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How to put on your own wedding dance - tips


You want something unusual, to please your friends, family or friends with a bright dance that will decorate a corporate holiday or your family evening. How to put on a spectacular dance in a short time tells the choreographer Yekaterina Gavrilova.

In order to independently stage a dance for a holiday, it is not always necessary to have a choreographic experience behind you and to know the basics of classical ballet. Dance is a joy! This is positive! And as part of the holiday, it is also humor, which discharges any atmosphere and raises the mood to a higher friendly level. I want to share with you the advice that I usually give to my new students when I see that they really want and are already ripe for speaking with friends and relatives.

1. Decide on the music!

Music is the foundation and key to the success of your dance. Moreover, it can be both rhythmic and lyrical composition, it does not matter. The main thing is that it should raise your deepest feelings, wake your imagination and not only give an impetus to draw a drawing of the dance, but also make it a reality. Choose your favorite dance style. It can be anything: vogue, dancehall, flamenco, zumba, strip, east, or maybe you want to make a dance mix - generally choose any direction that is close to you and encourages you to dance. Select the music, and when an important step is made, cut it! A holiday for that and a holiday, so that the dance was like a bright flash, like a firework, flared for 1, 5 - 2 minutes and pleased everyone around. It’s more difficult to set compositions for 4-5 minutes, to dance physically harder, and even such a timing is useless during the holiday. The dance at your celebration should be for joy, and not for the question: “Well, when will it finally end?

2. Pick up the moves!

The second advice directly follows from the first, because if music is selected, and it is well-timed, it will be much easier for you to come up with a dance link itself. Scary? And did you imagine impossible dance steps that only Tsiskaridze, the ballet dancer, could handle? Do not be afraid! This is your dance, which means that the movements in it should be under you. Listen to the music again, and if there is a need, listen to it many more times, many times until you begin to imagine what and how exactly you will dance to it. You can pick up your most successful dance moves from past baggage that look advantageous to you, you can flip through a ton of different videos that are similar in style or to your specific composition and choose something suitable for your dance, and finally, you can just let your imagination run wild , and dance a bunch in front of the mirror, as it lies on your soul, the main thing is to record this dance on video, rehearse it several times to dance later, as it should be in front of the audience.

3. Choose a costume!

It is clear that you will not dance in front of the audience in home or office clothing, unless, of course, this corresponds to your dancing plan. Uniquely, a costume is no less important in a dance performance, if the music and movements are already in full order. At the time of the holiday, you can rent a suit, or you can assemble it from the material at hand. For example, on the eve of the upcoming 2018 Yellow Dog, put on a yellow outfit and decorate it with ears and a tail, if your dance is set with humor, and your audience understands this. If your viewers are completely respectable ladies and gentlemen, you can dress up as a goldfish and gleam in front of them with scales, since gold is also the trend of the coming year. Mustard colors, brown velvet or plush will also be fashionable, and it is better to wear gold, amber or yellow stones from jewelry. But if you do not want to bother about the trend and colors, just make a costume that would be in harmony with your music and the dance itself. After all, no one will forbid you to dog on the eve of the year, for example, under the sounds of music from the "Pink Panther" to turn into a flexible cat, or Cleopatra to the music in the style of the pharaonic.

The choice is yours! Go ahead and show everyone the class!
Article author Ekaterina Gavrilova

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Wedding customs over time and under the influence of various new-fangled trends undergo some changes.

Just a dozen years ago, the bride and groom did not even think about what kind of dance would be the first on their holiday, what poses should be taken during its performance, etc. As a rule, the host invoked a couple in love in the center of the room so that they could trample for a few minutes under a slow romantic composition.

This is what was called the first wedding dance of the young, after which the music and entertainment program was declared open and the main wedding walk began. To date, no wedding scenario is complete without a spectacular dance performance performed by the newlyweds.

Everything looks very beautiful, all movements are honed, calibrated and impeccable. It is incredibly difficult to bring to life a dance, having perfectly performed all the steps, having learned them yourself. But if you know all the "pitfalls" inherent in home training, then you can achieve excellent results. The dance is selected for the main concept of the celebration. Incendiary dances in the style of Latin or disco look completely inappropriate at a classic wedding.

It will be right to determine in advance the musical direction of the first dance of the bride and groom - so the holiday program will have a more organic look, without blunders and annoying absurdities.

Having decided to engage in the production of wedding dance at home, you must consider the following nuances:

  • it is better to choose the dance that will be easy to perform for both the bride and groom. For example, the Viennese waltz - you can precisely learn its movements by rehearsing a couple of hours a week a month before the appointed date,
  • Again, when deciding on a dance style, the size of the room rented for the festive event should be taken into account. Small halls are completely unsuitable for dances such as tango or waltz,
  • Be patient with your partner’s dance failures, helping to master difficult elements over and over, encouraging and supporting. Otherwise, ridicule and discontent will discourage all the desire to continue rehearsing, which will jeopardize the whole idea.

In fact, rehearsing the dance at home alone, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to calculate all the details of the future performance in the general public. There can be many difficulties, but no one said it would be simple.

What should be paid close attention in preparing the dance of the newlyweds:

  1. If the venue of the wedding banquet is already known, then check if the floors are slippery. This precaution will allow the young couple to avoid such troubles as falling during the dance and getting injured. Nobody wants to leave their own wedding on the ambulance, leaving the guests without heroes of the occasion.
  2. The festive dress of the bride with a voluminous, full skirt is sometimes not suitable for some kind of dance styles. In this case, there are two ways: to choose a composition where the outfit will not interfere, or to prepare another, less bulky one, especially for a musical number.
  3. Another issue relates to shoes in which the newlyweds will dance. As for the spouse, everything is clear here - classic shoes are perfect for this purpose. Beautiful, elegant shoes of the bride on a high stilettos can play a cruel joke with her during the dance - whether it be an ordinary waltz or a groovy jig-jig. A pair of shoes in a comfortable and low heel will protect the bride and groom at least from a curious situation - a fall, for example, and as a maximum - from getting bruises, etc.

The mood of the couple to get the desired result is very important. First rehearsals can be exhausting both emotionally and physically.

Therefore, it is necessary to gain patience and strength in order to achieve the goal by the intended date. Many couples engaged in setting up a wedding dance on their own, without inviting professionals, say that this is a great opportunity to test your feelings for strength and temper relationships in a difficult situation. It’s great if at least one of the partners has choreographic training and knows how to dance perfectly.

This state of affairs will ease the task of the newlyweds at times. It will be possible to come up with simple, uncomplicated movements and combine them into an interesting, fun dance.

Rehearsal Tips

Properly constructed schedule of rehearsals will help to achieve the desired result. Here are some useful tips on how to properly distribute future spouses their time and energy to prepare a luxurious wedding dance:

  1. The intervals between rehearsals should not be more than 3 days. Classes are about 1.5-2 hours. Otherwise, the learned movements will be quickly forgotten and you will have to start all over again. With strict adherence to this rule, negative emotions can be avoided due to constant stomping in one place.
  2. If you have dancing skills for lovers, you can start rehearsing somewhere about 2 weeks before the intended date of marriage. If the experience of such a plan is completely absent, then from 1 to 2 months are allotted for rehearsal. For such a long period, it is possible to learn all the support of passionate tango.
  3. Both partners are best rehearsed in clothes that are close in cut and style to wedding dresses. Firstly, such a trick will help you get used to a rather narrow or, conversely, voluminous outfit and feel comfortable performing a dance at a celebration. Secondly, if there is a long train at the bride’s dress, get used to holding it in her hands so that it does not interfere during the musical performance.
  4. On the Internet there is a huge number of videos with detailed shots and very clearly teaching master classes dedicated specifically to setting up the first wedding dance at home. This saves money on the services of a professional choreographer and you can independently, at any convenient time, learn the rhythmic movements of the selected dance.
  5. An excellent result in working on errors gives analysis of the video of each rehearsal. At the beginning of the next lesson, viewing the previous workout helps to identify all the flaws, mistakes. Thanks to this, every movement, every step is honed to an ideal, masterful performance.
  6. Do not make too long a performance. For the first wedding dance of the young, 2-3 minutes is enough. A longer musical number can provoke dizziness, increased sweating and shortness of breath, which is not comme il faut when you are under close attention and should look 100% full, and not look like a soared horse.

The easiest way would be to hire a choreographer and, under his strict guidance, learn to gracefully spin to the sounds of a delicate wedding waltz or incendiary to dance a sensual samba.

But achieving this goal on their own, without the help of others, can bring the lovers closer, while at the same time checking how ready they are for the hardships and problems that await them in family life.

Are you ready for such tests to please yourself and your loved ones with sparkling or, conversely, sensual performance of the first wedding dance? Where is it more comfortable to rehearse - at home or in a dance studio? Which dance will be easiest to prepare for a young couple who does not have choreography skills?

In this video - an option for self-staging wedding dance:

The wedding day is always exciting, filled with joyful emotions and vivid impressions. Therefore, it is not surprising if, during the performance of the wedding dance, one of the newlyweds can make a mistake by forgetting the sequence of movements. In this case, the main thing is not to stop and continue to dance, surrendering to the power of music and following your partner. Looking into the happy eyes opposite, you can feel the wings behind your back and get incredible pleasure, enjoying every moment of life.

How to put on a simple and beautiful dance?

The best option for staging a wedding dance, of course, is a lesson with a choreographer in a good studio. It will help you choose the best style, take into account the degree of preparation of the bride and groom, and help smooth out roughness. Even for good dancers, the help of the master will not be superfluous.

However, you can do without a choreographer. This option is suitable for those couples who:

  • completely self-confident, often dance together and have good training,
  • forced to limit the budget celebration preparations
  • prefer to come up with something of their own, do not follow established traditions,
  • consider improvisation the only and best option.

Do-it-yourself training has several advantages:

  • saving time and money,
  • additional minutes for communication without strangers,
  • the opportunity to be free and come up with something unusual.

By cons include:

  • lack of sufficient space,
  • difficulty finding the right music, character and dance moves,
  • with insufficient training (dance and in general physical) to the bride and groomdifficult to coordinate, choose the right dance pattern.

What to dance?

Usually performed at weddings classic "Ballroom" and "evening" dances - waltz, tango, foxtrot, latin.

When choosing a specific type of dance should be considered:

  • event format - what is appropriate at the "youth" and "informal" holidays, at gala banquets looks strange,
  • outfits of the newlyweds. In a long dress with a train or crinoline, it is difficult to dance a rumba or tango, to put it mildly. Therefore, for lavish toilets in the princess style, only a classic waltz is suitable,
  • the size and shape of the dance floor. If the space for dancing is limited, you will have to choose dance figures that do not require much space. So, long passages in a straight line, numerous turns with retreats, circling in a large arc, do not fit,
  • celebration program and dance time. Usually it is only three to five minutes.

Sophisticated acrobatic studies, dances with a pronounced intimate connotation, very fast and energetic movements - all this requires special preparation and atmosphere. therefore most newlyweds recommend stopping at a waltz and slow tango.

Simple and expressive moments look very impressive:touching hands, hugs, bride spinning the groom in her arms, man kneeling in front of his wife.

Preparation stages

After the main parameters determining the nature of the wedding dance (see above) are determined, newlyweds need:

  1. choose time and place for training. It is desirable that the conditions of the site are approximately consistent with the future dance floor. For normal training, you will need at least three to five half-hour rehearsals for intermediate dancers, 5-8 rehearsals for poorly trained people,
  2. select a dance pattern and break it into separate elements. Do the same with music. Each fragment-bundle is learned separately, then they are combined into a single whole,
  3. conduct at least one rehearsal in clothing as close as possible to the wedding. You should take into account the height of the heel, the length and width of the bride's skirt, the comfort of the suit of the groom.

The last rehearsal is a great opportunity for the bride to carry weddingshoes or finally make sure that they need to be replaced with a more convenient model.

In this video, you can learn the movements and begin to prepare:

In preparing this important moment of the wedding, you should remember that this is not a duty that is unpleasant to perform. This is a great opportunity to spend time together, to feel truly close and dear.