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Who is a mundane person? The main characteristics of down-land and how to overcome it


Doctors sound the alarm: the number of neuroses is steadily increasing, and a large proportion of the world's population is simply on the verge of normal mental health. The rhythm of life in megacities is accelerating, every day the list of unrealized plans is growing, provoking an inferiority complex, leading to nervous breakdowns.

There are less and less calm, able to control the emotions of people around. And if others are honest with themselves, then they admit: most often these lucky people are not “cold-blooded” by nature, but simply learned to control themselves. So, others can comprehend this science. Moreover, negative emotions really destroy, lead to a number of serious diseases. And the ability to “let off steam” without screaming and inflicting moral beatings, on the contrary, strengthens the body’s immune properties.

Extremes are fatal

Psychologists call the search for the “golden mean” one of the main conditions for finding peace of mind. Indeed, simple observation shows that lazy people, workaholics, egoists and altruists are equally unhappy. You need to love your job in order to take place in the profession. But do not "fan" at work. Otherwise, others will very quickly get used to the fact that you are ready to take on their responsibilities, and will begin to actively use it. And soon the burden will simply be unbearable, you will begin to break down on your colleagues, and they will be surprised to say that you are no longer the same, not the same.

Sometimes it is enough to strictly stipulate the terms of your duties, and the work will not be hard labor. Well, if you didn’t take on your own business or if it doesn’t work out with the team at all, it’s better to change everything: the unloved business will “finish it off” sooner or later. And if you stay, plan the day correctly. Less empty talk, gossip, more concrete cases. You will succeed in everything, you will be satisfied with yourself, and the authorities will notice your labor enthusiasm.

Again - no overdose! Rest fully, otherwise you will not help the cause, and the family will suffer, and health will undermine. They didn’t get enough sleep at night, but there is an opportunity to take a nap on a bus or train, use it. Read the manuals on auto-training, there are many useful recommendations.

Amazing - nearby

But often the transport itself becomes a source of neurosis. If this goes beyond the permissible, you need to look for work closer to home.
Many do not know how to share their experiences, they are afraid to open up, they accumulate negativity in themselves, which is fraught with practically inevitable explosions of emotions. But there are special services: helplines, psychologists, where they will give professional advice or at least just listen. Do not spare time for this.

Sport is the most natural way out of accumulated negativity. Options: country affairs, forest walks, fishing, shopping. Just a change of scenery: they boarded a train, steamboat and drove wherever their eyes looked. We talked with people, listened to their stories and breathed a sigh of relief: compared to their problems, yours are little things in life!


So what does a mundane person mean? From the point of view of psychology, earthiness is excessive practicality and the individual's concentration on achieving material well-being. Such a person does not have any global goals. For example: to create some kind of medicine, to seriously get carried away with some kind of religious idea for the sake of achieving the common good, or something like that. A down-to-earth person does not believe in God, or in life after death, rejects everything that cannot be proved in terms of logic and common sense. His life is a solution to everyday problems, without philosophical reflection. Wrong priorities take place here: for example, the feeling of happiness among mundane people is often expressed in how much money they have, whether they managed to do everything in a day, whether they have achieved their desired position or high social status.

Deeper Understanding of Earthiness

Let us consider in more detail the concept of earthliness.

  • Landing is an excessive concentration on issues of everyday life and everyday life.
  • The lack of personality of spiritual aspirations and goals.
  • Denial of the existence of the intangible world.
  • Limited fantasy, inability to dream.
  • Narrowing the boundaries of your world.
  • The constant pursuit of comfort and enjoyment.

Manifestation in everyday life

We show how a down-to-earth person behaves in ordinary life through a few examples.

  1. From the point of view of religiosity, earthliness is regarded as a sin, since the absence of higher aspirations causes human degradation.
  2. In the field of art, mundane life is seen as a phenomenon of socialist realism and naturalism. This was expressed in the desire to capture the everyday life of the Soviet working man in photographs for the promotion of communist ideals. It was socialist realism that acted as a brake on many areas of art, glorifying party ideals.
  3. The phenomenon of American pragmatism - earthliness and materialism - are two components of the big American dream. In America, success is measured by the possibility of a comfortable existence and high social status. With such a philosophy, spiritual values ​​fade into the background.


The main disadvantages of a down-to-earth person include the following.

  • Inability to create, limited imagination.
  • Reduced emotional and intellectual level of development.
  • Leading a boring and monotonous life.
  • Rejection of the idea of ​​creating the world by a higher mind.
  • A landed man slows down or stops his spiritual growth.

Ways to Overcome Landing

The main methods of overcoming earthliness include:

  1. It is more often to think about what is the meaning of life in general and personally for an individual.
  2. Helping other people to get positive emotions.
  3. To go beyond the usual actions, to do what we have not done before.
  4. Reading philosophical or esoteric literature.
  5. Find an interesting creative hobby, such as drawing or modeling.

The most mundane signs of the zodiac

Astrologers argue that the mundane person most often refers to the earthly zodiac element. These are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These three signs see their happiness in a job well done and in achieving material prosperity. Their psyche is not as flexible as that of water and air signs. They are conservative by nature, but there is a plus in these character traits: people from this three are very honest and monogamous. Although such an astrological division is conditional and fair not to all. Nevertheless, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are encouraged to engage in creative work or hobbies to develop imagination.

A landed person is a person who stands firmly on the ground and does not know how to soar in the clouds. For better or worse, there is no single answer to this question and it cannot be. Some people like romance and castles in the air, while others like stability and solidity.