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How to talk with girls on Tinder? 20 tips for leaving them more


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Tinder is a social network application that connects you with people who like your profile. It includes a chat feature that allows you to exchange messages with your couple, which gives you unlimited opportunities for flirting. Who knows, if your messages get to the point, you can meet them in person. Read step 1 to learn how to proceed.

If you agree with the girl, that's great, but you wonder how to talk to the girls on the Tinder? Here are 20 fantastic talking tips to get you going!

Knowing what to say to a girl on Tinder can be difficult. You want to impress her and interest her, but you do not want to attack despair or how you try too hard. If you want to go to the next level, you must start a conversation. These 20 tips will help you figure out how to talk to the girls on the Tinder in the right direction and fascinate them in no time!

Remember that you are competing with all the other guys that she could handle. Move fast and just go - do not wait until she does.

How to talk with girls on Tinder - 20 small details that matter

Keep in mind that she clearly likes the look of you and what you said about yourself in your profile. Accept confidence, this is a great sign. You know that you are attracted to each other, so now we are talking about chat. Understanding how to talk to the girls on Tinder is simply with these proven ways.

# 1 Funny. Girls just love a guy who makes them laugh. In fact, he is constantly rated as one of the most important qualities that girls are looking for in a guy. If you can say something funny like an icebreaker, she will immediately know that you are a witty guy, and that’s super attractive.

Something like “How do we tell the people we met?” Is cute and not too difficult. Going down a fun route can be a bit risky, so maybe tell a friend that what you write is actually going to make you laugh. If she does not understand this or thinks it is stupid, she can do the opposite and push her away! [Read: 15 Tinder Destroyers to leave any girl captive and instantly interested]

# 2 Smooth. Trying to be smooth miracles if you think you are talking to a cool girl who loves to be dined and dined. Being smooth is not the same as being arrogant, but there is a fine line. Say something charming, like "I think you are beautiful, I would love to take you to dinner." This shows confidence, which is a huge queue for many ladies.

# 3 Sexy. Let's be honest, while many people on Tinder to find love, there are also many who do this exclusively for connections. If that’s all you are looking for, it makes no sense to beat around the bush. She will love or hate! If you are willing to take the risk, then just go for it. [Read: How To Quickly Find The Hottest Hook Using Tinder]

# 4 Forward. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on your precious time, going back and forth, writing huge essays to each other when you can get to know each other face to face. So why not take the most advanced approach and ask her right away? It may be a little annoying, but hey, isn't that what you came here for first?

# 5 Flirt. Keep things fun and flirty for a great answer. To be flirty, point out something in one of her paintings that tease her, but in a pretty and obviously comic way. When she answers, you supplement her in the next message and see where the conversation goes. If she starts flirting with you, you know what the winner is. [Read: 15 Tinder Tips You CAN'T Ignore If You Want a Date]

# 6 Direct. Being direct may be the easiest way to move from a conversation on Tinder to a meeting in person. If you are the kind of guy who loves to do everything, just ask her directly. If she is such a lady who also prefers to meet someone face to face, well, then you will become in heaven.

# 7 Honestly. Do not brag and do not do things that are not true. Sometimes it is tempting to embellish the truth when we try to impress someone, but it rarely works. Just be honest with her, tell her that you like her, and she will probably be flattered and find her refreshing. [Read: A good Tinder biography that gives you dates: 12 tricks for a perfect biography]

# 9 View. Show her how kind you are from the start. Ladies love a kind gentleman. If you want to know how to talk to girls on the Tinder correctly, make sure you show off your sweet side and you will instantly fall upon her.

# 10 Simple. Do not overdo it too much. Sometimes it’s simple: “Hey, how are you?” Is the best and easiest way to start a conversation. If you play it safely and keep everything in order, at least you know you won’t do anything to push it away! [Read: What to say on Tinder - 27 Tips for Talking]

# 11 Interested in. There is nothing wrong with showing her that you are passionate from the very beginning. Tinder is designed for people to match, and the fact that you both wiped correctly means that you can be sure that she is also interested in you.

# 12 Slowly. You may be the kind of guy who likes to move slowly. In a way, sometimes you like to know a little about each other before you really meet. So, you could ask to tell her a little about yourself and ask her to do the same. Just make sure you don’t run out of things to talk about them before your first date!

# 13 Short and sweet. Keeping things short and sweet means you don’t have to spend too much time on what you say. Just be casual, keep it simple and see where it goes.

# 14 Do not overdo it. In fact, you don’t have to spend hours on a stunning single-liner. This will make you stress before you even begin. Just bite the bullet and follow her. [Read: Signs that a girl loves you on Tinder: 15 things to keep an eye on]

# 15 Ask questions. Make sure you ask a question or two, so she is more likely to answer.

# 16 Answer the questions. If she asks you, something will not evade her. It seems that you are not listening to her, which is always put off.

# 17 Be careful with emosis. Emoji - some love them, some hate them. Play it safe and leave them if she does not send them to you.

# 18 Don't be too forward. If you want to meet this girl, perhaps this is not a good idea from the very beginning. If you put too much pressure on her or go straight to the conversation, she may put it off a little. You have been warned!

# 19 Remember your final goal, For most people, Tinder is a platform to try to meet someone with whom they could start a relationship. Remember that if the conversation continues for several days and days, it may be the right time to ask her before she loses interest. [Read: How to start a conversation with Tinder and delay the date each time)

# 20 Good luck! Remember that above everything else it should be fun! Therefore, do not worry about this, and do not worry if something does not work - there are still a lot of fish in the sea.

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Understanding how to talk to girls on Tinder varies, and it can be difficult to figure out which approach works best until you try a few of them. Experiment with some and find out with which approach you feel most comfortable. Then go out there and happy Tinring!

1. Tinder is not just a dating app.

Max says many people describe Tinder as an overnight meeting app. But this is a mistake: Tinder does not sit exclusively sexually preoccupied young ladies. In fact, the girls you meet in Tinder are not much different from the girls you would meet, for example, in a bar.

“Understand that getting the attention of a girl you really like is more difficult at Tinder than if you met her, for example, lonely bored at a bar.

Imagine: you need to convince a girl who has never seen you in the eye, to spend time with you face to face. And yes, do not forget that a lady should prefer meeting you with a friend or with millions of other guys who are also Tinder users.

But there is good news: according to the law of large numbers, you will achieve much more success in Tinder than in a bar. In addition, there are various tips with which you can increase your chances of success. "

2. Be the perfect lover

“I want to mention about one guy with whom I had a chance to chat on the Web. His name is Ryan Gosling. He was brought up in such a way that he could not even think about how to offend women at least somehow, and he always tried his best to care for and take care of them.

Men like Ryan, who respect women so much, by their nature can be overly shy and never dare to come up and meet a lady on the street or start flirting with her in a bar.

This is the guy that millions of women dream of, but in real life they rarely pay attention to him. If you use the “ideal lover” approach, you can pleasantly surprise a woman.

This approach is successful, as it applies to most girls. Do not forget that after network communication you have to meet a girl in real life, and then Ryan Gosling will have to turn into James Bond. "

4. Take a quality photo for your profile

Here's what Max advises about the profile photo.

Do not post a photo:

  • If it shows only your face.
  • In the frame, you are standing somewhere far away.
  • You are out of focus.
  • You have built a too serious mine.
  • You are captured with another person.
  • The photo looks blurry. Even the girls have already stopped using this boring effect.
  • Darkened photos, as well as photos in which you are wearing glasses. Black and white photographs are not welcome.

Instead of this:

  • Take a photo that only you will be in. The absence of strangers in the photo ensures that the beholder will not be distracted by anyone.
  • Avoid portrait photos only.
  • In the photo you have to look at the camera.
  • Smile naturally, not pretend.
  • It is not forbidden to use various photo editors to correct minor imperfections in appearance such as acne or to adjust the brightness of the photo. However, do not overdo it: you, of course, should be the best version of yourself, but try to make sure that a stranger, looking at your photo in Tinder, can later recognize you on the street.
  • Put a message in the photo. Show that you are a stylish person, show that you travel a lot, or demonstrate your excellent physical shape.

5. Scroll instead of clicking on a cross or a heart

Max advises not to click on the cross or heart, and flipping - it takes less time. In his book, Max considers the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. But despite the fact that using swipe, according to Max, is preferable, this method also has disadvantages. We spend less time studying the user's photo, and we can like or dislike it intuitively, without thinking at all, and skip the person who deserves our attention.

6. Do not log into Tinder too often

“Of course, you can view photos and like at any time, day or night. Nevertheless, it is best to do this in your free time, for example, when you are waiting for something or someone. Or when you simply cannot find a more useful way to spend time.

If you combine gatherings in Tinder with some important matters, then you will not pay due attention to your activity in the application.

Despite the fact that Tinder does not take you much time, do not let it interfere with the course of your daily life. Do not stay there for hours, but stop by once every one or two days.

Such time intervals are also good because it will allow the application to select the most active users for you. In addition, some people can view the time you last visited Tinder. And when you notice that a person enters the application every five minutes, thoughts immediately appear like “Does he have nothing else to do?”, “He will constantly get me with his eternal online” and the like.

Give the girls time, do not bomb them with likes, but wait until they start putting hearts for you. So you will definitely be on a horse. ”

7. Do not be too picky.

Let's be honest: Tinder girls do not sit exclusively model appearance. In addition, men tend to embellish their appearance, forgetting that they themselves are also far from ideal.

So do not be too picky, but if appearance is so important for you, then get yourself a rating scale from 1 to 10 and mark only those ladies who can give the highest (or almost the highest) rating on their scale.

8. The best time to chat in Tinder

In Tinder, according to Max, there is a prime time:

  • Monday - Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00,
  • Friday - Saturday from 15:00 to 21:00,
  • Sunday from 16:00 to 23:00.

For example, Sunday is ideal for relaxation and some kind of activity that does not bother you like Tinder. This is the perfect day to date for the coming week, because on Sunday it’s not so often that girls shy away from talking to you using their favorite phrase, “I'm sorry, I'm busy now.”

Hundreds of girls from different cities followed a friend’s advice and installed Tinder over the weekend. On Sunday you have a lot of free time in order to get acquainted with the "newly made" young ladies.

9. Find out who the girl you just met

The information contained in the Tinder profile is clearly not enough to compile a complete picture of the person and to understand whether he is worth your attention. But there is a simple solution: find the girl you met through the application on Facebook. So you can learn about her interests, understand what kind of people she prefers to communicate with, and also see more of her photos.

10. Do not rush things

Max advises: “Take your time, do not drive horses. Do not insist on a meeting immediately after a five-minute correspondence. Yes, it is quite possible that the girl with whom you have mutual sympathy (albeit so far purely virtual) sees you as a potential partner. But if you immediately begin to make unambiguous hints and insist too insistently on a meeting, you will cause hostility and estrangement from most girls. ”

11. Apparently naughty images are not bad

In his book, Max says that he always thought that sending spicy images was the lot of Internet perverts and other sexually preoccupied people. But then he mentions a man who was his companion on one of his travels. This man regularly sent intimate photos to the girls at Tinder - apparently with great success.