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How to discourage cats from the site? What smell do cats dislike? Cat repeller


This article is co-written by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliot, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and the treatment of companion animals. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. He has been working in the same animal clinic in his hometown for over 20 years.

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Ants can become a real problem when it comes to feeding a cat. Ants will steal cat food and stop her from eating. After all, would you eat food if there were a lot of ants flocking around it? This article will tell you how to ward off ants from cat food.

Choosing humane methods

Indeed, today we are only talking about peaceful ways. Traps and traps that mutilate and kill innocent creatures are livestock. In the end, the cats are not to blame for the fact that the owner brought them with him to the cottage, and your site is located nearby. Since cats need to be taken away from the site quickly and for a long time, we will try to find the most reliable way, time-tested.

Garden troubles

For starters, try talking to the owners of the animals, if any. If you have stray animals walking on the site, inform the special service. They will take the cats to the nursery. But suppose the first option. Since it is desirable to permanently discourage cats from the site, tell the owners about the "hooliganism" in your garden and what measures are ready to take if the "guests" continue to come to you.

Of course, the owners will be surprised that their little fluffies cause you some kind of trouble. Therefore, make a photo report in advance:

  • Cats constantly mark the territory they consider their own. If the neighbor’s garden falls under this definition, then he has reason to worry. Males use not only urine for tags, but also a special secret, which when burned onto plants simply burns them. Of course, no one will be pleased with a spoiled flowerbed, on the design of which they had to work all spring.
  • Cats are very fond of sharpening claws on tree trunks, which causes them harm. This is especially true for young landings.
  • Cat toilets in the beds - this is extremely unpleasant. And this applies to the spring period, when these creatures simply dig up young seedlings when digging holes. And in the summer the situation is no better. Who will like to dig out the carrots that the neighbor cat diligently "paid"?
  • A predatory creature will also hunt in your garden. The objects are not so much mice as birds, which many summer residents, by the way, attract to their garden plots. In addition, well-fed cats have a habit of leaving their torn prey on the tracks. Unaesthetic.
  • All cats love to bask in the sun, sometimes choosing a flower bed or a bed for this. What is the result - everyone knows.

Attractive corner

Tell the owners of hooligan pets how to ward off cats from the neighbor’s site. To do this, you need to draw them to some corner of your garden. This can be done by installing trays (if they are accustomed to the toilet) or creating a special "cat" corner. There is a plant called catnip, or catnip. Very attractive, it blooms almost throughout the summer period and will decorate the site. Cats will be happy to visit this corner, sleep there and chew on leaves. And if you pour sand there, then the toilet will be in one place, and not throughout the site.

By the way, if the owner has not responded to your requests, and the neighbor's cat continues to visit periodically, then you can arrange such a corner on your site. At least, cats will visit only him, forgetting about the rest of the territory. Of course, there are no guarantees, but most animals really like the smell of this plant.

What in general can drive cats out of the yard

If you decide to start the fight with visiting your site by strangers, pay attention to such simple and effective methods as:

1. It is necessary to get rid of the presence of food sources in your yard, and most importantly, tightly close the garbage containers, if any. Often, it is the accumulation of food waste, as well as food forgotten in the yard, that is the main magnet for visiting your yard with strange cats, prowling in search of food. If you have pets in the yard, you should also hide bowls after feeding them.

2. If possible, install moving lawn sprinklers in the yard. These devices have both automatic irrigation and manual irrigation, which allows you to activate sprinklers when you first approach the cat to your site, and drive the impudent animal out of the yard for a long time. This method is very effective, but requires additional costs for installing an irrigation system, and increased waste of water.

3. Plant on your site special plants whose smell repels cats. So, around the yard you can plant bushes of fragrant rue, as cats can not stand her smell. In addition, you can collect fragrant rue in bunches, and lay them in the barn, along the fence, around the garden and at the threshold. In addition to this plant, you can use citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender. You can also purchase special flavored oils with the smell of these plants, soak rags with them, and leave them in the places where cats appear.

4. Use a water gun as a deterrent. As soon as you notice that a cat has appeared on your site, sneak up to him and douse him with a stream of water from a water gun, which will shock the animal. For greater effectiveness, you can add vinegar, ammonia, acetone or a flavor of citrus and lavender to the water.

Natural cat repeller

If the reception failed, then you should think about how to protect your site from furry invaders. And again, plants come to the rescue. There are certain smells that representatives of mustachioe do not like and try to avoid. If eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender are planted in the garden, they will not fall into the garden. Moreover, the plants will perform two functions at once: they will decorate the site and work perfectly as a “scarecrow”.

The best in this class is wormwood and dog coleus. The only moment: Coleus is very heat-loving, so you have to bring it home for the winter. These plants are planted around the perimeter of the site. Another useful plant will be tobacco, but in order for it to have the desired effect, it will be necessary to dry the leaves and sprinkle them around.

Special cat repellers

If all the above means to scare cats from your private home were unsuccessful, or they cannot be used for certain circumstances, pay attention to electronic cat scarers, which are becoming more and more popular every year.

The principle of operation of these devices is based on the use of a special sensor that responds to the movement of cats, and as soon as this sensor detects its target, a special ultrasonic siren is turned on, forcing the cat to leave the zone of influence of this repeller.

The advantage of this kind of scarers is that the sound signal that they emit is absolutely safe for a person, and is not perceived by his ear.

In addition, electronic repellers take up little space, and can be installed in any room or street space, regardless of climatic conditions. Devices can work both from a network, and from the battery.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that recently new types of electronic repellers for cats have begun to appear, which, instead of sound exposure, release a stream of unpleasantly smelling liquid for cats into the animal. Unfortunately, water-based electronic repellers are significantly more expensive than ultrasonic ones, and at the same time they are less effective when it comes to long-term use, without the possibility of timely maintenance of devices.

In the cat repeller section, you can also add special flavored crystals that are saturated with the cat's repulsive smell. You can use these crystals both at home and on the street. To do this, they are scattered in places of undesirable appearance of cats, after which the animals will bypass them. You can buy them at almost any veterinary pharmacy, but limit their use to the habitats of young children.

Soil mulching

If it is too late to plant the plants, or you cannot find a suitable seedling, then you can quickly make a simple cat repeller. To do this, take dry orange peels and coffee grounds, add pipe tobacco to this. Now with this mixture, mulch the soil on the paths, between the beds and near the flowers. Neighboring pets will not like the smell coming from the earth. At the same time, the latter will benefit from such an additive and give it to your plants.

Aerosol repellers

Aerosol cat repellers are divided into 2 main categories, such as:

  1. sprays aimed at protecting shoes, furniture and household appliances from unwanted attention of cats,
  2. sprays aimed at scaring away cats in places of their unwanted bowel movements.

In general, these sprays are focused on educational work, and are mainly used indoors, they are quite expensive, and when sprayed in open areas they quickly lose their properties, which makes their use as a street stray cat repeller not cost-effective, and often meaningless.

Spices to help you

We continue to talk about how to discourage cats using improvised means. For this, you can take fragrant spices. If the smell of black pepper seems attractive to you, then the mustachioed can’t stand it. Therefore, boldly buy pepper peas, chop it and sprinkle along the beds and paths. A very effective tool, but the minus is that the smell disappears, and you will have to regularly update.

You can experiment on your pet to find out what kind of smell cats dislike. Today it is known that this is cayenne pepper, turmeric and ginger. You can mix them together, pour them into small bowls and arrange them along the garden. Do not forget to regularly add fresh spices.

Effective methods of repelling with the help of improvised means

You can scare away other people's cats from your summer cottage by various means at hand, some of which are not always humane. If you want to get rid of cats using humane methods, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Mulch the soil of the beds and garden. To do this, we need citrus zest, the remains of coffee grounds or the cheapest cigarette tobacco. Take one of the above components, and mix it with the soil in places where you do not want to see cats. Cats hate these smells, and regular mulching of the soil on their basis will not only help get rid of cats, but also fertilize the soil of your garden.
  2. Bring a small dog in the yard, which even sitting on a leash will scare the cats away with their barking.
  3. If you have a domestic cat, we strongly recommend moving it to your home, as its smell, especially during estrus, will force cats to make their way into your yard, overcoming any obstacles.
  4. If you find an extraneous cat in your area, you can use firecrackers, crackers, and even a starting pistol that shoots blank charges.
  5. Protect the fence with barbed wire, cover all cracks and undermines with metal sheets, and if there are trees whose branches extend outside your area, saw them off.
  6. If you have the means, you can purchase a trap cage. As soon as the cat enters this crate, the door will close and the animal will be at your disposal. The cage is the most effective of all humane methods, since it does not drive the cat away, but it catches him.

Having dealt with humane methods, we turn to effective, but inhumane ones, such as:

  • Get an air gun with an initial bullet speed of no more than 130 m / s.
  • You can scatter poisonous food in your area, which is also not prohibited by law, if you do not go outside your yard. This method is extremely inhumane, and its use is justified only in cases when stray cats cause serious damage to your site (eat poultry), and also pose a direct threat to humans (there are outbreaks of rabies in the region).
  • Arrange a large number of mousetraps in your yard. A cat caught in a mousetrap will run away, and will never visit your yard.
  • If cats come into your yard through a hole that cannot be closed, cover it with foam and fix it with glass wool, which, if it gets on the cat’s hair, will cause itching and irritation, without causing serious injury to the animal.

Based on this article, you have received basic information on how to drive strangers and neighbors cats from your site. We urge you to use only humane methods, but if animals present a real problem for you, the choice of methods to deal with them depends on you!

Vinegar and ammonia

And to them you can add kerosene, gasoline, kalin and all the other smelling liquids. You don’t have to choose which smell cats dislike. They are all simply unbearable for the delicate sense of smell of gentle creatures. Therefore, we take old rags, moisten them with what is available, and scatter them throughout the site. Of course, this spoils the appearance of the garden, and even in the evening it is much more pleasant to inhale the aroma of flowers, rather than vinegar. But what to do. But the cats will remember that your site is too fetid for them, and will bypass it. True, the rags will have to be re-wetted every day, otherwise the smell will lose its sharpness. But such a tool will not hit the budget: vinegar is cheap, and it is not difficult to purchase.

Additional protection

If you have already tried these methods, and they did not bring the desired effect, then try other means that repel cats. Some gardeners say mustard powder works great. They need to sprinkle the tracks in dry weather. Cats do not like bleach, but it is harmful to plants. But if there is a rag tent or pool on the site, you can soap them with bleach so that the cats do not come close.

In addition, some summer residents make their garden inconvenient for moving cats. To do this, a strip filled with broken stone is made around the perimeter of the site, which is too sharp for tender paws. Animals will try to circumvent such an obstacle and walk on soft ground.

Dog on the site

Since it is not easy to drive cats from the site, and persistent animals continue to return every day, it is recommended to get a new pet. The dog will be very pleased to guard the borders of the territory all day and give a conditional signal if the impudent muzzle appears again from behind the fence. Usually it’s not even necessary for the dog to chase after them. The very presence of the “enemy” in the territory is quite enough.

By the way, a domestic cat can also be a solution to the problem, because it will drive out strangers. It is enough to accustom him to the tray and do not forget to change the filler, and there will always be order on the garden plot.

Aliens cats come through the cat door

If you have pets, then such a door is a real lifesaver. Pets come and go at their discretion, without causing inconvenience to the owners. And suddenly the latter begin to notice with surprise the unpleasant smell in the room. After observing the territory, they understand that neighbor’s pets come to them through a small door at the bottom of the main door. At the same time, he eats up the “natives” and leaves odorous marks. What to do in this case? It happens that pets do not want to chase strangers, and the owners themselves have to take on this. Consider installing modern devices.

Ultrasonic devices

A device for deterring cats from the site today can be found in almost every store for summer residents, it is not expensive or rare. These are ultrasound devices that produce high-frequency sound. People don’t hear him, unlike cats. Most models run on batteries, so it’s very important to change the battery every few months to keep it working. There are not many reviews about the device, since it did not manage to gain popularity in our country. But, in comparison with the listed methods, the device is resistant to bad weather conditions. Its effectiveness does not decrease after rain, it does not erode.

Effective help

In some regions it is not possible to get an ultrasound device. It remains only to sort through all these methods in the hope that one of them will be effective. If the situation gets out of control, and the neighboring pets do not want to leave you alone, you need to use what scares the cats off the cottage with a 100% guarantee. Today on the market there are a huge number of products that are positioned as repellents from cats. Some of them are intended for indoor use, others for outdoor use.

There are two main forms of these products: granules and aerosol.The second one shows itself best if it is necessary to solve the problem of a cat's toilet in an apartment. The spray is sprayed in places chosen as a toilet. In other words, you have to spray everything except the tray. For the garden, this form is not very convenient, although some go around the perimeter every day and process bushes and hedges. But it will be better to use granular formulations. They create a longer lasting effect and are easier to use. Just sprinkle the pellets around the perimeter of the garden and beds, as well as in places that cats have already looked after as a toilet.

Top brands

Some drugs are complex, that is, they are designed to scare away dogs and other animals. Each manufacturer uses different ingredients. Most often, these are essential oils and herbal products, such as hot peppers. More expensive brands contain predator urine pheromones. Instincts tell cats that it is best to leave the area where a stronger beast lives. Popular and trusted brands are Shake-Away, Critter Ridder and Keep Off. Choosing a product from one of these manufacturers, you can be sure that the result will definitely be good.

Last resort

If nothing helps, the owners of the site begin the hunt for fluffy pets. Someone guards them at the crime scene, others lure treats. After that, a bashing is set and sent back to your site. Not too humane, but usually after 2-3 "explanatory conversations" the cunning creature realizes that retaliation cannot be avoided, which means that it’s better not to come back here. Of course, to hunt a cat in the garden is a long and rather difficult job, so we recommend using one of the methods listed above. The guaranteed result will be given by proven spray repellents from leading manufacturers. But if it’s a pity to spend money on them (and they are not cheap), you can try folk ways to deal with the invaders of the territory.