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How to make a diaper cake with your own hands


You can’t choose from the whole variety of gifts for discharge from the maternity hospital, festivals or baptism the most unusual and at the same time practical present? Give the parents and the little man a diaper cake. What is attractive for such a gift? First of all, practicality, because the baby needs a huge amount of diapers during the first 12 months. Believe me, the newly made mother will be delighted with such a useful acquisition.

In addition, such a "diaper structure" is being constructed quite simply, so you can do it yourself. The most important thing is to understand the main principles and come up with a beautiful presentation design for a little girl or boy.

Size and number of diapers

Diapers - an item that requires careful selection. Before creating a great diaper cake, experts advise you to pay attention to the size and the required amount of these children's hygiene products.

Newborn babies should purchase items of the first or second size, since babies grow up very quickly. It is better not to buy diapers of zero size, because when you open the package (and this will be required), their sterility may be impaired.

After this, you should decide what the diaper cake will be. If the product design consists of one tier, then no more than 22 diapers will be required. If the cake will consist of two tiers, you need to buy at least 50 diapers. The largest products consist of 100 hygiene products.

Required “Ingredients”

In addition to the diapers themselves, for the manufacture of the cake will require other important materials and accessories that will help to assemble and fasten the entire structure.

So, pre-acquire attributes such as:

  • thick cardboard circle or light tray (for the base),
  • a roll of paper towels for the central part (as an option - a large bottle of baby shampoo or a tightly wrapped diaper),
  • rubber bands and clothespins to give diapers a certain shape,
  • double sided tape,
  • safety pins for tiers
  • wrapping paper or fabric cuts to decorate tiers (sometimes diapers or towels are used instead of these elements),
  • additional items, for example, dummies, socks, diapers, bottles, rattles, rompers, rubber ducks, powders, etc.,
  • decorative elements, including bows, satin ribbons, flowers, beads, plush toys, etc.

Useful Tips

To make a cake from diapers for a newborn with his own hand, you need to follow certain rules, which, first of all, relate to hygiene standards:

  1. Preliminary carefully process a working surface by means of detergents, safe for children's skin.
  2. Wash your hands or use disposable sterile gloves.
  3. In no case do not turn the diapers with the absorbent part outwards, otherwise the sterility and integrity of the protective layer will be violated.
  4. If the cake will be decorated with fabric elements, vests, towels must be ironed.
  5. Are you going to decorate a gift with plastic bottles, dummies or rattles? Be sure to treat them with safe antiseptics.
  6. Pins and elastic bands should also be disinfected by treating them with steam or an antiseptic solution.
  7. If a fluffy pet lives in the house, remove it from the room and vacuum the room to avoid getting wool on the diapers.
  8. Make sure that the gum does not overly pull on the diapers, otherwise they will look messy. However, hygiene products should not hang out either.

In order for the diaper cake to survive the transport, it must be properly packed. The cover will not only prevent the loss of shape, but also eliminate the stain, dustiness of the gift. In addition, beautiful packaging will emphasize the solemnity of the moment and create a festive mood.

Diaper Cakes for Girls and Boys

Creating a gift largely depends on who it will be addressed to. Of course, the "girl" cake will differ from the "male" color scheme, additional accessories and the general idea. But the form itself is usually the same - a one-, two- or three-tier design resembling a holiday cake.

Gift for girls

According to traditions, presentations for girls are distinguished by more delicate colors, feminine accessories and the presence of numerous cute details. But more about everything.

Usually for little princesses, ribbons, diapers and other decorative elements of bright or, conversely, delicate shades are used: beige, pink, lilac, fawn, yellow, etc.

  • touching details will be all kinds of ruffles, ruffles, bows. Such elements not only signal the gender of the child, but also give the cake from diapers a resemblance to a real confectionery,
  • In addition, the gift can be decorated with typical girlish accessories such as butterflies, flowers, ribbons, beads. Butterflies and flowers will also emphasize the season in which a newborn baby was born,
  • Another type of jewelry that is suitable for little beauties is all kinds of plush bunnies and cubs, baby dolls and dolls. You can also put tiny socks or booties on the cake.

Present for boys

Designs from diapers for young gentlemen differ from girls' gifts, first of all, laconicism and a certain “seriousness”. Excluded all kinds of ruffles, bows and frills. How to decorate men's cakes?

It is best to use "brutal shades": blue, blue, green. Usually, if a baby is born in the autumn-winter period, then the color is selected lighter and dim.

  • traditionally boyish game devices become decorative elements: cars, steam locomotives, ships, balls, airplanes. Some craftsmen even make cakes in the form of cars or boats,
  • in addition, you can decorate the present with clothes (socks, hats, diapers, romper suit), hygiene products (creams, shampoos, powders) and other children's devices.

Diaper One-Tier Cake

See the newborn on the nose? You can make the simplest version of a diaper cake, consisting of a minimum number of basic and additional details. Naturally, do not forget to decorate the product to emphasize your positive attitude towards mom and baby.

To create a "masterpiece" you need to prepare the following materials:

  • diapers (size "1" or "2") - 11 pieces,
  • a diaper of a bright shade,
  • wide satin ribbon,
  • narrow ribbon (such is used in flower shops),
  • scissors,
  • tray or thick cardboard
  • various decorative elements to your taste,
  • bright natural fabric.

It is very simple to make a single-layer cake from diapers. One diaper is rolled up, tied with a ribbon and placed in the center of the cardboard. This is the basis from which the circle will go from other hygienic devices.

Around this central element, diapers are placed so that the "sun" comes out. Pampers are installed with an edge, one of their sides goes to the first roll. Outwardly, it resembles a kind of sunlight.

The last stage is wrapping the structure with a diaper, fixing it with a wide tape. For decoration, you can use any beautiful natural fabric - cotton or linen. This will prevent allergic reactions in children.

Three-tiered diaper cake

This is a classic version of the three-tiered design of diapers, which, like the previous version, is prepared very simply. The main thing is to follow the sequence of actions and hold together each layer well.

The following “ingredients” must be prepared in advance:

  • diapers (different or the same size) - 80 pieces,
  • tray or thick cardboard
  • stationery erasers - 80 pieces,
  • bottle for feeding or shampoo,
  • powder bottle
  • satin ribbons,
  • toys, rattles, baby clothes for decoration,
  • sticks or pins to hold the floors together.

The first cake is prepared as standard: 37 diapers are stacked vertically on a cardboard or tray, which are twisted into rolls and fixed with elastic bands. In the center insert a bottle for milk or shampoo. The whole structure is fastened with a ribbon or elastic band.

Then a second layer is prepared, which will consist of 27 diapers. Rolls of them are formed in the same way as for the previous cake. In the central part, you also need to insert some jar - with powder or baby cream.

The next step is the manufacture of the last layer. For him, 16 diapers are taken, which are installed on the second cake and pulled together with an elastic band. You can fasten the tiers with safety pins so that the structure does not fall apart.

Then proceed to decorate the cake. Depending on the gender of the child, you can take blue or pink satin ribbons. Under the ribbon insert a card with the wishes of health and successful development and the necessary things of a small size.

Diaper cake with cream

In appearance, this pyramidal design really resembles a confectionery with cream. This effect is created by wrapping each layer with bright and attractive diapers. It turns out very aesthetically pleasing.

For the manufacture of the structure, you need to take the following materials:

  • diapers (sizes "1" or "2") - 90 pieces,
  • bright ribbons - narrow and wide,
  • small rubber bands - 90 pieces,
  • Double-sided tape,
  • needles
  • diapers
  • a bedspread or towel
  • various decorations: toys, hygiene products, bottles, etc.

For the manufacture of the lower layer, 40 roll diapers are laid in a circle in a spiral shape, fastening the initial and final diapers with tailor needles. A tightly rolled blanket or towel is placed in the center. The entire structure is held together for fidelity by an elastic band.

Then you need to decorate the resulting diaper cake with “cream”. To do this, the film is folded across the width of the diapers, wrapped around a layer and fastened with needles. This must be done carefully so that the design looks aesthetically pleasing.

The next layer is made up of 30 diapers laid out in rolls around a bottle with baby powder. Pampers are fixed with tailor needles and an elastic band. “Cream” from the diaper decorates the outer side of the cake.

The topmost layer consists of 20 diapers. It is made in the same way as the two previous cakes. The main difference is the number of hygiene devices used.

Diaper cake with towels

In addition to diapers, you can use small towels for the manufacture of such designs. They are folded in exactly the same way - into original cylinders. Naturally, before “mounting” the diaper cake, you need to wash your hands and prepare all the necessary materials.

To make this type of diaper cake you need to take:

  • diapers (second size) - 90 pieces,
  • small towels for the face - 10 pieces,
  • small rubber bands - 100 pieces,
  • wide elastic bands - 3 pieces,
  • a roll of paper towels,
  • satin ribbons - 2 pieces,
  • Double-sided tape,
  • cardboard boxes
  • decorative devices
  • sticks for attaching tiers.

In the center of the design will be a roll of paper towels. Around him are lined up in cylinders and diapers tightened with rubber bands in three rows. The whole structure must be tightly pulled together with a wide and dense elastic band.

The next layer is prepared from the remaining diapers, which are installed again around the roll with paper towels in two rows. The resulting cake is fixed with an elastic band, making sure that the structure is not too tightened.

The top cake is made of towels, which are twisted like diapers. It is best to take colored accessories so that you can alternate them. Between the layers you need to insert a few sticks to secure the structure.

All tiers are wrapped in bright satin ribbons, the ends of which are fastened with adhesive tape. A teddy bear or dolls are installed on top of the product, and dummies, baby items, or a variety of toys are placed on the “steps”.

How to make a diaper cake with your own hands

I would like to dispel the myth that without special skills and experience it is impossible to make a cake out of diapers with your own hands. Everyone can cope with such a task. For everything to work out, you need to carefully study the algorithm of actions, be patient and orderly.

What tools and materials need to be prepared to create a cake from diapers?

01. Pampers

Of course, without diapers it is impossible to make a cake - a gift. On the shelves of shops you can see a large assortment of diapers from different manufacturers, quality and value. Choosing diapers for a gift, you should focus on the size, age of the baby, his height and weight.

Store or pharmacy consultants will be able to help with the choice, but it will not be amiss to know that when choosing between the first and second sizes of a diaper for a newborn, it is better to give preference to the second number. This is because children grow very quickly, and there is always a risk that diapers will remain unused, since the child simply grew out of them.

When shopping, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Do not buy diapers, the packaging of which has irregularities. Microbes and dirt enter through the holes, and they lose their sterility. Unpacking all the elements in advance is undesirable, due to possible contamination and loss of sterility.

Important: for babies of the first month of life, diapers are used only in previously undisturbed packaging.

For the same reason, it is better to buy diapers to create a cake - a gift for older children, using the second or even third size of the diaper. For babies older than three months, you can already use pre-unpacked diapers.

A good solution is to create a cake - a gift that includes several sizes of diapers. Particular attention should be paid to the third size. As practice shows, it is he who is most in demand.

It will not be superfluous to clarify, before starting the diaper cake assembly, which manufacturer of these products the baby's parents prefer. This will help to avoid an unpleasant situation when donated diapers cannot be used for their intended purpose due to an allergic reaction of the skin of the child.

02. Baby Accessories

Choosing these pleasant little things for the cake - a surprise, you can completely trust your taste and imagination. Diapers, bottles, booties, various clothes, nipples, teethers and much more can be beautifully placed in a cake.

Any baby care accessories will be a pleasant surprise for his parents.

03. Decor

All that can complement, decorate and create the theme of the composition of diapers, ribbons, braid, lace, flowers are suitable.

Cake made of diapers with a surprise inside

  • 45-50 pcs. diapers for boys (drawing style)
  • Baby cream in a high jar.
  • Rubber bands for money.
  • Decor for cake decoration (silk ribbons, bows, soft toy, any colorful drawings, decorations)
  • A large circle of cardboard.
  • Transparent packaging, as for packing bouquets or gifts.

Cut out a large circle from the cardboard, which should be larger in diameter than the lower tier of the cake. It will be our first row, as well as a surprise in the form of a bottle with cream. We put a bottle in the center of the base and start spreading diapers around, trying to put them in a fan. In this tier we put most of our diapers. We fix the lower tier with an elastic band for money.

The second tier will consist of fewer diapers, but we fix it as well as the first with an elastic band for money.

In principle, the most difficult is left behind. Now take silk ribbons in blue, either green or blue and wrap it with each tier of your cake.

Then put on the lower tier various colorful pictures, crafts, and on the very top a soft toy. After putting the cake in a film, wrap the whole cake with it, and fix the top with a gift bow in the color of the ribbon itself.

How to make a diaper cake for a boy

Prepare small rubber bands. Elastic bands are best for creating bracelets.

We begin to twist the diapers into rolls, after putting on gloves.

We fasten the roll with an elastic band.

For the base, you can take a dense cardboard of a suitable size. Since the birth of our baby coincided with the New Year, I took a tray with such a pattern.

Using ordinary rubber bands for money, we begin to collect the first tier of the cake.

To fasten the tiers together, we take tubes of baby cream and shampoo.

We wrap the tube in polyethylene and attach it in the middle of the first tier.

We install a second tier from above, which is diagonally smaller than the first.

In the same way we fasten the third tier.

We wrap all tiers with a wide white ribbon.

Another way to build a cake from diapers.

Этот способ попроще — вынимаем подгузники из упаковки и укладываем их в круг.

Скрепляем их сначала резинкой, потом атласной лентой.

Когда наш торт собран, приступаем к его декорированию.

Как правило, такой подарок для мальчика оформляют в синих, голубых или фиолетовых оттенках. The composition should not be piled with unnecessary decorations and decor.

To emphasize the style of the gift, the cake can be decorated with a typewriter, airplane or even a ball.

Wanting to make your gift practical, complete it with children's things. For these purposes, booties, socks, hats, sliders and vests are suitable. Do not forget about hygiene products: diaper cream, baby powder, shampoos and lotions. Such gifts are always in demand.

Also great for a boyish gift football theme. So, a soft plush ball is attached to the top of the cake, complementing the composition with booties in the form of sneakers and various accessories. The composition will be completed by a children's football scarf in the form of a ribbon.

Create a cake - a gift from diapers for a girl

To create a gift for a girl, of course, it is better to adhere to girlish themes. Delicate pink tones, beautiful flowers and ribbons, beads and a bow - all this can be successfully combined with each other creating unique beauty compositions. No need to be afraid to go too far with jewelry. Cake for a girl may resemble a light ball gown or a cake with whipped cream.

The color scheme for a diaper cake - a surprise for a girl, in addition to pink, can be supplemented with beige, milky shades, softly lilac and even lilac flowers. You can diversify the pastel range with bright accents of rich saturated tones.

Miniature plush toys, little dolls and dolls like nothing else can create a style for decorating a cake from diapers for a girl.

It is possible to emphasize the time of year when the girl was born with simple accessories in the form of butterflies, flowers, decorative leaves and even snowflakes.

The easiest and fastest way to make a cake

Very quickly you can make a beautiful and valuable gift for discharge. No money can replace the joy that such a cake causes. He looks very rich. The content of the cake can be changed as you wish, add booties, bodysuits, bottles and nipples. The easiest and most affordable option is to put a pendant suspension on the top of the cake. It is useful, bright, interesting.

To make a large diaper cake you will need:

  • 80 diapers (preferably premium)
  • tape about 2 cm wide (about 1-1.5 m),
  • tape 0.8-1 mm wide (about 1-1.5 m),
  • a thread,
  • needle,
  • beads
  • pendant on a stroller or toy (or booties, or bottles),
  • rubber glove or thin elastic bands.
  • a rectangle or circle made of cardboard,
  • bright paper for gifts,
  • transparent paper (about 2 meters),
  • double-sided tape.

Collect the diaper cake as follows:
First, we turn off 25-30 pieces of diapers with tubes. We intercept each tube with elastic bands. Elastic bands can be cut from a rubber glove.

We take 15-20 diapers, fold them as shown in the photo so that we get a circle. We intercept it with an elastic band, evenly distribute the diapers.

We insert tubes of diapers into this circle. This is necessary to fill the tiers.

We form three "cakes" of different diameters.

The place where each circle is intercepted by an elastic band should be hidden. For this we will use tapes.

We wrap ribbons around each circle, sew them together to form bows. Sew a bead to the bow.

On each "short" we make a different decor from ribbons. The edges of the ribbons should be fired so that they do not fray quickly, do not lose sight.

We wrap the cardboard rectangle with paper, fasten it with tape with the bottom side. We put the cake on a cardboard tray.

Put a toy or pendant on top.

Wrap the cake with transparent paper. On the edges of this wrapper we fix with pieces of adhesive tape.

We decorate transparent paper with ribbons also on top. Pampers cake is ready to be discharged!

Cake train of regular diapers

Do not know what to present to mom and the newly appeared baby? I propose as a gift to make a do-it-yourself train from ordinary diapers.

For a train, prepare:

  • 17 diapers,
  • stationery gum,
  • double sided tape,
  • brown paper
  • satin ribbons (white and blue 5 cm wide, blue 1.5 cm wide),
  • decorative buttons
  • soft toy
  • solid rod or wooden skewer,
  • thick cardboard for the base (you can use a large chocolate bar).

First of all, we roll diapers into tight rolls and fix them with an elastic band. Glue the cardboard base with wrapping paper. We lay out on the substrate the first carriage of eight rolls and decorate with white and blue ribbons.

Next, we prepare blocks consisting of two diapers, we bind them with ribbons. Then, from the blanks, we form two small (possibly more, as far as the base allows) carriages of four diapers. We fix rolls among themselves by means of a bilateral adhesive tape.

We decorate each of the cars with blue and blue satin ribbons, behind we attach bows. At the end, we glue decorative buttons-faces.

Using a wooden skewer, we install a pipe on the main carriage, which we also decorate with satin ribbons (as in the photo).

It remains only to put the main passenger, and by the way, there may be several, at your discretion.

A very necessary gift for mom and newborn is ready!

How to pack a diaper cake

Thinking about creating a cake - a surprise from diapers, it is very important to take care of its transportation to the recipient in integrity and safety. Cake must be packed in a thin, durable film. For this, the gift is placed on a flat surface on which the film is pre-spread.

Having placed the cake in the middle of the film, you need to connect the edges of the package at one top point and fix everything with a beautiful bow.

Cake surprise from diapers: tips and opinions

There is not a single negative review about such an unusual gift. It is very beautiful, stylish and practical. Regardless of size and fullness, a diaper cake is always pleasing.

Creating a gift cake, you should adhere to some rules and tips of experienced craftswomen:

  1. carefully monitor the cleanliness of tools, hands and work surface,
  2. the room where the work is being carried out must be clean, free of dust,
  3. do not let pets into the room where the cake is created,
  4. the optimal number of diapers for the cake - 60 pcs.,
  5. never turn diapers inside out,
  6. items that complement the diaper cake should be washed and ironed,
  7. plush toys decorating the cake should be of high quality, without a pungent smell.

As practice shows, making a cake out of diapers with your own hands is not very difficult, as it might seem at first glance. It is worth noting that this fascinating activity develops creative abilities well and allows you to create an original and desired gift that everyone will like!

Video lesson "Stroller from the Pogochnik"

Diapers motorcycle

How to make crafts for March 8, see here.

How much do ready-made diaper cakes cost?

Brides of a newborn baby is a serious event, so many people prefer not to take risks and not rely on their own imagination, but to use the services of experienced professional needlewomen.

Today diaper cake services offer many models of similar designs. Such inedible products are performed both according to the standard template, and according to the individual design of the customer.

The components for making a diaper cake can be either from the manufacturer or purchased and brought by you personally. In the latter case, the price will be lower, in addition, you will know for sure that all materials are of high quality.

How much will you have to pay for a finished diaper cake? Its cost will depend on the following factors:

  • price of materials
  • product size
  • cake design
  • urgency of making a gift.

In general, you can order and purchase such a design from diapers for 1800 - 4800 rubles. The most expensive options consist of five tiers, decorated not just with ribbons and bows, but with strollers, steering wheels and nappies. Such an original present will be remembered for a long time by parents and the hero of the occasion.

To summarize

A diaper cake is a bright and original gift for a bride of a newborn baby or an extract from a maternity hospital. Many people believe that such a design can not be made with their own hands, but they are mistaken.

On the Internet there are numerous master classes in which craftsmen explain in detail and simply how to create such products at home. On forums and sites, you can also find photos with sample models of designs.

If you follow the detailed algorithm, then you yourself can perform a truly unique gift that parents and relatives will definitely like.

To efforts and materials were not wasted, you need to remember a few important rules:

  1. Buy diapers of only well-known brands. It is better to take hygiene products of the first and second sizes, as the child grows quickly.
  2. A solid cardboard box should be placed under the cake, which will allow you to create a really solid structure that will not collapse when carried.
  3. Do not make very high cakes on your own. Maximum - three tiers, if you make an excessively large structure, it can fall apart.
  4. Before making a cake, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Fabric materials are ironed, and plastic toys or hygiene items are sanitized.
  5. If imagination or dexterity allows, try to create not just a multi-tiered cake, but a real masterpiece in the form of a stroller, boat, typewriter, etc.
  6. The finished product must be packaged to prevent contamination and dust.
  7. Be sure to photograph the resulting product, you can even with the hero of the occasion (if parents allow). Children grow up very quickly, but such a memory will allow again and again to return to an important day.

It may seem to you that it is extremely difficult to make such a “work of art”, but this is completely not so. A diaper cake will allow not only to please loved ones, but also to spend free time yourself. Be sure that by making such a gift you will experience a lot of pleasure, and the baby’s parents to whom you will hand over your creation will receive not only a set of things necessary in the first days of the baby’s life, but also a whole bunch of positive emotions. So go for it!

Cake diapers straw

Practically the easiest and most universal method of forming a cake from diapers will be to make tubes of them.

  • Pampers in white, simple form, or with a pattern (for boys) - 52 pcs.
  • Rubber bands for money.
  • Silk green ribbon.
  • Nipples, bottles, soft toys, as well as carved animal figures.

Take a diaper and twist it into a tube, as shown in the photo. Wrap it with an elastic band for money so that it does not fall apart. Remember that for the first tier, you need to spend more diapers. When deciding on the quantity, then collect your tubes in a circle and secure them with an elastic band.

Continue to do the same with other diapers, only using a smaller quantity for each subsequent tier. Do not forget to fix each tier with an elastic band.

When the three tiers are ready, set them on top of each other and wrap each tier with a green ribbon, as shown. Add decor from animals, put bottles on the second tier, and a couple of soft toys on the top.

Diaper Cake Floral Laying

  • 45 pcs. diapers for boys (theme of drawing)
  • Serpentine, or a thin ribbon for packing flowers.
  • Wide tape for tying longlines (at least 3 cm)
  • Silk ribbon for gift wrapping.
  • Booties, socks, toy (these things can be changed at your discretion)
  • Cardboard base (in the form of a circle)
  • Double-sided tape.

Take one diaper and roll it into a tube. Tie a tape around it, and place this diaper in the middle of the first tier on a cardboard base. Lay out each diaper around, slightly spreading its middle. Divide the diapers, letting 30 pieces fall on the first tier and leaving 15 on the second. Tie the first tier with tape, squeezing the diapers slightly with it.

Do the same with the second tier and put them together. Wrap both tiers with a wide ribbon, as if putting them on the diapers on top, and then tie each tier with ribbon for wrapping gifts. In the middle of each tier, you should tie a bow as in the photo. Put booties on the very top of the cake, decorate them with bows from the packing tape, fixing it on the booties using double-sided tape. Also put on the first and second tiers of socks, or what you consider necessary to give the baby.

Pink diaper cake

  • 50 pcs. diapers for girls (theme of drawing)
  • Pink wide ribbon for gift wrapping.
  • Decorative pink or red flower.
  • Cardboard base (round)
  • Cardboard core (sleeve from paper towels)
  • Straws pink serpentine.
  • Rubber bands for money.
  • Glue.

For the lower tier, take 30 pcs. diapers and alternately twist each of them into a roll. This diaper needs to be fixed both from above and from below with an elastic band for money.

Take a round base made of cardboard, which should not be small in thickness to withstand the future cake. The circle is cut out of cardboard with a diameter larger than the diameter of the first tier. Glue the cardboard sleeve to the center of the base.

After, when the sleeve adheres to the base, lay all 30 pcs around it. diapers and tie the entire tier with a wide ribbon with a pattern. After you can remove the gum. According to the type of the first tier, we make the second and third, respectively changing the number of diapers: the second - 15 pcs, the third - 5.

Next, decorate our cake with chopped serpentine, sprinkling them on each tier of the cake. At the top of the cake we insert a decorative flower.

Royal Diaper Cake

  • Pampers for girls - 80 pcs. (theme of drawing)
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Cardboard circle base.
  • Glue.
  • Erasers for money.
  • Wooden skewers.
  • A couple of pieces of multi-colored, silk ribbons.
  • Artificial flowers (large buds)
  • Baby accessories (body, booties, socks, diapers, scarves and more)

Your cake will consist of three tiers; accordingly, we divide the number of diapers into each tier: the first - 40 pcs., The second - 25 pcs., The third - 15 pcs. We twist the first 40 pieces of diapers into rolls, as well as body and booties. We fix each roll with an elastic band for money.

In the center on a cardboard base we put a bottle with baby cream, and around, as indicated in the photo, lay out our rolls. You can alternate diapers with body, booties or socks. We fix the entire tier with tape.

Before forming the second tier, you need to expose a pair of diapers, thereby covering the middle of the second tier and the neck of the bottle. After expose around them the second tier of diapers. We wrap the second tier with tape.

We finish our cake, forming the third tier, and in the same way we fix it with a ribbon. Then we wrap each tier with a wide, bright ribbon fastening its ends with double-sided tape. Put a soft toy on top of the cake, and with the help of wooden skewers, string artificial flowers on a ribbon.

Cake made of diapers and diapers

  • 52 pieces of diapers for girls (drawing theme)
  • Erasers for money of any color.
  • Three soft diapers for the baby.
  • Wide silk ribbon for gift wrapping.

Your cake will consist of three tiers, so it is worth correctly distributing diapers on each tier. In the first there will be - 30 pieces, in the second - 15 pieces, in the third - 7 pieces. Take the diaper and roll it up with a roll. Secure it with a rubber band. The subsequent diapers, it is worth wrapping up the first one, trying to make the largest possible circle.

When you fasten the first tier, fasten it with an elastic band for money or a ribbon. After, put the first tier in the base of the diaper, which should be sewn together in a circle. Proceed to the formation of the second and third tiers, alternately inserting twisted diapers into the base of the diapers.

When the three tiers are finished, it is worth wrapping each of them with a wide ribbon and in the center of each tier, making a large bow. The top of the cake can be decorated to your taste. It can be a soft toy, a large decorative flower or a doll with the same bows as on the cake. In the cake itself, you can put a children's thermometer, bottles, nipples, as well as other small, children's accessories.