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Tanning - how to choose and apply correctly


Today, tanning in Russia is very popular, this has become possible due to the fact that, along with absolute harmlessness, professional drugs help the body to produce melatocides. This is essentially the same melanin that is produced in the human body under the influence of UV rays.

Manufacturers produce tanning in the form of lotion, cream and spray, but only the latter makes it possible to get an instant tan in just 5 minutes.

Preparation for application

It is undesirable to apply a tan before bedtime. Otherwise, firstly, ugly spots may remain on the bedding, which will be extremely difficult to remove. But secondly, and even more unpleasantly, spots can remain on your skin. It is best to carry out the procedure in the morning.

Shaving legs on this day is undesirable, as the cream may lie unevenly.

Before using a cream or spray for tanning, it is necessary to very thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face and body. It is best to use a scrub or a hard washcloth for this.

Keep in mind that you can’t apply the cream immediately after bathing - the skin should be perfectly dry, otherwise spots and stains cannot be avoided. In extreme cases, if you do not have too much time, thoroughly dry with a towel and dry your skin with a hairdryer.

Apply a little body lotion to the elbows and bends of the knees, otherwise the skin in these places will be darker than in other areas.

It is best to apply tanning by wearing latex gloves on your hands. If there are no gloves, wash your hands (and thoroughly wipe!) Often if you do not want your palms to turn bright orange. In this case, pay special attention to the skin between the fingers - it is colored most of all.

Begin to apply tanning from bottom to top - starting from the feet. Squeeze the cream from the tube a little. It is most correct to apply the product on the skin with even long strokes, carefully rubbing it.

A few minutes after application, when the cream is slightly dry, you can rub the skin with a terry towel or dry washcloth gloves.

After tanning

Try not only not to dress immediately after applying tanning (at least 15-20 minutes), but also not to sit down and not to lean against anything.

Exclude water procedures on this day, and in the first hours after application, generally try to prevent a single drop of water from getting on your skin. Do not wear light clothing on this day, as traces may remain on it. Do not use any moisturizers for several hours.

In addition, this day you should not play sports or go out in the hot sun. Sweat on your skin can nullify all your efforts.

In order to keep the color of your tan, it should be updated from time to time (once every one to two weeks).

If all these wisdom seem too complicated for you, you can use a moisturizing body lotion with a slight tanning effect instead of tanning. In this case, the desired effect will not be achieved immediately, but within a few days, but the color will lie evenly on the skin.

Tip 4: Tips for Proper Tanning


Before applying self-tanning, you should cleanse the skin using exfoliating products, as well as do epilation.

In order for the color to lie evenly, you should not wet it before applying tanning, and therefore cleansing and hair removal are done at least an hour before the procedure.


In some parts of our body, the skin is dry, and therefore there is a risk that it is there that the tan will lie unevenly. These are knees, elbows, ankles. Half an hour before applying tanning, these areas should be moistened with lotion or body milk.

To level spots, stains, high concentration on the feet and wrists, between the fingers, under the nails and around the nails on the hands and feet, you should also treat them with milk or moisturizing lotion.


After the moisturizer is absorbed, self-tanning can be applied. Tanning can be of any format: mousse, gel, milk, spray or napkin. It must be distributed over the body with circular rubbing movements and left until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with hair and eyebrows. There should be no wet areas. Clothes can be worn no earlier than 15 to 20 minutes after application. Sport is better to postpone for later.

Self-tanning should be applied only to those areas that are indicated in the instructions, only the product intended for this is applied to the face. Otherwise, clogging of the pores will occur. The package must be prescribed what the product is intended for: for the body, or for the face and body. You just need to pay attention to this.


As soon as tanning is applied, you should immediately wash your hands with soap, otherwise the effect of orange palms cannot be avoided.

Means for tanning

Many women dream of a beautiful tan. And especially, of course, with the advent of spring. There are cosmetics that can quickly make your skin tanned and toned. The field of cosmetology is developing and today everyone can purchase a cosmetic product with which you can "become tanned" at any time.

Means for tanning are divided into two large categories:

  1. Bronzants. The composition includes natural coloring elements. Tanning is a result of staining. When first applied to the skin, color instantly appears. But it should be remembered that, if water gets on the skin, the created artificial tan will be easily washed off. The effect of such a cream does not last long and as a result white spots appear on the skin, that is, those places where the product has been washed off are noticeable. In addition, bronzers can leave unpleasant marks on clothing.
  2. Autobronzants. They differ from bronzers in composition - in the presence of special pigments (for example, Tyrosine), capable of deeper staining of the skin, so the tan is more persistent. After applying the product, wait until it completely dries. Up to this point, it is forbidden to sit, lie, swim, wear clothes.

Most auto tans not only give the skin a chocolate tint, but also have caring properties. There are a lot of them. Therefore, you can choose the right tool for both price and taste. There are auto tans on the body, legs, and face. Shops and beauty salons offer several types of tanning products for face and body.

Types of funds

  1. Lotion is a liquid product containing essential oils. It does not stick to the body.
  2. Napkins - make it possible to adjust the cream applied unevenly.
  3. Mousse is a quick drying agent. Does not create a sticky feeling.
  4. The gel does not contain essential oils. Great for women with oily skin. When applied to dry skin, roughness may occur.
  5. The cream is easy to apply. Good for those who just decided to use similar cosmetics.
  6. Spray - a tool that must be sprayed. Easy to apply.

  • Self-tanning spray - the most practical, due to the possibility of applying it to any hard-to-reach areas. It is applied quickly and appears after 10 minutes, which significantly saves time. Spray carefully and evenly to avoid the appearance of unwanted stains.
  • Cream, milk, oil and tanning lotion more evenly distributed on the skin. Often they are applied before going to sunbathe. Means have a different manifestation period: from 1 to 4 hours. Resistance to tanning depends on the time of darkening of the skin. For example, if the remedy is enough for one hour to give a bronze tint to the skin, such a tan will quickly wash off.
  • Napkins - tanning help to achieve a tanned skin color at any time of the year both for the whole body and for individual areas (face, neck, décolleté). It is convenient to use napkins to mask scars, stretch marks, scars, which practically do not sunbathe in the sun. The composition of wipes includes only natural ingredients. The tanning effect is visible after 10 minutes, after three hours it becomes persistent. After a day, the maximum shade appears.

The benefits of tanning

These funds have a lot of positive aspects:

  • It’s quite easy to use on your own at home,
  • great for fair skin
  • to get the result does not take a lot of time and money,
  • can be used in any season,
  • unlike sunlight, it does no harm and is safe,
  • the result of applying the products is a beautiful tan and well-groomed skin,
  • can be applied to exposed skin

How to apply tanning at home

Despite the wide variety of products for tanning, the preparation for their application is almost identical. It should be responsible for the preparation of the skin, since it already gives half the result.

    The first step in preparing is skin cleansing. To do this, use any scrub. Removing keratinized particles of skin, fat and dirt will maximize the effect of tanning evenly and prevent stains, spots and other unpleasant consequences.

The shade will be ideal if, before using the product, it is good to exfoliate the skin with a scrub.

Before applying, the skin should be dry and free of moisturizer.

The product is applied in the following order:

  • on shoulders, arms and chest,
  • on the back and stomach
  • to my feet
  • on the face.

The bronzant must be thoroughly ground, to achieve uniform application.

Since staining is stronger on bends (armpits, knees and elbows), a small amount of the product should be used in these areas.

Before applying tanning, you must take a shower. Application is made a quarter of an hour after a shower. And you need to do this, starting from the legs, rising up. Also, you can not use deodorants at this time.

How to apply on face

First of all, the face needs to be cleaned, then spread on the skin.
It so happens that “peels” form on the face. To avoid this, you need to use less money.

That's what happens when you cry after applying tanning

Tips for applying tanning

  • apply bronzants with hands, a sponge, a special glove or brush, the most uniform effect is achieved when using a wet sponge,
  • use gloves so that the hands between the fingers are not painted, the skin under the nails,
  • on the face pay more attention to the area of ​​the eyebrows, cheekbones, neck and ears,
  • on the eyelids and lips do not apply
  • the product is applied to the feet from the bottom up and thoroughly rubbed in the ankles,
  • after applying cream for tanning, they try to move less, dress only after drying completely, do not use a washcloth when taking a shower,
  • to maintain a beautiful shade, you will have to repeat the procedure every 3 to 4 days, since tanning is gradually washed off.

On a note! To hide some skin imperfections (wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite), you need to choose products that have reflective particles in their composition. Such particles make undesirable manifestations less noticeable.

If tanning went unevenly, no need to get upset! Excessively dark areas of the skin can be wiped with lemon juice or scrub, and then apply a moisturizer to a lightened place.

Is sunburn harmful?

In general, tanning is harmless. Only people with a tendency to allergies need to use them with caution, since they contain dyes.
If there is any inflammation or damage on the body, it is advisable to postpone the procedure. In the best case, the tan will lie unevenly; in the worst, it will aggravate pustular lesions and the development of skin inflammation.

How to rinse

Washed off tanning by taking a shower with a scrub. A lemon slice helps a lot. To completely remove the tan, you just need to stop using it.

Life hack. Regular ground coffee can also give a beautiful shade. Dense coffee is applied to the body.

It should also be said that if you have finances, it is better to go through the procedure in the salon. The master will make a peeling to start, and then easily and quickly apply a cosmetic product in a very short time. If you still apply tanning at home - ask someone to help. When self-applied to some hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the back), difficulties may arise.
What type of tanning to choose, individually decides each woman as they wish. Since the product is safe, you can safely use it, given only the fact that allergy sufferers are not recommended to use it.

How tanning affects skin

It stains the skin darker with a pigment and is easily washed off with water. Such an artificial tan lasts as much as ordinary makeup.

Under its influence, the skin itself changes color. The main provocateur of this artificial pigmentation is the substance dihydroxyacetone, which in the presence of oxygen promotes the formation of the pigment melanin.

Prepare your skin

Before applying any type of tanning, as well as before going to the beach, it is necessary to smooth out as much as possible those areas of the skin that will “sunbathe”. Pay particular attention to elbows, ankles, feet, and knees. It is advisable to do hair removal in areas requiring this, otherwise tanning will lie unevenly.

Self-tanning more evenly falls on clean skin after hair removal. Only these procedures should not be carried out directly after each other. The skin needs to calm down. ©

Follow the step by step instructions.

Wear protective gloves to prevent your palms from turning orange.

Get ready to act fast. If autosunburn is kept at different parts of the skin for different times, then the shade will turn out to be uneven.

Apply self-tanning in a circular motion to avoid streaks.

When applying, use a sponge or a special applicator.

Carefully treat all areas that should “tan”, not forgetting about the inconspicuous areas: the back of the neck, the area behind the ears.

Pay particular attention to areas such as the décolleté, elbows, hands, knees and ankles. It is in these places that uneven application is most noticeable.

Let it soak and dry.

The first one and a half hours after application it is better not to dress - you risk leaving stains from tanning on things.

Avoid getting water on treated areas for the first 5 hours. After this time, you can take a shower (not a bath).

To maintain a long-term effect, repeat the procedure every 4–5 days.

How to apply tanning

Features of working with different types of tanning depend, first of all, on their texture.

The cream can be applied by hand (with gloves) or a sponge.

Lotion - with a cotton swab.

The more fluid the consistency, the more dense you will need an applicator.

When choosing an applicator, the area that you want to process is also important: if the texture of the product allows you to work with complex or small areas of the skin more conveniently with your fingers, rather than with a cotton swab, napkin or sponge.

The method of application depends on the texture of the product, and on the zone that needs to be made "tanned." ©

Precautionary measures

Protect hair, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows from getting a tan, which can dye them, with a protective cap (for hair) and a greasy cream.

Before using any new cosmetic product, including tanning, allergy test. Apply a little on the elbow and wait a few hours. If there is no redness, itching and other manifestations of a negative reaction from the skin, you can use the product regularly.

Pay attention to shelf life tanning - even the best tool can lose its properties and harm the skin if it is overdue.

Remember that the active substance in any car bronzant can dry skinTherefore, be careful about the need to moisturize self-tanning skin.

How to use different types of tanning

Spray is good for large areas of the body, such as legs. This format is easy to use, and the product dries faster than most tanning beds, uniformly covering the body with microdroplets and leaving no streaks. However, spray is not always convenient for treating the face, as it can get into the eyes.

Lotion or milk is harder to apply without streaks due to the liquid texture. As applicators, cotton pads are best suited.

Mousse is similar in effect to creams, but due to its lighter texture it is absorbed faster. For the same reason, mousse should be applied to the skin with the utmost care to avoid stains.

This type of tanning, as well as a decorative bronzant, is excellent for correcting or leveling an existing tan, as well as eliminating, for example, white stripes from a swimsuit. Self-tanning, with which wipes are soaked, is easily absorbed and dries quickly, but treating large areas of skin with napkins is evenly difficult.

Wipes for tanning should be kept with you, if you suddenly need to adjust the artificial tan. ©

Self-tanning gel is similar in properties to cream, but due to its sliding texture it is applied more evenly, even if you have no experience using such a product.

How to apply self-tanning evenly on different parts of the body

Для нанесения автозагара на спину, разумеется, придется прибегнуть к посторонней помощи — даже при хорошей растяжке самостоятельно распределить средство по спине равномерно не получится. In case of urgent need, you can try to independently process your back using a self-tanning spray and a mirror in which you will clearly see yourself from the back.

Use only products specifically designed for the face, otherwise you risk not only getting an uneven tan, but also harming your skin. Preparation should also be thorough. Not limited to the usual cleansing, use a scrub or peeling. Otherwise, tanning can clog pores and create the effect of black dots. For a more natural result, do not treat the eyelids and lips, and thoroughly blend the transitions from the chin to the neck and from the cheeks to the ears.

How to apply a tan so that there are no stains: life hacks

Do not apply tanning immediately after peeling. Give your skin time to calm down. So the tan will lie smoother.

Before applying self-tanning, use an oil-free moisturizer.

Distribute tanning over the skin from the bottom up.

For a lighter shade, mix tanning with moisturizer in a 1: 1 ratio.

For a more even distribution, use not a dry, but a wet applicator.

Try to stretch the skin as much as possible on moving parts of the body to avoid the formation of stripes and visual folds.

Do not carry out the procedure in the evening - fresh tanning may be smeared while you sleep.

Do not wear tight clothing the first four hours after applying a tan - tight-fitting outfit can disrupt the uniformity of artificial tanning.

How to wash off tanning at home

However, if the tanning bed is uneven, and this needs to be urgently fixed, there is a temptation to resort to more extreme measures. There are a lot of “folk” methods, from not the most harmless lemon masks to rubbing toothpaste into the skin and “shaving” a tan with shaving foam.

Despite the abundance of life hacks, it’s safer to still use a special tanning remover or consult a professional.

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