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How to make a live broadcast on YouTube - Stream PC screen


How to make an online broadcast on YouTube

For bloggers, let’s playlers and other users of the site, broadcasting online on YouTube is simply necessary.

Therefore, you need to know how to conduct it so as not to spoil anything.

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What is an online broadcast on YouTube

Of course, everyone knows that Youtube was originally created to be able to upload their own and watch other people's videos.

And, in principle, this opportunity of his did not disappear anywhere, but the function of creating broadcasts was added to it. So what is it?

Such a broadcast can last even up to several hours, for example, various charitable evenings and marathons in this mode are conducted up to 10, or even 12, hours.

Or just half an hour - this is suitable for those who give makeup lessons or training lectures.

By the way, this is the advantage of online broadcasting.

You can “broadcast” videos of any orientation: summer displays, charity marathons, lectures and lessons, blogs, “questions and answers”, ASMR and many other goodies that may appear on the site in one way or another.

Therefore, it is important to know the YouTube rules when creating this, and indeed any, video.

At the same time, you can add various effects, links, and even split the streaming video into several windows during the broadcast using various programs. Here it all depends only on the user.

But it's too early to know how to add effects when it is not known how to create the broadcast itself. And you can create it in several different ways.

Live Streaming Features

Few people know, but while showing your video, you can not only broadcast a blog, review, lecture or let’s play live, but also use the site’s features, which are very, very useful.

The first of these is chatting.

That is, next to your video, with a broadcast window, a chat will be posted in which users can post messages.

You can either read them in real time or reply to your viewers as you create the broadcast.

The second useful feature is the distribution of links to your current video on various social networks.

It is very convenient when you have a link to different sites where you can see a link to your broadcast.

In addition, during the broadcast itself, you can easily track statistics, and this is done in a tab called YouTube Analytics, which allows you to view the number of viewers, comments, likes, dislikes and even links to your video.

All this can be useful not only to a professional in the field of video creation or an experienced youtuber, but also to a beginner.

But besides this, it is important to know not only the buns that are convenient when creating a streaming video, but also how to start the broadcast correctly.

Where does it all begin

This is what the video encoder looks like

If you’re about to start broadcasting, it’s important to remember that the easiest way to do this is to use the YouTube site itself, which provides all the features.

This does not exclude the presence of third-party programs or effects, but this is the most optimal way.

First of all, you need to register on YouTube. And create your channel. By the way, the more famous the channel, the more interesting its content, the more viewers will have a broadcast.

But this does not bother the beginner at all! Any user of the site can join the viewing, so do not worry if the channel was created recently or even before the broadcast itself.

The video will find its viewer.

Well, then you should already choose a video encoder. That is, a program that allows you to display and compress streaming video to the optimal size and quality.

The video encoder needs to be selected correctly, depending on your device and on which of them work with YouTube.

By the way, this information can be found on the official website.

And before the broadcast itself, this same video encoder will also need to be configured, but this is no longer a problem, since in each of these programs everything is simple and intuitive.

Only after the video encoder is turned on and configured, and the necessary equipment is already connected to your personal computer or laptop, you can go to your channel and start broadcasting.


Live webcasts attract more attention of subscribers who want to get the latest information or see what is happening in real time.

Now, to a greater extent, Stream is used by the hosts of various webinars and training programs. Teachers of educational institutions for online lessons. Gamers stream various walkthroughs and chips thereby creating huge communities.

The network has created special resources with a set of various convenient functions, but today we will look at YouTube, which is no less convenient, free and has an unlimited amount of video storage.

For a stream it is necessary:

  • registered account on video hosting
  • program (decoder)

Why spend

So, before we look at how to start broadcasting on Youtube, let’s figure out why we need it.

  1. To get in touch with the audience, get feedback and ultimately improve loyalty. Through this format, you can show real emotions and feelings, all that is left behind the scenes of the videos.
  2. No need for processing or professional installation. Carrying out does not require long installation and other work, which significantly saves time.
  3. Minimum equipment. You can even stream from your smartphone, while 4K resolution is available in panoramic format.
  4. There is a chat option where users can ask questions of interest, leave their comments, give their advice and recommendations. Also, among the audience, you can choose the most loyal fans and designate them as moderators for better communication.
  5. All conducted broadcasts are laid out on the channel, they can be viewed and edited, for example, cut out bad moments.

How to start broadcasting on Youtube

First of all, you need to check whether it is possible to conduct broadcasts from the account, whether this function is enabled. For this:

  1. We confirm the profile. To this end, go to and indicate the phone number. An SMS message will be sent to confirm or they will call you.
  2. Turn on the option. If you work from a computer, open a creative studio on the channel, then “Live Broadcasts”. If you are logged in via the mobile application, click Create Broadcast.

You can use the function after 24 hours.

How to make a broadcast in YouTube from a computer

So, our first step is to check the quality of the Internet and the power of the PC itself. You can check the speed of the provider using the site Here, select "Change server", and after that install "Moscow, Megafon". Why exactly these values? Because these settings allow you to get truly reliable results. We are more interested in the outgoing speed, the one marked by the purple arrow. The minimum threshold is 10 Mbps no less. Otherwise, the stream will not work correctly and problems may arise, the video will be displayed in jerks. As a result, you will get similar measurements:

Now let's move on to our computer. Make sure that it is equipped with a minimum of 4 cores and an Intel i5 process. RAM not less than 8 GB, and Windows is not older than the seventh version. If you plan to conduct “game” streams or broadcast video in Full HD resolution, you need to purchase a more powerful level graphics card from GTX 970/1060. If you intend to broadcast video for users not only what is happening on the monitor, but also of your loved one, do not forget to purchase a high-quality webcam. Please note that for broadcasting what is happening on the screen, it is better to use stationary computers, rather than laptops, since they are more powerful.

Now register on video hosting. If you already have a valid verified account, safely skip this item. We go into the personal profile and open a creative studio, and then select the section "Live Broadcasts".

We configure the PC. You must select and install a special program for broadcast on Youtube. The choice of such programs is very limited. The undisputed leader is Open Broadcaster Software, in other words, OBS. Its main plus is the ability to use for free and a fairly wide functionality. An alternative is Xsplit broadcaster, but be prepared for a number of limits in the free version. For example, if you select a resolution of 720p, the program logo will be displayed.

I use OBS, therefore I will show my actions on it. So, follow the link: and download the program. We select the 64-bit version, since its performance is higher and we launch it. I want to note that Open Broadcaster Software have developed versions for Linux and macOS. When the launch is completed, open the "File", and then "Settings". Open the item "Broadcasting".

To correctly fill in the items of the menu that opens, look at the settings of the YouTube video encoder (they are in the "Live Broadcasts", the bottom of the page)).

The next important step is Conclusion. For this purpose, set the bitrate on the air. This is one of the fundamental parameters that directly affects the quality of the reproduced image. Consider the values ​​that you received in the first stage when calculating the bitrate, which is calculated in kilobits / second. My outgoing speed, as you can see, is 13 megabits, which is approximately 13,000 Kbps. For the most popular permissions, the following ratios apply:

720p - from 2500 to 4000 kilobits / s

1080p - from 4000 to 6000 kilobits / s

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there must be a reserve. To this end, multiply the bitrate by 2 and you will get the optimal requirement for channel speed. For example, for a resolution of 720p you need 4000 kbps, multiply by 2 and get 8000 kbps. We have 13,000 kbps, so the channel is fully consistent. For audio, set the bitrate at the level of 192 or 160. In the "Audio" program section, select the default settings, these are "stereo" and "44.1khz".

Go to the "Video" section. It directly affects broadcast speed and performance. Not every computer can handle the resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. For this reason, it is better to choose 1280 by 720 pixels. In order to avoid interruptions and various kinds of problems during the broadcast, you should not put FPS above 30. Otherwise, the processor will overload. Another bad idea is to broadcast via WI-FI wireless network. Wired connection is better and more convenient.

We are at the finish line. In the main window, at the bottom, select "Sources" and click the plus.

You must define “Capture” by entering a name. In the "Mode" item, select "Capture a single window." Please note that you first need to run the material that you will broadcast, whether it be a game, presentation, or anything else. We select the file for translation through the “.exe” file and click “OK”. As a result, we get the picture below, our window is broadcast in Open Broadcaster Software.

To broadcast via the webcam or its additional overlay, click on the plus sign and select “Video Capture Device”. Now click on the name of the camera and confirm the action with the “OK” command.

We are ready! Click on “Start Broadcast” and open YouTube, then “Live Broadcasts”. There is already in full swing stream. It remains only to prescribe its name and description. For maximum user reach, do it in 2 languages: Russian and English.

During the broadcast periodically check the bottom line of the program, the status should be "green", and the "frame skip" should be 0.

That's all, we figured out how to make the broadcast in YouTube. It's time to delight the audience with interesting streams!

"Start broadcast"

Perhaps this is the easiest way to create a broadcast on the site. After installing the video encoder, all settings will be selected automatically, well, you just have to start the video.

You can do it this way:

  • In the settings of the video encoder, you will need to specify the server address. That is, the address that you see in the address bar of the browser (when you open the YouTube broadcast page) will need to be copied to the video encoder.
  • Next, you need to fill in the video broadcast information. That is, give her a name, description, and, if desired, even choose an icon or cover.
  • Then you need to choose your privacy settings. In other words, to make your broadcast available to all interested viewers, or to subscribers, or to a certain circle of people whom you personally choose. This is called Open Access, Link Access, or Restricted Access.
  • Then you need to go to the tab called “Parameters” and tick off the menu item that allows you to broadcast video with the least delay. That is, so when broadcasting in real mode, neither sound nor image will lag.

After that, it remains only to select the “Start Broadcast” function, and that’s it, you are on the air!

All this is very simple, a few clicks are enough to start streaming video, but any users can watch YouTube’s online broadcast on your channel.

But this is not the only way to start broadcasting, you can use other features of the site.

"All broadcasts"

Broadcast in the section "All broadcasts"

This is another YouTube feature that helps you create and broadcast live video.

In addition, this section has several features that help make the broadcast more organized and convenient for you.

For example, you can select advanced display sharing options.

Or choose the start and end time of the broadcast, that is, the video will start and shut down automatically.

In addition, here the broadcast after the show can be saved not only on your channel (usually this happens automatically within 12 hours), but also on a personal computer or laptop, as well as to conduct several streaming videos at once.

As usual, this happens quickly and easily:

  • In the video manager, which is located in the left panel, you must select the item called "All broadcasts".
  • A button called “Create Broadcast” is intuitive, fast and clear. There and click.
  • As in the previous method, here you need to fill in the basic information about streaming video. That is, the name, description, etc., and here you can set the start of the broadcast and its end.
  • Select broadcast access in the Settings tab.
  • Select a broadcast type. A function called “Fast Broadcast” is available here, and this is convenient in the sense that a video encoder is not needed in this case. Or “Another broadcast”, in which you select the video encoder you need and the video and sound quality settings.
  • Here, select the number of video broadcasts that you simultaneously perform.

Done! The broadcast will start from the time you choose, and will take place in, again, the quality you set, the quantity, and the duration of the show.

But broadcasting can be carried out not only using a PC or laptop. But what about those who use their smartphone to create video?

Broadcast in a mobile application

Live broadcast from the application

Here, of course, first of all it will be necessary to get hold of the application itself.

Without it, using only one browser, in most cases, you won’t be able to make a full and decent broadcast.

True, for this you need to dial at least 100 channel subscribers, otherwise the broadcast from a mobile device will fail.

On laptops and PCs this restriction does not exist, there you can stream video "Run on display" even without subscribers.

Well, finally, you need to confirm the account and enable the live broadcast function, that is, allow the application to create such broadcasts at all.

To allow the application to shoot streaming video and transfer it to other users in live mode, you must click on the camera icon in the open application and allow all requests.

That is, access to the camera, to the microphone, to your files.

Well, then the algorithm of actions remains almost the same:

  • Click the camera icon again in the open YouTube application:
  • Select a feature called Live
  • Further, the application will offer you some functions that in most cases are simply not available from a personal computer or laptop.
  • You will need:
  1. Add title and description,
  2. Enable or disable the ability to chat live,
  3. Set age limits in accordance with the theme of the video or its content, all the rules for including videos in the "18+" category are on the site itself,
  4. Add or disable an advertisement warning in your video.
  • Then you need to take a photo for the broadcast icon. Not all smartphone operating systems and not all models support the ability to download images from a device,
  • And finally, start the live broadcast.

As you can see, broadcasting using a smartphone has its own advantages and disadvantages, but still remains no less convenient and simple than using the same broadcast from a PC or laptop.

As in previous cases, here you can set up privacy, follow the chat, share a link to your broadcast in real time, and the video itself will be published on your channel in the “Video” section within 12 hours after the shooting.

Это может быть удобно тем, кто по каким-либо причинам не может создавать ролики в «живом режиме» с помощью персонального компьютера, или же тем, кого в большей степени привлекают функции мобильной версии.

А они, согласитесь, бывают очень к месту.

На самом деле, создавать трансляции на ютуб очень и очень просто.

To do this, you just need to stock up on a video camera, perhaps a good microphone, a more or less working computer or phone, and the time that you spend on broadcasting. Everything else is done easily and for free.

Even YouTube itself offers many opportunities for creating broadcasts, so you do not have to use any third-party programs and applications.

Apart from the video encoder, of course, but even it is not always needed. Therefore, it’s easiest to create broadcasts and record streaming video through the site itself.

In this case, both video quality and sound quality will be automatically adjusted, and you, as a user and youtuber, will only have to try and make your video broadcast as interesting and watched as possible.

Well, it’s up to the content and the YouTube itself, even a child can broadcast it, it’s so optimized on the official website and YouTube application.

How to make a live broadcast on YouTube / how to stream via YouTube

How to make an online broadcast on your YouTube (YouTube) channel: Detailed instructions

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