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Display Real Name on Xbox One


A nick generator - A service to create interesting and unique nicknames.

Today it’s hard to imagine your life without the Internet. We constantly have to use various services or sites. Naturally, a huge number of users require some kind of identification from the person present on the site.

Come up with nickname (nickname, nickname - from English nickname) made even easier thanks nickname generator. At the moment, you have three options for creating nicknames: casual, fantasy and fruit and vegetable. Various built-in rules allow you to achieve maximum readability of the created nicknames. We are constantly working on improvement.

In version 4.5, the ability to create a random nickname with a choice of the initial letter was added.

For those who are interested and want to know in more detail about what a nickname is?

To get started, you need to select the settings and click on the "Come up with a nickname".

Last nicks

  • Demeku
  • Vniyar
  • Dixira
  • Dobivid
  • Radsvet
  • Voyasnezha
  • Lyubonega
  • Sbydan
  • Zdeyan
  • Zverosil
  • Grodimir
  • Ganicu
  • Wagegu
  • Thwooth
  • Pireza
  • Nasturtsenka
  • Gupavewe
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  • Asmogiron
  • Cozofa
  • Felorfinduil
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  • Fen
  • Dethth
  • Isindir
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  • Seve

Enable Show Real Name

Enable option Display my real name to select friends who see your real name as follows:

  1. Press button Xbox to open the guide.
  2. Select System >Settings >Account >Online Privacy and Security.
  3. Select Xbox Live Privacy >View details and configure.
  4. Select Profileand then scroll right to Display real name.
  5. Select an option from the drop-down menu.

Note. The current display name is listed in How is your name displayed.

Display my real name as friends with option

Parameter Display my real name to friends of my friends allows you to find friends and acquaintances who also use the Xbox Live service. This setting also allows friends to find you through a mutual friend.

Search for friends of your friends

  1. Press button Xbox to open the guide.
  2. Select Players >Friends.
  3. Choose friend’s player tag and team View full profile.
  4. Scroll right to Social networks and select Subscriptions to view the players your friend is following.


If I do not show my real name to a specific user in my friends list, and my friend shares my real name, can that user see my real name through friends?

No, your real name will be hidden from that user, regardless of whether your friend shares his real name with that user. Your setting takes precedence.

How do I know if a specific user can see my real name?

  1. Press button Xbox to open the guide.
  2. Select Players >Friends.
  3. Select the player tag for this user.
  4. Select Can players see my name? from the drop down menu Report or block.

By clicking this button, you will find out if this user sees your real name and which of your friends shows your real name. If you want to revoke permission to display your real name for this user, you can do this in this section.

Can I hide my real name from a specific user if he is not in my friend list?

Yes. To hide your real name from a specific user, add it to your block list by selecting Block under paragraph Report or block on the player’s map of this user. See How to mute or block other players on Xbox Live.

Can players see my child’s real name?

No. The display setting for the real name is not available for young children. Teenagers can only display their real name if an adult family member allows this setting for their child’s account.

Can I change the displayed real name?

The list of nicknames for games, 444 pcs.:

  • Dezzer 30
  • Ӎand ₱ ₦ ₳ ₰ 18
  • ßℭēłēȵ∲ȵªƳǻ 12
  • FaRtInIuMs 11
  • Samurai X 11
  • VimeR94 11
  • 3a4eM_MHE_HuK 10
  • block 10
  • ₩îɍȳš 9
  • Pr [i] Zr [a] K 8

We have collected a huge number of nicknames for games in English and Russian. If you want to play not only in a Russian-speaking society, but also to find friends and colleagues abroad, then you just need an English-language nickname. For girls, girls, we have prepared beautiful, cool female nicknames that definitely will not leave you unattended by the male gender.

Speaking of them. For the guys, we have collected a lot of both truly masculine, brutal nicknames: cool and top-end - and more relaxed and laid-back, funny and funny.

To choose the nickname correctly, you need to understand exactly what you want from the game. If you just enjoy the process and have a good time, then choose something not too flashy. If you want to show your leadership qualities through the game, to show that you are the top in it, then you should choose eye-catching, cool nicknames that will be visible to all users and because of which everyone will definitely pay attention to you.

Our site was created for everyone who wants to express their personality with the best nicknames. On the Internet, we want to remain anonymous, and at the same time we strive to somehow present ourselves. Each user can perceive your nickname in his own way. For this, we collected so many nicknames in one place - to diversify your choice and make it the most successful and accurate.

How to come up with a nickname for games?

Every person who starts playing computer games faces the problem of choosing a nickname for the game. This issue should be taken very seriously, because it is under this name that they will recognize you on the server and this nickname will be assigned to you until the end of your stay in the game. Everyone wants to choose the best nickname for themselves - beautiful, cool, original (after all, no one wants to play under the nickname "Player 1").

There are two approaches to choosing a nickname. The first way involves converting your personal data into a nickname. For example, if your name is Peter Pyatochkin and you were born in 1980, then you can pick up the nickname Pyatochkin_1980, P_Pyatochkin, or Petya80. This method is very convenient when you play with your friends and acquaintances, because it will be much easier for them to recognize you.

The second way involves creating a nickname in a very original way. That is, you can simply find any foreign word (you don’t even need to know its translation) and make it your nickname. You can also choose the name of your favorite character in a game, movie, book or the name of your favorite actor, writer, composer, singer. Another very elegant way is to look around you, choose any item you like. For example, you can come up with the nickname “Korobka”, “Igruschka”, “Klaviatura”, “SchkaFF”, etc. You can also use different epithets as a nickname (“Invincible”, “Inimitable” or “Vengeful”). If you wish, you can turn on your imagination and come up with some cool and funny nickname ("R_HE_2park", "rge Mou wHypku?" Or "neKapb rJIa3yPb"). Some people choose a random combination of characters as a nickname - "@ #% @ # $ #% ggghhgj", "HJFYT4332 @", "XXXYYY ###".

Whatever it was, but the choice of a nickname is a personal matter for everyone and success in the game does not depend on your nickname, the player with the nickname “Looser” may also be a winner in the game.

In addition, watch the video for some more tips on finding a nickname for yourself: