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How to add and remove slide in PowerPoint


Normal presentation viewing mode is set by default.

In order to switch to normal mode, you need to tab View in Group Presentation View Modes choose Normal.

In the left part of the program window, right-click (RMB) between slides in the place where you want to insert a new slide - Create slide.

Or you can right-click on the slide, after which you need to insert a new slide - Createslide.

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, a new slide will be inserted immediately after the active slide.

Please note: we recommend that you set up the Slide Sample before working with presentation slides, this will help you significantly save your time when working with the presentation and save you from many possible errors.

Method 2. Create a new slide using the Home tab

Left-click between the slides in the place where you want to insert a new slide. Tab home expand list Create slide and select the desired slide layout in it.

A new slide will be created. If you need to change the layout of the slide, then you need to highlight the created slide in the tab home in the list Layout select the desired layout.

Method 3. How to add a slide from another presentation in PowerPoint

To insert a slide from another into the presentation, you need to select the place where the new slide will be added. Tab home choose CreateslideRepeatedusingslides.

A window will appear on the right side of the program Repeatedusingslides. Choose OpenfilePowerpoint.

In the window Overview you need to select the presentation from which the file will be added, and click Open.

In the right part of the program in the window Reuse Slides The slide thumbnails of the selected presentation appear.

You need to select the slide that will be added to the new presentation, and left-click on it.

The formatting of the added slide will change to the formatting of the slides of the presentation to which it will be added. If the slide needs to be left unchanged, then check the box below Savesourceformatting.


In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, select Insert - Create Slide to create a new slide.

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Distance course "MS Excel spreadsheets for beginners and not only" (we teach how to make reports, quizzes with the conclusion of the assessment) 12+

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How to add a slide in PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

If you use PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, in order to add a slide, go to the “Home” tab (first tab) and click on the “Create slide” button there. You can also just use the key combination CTRL + M, its action is similar to using the "Create slide" button.

After clicking on this button, a standard slide called “Title and Object” will be added. If you want to add a slide of a different type, you need to click on the small arrow at the bottom, which is located immediately below the "Create slide" button. After that, a small menu opens with a list of slides of various types. Here you need to choose one of the available options. For example, you can select the “Title Slide” or the “Section Title” slide.

It should be noted that when adding a new slide, it is added immediately after the slide that is active when you click on the "Create slide" button. Using this feature, you can add a slide exactly where the PowerPoint presentation is.

How to add a slide in PowerPoint 2003

In PowerPoint 2003, the new slide is added a little differently. In this version of the presentation editor, to add a slide, you need to open the "Insert" menu and select "Create Slide".

Also in PowerPoint 2003, you can add new slides using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + M.

How to delete a slide in PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

In order to delete a slide in PowerPoint, right-click on it and select the “Delete” item in the context menu that opens.

You can also simply select the desired slide with the left mouse button and press the DELETE button on the keyboard.