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How to like a girl: secrets of seduction


When people complain about loneliness for years, not understanding why girls do not pay any attention to them, the reason for the lack of interest on the part of the female is in some cases the elementary non-observance of hygiene rules, and in others - the inability to have oneself, to conduct an interesting conversation, ignorance of the rules etiquette and uncivilized behavior.

Features of the female perception of men depend on age, membership in the zodiac sign and individual personality characteristics of the chosen one. Nevertheless, there are general rules of good form, which are important to follow on a date in order to please a girl.

Even if a guy thinks he is too ugly to like a girl, or they are extremely shy, there are ways to make a chosen one a pleasant impression. Psychologists' advice regarding behavior in various situations is presented in the table.

Relationship FeaturesRecommendations
If a guy doesn't like a girlFar from always mutual feelings awaken in both partners at the same time. Considering that young people often like inaccessible girls, the lack of interest on the part of her lover only enhances the guy’s love. If it turns out that the girl does not like, you can use the tactics of "hot-cold." Its peculiarity lies in the constant alternation of the method of exposure. You need to start with active courtship: give flowers, invite to the movies, treat with sweets, say compliments. Then you need to suddenly “disappear” for several days: not to catch a lover’s eyes, not to call, not to write to her, but at a meeting to demonstrate that the guy is completely indifferent to her. Suddenly losing such a passionate admirer, the girl will begin, if not to worry, then at least be interested in where and why he disappeared, and perhaps she will call. Practicing the alternation of passionate love and cold alienation, you can fall in love with a girl. However, it is believed that such a method is not entirely ethical - the “emotional swing” that will occur with a woman can unbalance her and even lead to a mental disorder. It should also be borne in mind that there is a category of girls who simply cease to communicate with a fan if he even shows temporary indifference, considering him to be just an unreliable person who is not trustworthy
If a man considers himself uglyThe perception of one’s own beauty or ugliness is subjective. As a rule, a confident person is perceived as beautiful. This quality is read by girls according to external signs: straightened shoulders, correct posture, positive perception of any turmoil. There is the opposite rule: if you force yourself to maintain your posture and forbid yourself to complain and whine (even mentally), inner confidence will appear by itself. Women never perceive a confident man as ugly, because they involuntarily fall under the influence of his inner charm and charisma, and his lack of appearance is already perceived as piquant features that give the object of adoration a special charm. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of thoughts about your own ugliness, and immediately there will be a woman whom such an appearance will seem most attractive

This form of communication can also be the starting point for the emergence of new relationships. If the girl you like is registered in one of the social networks, you can gather a lot of interesting information from her account that is useful for starting a dialogue.

It is also recommended to start communication with the girl through social networks: anonymous communication helps to overcome shyness, even if you are afraid to admit your feelings, and provides no less opportunities for courtship than in real life. For example, you can send your sweetheart funny pictures, interesting videos, share books, compliment her photos, start the day with nice words to your beloved woman, and wish her good night in the evening.

To like a girl by correspondence, you need to prove yourself a good conversationalist: surround her with attention, communicate on topics of interest to her, ask about the events that happened during the day. But do not drastically delay the correspondence, because with such communication there is a risk of delving into the virtual world: lovers ascribe to each other those qualities that they actually do not possess. It often happens that the interlocutors manage to fall in love with each other, and when they meet in real life, both are disappointed. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite the girl to a real date.

In the field of seducing women, the age of a lover is very important. Over the years, their most important priorities are changing, as well as a look at a potential life partner.

Tips on how to please people of different ages are presented in the table.

16–23 years oldTo please a young girl, you need to interest her and show her interest. Usually at this age, girls have not yet had time to accumulate a lot of experience in relationships, so they are pleased with any signs of attention from the guys: bouquets of flowers, plush toys, invitations to the cinema and to a concert. It must be remembered that a girl comes to date, who is still a girl in her soul - just a couple of years ago she still played with dolls. On dates, you need to try to cheer up the girl, show your good sense of humor, but do not stoop to vulgarity - this can push away, especially if she grew up in an intelligent family
24–35 years oldAt this age, women begin to look at each fan, introducing him as a future husband. On dates with a woman of this age, you need to show the seriousness of your intentions, the presence of common interests and goals in life, a certain level of cultural development. If a girl notices that the intelligence of a man is low, she will quickly be disappointed in him. You should not demonstrate such a quality as greed on a date. The psychology of girls is such that they do not like mean men, subconsciously believing: the beloved woman and the generous man’s children will not need anything, while the mean man will make his family starve to save
40 years and moreWomen over the age of 40, as a rule, have already solidified their existence: they have housing and a steady income, therefore they are more independent from men than young girls. To please such a woman, you need to show a high level of education and intelligence, to prove yourself to be a gallant gentleman, opening doors in front of your companion and kissing your hand at a meeting. If a young girl considers such actions strange, then a woman aged will fully appreciate the attention paid to her. No need to try to deceive an experienced woman: at the age of 40, she easily recognizes if the man, for example, is not free or has some evil intentions towards her. Sincerity, honesty, gallant attitude and courtesy will be a good help in order to earn the sympathy of a woman of this age.

During a date, you should not touch on the topic of age - many people are sensitive to the discussion of such issues: it is not for nothing that there is a saying that a woman is as old as she looks.

Date of birth largely determines the nature and temperament of each person, so information about the beloved zodiac sign can help in building relationships with her, especially at the initial stage.

Recommendations regarding behavior with representatives of different zodiac constellations are presented in the table.

Zodiac signFeature and Tips
AriesTo please a woman who was born under this fiery sign, you need to be a bright personality, be able to present yourself in a favorable light. For Aries girls, there is no big difference whether they will take her to a chic restaurant or organize a dinner on the roof of the nearest house: she will be delighted with any unusual idea. The shy and modest man who will stammer is unlikely to impress the girl of this sign. Therefore, before meeting her, you should practice in front of a mirror in the narration of interesting stories and pronouncing compliments.
calfGirls of this sign are characterized by a cocky character, but the family and everything connected with it is a priority for them. To impress Taurus, you need to show the seriousness of your intentions from the first meeting. The Taurus woman will not consider even a comic discussion of the names of future children inappropriate - on the contrary, she will mentally add a “plus sign” to a seriously minded cavalier
TwinsThe period of validity of the sign falls on the end of spring and the beginning of summer, and this is reflected in the character of all Gemini. The girl, most likely, will show herself on the first date as an incorrigible laugh and talker. She will not be offended at all if the gentleman invites her to walk in the nearest park as a date, because a walk along the alleys is most conducive to conducting interesting dialogues. To please such a girl, you just need to relax and have fun with her. But a serious woman will also like a twin woman, since representatives of this sign easily converge with a variety of people - in this case, the principle of attraction of opposites will work
CancerTo impress a woman born under the sign of Cancer, you need to tune in to commit romantic acts. A bouquet of wildflowers with a marvelous smell will delight such a girl, and on a date it is recommended to arrange a boat ride or a balloon flight. Impressive Cancer needs to be regularly given food for new emotions, and then the fire of love will burn for a very long time. And you should refrain from vulgar jokes - Cancer is unlikely to appreciate such humor
a lionThe name of the sign leaves an imprint on all the women who were born under it, so any of them can be confidently called a real Lioness. To delight her, you can’t skimp on gifts: if jewelry, then natural stones, not jewelry, if dinner, then in a restaurant, not in a diner. Leo needs an atmosphere of luxury, so the fan who can create it will make an impression. But this does not mean that women Lions are mercantile: like true queens, they can sacrifice everything and live in poverty for the sake of their beloved. Therefore, having won such a woman, you can find a truly faithful and devoted companion of life
VirgoIt is believed that many representatives of this sign in their entire lives never marry, that is, they remain old virgins. Perhaps this is only superstition, but most Virgins really surprise others with high moral principles, which many seem to be non-modern. Virgos are often characterized by excessive coldness, so the conquest of such a girl will have to devote a lot of time and effort. A date should be made in a cozy cafe and patiently conduct long conversations with her. No need to make attempts to force the relationship - if a woman decided for herself that she would allow a kiss on the cheek no earlier than six months of dates, then that will be so. If you try to impose your views on her, she may completely stop communicating
LibraAs the name implies, the representatives of the sign of Libra stand out for their poise. They are difficult to enthrall, but also difficult to disappoint. Therefore, there is no need to make serious preparations for a date: the Libra girl will accept any person as he is, but most of all she will be glad that there are no difficulties in her character. The greatest sympathy for Libra is caused by calm and serious young people who do not rush headlong into a whirlpool of bad habits or gambling. And if a guy matches this description, he just needs to voice his life position on a date in order to please a woman born under the sign of Libra
ScorpioSuch women are quite complex in nature: they often show resentment and express all kinds of whims. To please a girl, you need to carefully listen to all her wishes and not contradict her in the conversation. Scorpios, complex in character, remain children in the shower: the best present on a first date for such a girl is not a bouquet of flowers, but a fun plush toy. If you accompany the gift with the words that the future owner of this toy is just as cute, then the sympathy of the girl Scorpio in the near future will be provided
SagittariusGirls of this sign represent the fiery element: they are bright, expressive, easily lose their temper. To conquer the Sagittarius woman, you need to show your best sides: generosity, mind, gallantry. Representatives of this sign value the outer shell more than the inner content, so even an inexpensive gift will make a positive impression if it is packaged in bright and beautiful wrapping paper. On a date you can not let Sagittarius get bored, otherwise the girl will be disappointed in the fan. Before the meeting, you need to prepare several different topics for conversation in order to give the impression of a sociable and interesting guy
CapricornThe Capricorn girl will appreciate the good manners and good manners of her chosen one. For the representatives of this sign, the correct behavior of the people around them is very important. If a friend was born under the sign of Capricorn, then before a date with her, you should study books on etiquette. The chosen one will be pleasantly surprised if her gentleman can boast a grammatically correct speech and good manners
AquariusAquarians are by nature usually very amorous, so it’s easy to charm a girl born under this sign. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by their interest in everything new, therefore it is better to invite such a woman to a recently opened restaurant or theater, in which she has not been yet. When communicating with a girl, you should try to avoid the slightest criticism of her - she can take offense at such statements to such an extent that she will immediately break off relations
FishThis sign differs from the others in its wild fantasy, daydreaming and isolation from real life. To interest a girl belonging to the sign of Pisces, you need to abandon the discussion of mundane topics and devote more time to talking about signs, superstitions, astrology and fortune telling. Then she will have the impression that she met a soul mate, and the girl wants to continue communication. Representatives of the Pisces sign are changeable in their preferences, so it is very difficult to understand what type of men they like at the moment. But the romantic guy has more chances to conquer the girl of the sign of Pisces than the pragmatist and materialist

Whatever constellation the girl belongs to, any of them will be delighted if the guy presents her with an ornament (pendant, medallion or earrings) with the image of her zodiac sign. In this way, he will show that he remembers even the insignificant details of the biography of his girlfriend, and therefore sympathizes with her.

There are several basic rules that you should follow before a date and during a meeting with a girl, regardless of her age and zodiac sign:

  1. 1. Before a date, observe all the rules of hygiene: brush your teeth, take a shower, put on clean underwear and socks.
  2. 2. Cut the nails on the hands and feet, take care of cleanliness under the nails.
  3. 3. Iron your clothes, unless the wrinkled shirt or trousers are part of your chosen style.
  4. 4. Do not forget to use a deodorant.
  5. 5. Do not overdo it with cologne - even a good and expensive perfume, applied in too large quantities, can repel, causing rejection.
  6. 6. Buy a girl a bouquet of beautiful flowers, if only she does not have allergies to them.
  7. 7. Make sure that you have enough money with you for the entertainment planned with the girl - there is nothing sadder for a woman on a first date than the situation when a gentleman tries to ask for a loan from his beloved.
  8. 8. Come to the meeting in a good mood so as not to give the impression of a dull or sullen person.
  9. 9. At the end of the date, do not forget to thank the girl for a pleasant time, even if his result was only disappointment in a potential lover.
  10. 10. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, personally see the woman home, and not send her in company with a taxi driver.

If you follow these rules, then the chances of a successful date and mutual desire to continue the relationship will increase several times.