents. Allowed to send 2 documents per day for 5 pages. There are applications for iOS, Android, allowing you to take a photo, then send it from your phone. Support for multiple formats.

There are many services for sending / receiving faxes over the Internet; paid ones usually provide a trial period for free use. Free often advertise on forwarded pages. If you need to often send or receive information, it is recommended to use paid services, for a one-time sending, a free global network resource is suitable.

As you can see, the question of how to send a fax is simple. The procedure takes a little time. Using an electronic computer, Internet services, mobile applications allow you to work with faxes in a mode convenient for you.