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Ways to quickly get rid of a bruise at home


All bruises and bruises look unattractive, whether on the face or on the body. Children are particularly susceptible to this problem because of their mobility. Some of them (for example, large and under the eyes) can even be harmful to health. Treatment of bruises on the face after an impact or after the injection of an injection needle involves the use of special local drugs that will help eliminate subcutaneous hemorrhage, swelling and pain. We’ll talk about them in more detail.

First aid

If treatment is not started immediately after injury, the bruise will resolve on its own after about 2 weeks. In order not to wait for such a long enough time, you can provide competent first aid, which will significantly reduce the recovery period.

In the first minute after the appearance of a subcutaneous bruise, it is necessary to attach any cold object to it. Such a compress is maintained for 10-15 minutes. To avoid thermal burns, it is recommended to put the item in a tissue or handkerchief and remove it from the skin from time to time. After the compress has been sustained, the hemorrhage must be treated with any agent that has a resolving effect.

It is strictly forbidden to treat a bruise in the first minutes of both a child and an adult with thermal procedures. The same applies to sticking the patch on the skin, as well as massage the damaged area. It is not recommended to take painkillers that contain paracetamol and aspirin. These thin the blood and increase the hematoma.

Hematoma formation

Bruises occur as a result of various traumatic effects, such as a blow, bruise, squeezing, etc. They occur in both children and adults, and are often considered just a cosmetic defect. Hematoma can be preceded by swelling of the damaged part of the body, as, for example, when struck in the nose, when the bruise for some reason forms a day after the injury. But in most cases, cyanosis and bruising can be noticed after a few hours, especially if the bruise occurred on the arm, knee, or other part of the leg.

A hematoma is formed as a result of internal hemorrhage, when small vessels are damaged and blood accumulates under the skin. A bruise forms in two stages:

  1. As a result of the injury, edema and a hematoma of a reddish-blue hue appear. Its size depends on the extent of the injury, damaged vessels and the amount of leaked blood. The stage lasts from one to three days. During this period, cold compresses favorably affect the bruise, and contacts with heat should be avoided. The color initially becomes cyanotic-lead, and later the shade changes to a darker one.
  2. At the second stage, there is a splitting of hemoglobin accumulated at the site of vascular injury. As a result, the bruise changes its color to tan and may remain this color for 2-3 days. In the absence of appropriate treatment, the external manifestations of the bruise disappear on average in a week.

You can learn about how to quickly get rid of a bruise on your face if it spoils a person’s appearance and hurts at the same time from recipes of traditional medicine.

Eliminating bruises at home

Folk methods that help to quickly get rid of bruises and bruises are extremely effective and eliminate the need to buy special pharmacy products. Self-treatment options can be divided into three groups, namely:

  • temperature effect
  • edible medicinal products
  • herbal compresses and lotions.

Temperature exposure

Cold helps reduce swelling. As a compress, you can apply regular ice or any frozen foods that are previously wrapped in a towel. Hold the compress for 20 minutes.

Warming the injured area also has a beneficial effect. The effect of heat can accelerate the healing process of tissues. Usually use hot sand or salt, which is wrapped in a soft cloth or placed in a bag.

However, you can warm up no earlier than a day after the formation of a bruise.

Local hematomas

In the event that subcutaneous hemorrhage has reached a large size, the use of an ointment or gel alone will not be enough. In this case, you should consult a specialist who will perform a hematoma puncture so that the blood that stagnates in it comes out. After the puncture, a pressure dressing should be applied to the place that was processed. If this procedure did not help to achieve resorption of the hematoma, after 2-3 days you can start using local drugs, that is, ointments and gels.

If after 3-4 days they noticed that in the place where the puncture was performed, there was a repeated accumulation of blood, the procedure is repeated, and after it the sutures are applied and the bleeding vessels are ligated. With the formation of a purulent process, it is sucked off by the same method.

Heparin ointment - an excellent tool in the fight against bruises of various etiologies

How to treat bruises on the face and in another area resulting from traumatic injury?

On the drugstore shelves you can find many such drugs that will help eliminate the symptoms of subcutaneous hemorrhage in the shortest possible time:

  • Trampolines - an ointment that helps to almost instantly eliminate a bruise in any area,
  • Troxevasin - a local remedy that is involved in strengthening the vascular walls and helps to dissolve blood clots in the tissues,
  • Heparin ointment - a drug with which you can get rid of a bruise in 1-2 days,
  • Ketonal - a drug in the form of a gel helps to eliminate the pain that occurs at the site of the hematoma,
  • Lifeguard - a preparation in the form of a gel includes only natural components and helps get rid of a bruise in one day,
  • Bruise-off - the medicine contains an extract from leeches and has a resolving effect.

Universal drugs that treat symptoms of bruises and other injuries include fastum gel, Dolobene, Dolgit.

Folk remedies

If any injury caused the formation of a hematoma, you can get rid of it at home, using folk remedies. On the Internet, you can find many recipes that are suitable for the treatment of bruises, even in infants. So, we will consider the most effective folk remedies that help to quickly treat hematomas:

  • salt (used as lotions: make a soda solution, diluting soda with water in a ratio of 1:10, after which a small piece of tissue is moistened in it and applied in a hematoma),
  • red cabbage (cabbage leaf is applied to the hematoma, fixed with a band-aid or bandage on top),
  • potato (the tuber is peeled and rubbed with a grater, after which the resulting mass is put in a gauze segment and applied to the affected area),
  • pineapple (on the hematoma spread the flesh of pineapple, fixing with a bandage on top),
  • banana (peel from a banana is applied to the affected area, fixing with a bandage on top).

Laundry soap - a universal tool that is used in the treatment of hematomas

You can cure a bruise on the eyelid or in another area with laundry soap. In this case, the ointment prepared on its basis is actively used, and they do it this way: they rub the soap with a fine grater and add the egg yolk to it, kneading until a homogeneous mass is obtained. To quickly get rid of a bruise, the drug is applied to the affected area every 30 minutes.

Food for the treatment of bruising

You can learn about how to quickly cure a bruise with food from various sources. Various products are effectively used to eliminate hematomas. The main advantage of such tools is their availability:

  • it is recommended to apply a banana peel with the inside to the affected area of ​​the skin several times during the day,
  • onion with salt: five onions must be peeled, chopped with a grater, mix with 3 tsp. salt and distribute on a gauze dressing, which should be applied to the bruise. If this procedure is performed twice a day, the hematoma will disappear within 3-5 days,
  • potato starch should be mixed with a small amount of water until a thick mass is obtained, which is recommended to be applied to the damaged area 2 times a day and left for 30 minutes,
  • vinegar with salt: 100 ml of vinegar must be mixed with 1 tsp. salt until it is completely dissolved, and then apply to the bruise with a cotton pad.

Other funds

These folk remedies for bruises effectively cope with hematomas on the face that do not go away for several days:

  • iodine: it is recommended to do an iodine mesh on a bruised place, after absorbing the drug into the skin, you can repeat the procedure for greater effectiveness,
  • compress from iodine and vinegar: a spoonful of vinegar must be mixed with five drops of iodine, moistened with a cotton swab solution and applied to the damaged area, the procedure should be carried out until the bruise disappears completely. This tool guarantees a quick effect with regular use.

Herbal lotions

Various lotions and compresses with the addition of medicinal herbs are a powerful folk remedy in the fight against hematomas:

  1. Wormwood. The plant must be thoroughly ground before the appearance of juice. The resulting liquid should be moistened with a cotton pad or gauze, applied to the affected area of ​​the skin.
  2. Mixed compress. In order to prepare an effective lotion, you need to combine St. John's wort, wormwood and lingonberry cones in a ratio of 3: 2: 1. Herbs are placed in a tightly closed container, poured with boiling water, covered with a towel or blanket and insisted for three hours. In a warm broth, gauze should be moistened and applied to the site of the injury.
  3. Coltsfoot and rosemary. It is recommended to mix herbs in equal proportions and pour boiling water. It is necessary to insist this remedy for two hours, then carefully strain and moisten the gauze dressings in the obtained liquid, applying them to damaged places. Regularly using this method (every 2–3 hours), you can quickly restore injured tissue and get rid of bruises.
  4. Aloe. The sheet is applied to the damaged area for 30 minutes. The plant is very effective and helps to quickly get rid of bruises.

Pharmacy and cosmetic preparations

Today, pharmacies have a wide selection of various gels, ointments, creams that can quickly and efficiently eliminate puffiness, hematomas and pain resulting from injuries and bruises:

  1. Steroid-free anti-inflammatory drugs: Ketoprofen, Diclofenac. These drugs can cure hematoma in a short time, however, they have many side effects and contraindications, and therefore it is not recommended to use them for more than one week. These drugs are used if the hematoma cannot pass for a long time, and the stain from the blow remains unchanged in color. It is necessary to apply funds exclusively on a diseased area of ​​the skin 3-4 times a day.
  2. Natural ointments, containing comfrey, butiaga: Zhivokost balm, Badyaga 911. These drugs effectively eliminate edema, have anesthetic effect. In addition, they practically have no contraindications for use and adverse reactions, so they are recommended for the treatment of pregnant women and children. The tool should be smeared on the hematoma. It is also useful to leave the ointment under a bandage overnight.
  3. Bruise Off. Among the ingredients of this drug, an extract from leeches can be noted, which can not only eliminate a bruise in the shortest possible time, but also mask it. Due to this property, the tool is most suitable for the treatment of fingal under the eye. How to get rid of other hematomas quickly with the help of the drug is described in detail in the instructions for it. Means should smear a bruise 3-5 times a day. Among the contraindications, it is worth noting problems with blood coagulation.

Various injuries, bumps, bruises, falls can cause bruising and bruising in both children and adults. Using appropriate medications and folk remedies, you can quickly remove the external manifestations of damage to tissues and blood vessels.

However, there is no recipe capable of eliminating the hematoma in one day. In this case, the correct makeup can be the salvation.

Characteristics of bruising

There are people who have thin capillary walls and therefore are more prone to bruising. The bruises themselves can completely disappear after a while (from several days to several weeks). In the healing process, the bruise changes color.

At first it has a reddish tint, later it turns purple or bluish before becoming green or yellow, and after that it disappears. Depending on the person’s age or skin sensitivity, the frequency of bruising may vary.

In older people and people with very fair skin, as a rule, bruises appear more often because their blood vessels are more fragile and their skin is more sensitive to bumps and scratches. Symptoms of a typical bruise are painful sensations on the body (especially when touched or scratched) and swelling.

They are not a serious problem if they are small, or if they do not bother you for a long time.

If there are more serious symptoms, such as nausea or dizziness, you should immediately consult a doctor.

No need to delay a medical examination for an injury or a blow to the head or eye area.

A bruise appears when we hit something solid, when we fall during a walk or knock on the edges of furniture (which happens most often). But, as we said earlier, the saturation of the bruise color depends on the age of the person, because the skin changes over the years, and on the condition of the skin - how fragile it is.

Over time, throughout life, bruises can even appear without bumps or damage to the skin. So, from time to time, it happens in athletes who lift weights, or, due to intense muscle strain.

Bruises can be more pronounced than usual due to medications that thin the blood.

  • aspirin,
  • ibuprofen
  • arthritis medication
  • anti-inflammatory drugs.

In this way, they can interfere with the natural coagulation process.

People who get bruises can very often get hemophilia or cirrhosis. Women may be more prone to bruising than men, since most of them wear less protected clothing, use a wax method of hair removal and are more involved in active sports.

Natural Remedies

As soon as possible after the impact, cold compresses should be applied to the affected area. In some places it is necessary to put ice directly on the injury. As an alternative, you can even use a bag of frozen peas from the freezer.

Soak a cotton swab in cold apple cider vinegar and apply it to the bruise, pressing a little (not too much if it hurts).

Mash fresh almond leaves and add a little water to make a paste - this can sometimes prevent a bruise. Apply the resulting paste to the damaged area.

Immediately after hitting, apply a cold piece of red meat to your skin to relieve pain and also reduce the chance of bruising.

Make a paste using grated parsley leaves and a little butter. Put on a bruise and you will ease the pain.

Arnica is a perennial herb. Tinctures are made from it, a wonderful ointment that helps with bruises, sprains, muscle pains. Put a compress made from arnica on a bruise. Ready-made ointment can be found in pharmacies. But you can make a compress from arnica at home yourself.

Take a handful of arnica leaves and boil it in water for fifteen minutes. It can be applied to the affected area when it cools. A cold compress will prevent bruising and help reduce swelling.

Peel the apple and rub it, and then apply this compress of grated pulp directly to the skin. Or cut an apple into thin slices and wrap in gauze before attaching to the affected area.

Fry a few slices of onion in a pan, and then wrap them in gauze. Apply a compress to the bruise and leave for several hours.

Add twenty grams of crushed calendula petals to half a liter of water, boil for several minutes and leave for fifteen minutes. Take a piece of cloth or linen (preferably something made of cotton) and soak it in the prepared liquid.

Using a compress

Witch hazel (popular name for witch hazel) is one of the most amazing plants in the world, it perfectly heals bruises, and is also an excellent external remedy for sprains and superficial wounds.

Prepare an infusion of witch hazel. Возьмите двадцать пять граммов листьев гамамелиса и прокипятите в пол-литре воды в течение пятнадцати минут и дайте этому отвару остыть. Замочите ткань в жидкости и нанесите на синяк, оставляя компресс до тех пор, пока ткань не высохнет.

Бессмертник — трава, которая очень распространена во всех областях нашей страны. Главным ее компонентом является эфирное масло. Этим маслом смазывают ушибы и ссадины.

So, to heal bruises, dissolve ten drops of Helichrysum essential oil in a tablespoon of almond oil. Put the mixture on a bruise using a cotton swab dipped in hot water and leave it overnight.

Put three tablespoons of salt in a cotton cloth, then tightly tie the salt and dip it in a bowl of warm water. Use this compress on the affected area for eight hours immediately after impact.

Mix the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon of salt. Dip the tissue in this mixture and rub it into the skin at the place where the bruise formed for several minutes.

Add a handful of anise leaves to a glass of boiled water. Cover. When it cools down a bit, make a lotion, dip a cotton cloth in the infusion and put on a bruise. Change your dressing often.

Put a handful of dried lemon balm leaves in a bowl and mix it with 250 ml of almond oil. Leave the mixture to infuse for fifteen days. Be sure to mix once a day, and after the above time, strain the liquid.

Add twenty-five grams of beeswax to the mixture and the gel from two capsules of vitamin E. Store the mixture in the refrigerator until needed, and then apply it directly to the bruise.

So, now you know pretty simple recipes on how to quickly cure bruises on the body. It remains only to try these recipes. Act!