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Making and decorating a double bed


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Do you have a loose metal bed? Or maybe you just laid the mattress on the floor with no frame at all? Have you ever considered buying a wooden bed frame? It can be a wonderful decoration, as well as you get rid of the annoying squeak of metal parts. But remember that they are not cheap. Here's a simple plan on how to assemble your own bed frame by fitting it to any size you want (and height!).

Wood frame

Wood is primarily a natural material, a product from it will not only be durable and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. The wood frame does not loose over time, does not creak, looks beautiful and neat in combination with other furniture. The tree is more pliable, easier to process, has a beautiful texture and there are many ways to decorate it. The manufacture of such a frame does not require special equipment, as with a metal base, so it is technologically simpler to manufacture it. In addition, paint on a metal base peels off over time and, despite all the treatments, the iron is susceptible to rust. Almost any owner has experience working with a tree; the difference will only be on a scale.

When choosing, it is better to focus on natural wood. In fiberboard and particleboard, glue is used, which can have a sharp, unpleasant smell and the furniture from them is not so environmentally friendly.

Metal carcass

Despite all the useful properties of wood, a metal frame is also widely used, primarily because of its greater mobility and lower weight. Metal beds are very durable, elegant and beautiful, but if this is an intricate design, then it is not suitable for every interior. Painting of such a frame requires special attention, because if technology is not followed or carelessness, it will begin to rust. The durability of the product also depends on the correct choice of metal and its high-quality finish. The metal frame is lighter, but does not look as impressive as a tree and does not have its useful properties.

Metal does not retain heat. Such a bed will almost always be cold, especially in winter.

Do-it-yourself wood frame. Step-by-step instruction

Before taking up the tool, the first thing to do is decide on the size of the future bed (hereinafter we will consider the option of a double bed, because by its technology it will not be difficult to make any other). The most common size of a double bed is 200x160 cm - for this type there is a large selection of mattresses. But if the place is strictly limited, then the size is selected based on these conditions. Next, the height of the bed is selected. Not only the preferences of the owners are taken into account, but also the need to further equip the product with additional, retractable elements. The design of the frame is usually standard, the difference will only be in size and color. Based on these requirements, a product drawing is necessarily made, where all sizes will be observed. Without it, it is not advisable to start work without having enough experience, because any incorrectly performed operation has consequences.

If a mattress is already available, then approximately 10 mm are added to its dimensions from each edge to make the frame.

Preparation for work

It was said earlier that wood is a more appropriate and safe material. A dry, planed board is purchased in a special store, if desired, it can also be cut there to the desired size, which will save on delivery. The legs of the bed are made of timber, the sides are made of boards about 200 mm thick. It is better to use special lamellas as rails, they spring well, are easily installed and sold in any specialized store.

For the manufacture of the frame, conifers are excellent. They are more pliable, durable, not so expensive and have a beautiful texture, which will be important when decorating.

Material List:

  • Bed legs - beam 100 * 100 * 330 mm - 4 pcs.
  • Frame boards
    • Back and front - 195 * 45 * 1690 mm - 2 pcs.
    • Lateral - 195 * 45 * 2000 mm - 2 pcs.
  • Inner frame boards
    • Front and rear - 95 * 45 * 1400 mm - 2 pcs.
    • Lateral - 95 * 45 * 1800 mm - 2 pcs.
  • The middle board inside the frame - 95 * 45 * 1910 mm - 1 pc.
  • Lamella - 820 * 63 * 8 mm - 24 pcs.
  • Lathe holders with the possibility of fastening with screws - for the size of lamellas - 48 pcs.
  • Corners - in size (approximately 50 × 50) - 12 pcs.
  • Self-tapping screws:
    • Basic - 5 × 80 - about 150 pcs.
    • For fixing the corners - 3.5 × 35 - about 50 pcs.
    • For fixation of lateral holders - 3.5 × 12 - about 100 pcs.
  • Putty

All dimensions are for a specific project and may vary due to design changes.

The inner board should be no thinner than 45 mm for a reliable installation of the latent holders.

Tool list

  • Drill and drill
  • Screwdrivers / screwdriver
  • Saw / Jigsaw
  • Square
  • Rubber spatula
  • Course roulette and pencil
  • Clamps if necessary

To simplify the assembly, use any means available to maximize process automation.

Frame and flooring construction

When everything is already decided, the place is chosen, the drawing is ready and the material is cut out in accordance with the required dimensions, you can proceed to the most pleasant part. The assembly of the frame is carried out in just a few steps.

The more thoroughly the assembly will be prepared - all dimensions have been strictly observed, the necessary tool has been prepared and still checked again - the easier the process will be.

  • Connect the side boards of the frame. Attach the legs in the corners with self-tapping screws through the side boards.

The place of attachment of the legs of the bed is selected depending on what height of the sides you need to leave for the mattress.

Advice! For convenience, the legs are fixed to the boards with clamps to make it easier and more accurate to drill holes.

  • Install thrust boards on the inside of the resulting box. They are fastened with screws. For greater reliability, they can be combined with corners.

The side and central boards must be fixed below the main level by 1 cm, because they will be located latoderzhateli.

  • To strengthen the structure, install a foot under the middle board. It is a beam with a special groove in the thickness of the board. This will increase the maximum weight of the bed.

The leg can be made from scraps, fastening them together or to purchase material separately.

  • Close up all cracks and crevices in the wood with special putty on wood. After puttying, the surface is treated with sandpaper P80 and finish P120.

For processing, it is better to purchase a special emery sponge.

  • Install the slats. To do this, you need to pre-cut the slats (their standard size, as a rule, is larger than necessary) and insert them into special lattice holders that are attached to the frame with self-tapping screws.

The distance between the rails is better to take from 9 to 10 cm.

If everything is done correctly, then at this stage the main part of the work should already be completed and you can safely proceed to the most pleasant thing - guidance of beauty.

Many elements and details of the bed can be replaced with analogues. For example, use bolts (with preliminary preparation) instead of self-tapping screws or ordinary boards instead of lamellas. The instructions provide an integral version of a simple double bed, the design of which can be improved as you wish, in accordance with your own experience. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules.

Bed 200x160 cm with your own hands. A brief overview of manufacturing technology with text comments.


To the main advantages Making a bed on your own should include:

  • saving money
  • the opportunity to make the product to your taste, according to your own sketches and from any materials,
  • confidence in the environmental friendliness, safety and reliability of the product,
  • an opportunity to show your imagination and realize it.

Having made the bed frame on your own, you can be sure that such a product will be in a single copy. Consequently, you will become the happy owner of an exclusive furniture item, with which you can not only comfortably sleep, but also read a book or watch TV.

Any manufacture of wooden furniture requires a careful selection of building materials. But all of it will be:

When creating a wooden bed frame, you can use different materials:

  • timber. Such a product will be distinguished by a luxurious appearance, practicality and ease of manufacture. This furniture can be threaded or upholstered,
  • boards. They must be of high quality and without knots or any other defects. Since the presence of knots will take away from you a lot of free time to polish them,
  • logs. This building material is used quite rarely, but the products are exclusive and unique,
  • an array. Such furniture will tell a lot about the impeccable taste of its owners and their position in society. In order for the product to serve you for more than a dozen years, give preference to such species of wood: alder, oak, beech, ash, pine.

Bed decoration

If you set out to do something unusual, then there are a lot of options for designing a bed in a wide variety of styles - from classic to vintage or modern. But the simplest one to start with is painting the frame. To do this, you need stain and varnish. It is not necessary to use a primer - you need to remember that all work with toxic substances will have to be performed indoors, so it is advisable to minimize them. The stain will emphasize the texture of the tree, the varnish will smooth the surface and give shine. You can also use a special paint that mimics various types of wood. This method will not only decorate the frame, but also give it a more impressive look. You can upholstery the bed with fabric, for this you will need material, foam rubber, a construction stapler and staples.

When painting, it is better to use a matte varnish. It will allow you to hide the errors of the tree, will collect less dust and scratch.

Tree species

You can make a wooden bed from different types of wood:

    pine trees. This material is in demand due to its presentable appearance and high technical characteristics.

Such a product will please not only with a beautiful texture, but also with a pleasant coniferous aroma. Products that have been well sanded and varnished have a high resistance to fungus formation and are not susceptible to decay,

  • oak. This wood belongs to the elite. It is distinguished by its luxurious appearance, environmental friendliness, the ability to create patterns and ornaments on the product,
  • beech. Such beds are distinguished by the original ornament on the slices, durability and strength. Beech patterns look noble and fit classic motifs,
  • birch trees. This type of wood is easy to process, has a high level of strength and elasticity, is attractive.
  • To make a wood product aesthetically pleasing, but not too expensive, you should know some secrets:

    • for decor and frame, you should take expensive material (oak),
    • wood is cheaper for making legs (pine),
    • and for the rails that will be located inside the product, you can choose the simplest option (birch).

    Drawing 160 to 200

    Before starting to make a bed, you should decide on its size. An ideal option for two adults is a double model, with dimensions - 160x200 cm.

    In this drawing should be marked all the highlights for making furniture:

    • exact dimensions,
    • assembly materials
    • fasteners.

    At the stage of drawing up the drawing, it is important to determine not only the size of the berth, but also the height of the legs of the product. To do this, just imagine what height it is most convenient for you to get up from.

    At the stage of creating the scheme, determine both the head and the foot. Consider, perhaps you want to make the product functional and equip it with drawers for linen or a lifting mechanism.

    Retractable elements

    In order to maximize the use of all the free space of the room under the bed, you can build special drawers, for example, for linen or other needs. They are usually made of plywood, the front part of solid wood. The main condition is the height of the bed, that is, the distance from the floor to the frame. Depending on it, the sizes of the boxes are already being selected. For convenience, castors are usually attached to their base. If you slightly change the design of the frame, then to its sides from the inside and to the sides of the box you can install special runners for boxes.

    It should be noted once again that with the sliding elements the design of the bed changes somewhat. To hide the drawers, the side walls of the frame are extended to the floor and inside make partitions for securing the skids.

    Double bed with the possibility of installing pull-out elements. Detailed explanation of assembly technology.


    To make a wooden frame for a bed, you will need to prepare a whole set of different instruments:

    • electric saw
    • plane,
    • hacksaw,
    • jigsaw
    • screwdriver
    • drill,
    • bits
    • sandpaper
    • tape measure and pencil.

    Interesting frame ideas

    Interesting or unusual options include a bed frame made of pallets. They are simply stacked on top of each other or made them a special hill, painted in various colors and even illuminated with garlands. Another option is, of course, the back. With it, you can do almost anything, give an unusual shape and make carved jewelry. Using curly nails on the bed surface to create a relief pattern, hang a cloth over the head of the bed or lay out beautiful pillows - there are many ways, and in this case most of them are limited by the author’s imagination.

    Making a bed frame is not at all difficult, and making it a real decoration of the whole room is also very nice. And when all the households are going to look at this “work”, its owner will feel an incomparable sense of pride in the work done by his own hands.

    How to make lamellas and base

    With the choice of materials, selection of design and sizing, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of individual elements of the product. To do this, you should pick up a drawing for verification of all sizes. Parts will be manufactured as follows:

    1. We take the lumber.
    2. Mark on it with a pencil the cut lines.
    3. Using a ruler and a torch we carry out the detailing of individual elements.

    After manufacturing all the necessary parts, you can proceed to their processing:

    • remove all knots and defects with sandpaper. To do this, we prepared several different types of sandpaper in advance: large, medium, small,
    • headboard and endboards clean with an electric plane.

    Now you need to make the rack base of the product. Lamels are slats that are attached to the base of the bed at a certain distance. This distance should not exceed the width of the lamella itself. Slats are necessary to give the bed an orthopedic effect and to ensure ventilation of the mattress.

    For their manufacture, it is better to use birch.. Since this material is flexible, resilient, and easy to process.

    When making lamellas, you should adhere to the following of the rules:

    • the thickness of each part should be 0.8 cm,
    • it’s better to give the product a curved shape,
    • the width of the lamella can vary between 5, 3 - 6, 8 cm,
    • they are installed on the base of the frame with a distance from each other from 2 to 6 cm.

    You can attach lamellas to the frame in various ways:

    • with screws
    • with a tight edge tape,
    • on prepared bars.

    Double bed assembly

    The assembly of the double bed is as follows:

    1. We set the foot and head vertically and back up with some objects.
    2. Impose the tzars and check the evenness of the angles.
    3. Mark the points under the dowels and connect the tsars with the backs.
    4. We remove the tsars and drill holes in them.
    5. Assembling the designchoosing holes on the backs.
    6. We pass to the complete assembly of the base - drive the pins into the grooves, and lubricate the parts with glue. For better fastening of parts, wrap the product with a rope.
    7. We leave the product for several days until the glue completely dries.
    8. Further, make flooring. For the rack bottom, we distribute special holders on the frame.
    9. Indentations between lamellas are chosen in such a way that the mattress is easily held on them.
    10. We connect the rails with longitudinal bars.
    11. Now you can proceed mounting legs. To do this, we fix the bars on the inside of the corners of the frame.

    That's the whole simple process of assembling a wooden bed frame.


    To make a wooden product attractive, it is necessary cover with stain and open two to three times with varnish. This will not only give the bed a presentable appearance, but also increase its operational characteristics.

    When choosing a varnish, give preference to a material based on polyurethane.It is harmless and does not emit toxins. In addition, this material is characterized by wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage.

    Some people prefer upholstery with fabric and foam. But it is suitable for products made from cheap lumber. The beautiful texture of oak or beech should not be hidden under the fabric. If desired, the product can be painted with paint, choosing the appropriate color for the overall interior. Again, this option is not suitable for elite and noble wood. You can also emphasize the originality of the product and make decoupage on its head.

    Despite the apparent simplicity, the assembly of the frame leaves ample room for self-expression:


    Summing up, it can be noted that to make a wooden frame of a double bed is quite realistic and independent. To do this, you need to have an idea how to work with wood, have the right tools and select the materials of the future furniture item. As a result of your efforts, you will provide yourself with a comfortable, spacious, and cozy berth, which will delight you not only with its aesthetics, but also with the impeccable quality of manufacture and assembly.