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7 effective methods of promoting a product on the market


I am glad to welcome you, dear readers of the Anatomy of Business project! With you webmaster Alexander. Today we’ll talk about business and how to promote it. But before we begin, I would like to ask you some questions.

  • Are you ready to take a chance?
  • How many hours a day are you ready to devote to your work?
  • Maybe it's better to work for hire?

In this article, I would like to convey to you my point of view on these issues. I have been engaged in entrepreneurship for more than four years, and during this time I managed to assemble a team of professionals and launch several profitable projects. Dozens of people turned to me for help in promoting their business. When I solved the problems of companies, in 90% of cases I was faced with the fact that the owners - beginning entrepreneurs - had a wrong idea about the business.

Many believe that in business you can achieve some results without risking or that the first business will certainly be successful. In fact, in 98% of cases, the first business ends in failure, after which few return to entrepreneurial activity. And I am no exception. My first three business projects went off the chimney. The inexperience is to blame here by and large. I could stop and stop trying, but I had a firm belief that I would achieve my goal. I did not give up attempts and step by step approached the intended goal. And the results began to appear: first sales, first profit, first joy from closing a deal ...

With all this, I had to work 16-18 hours a day, so that period cannot be called easy. There was a struggle for survival, and all this was compounded by the fact that I lived 5,000 km from my home.

These are the realities of the business for which you must be prepared.

How much can you earn doing business

As you know, it all depends on your desire and ambition. In general, business is such a thing that can both lift you to unprecedented heights and brutally throw it down. And the sums of money that you have to deal with can vary from millions of profits to millions of losses. For a better understanding of the specifics of work, I recommend reading my article “How to start a business”. In it, I described in detail the three main ways that a novice entrepreneur can go.

TOP 10 tips on how to “promote” your business

Tip 1

First of all, think about where you will take customers. You must clearly understand which buyers you will work with and how many of them your offer will interest.

Tip 2

To attract first customers, use AVITOand Hand-to-Hand message boards.

Tip 3

Post ads on the porches. You don’t have to do this yourself: now there are many companies that provide this kind of service.

Tip 4

Constantly test new ways to attract customers. In the article "Ways to increase sales" I described various techniques that will help attract new customers and increase the profit of your company.

Tip 5

To attract customers, use social networks. How to do this, I wrote in the article "Social networks for business."

Tip 6

Create a company website and author’s blog. This will form a loyal audience around your company.

Tip 7

Strive to increase your average bill. Switch to wholesales, make additional purchases, etc.

Tip 8

Attract customers to you. Enter an accumulative system of discounts, come up with some kind of promotion to stimulate sales, for example, when you make five purchases, the sixth will be free, etc. This will tie a client to you for a long time.

Tip 9

Make sure that your employees always communicate with customers in a positive way. Having lived long enough abroad, I came to the conclusion that in order to be one step ahead in Russia, it is enough just to be polite with your customers. J

Tip 10

Constantly fight. Remember that competitors are not asleep! The market is constantly changing, so be aware of the latest trends and follow them. It is very easy to miss a valuable moment and end up with a broken trough.

Perhaps these are the main recommendations that I would like to give to novice entrepreneurs. If you want to start your own business, but do not know where to start, or you already have a business and you want to expand its scope by attracting new customers, you can ask me all your questions by sending a personal message to VKontakte.

Rules for promoting the product on the market

Rule 1. Selling immediately the entire line of goods or services. When a person enters a supermarket, a market or an ordinary store, his attention will be attracted by several products decorated in the same style. Agree, when a product is one and there is no choice to buy, a person will look for other options where the same product is presented with variety and abundance. For example, a man decided to make a gift to his wife in honor of the holiday and went to a household appliance store to buy a hairdryer or hair curler. If he sees only one type of hair dryer or hair care device on a shelf, he will have no choice or comparison with similar devices. When the store shelves "Clogged" With the goods, a person subconsciously chooses among the identical groups of goods exactly the one he wanted.

Rule 2. Collection of goods. The golden rule in this matter is the incentive to present products in such a way that, having bought one product, a person wants to buy a second, third and, ideally, collect a collection of these products. The main assistant in this will be the design of the goods, they must be created by the group and look only together. Well, for example, a buyer purchases a shampoo from one company, but it will be effective for hair with the simultaneous purchase of balm, lotion, shower gel, etc.

Rule 3. Products: the benefits and joy of the acquisition. Each product should be used not only for its intended purpose, but also bring joy from the use. For example, when purchasing knives for the kitchen, each person pays attention to the severity of the goods, convenience in domestic use, as well as the design of appliances. Every housewife picks everything up in the bright colors of her kitchen, and knives play a huge role in everyday life. And how nice it is to pick up a knife that surprises with its design and sharpness.

Rule 4. Merging with popular brands. Many firms use this method to increase their sales. Joint cooperation not only allows you to recommend a product on the market, but also give people a whole new interesting product, but under a popular brand. The most basic rule is the promotion of goods in this category, it is right to make your choice in a popular company. If, for example, we are talking about household appliances, then it is worth finding the very company that is known to the population and has established itself in society. In no case should you use a brand when promoting electrical goods, for example, well-known cosmetics or clothing.

Rule 5. Listening to the opinions of buyers. This is the best and most effective rule in the promotion of goods. Folk wisdom says “The buyer is always right”. He himself knows what he needs and what he is willing to pay for. Pretty common in product promotion is installation Hotline, where a person can apply with complaints or thanks, and also leave your wishes. Also, instead of a telephone line, many use a book of complaints and suggestions. Also an interesting marketing move is to conduct an anonymous test for customers, where they can express their opinion on the product, as well as make their own adjustments.

Rule 6. Holidays. New Year, Christmas holidays, March 8, teacher's day, etc. A huge number of holidays in our country. And how it will be pleasant for the buyer to purchase something new and thereby make the best impression on the celebration. Before releasing a product with a new design, or some interesting function, it is recommended to launch an advertising company and hold several campaigns to increase demand among the population. Sometimes, a person before the celebration does not know how to surprise or please, but after watching an advertisement or reading an article in a newspaper, he realizes that this product will interest the birthday boy and will be useful in everyday life.

Rule 7. Summary. Using all of the above win-win market promotion rules, your products will certainly be known in the consumer market and a businessman will bring good profits.

Final word

Of course, all these methods of low-cost marketing do not require a lot of money, but require the investment of other resources - this is time, effort, patience, energy, imagination and your knowledge.

Yes, and you should not spray on all of the described methods of promotion - try each of them in turn, see - which works best for you, leads the most customers? Focus on several of the most optimal for you combination of time and labor / number of transactions.

And one more tip that I would like to mention, but which is often forgotten by everyone ... Probably due to its fuzziness and immersion.

Promote and sell not your company and your products, but “emotion” and “result” from using your services and contacting your company!

Beauty services - few people need it, but a beautiful haircut and perfect manicure - yes! I’m not at all interested in the services of an advertising agency, but here’s a 20% increase in sales in 6 weeks - let's discuss this soon! Rounds to Egypt and Greece for cheap - full, but a complete disconnection from current worries and immersion in absolute relaxation for two weeks - such offers are few! (if they exist at all ...)

So stop, colleagues, disconnect from the hustle and bustle, take a timeout for a day, go to the park, turn off your mobile phone, sit on a bench, relax, look at the fountains, watch people - low-budget ways to attract customers are on the market, you can think of them. Just in the pursuit of frenetic sales and abstract results, we do not always see them.

Win-win sales methods

Having studied the article, many will probably have some questions about the promotion of goods. For accessibility and transparency, here are some ways to increase the demand for a product:

  1. Price policy. When placing goods on a store shelf, it is worth considering the perception of the price by the buyer. So first “Entice” expensive goods that not everyone can afford, and then offer a similar, but cheaper. With the comparative characteristics of the price, it is on this inexpensive product that the buyer will stop his choice,
  2. From extreme to extreme. By purchasing a cheap product, a person subconsciously feels his poverty, but what is his disappointment when the product turns out to be of poor quality. Therefore, usually people choose a middle ground for the purchase of goods, since too expensive is unacceptable, and cheap, on a subconscious level, will be of poor quality,
  3. To attract attention. Many famous marketers have repeatedly reported that for the promotion of goods it is necessary to use various light elements: backlight, bright sticker, etc.
  4. Spontaneous purchases. Our opinion is greatly influenced by spontaneity, urgency, fatigue for making a rash purchase, which we can regret. In a good mood and high spirits, people often make purchases, even those that were not planned. Therefore, many entrepreneurs in the store include pleasant fun music, friendly staff greets the buyer, a pleasant smell and a cozy atmosphere attract the customer.
  5. The magic number. There is probably no such person who has not come across a price of 1.99, 1099, etc. The human subconscious mind perceives only the first figure seen, which in fact only distinguishes one ruble from a round price. But nevertheless, a person has the effect of a discount or a promotion, and he will definitely get an unnecessary thing.
In addition to the listed rules, tricks and methods of promoting the product on the market, the inscriptions are quite common "Promotion", "Discounts", "Sale" etc..

Golden Rule of Sales: individual friendly attitude to each buyer, the competence of a sales consultant, as well as compliance with all the above recommendations. Thanks to the services of professional marketers, any product or service provided can be sold at its desired price.

Product placement - a cheap way to advertise in the media

Product placement (from English product placement which translates as “product placement”), despite the foreign name, is not a new invention at all. Back in the Soviet Union, magazines and newspapers published interviews with directors of factories and factories, which, along with reports on the successes of the last five years, advertised their goods. And on television there were entire programs dedicated to the service sector. These documentaries gave rise to modern advertising moves - a product to the placeman.

Product placement is quite effective if the advertising campaign is carried out in large media. Especially often you can find this type of product promotion in various television shows. The builders are repairing the apartment with the help of materials of a certain brand, not forgetting to constantly remind the audience about it, famous hairdressers put their hair on the heroine of the transfer only by means of a certain brand, etc. Very often, manufacturers of goods do not even have to pay for product placement. They simply provide their products for the entire transmission cycle and provide participants with prizes. And even in the case when the program is very popular and the advertising time in it is expensive, product placement is much cheaper than commercials.

In addition to broadcasts on TV, you can include in the advertising company product placement in magazines and newspapers, as well as on radio. This can be an interview with a company representative mentioning services and goods, contests with the presentation of prizes from the company, participation in events organized by the media (banners at concerts, logo on invitation cards, etc.). In the case of such cooperation, most often you have to pay only part of the cost of producing pos-materials and provide prizes.

Presence on numerous advertising platforms through product placement is no worse than direct advertising - videos and modules. And you can save on this very well.

Promotions - an inexpensive and effective form of marketing measures

One of the most effective and at the same time inexpensive types of advertising are promotions. In this way, you can advertise both goods and services. The costs in this case will be only for the payment of the work of promoters and printing of pos-materials. Large shopping centers and hypermarkets most often provide a place to work for free. Since they themselves are profitable to attract visitors through various promotions. In the warm season, it is effective and promo on the streets. In this case, you need to choose crowded places - exits from the metro, ground transportation stops, squares in front of large shopping centers and markets. It is best to hold promotions on weekends when people are in no hurry to work, and they have time to listen to the information conveyed by the promoter.

The combination of several types of advertising will help to quickly convey information about a product or service to the target audience. At the same time, using product placement and promotions, you can significantly save the company’s budget.