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What are the options for publishing poetry?


When I wrote my books (about 10 years ago), of course, I wanted to see them on paper. Therefore, I tried to offer them to a variety of publishers: I called, traveled, sent letters. The answer was always about the same: “Yes, it’s very interesting, it’s written well, but people don’t need such books, the trade will not take them.” More details about conversations with publishers can be found in the poem “People don’t read this!” (Http:// Realizing the complete pointlessness of the fight against publishing and trade censorship, I just posted my books on several sites on the Internet. Over 10 years I have received more than a million views and a huge number of reviews, which once again proved the extremely low level of competence and professionalism of our publishers and marketers.

However, the desire to publish books on paper still remained. And recently, I discovered that now it is very easy to do. We are talking about technology "Print on demand" (Print on demand). Her idea is quite simple, and I, for example, thought of it myself more than 20 years ago.

For example, in the case of Bookstream, the author provides an original layout of his book (preferably in pdf format) and designs the cover of his book using one of the standard templates. The publisher prints a test copy of the book (or several if the author needs it), assigns the book the ISBN number and sends information about it to the online bookstore. If a buyer is on the book, the store orders the necessary number of copies (from 1 copy) from the publisher and sends them to the buyer. The publisher pays the author remuneration (royalties) for each book sold.

How much will it cost the author? Very inexpensive. For example, at Bookstream Publishing, publishing a 300-page paperback book costs the author just over 3,000 rubles (file processing, assigning an ISBN, sending information to the store). At the same time, printing one copy of a book costs 135 rubles, and the author can order himself any number of copies at this price. In the store, the book, of course, will be 2–2.5 times more expensive (trade will not be missed!). The author assigns the amount of royalties to himself, it simply increases the selling price of the publisher and the price in the store.
Thus, it is much more profitable than ordering even the smallest print run. After all, there is no question of any distribution of books; the author himself takes the entire circulation. And no rewards!

The main advantages of this technology are as follows.

The author no longer deals with censorship of publishers or merchants. It directly goes to the reader. If the reader is interested in the book, it is printed, if not, then not. And do not beg anyone, prove anything to anyone. Remuneration to the author is paid for each sold copy, and not after the sale of the entire circulation. Traditional publishers with their editors, proofreaders, artists, marketers, support staff, with their offices, warehouses, transportation, etc. become simply not needed. No need for wholesale books. And shops do not need warehouses, merchandisers, merchandisers, large areas. It is very important that not a single extra book is printed, which allows saving millions of trees from felling.

Yes, the book is more expensive for the reader than in the case of printing a large circulation. But on the other hand, those books that interest him, and not those that are imposed on him by publishing houses and trade, may finally reach the reader.

In short, I recommend that anyone who wishes to publish their work, repeat my path. There are still a few publishers working on this technology, but finding them through a search engine is not difficult. Good luck!

Publish a poem - your own book or a collective collection?

Each author seeks to publish poems under a beautiful cover, with exclusive design and illustrations. This publication will be the culmination of your career.

But publication in the collection has its advantages. This is a great way to attract attention and generate interest in your “solo” creativity among those who are not yet familiar with it. Your poems will be published in a luxurious almanac, adjacent to the works of other worthy authors.

Publish your poems in the collection "Poets of Russia". To do this, go to the website

Contact to the publishers

There are several options that allow a novice poet to publish free books with his rhymed works. The best option is to contact the publisher. This option is good because the book will not only be released, but also widely publicized, which means that it will be successful, will bring income. That's just a novice poet is almost impossible to achieve that they paid attention to him. If several attempts to break into the publishing house did not bring the proper result, it is worth considering other options. It is important to know that you can always print a collection of poems for free.

Search for sponsors

A poet who only wants to make himself known can find a sponsor. It is best to contact large companies that may be of interest, for example, print advertising on the cover, mention in the media. This option is interesting and quite possible, it is only important to understand that it will be very difficult to get through to the management of the company, with whom you just need to talk about such proposals, and it may take a lot of time to do this.

A variation of the search for sponsorship is to register a project on a crowdfunding platform. At this time, you should already know how much money is needed to publish a certain number of books with your poems. There are a lot of such projects today, and therefore it will be very important to stand out from the rest, only if you are interested in Internet users, you can count on the project to be able to collect the planned amount of money.

Participation in literary contests

Young poets should definitely take part in all kinds of competitions. Having won them, or received some other prize, the poet draws attention to himself by the media, sponsors, crowdfunding platforms and publishers. Perhaps they will decide to observe the new poet, or maybe someone will take a chance and decide to invest immediately in the publishing house of his poetry book. In the course of participating in a literary contest, you can win and get a cash prize that will help in publishing your own collection. It is also possible that the competition will become an impetus for the development of new talents.

Nice gift

Today in many real and virtual stores you can buy not only goods, pay for services, but also purchase a gift certificate. Their sum is different. Such certificates are now sold in some publishers. A novice writer who wants to publish his own book of poetry should hint to his relatives and friends about his desire. If one person can’t buy a certificate, you can buy such a gift together, and be sure that it will in fact be appreciated.

Edition of an electronic collection of poems

Triumph will help you publish poetry electronically. Thanks to free distribution, the audience of such collections is very large. Thousands of people can read your book in a year. This book of ours was read by more than 4,000 people from all over the world. The “virtual” collection is not inferior to the paper one in terms of quality of design, contains illustrations and other design elements.

What does Triumph offer?

We provide authors with comprehensive assistance in the implementation of the collection, ranging from editing to the widest distribution. Your book will take the perfect look and appear on the shelves in the largest Russian libraries. The publication is assigned an ISBN number, which opens the way to further distribution. In addition, we can get our own creative website for the popularization of works, communication with the readership and promotion of copyrighted works.