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Learning how to cook food is delicious and economical - it's easy!


Every self-respecting woman from a young age learns to cook, in the future to show off her culinary talents in front of her family or guests. Games for girls preparing food will teach you to understand traditional and national cuisine, help you master the tricks and subtleties of cooking various products, and tell you some very tasty and time-tested culinary recipes.

Cooking simple, high-calorie and rich in nutrients food has long been a familiar thing for every housewife. These games are designed exclusively for the female audience, as they easily and naturally teach the cooking process and prepare a reliable theoretical base. How to fry an omelet, how much to brew coffee, how to make ice cream and why to add boiled carrots to the soup - all these questions will be answered by the game cooking.

In addition to traditional cooking, young housewives will learn how to properly set the table, confidently handle kitchen appliances and beautifully decorate freshly prepared dishes. And the famous Italian chef and the grandmother adored by all will act as mentors to future culinary specialists.

Where to start?

The main thing in the cook business is the mood. Everyone can learn how to cook deliciously if they invest their soul in cooking.

Think of this work as a creative competition that you must win. In cooking for two, there are no trifles. Every detail is important here.

To begin with, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the properties of the products, find out what they are combined with and what food you can cook from them. There are many ways to process food.

So, products can:

  • cook
  • fry,
  • bake in the oven or on the grill,
  • soar,
  • marinate,
  • grease
  • smoke
  • put out.

All these methods will help to diversify your menu for two or for the company.

Before starting training, you can buy a recipe book in the store, but it’s better to talk with those who have already mastered this business. Find out from relatives and friends how they cook food, take the recipe of your favorite dish.

Many detailed cooking instructions can be found on the Internet. Presented videos and photo reports will help you learn faster.

If earlier you did not come close to the kitchen, then for two it is better to start cooking food with simple dishes. For example: fried eggs, complex sandwiches, salads, boiled potatoes, pasta and cereals. Each of these dishes can be diversified with new ingredients, spices and sauces. You can learn how to deliciously fry ordinary fried eggs, but each time it will be perceived differently.

What will help diversify the menu for two?

You can cook the same products, but each time in a different way. The simplest dishes will get a touch of elegance if seasoned with various sauces and seasoned with spices. Just remember, it is better not to use seasonings with added salt and flavor enhancers.

Firstly, it is harmful to health and body. Secondly, such compositions cannot guarantee that it will be delicious. It is best to purchase all seasonings separately.

To discover the true aroma of spices, it is recommended to fry them in oil for 1-2 minutes before adding them to the dish.

How to cook a meal deliciously? Learn all about various sauces. It is not necessary to make a bias on multicomponent compositions, you can use simple ingredients. Dress regular spaghetti with soy sauce, ketchup or garlic mayonnaise, each time you get a different dish. It will be economical and tasty.

How to cook food sparingly? Some simple ingredients help to improve and reveal the taste of other products.

  • Vegetables, they go well with many products and help make food more satisfying and healthy,
  • Tomato paste is added to almost all fried foods and soups,
  • Cucumber pickle and tomato will help to cook fried and stewed dishes, make them less dry,
  • Milk adds tenderness to foods when frying, but the main thing is not to overdo it, one tablespoon will be enough for a large frying pan,
  • Cheese diversifies most dishes, it can be added to salads, soups, pasta, meat, fish and potatoes,
  • Learn to cook deliciously help nuts, dried fruits and canned goods.

All these ingredients will allow you to create your "masterpieces" economically, from simple and affordable products. Cooking dinner for two will take less time if you use kitchen appliances.

How can I cook food faster?

Modern industry is doing everything possible to facilitate the domestic work of women. Now you can cook not only on the stove, but also in the microwave, slow cooker, air grill, electric oven and use other devices.

Almost all of these appliances are equipped with recipes. A large selection of food recipes can be found on the Internet. When cooking, you can resort to the help of equipment for cleaning, cutting, grinding and mixing products.

Each device has its advantages and disadvantages, but the best option for the “lazy" is to learn how to cook on a slow cooker. It is economical, and tasty, and fast. You can use any products, cook soups, cereals, meat and fish dishes, side dishes.

In a slow cooker, cooking is very simple. For most recipes, you just lay the products, select the desired program and cooking time. At one time in the multicooker you can cook both the main dish and the side dish. It turns out very economically.

An air grill and microwave are also good appliances. In them you can learn how to cook food without oil.

French fries, chicken in its own juice, fish with a golden brown crust - all this can be many times more beneficial for the body. Just use spices, salt and sauces. To speed up the cooking time will help the marinade.

After mixing fruit juice or mayonnaise with seasonings, coat the resulting preparation with the mixture and let it soak for an hour. In a slow cooker, you can also cook pickled meat and fish. This will add juiciness and reduce processing time.

Cooking - How to love this lesson?

It’s easier to love the cooking process if all the ingredients are at hand and the kitchen is always in order. If possible, learn to cook food in a slow cooker.

Use various "helpers", do not be afraid to experiment. When everything starts to work out, the love of cooking will come by itself, and you will notice that you want to please your loved ones with something tasty.

The tastes of your man may be different, but your successful experiments will not go unnoticed.

Over time, you will be able to expand your range, learn how to spend products economically and choose the right ingredients. Do not be afraid of failures, the first pancake almost always comes out lumpy. The main thing is to take this calmly.