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Beach fashion: how not to dress on the beach


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One-piece swimsuits can emphasize the dignity of any figure. They come in different styles, colors and silhouettes. You can easily choose a one-piece swimsuit for a trip to the beach or for casual dress instead of a bodysuit. Choose a swimsuit taking into account the image that you want to create, and complement it with shorts, skirts and dresses or accessories, for example, flip flops, wedge shoes and necklaces. Create your own outlet kit, and you can combine any one-piece swimsuit or body.

Swimwear - the worst swimwear outfits

And so, we bring to your attention the worst images of beach fashion, which should not be repeated. Remember the worst images in swimsuits, the photos of which we presented in our post, and never do that.

How not to dress on the beach: a swimsuit is not your size

Many girls, wanting to emphasize the beauty of the bust and graceful buttocks or to hide the flaws of the figure? Wear a swimsuit not sized.

But we hasten to disappoint you: a small swimsuit or a swimsuit that is great for you looks very ugly on your body.

In addition, the swimsuit does not constrain your movements in size. You can even get into an uncomfortable situation if, for example, a too small swimsuit slips.

Worst Beachwear: An Off-Shoulder Swimsuit

The rating “The worst images of beach fashion” included a swimsuit out of shape. A swimsuit, like any other thing, should suit your type of figure, so you should not chase the latest in beach fashion, it is better to choose a swimsuit that will look perfect on your figure. Choosing a beautiful and suitable swimsuit, you will not be a fashionable misunderstanding.

Beach fashion does not tolerate sexy images

It is only in Hollywood films that an outlet in a sexy swimsuit is considered trendy and mega beautiful.

But in fact, choosing too sexy a swimsuit, you can attract unwanted attention and condemnation of others, and swimming and relaxing in such a swimsuit is not too convenient.

Choose a different place to search for men of all life. A frank swimsuit will only attract attention to you, as a person of easy virtue.

Worst swimwear outs: swimsuit in town

There are risky people who can wear a swimsuit not only on the beach. Note that the worst fashionable outlet can not even be invented.

In no case should you wear a swimsuit for walking, if only because the material from which it is made is not intended for this.

If you want to look sexy and strip your tummy, choose, for example, a short top, but not a swimsuit.

How not to dress on the beach: fashionable diva in a swimsuit and jewelry

Another great mistake of beach fashion is a trip to the beach in a swimsuit and a lot of accessories.

Accessories and jewelry have a lot to dress on and off the beach. But on the beach in a swimsuit and a bunch of jewelry, you can look ridiculous and even strange.

Swimwear - Worst Remedies: Tropicana Look

After watching the movies, many girls choose for themselves the image of the Tropicana and appear like this on the beach.

Such an image in a swimsuit, decorated with flowers and other details in the style of island beauties is unlikely to make you fashionable on the beach.

On the contrary, you can only cause laughter among others. Such an outfit is possible only at a beach party, where it will be appropriate to dress like this.

Worst Beachwear: Swimsuit and Louboutin

Dear girls, do not combine heels and a swimsuit. It is tasteless. High-heeled shoes will be appropriate if you plan to attend a beach party on a yacht. In other cases, this is not at all beautiful, because you need to dress and shoe comfortably on the beach.

Comfortable clogs, mules, comfortable sandals, the choice of which is now very large, are quite suitable for going to the beach.

Worst Beachwear: Lingerie as a Swimsuit

It happens that women wear beautiful underwear as a swimsuit, believing that it is absolutely invisible and quite beautiful.

No, this is a huge mistake. Lingerie is made from completely different fabrics, so using it as a bathing suit is unacceptable.

In addition, underwear dries much longer than a swimsuit, and if the underwear is light, you also show your intimate places to the whole beach, because wet light underwear will become transparent. This worst image of beach fashion is unaesthetic and unhealthy.

How not to dress on the beach: tight men's swimming trunks

Swimwear for men can also be unsuccessful. We are talking about tight-fitting swimsuits-thongs and swimsuits with a leopard print.

Such men's swimsuits are very unfortunate, one might say, even terrible. Not the best option for a swimsuit for men, because in such a thing a man looks somehow "not so." For men, the best option for a swimsuit is swimsuit shorts. They lie beautifully on the figure, without restricting movements.

We hope that the worst images of beach fashion seen will help you choose the right swimsuit so that you even look at the level on the beach.

Low hips

First of all, pay attention to the model. When it comes to correcting not the most successful figure, the main thing that you should not allow is a visual shortening of the legs. It is usually achieved by acquiring a swimsuit, which inadequately decollete the zone of the beginning of their growth. And in this case we are talking about both separate and solid models. The bottom should adequately demonstrate the bikini area, without stealing the cherished centimeters at the feet, without distorting the proportions and not making you heavier. However, this does not mean that everyone should put on swimsuits that are currently fashionable and deeply low-necked in the hip zone: such models require the ideal state of the aforementioned zone. In order not to fall into the risk group, choose models with an average fit on the hip.