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Women's fashionable clothes that plump and disfigure a figure
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Take a look at these photos. Why do you think the same woman on the right looks more effective and slimmer? What things in the photo on the left spoil? (answer below)

Some people think that having a model appearance, it’s easy to choose a wardrobe, because absolutely any fashionable clothes will look great on such a figure. Is it so? It turns out there are things that can ruin even a slender figure. Just look at these photos of Keira Knightley. Take a closer look: on the right and left - this is also she! Do you still think that there is no bad clothes for a model figure?
And what can we say about figures that are far from ideal.
Today we’ll tell you what things look ugly and spoil even a slender female figure. Check if your wardrobe contains the following 10 things:

1. Cropped trousers (capri pants, breeches, afghanis, etc.). Perhaps, capri pants look good on flat-hipped beauties, whose legs grow “from the ears”. However, cropped trousers turn an ordinary woman into a “bun”, completely depriving femininity and attractiveness. Such trousers look especially awkward on women of short stature with a full figure. Instead of stretching the silhouette, they “crush” it, focusing on the hips and buttocks.
And if these women had ever seen how they looked from behind, then cropped trousers would definitely become number 1 on their list of the most terrible things.

Stylist’s advice: you will look slimmer if you don’t tuck your blouse into your pants and wear it out of style.

7. Shapeless jacket or cardigan. They say that cardigans hide full hips and therefore slim. Not true! In fact, a long jacket makes the figure baggy and puts a visual emphasis on the place where it ends, i.e. just on full hips, which is why this already problematic part of the female figure seems even fuller.
Do not trust? See photo:

Stylist's advice: replace the cardigan with a slightly fitted jacket

8. Ankle boots Again, look at the photo above. Is it necessary to say that half boots make the legs much shorter? Therefore, wear them only with trousers.

9. Coat capa This coat is gaining popularity every year. But you must choose a cap with great care, because such a fashionable coat makes the figure more voluminous and shorter. In addition, the fabric plays an important role - whether the mouthpiece will beautifully fit the figure or grow bristled with a “bell” depends on the material.
On thin and tall, an elongated cap made of thin wool looks beautiful, but low bbw in such coats become completely immense.

Stylist's advice: if the figure allows you to wear a cap, complement the image with long gloves, as in the photo above on the right - it looks very fashionable and elegant.

Be fashionable, but stay stylish!

Alexandra Vernier
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Mark Twain once declared: "Only children and fools will tell the truth." Hence the conclusion: wise and grown-ups tend to lie. And also because the truth is far from always an absolute good. “With all the attractiveness of the truth, you should not become its fanatic,” says psychologist Irina Tugarina. - Do not forget that in a word you can kill. Before you tell the unpleasant truth, deal with the true motives of your action that drives you. " Is it necessary to honestly declare to a friend whom you have not seen for a long time how old she is, and to her husband that as a lover today he was not up to par? Ask yourself if your recognition will be of any use. It is possible that it will not change anything, or even complicate it. Then why do this? Imagine, would you yourself be glad to hear such revelations from others? Is your honesty worth the mental wound you intend to inflict on a person?

How to tell the truth

If you are still sure that to say what you think is necessary, remember: you can be honest and considerate at the same time. Choose the right time, place and the right words.

* Do not chop the truth-uterus, being dominated by emotions. It is unlikely that you will be able to control what you say and adequately evaluate the effect of your words on your interlocutor in such an agitated state. Most likely, having calmed down, you will regret what you did, but unfortunately you won’t be able to rewind the film.

* Choose the right words. The same question can be answered equally honestly, but in different ways. For example, if a friend asks if this new dress is overweight, you can frankly say that it is not a dress at all, but her overweight. And there is an option to say that other things go to her much more. Both answers will be true, but their impact on the interlocutor will be different.

* Tell the truth in dosage. “The truth should be presented to a person carefully and accurately, as you submit a coat in which he can dive freely, and not stun with a blow to the head,” says Irina Tugarina. - You need to report as much as the other can endure without losing orientation in reality. If you talk too much and quickly, then the truth becomes a deadly weapon. ”

* Take time to think. If you were caught unawares with an important question, the answer to which will definitely upset the interlocutor, but it is necessary to tell the truth, do not react immediately. Ask for a timeout and think it over carefully. The necessary words are sure to be found.

When is it better to lie

* If a person is not attractive, ugly, stupid. In order to tell the truth, sometimes, you need to have courage, and in order to accept this truth - the strength to withstand it. You should be aware that a person with this truth will have to somehow live on. “In about half the cases, people would rather not know the truth and be happy,” says Irina Tugarina. - There are situations when caring for the feelings of another is more important than their own beliefs and social principles. To tell someone that he is not handsome, badly dressed, stupid - means to deeply offend, hurt, and sometimes irrevocably turn the situation for the worse. A person may be so unprepared for the truth that it will literally crush him. Here again, you need to understand what goals you pursue with your confessions, are they aimed at the benefit of this person? If you know that the bitter truth will in no way change the existence of the one to whom you reveal it, leave your opinion to yourself. In the words of Zhvanetsky: “What smell good, do not like it - step back.”

* In case of treason. Whatever they say about the benefits of adultery, a rare man will find the strength to calm down the offended male owner and truly forgive the stumbled girlfriend. The prospect of retaining a marriage in this case, even after formal reconciliation, is highly doubtful. It is unlikely that you will be able to patch up the gap created in the relationship. Therefore, even locked to the wall with irrefutable evidence in the form of stolen letters and photographs, eyewitness accounts, do not confess the final fall. Lie godlessly and divinely! Like, yes, she got carried away, lost control of the situation, allowed herself a little extra, but did not cross the border line. You are pure and sinless. And the point! Do not hesitate, he will believe you, if only because of pride and for the sake of his own peace of mind.

* For the sake of good manners. Answering protocol questions like “how are you?”, “How are you?”, “How are you?”, Etc. you do not have to be honest. Yes, no one, in fact, does not expect this from you. Such phrases are just a courtesy, courtesy, a demonstration of good manners. It is unlikely that acquaintances and colleagues, interested in your affairs, are really ready to listen to your lengthy monologue. Therefore, you should not devote each and every one to the details of your own life. Children who have finally lost their hands, a husband who cheats on you with a secretary, a petty tyrant boss who himself does not know what he wants - by and large do not bother anyone except yourself. So the sprightly answer “normal”, “wonderful”, “everything is fine”, even if everything is very bad, will not be a lie, but the same formality, exchange of courtesies as the asked question.

1. Properly select shoes and accessories

The first rule of a stylish woman: choose accessories wisely. Fashionable and popular choker, which came to us from the distant 90s, today uses every second fashionista.

But few people think about it, but does he paint the image of a woman? After all, this accessory can be afforded by a pretty tall and slender girl.

Fashion Chokers

The fact is that black chokers create an active horizontal, which contrasts sharply with the neck. Due to what the neck seems shorter than it actually is. Visually growth also decreases.

But a neat thin choker with long pendants is an excellent choice for those who want to visually lengthen their neck.

Another version of the choker that does not shorten the neck -concise and open-loop.

A light choker will also beautifully emphasize the curve of the neck.

To pay attention shoes. She must be correct height and color. Well-chosen shoes will not make the legs shorter, but rather add length to them.

3. Choose bags and jeans that suit your height.

Do not forget that not everyone suits jeans of the same style and bags of the same shape. So, for example, a huge sack bag would look ridiculous on a short, thin girl.

If you choose jeans in style boyfriendtry with the right blouse or sweater accentuate the waist. Otherwise, you will visually make your legs shorter.

4. Choose the right top for your palazzo pants

In fashion, the so-called palazzo pants.

Palazzos are wide trousers. Unlike regular flared trousers, the flared trouser leg of a palazzo of trousers starts already from the upper thigh or waist.

A palazzo can be a great option, both for a slim and tall girl, and for one who is not sure of the harmony of her legs. These trousers require a carefully crafted top.

Avoid duo with this item of clothing wardrobe, long and too loose tops and sweaters.

The picture shows how a well-chosen top under the palazzo pants can change the image as a whole.

5. Properly wear a pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is perhaps one of the most feminine components of a girl’s wardrobe. But, in order not to reduce your growth, you need to wear it correctly.

Look at the picture. Visually tinted blouse draws a silhouette. While a shirt that slides freely onto a skirt takes away growth and violates the correct proportions of the figure.

6. Wear the dress-shirt correctly

Dress-shirt is chosen by girls who love convenience and comfort. If the dress is a shirt of a rather wide cut, then it can "eat" your waist and reduce your height.

To avoid this, use a strap that will highlight the waist, thereby making you slimmer and taller.

Pay attention to how the silhouette visually stretches when a woman in a dress-shirt is belted. The length of the legs of its owner is also increasing.

7. Large cage

Large-cage clothing can simply kill your figure. This print looks stylish, but adds extra centimeters and visually expands the hips.

Give preference to neutral, small prints or just plain colors. If you really love checkered things and cannot refuse them, choose clothes in a small cage. Such things make less fat.

8. Be careful with horizontal prints.

Horizontal print adds weight to the figure, making it bigger than it really is.

But if you like stripes in clothes, do not despair. This is not a reason to abandon them.

Just change their direction: the effect of vertical stripes in clothes will be completely different. They will stretch your silhouette and make you visually slimmer and taller.

In addition, a win-win option is to choose classic combination. Various combinations of monophonic things have not been canceled yet.

9. Excessive decor in clothes

Caution with frills, creases and ruffles. Their excess will add you at least a couple of sizes.

Only a thin girl with a lack of the necessary volumes and forms can afford it.

Try to choose clothes with a minimal decor. For example, a skirt with a long zipper visually stretches the silhouette, as well as the vertical strip that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

10. Large print with horizontal elements

Large pattern will make the figure heavier, and so-called gladiator sandals with long shoelaces running up the leg, visually shorten the legs.

And here V-neck and slit in the skirton the contrary, visually elongated figure, making you thinner and taller.

Choose solid items, as well as shoes in color, close to the tone of your skin. It will also help to look taller and slimmer.

12. Wide horizontal stripes in clothes

Worse than horizontal stripes in clothing can only be wide and bright horizontal stripes.

For a visual comparison, look at the picture. Such a skirt will add massiveness and ruin even the most elegant figure. And women with curvaceous shapes should especially avoid such a model.

If you don't want to turn a figure into a shapeless bag, exclude such a thing from your wardrobe.

Plain dress with small ornaments, plus a wide black belt at the waist accentuated by the waist. This way you will look much slimmer.

13. Bright colors in clothes

Bright colors in clothes fill its owner more than calm muted shades.

For example, a vest of the same style, but with a different color scheme, can look completely different on the figure. A thing with soft, muted in color stripes will fill its owner much less. And the same thing, but with red, more active strip will add massiveness to the figure.

Pay special attention to dark things. Usually, black is slim. But only if he himself the style is chosen correctly.

Otherwise, the whole image will be corrupted.