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What Indian without a bandage, bow and feathers?


An Indian costume is considered a budget option for parties and games. Parents will not have to look for suitable materials and details for a long time in order to breathe life into it. The Indian costume for the girl and for the boy will be considered universal. An important aspect is the small amount of time spent on creating a beautiful outfit.

Moms who do not know how to handle a sewing machine win twice, since the fastening of accessories takes place with the participation of several stitches or ordinary glue.

The only possible difficulty might be finding a brown pillowcase or bag. Also, an Indian costume, created with his own hands, involves the purchase of a fringe, which can be replaced with a piece of brown felt, and feathers.

Making the top of the outfit

In order to make the upper part of the costume, you will need a regular warm-colored T-shirt, for example, ocher, yellow or brown. The hem of the shirt with the lower edges of the sleeves is cut so that the length of the fringe does not exceed a few centimeters. If the shirt has a short sleeve, then before making an Indian costume, you must first trim the thickened bends on the sleeves and bottom of the T-shirt.

You can also fit an old turtleneck, for example, white. On the sides of her sleeves, it is necessary to carefully glue the ribbons with glue, and sew a fringe on the cuffs.

Creating a tunic for an Indian from a pillowcase

An Indian costume from improvised materials makes it possible to use all your imagination in the work process. For a tunic you will need a pillowcase, which is not a pity to put into action.

On one of the corners of the fabric you need to draw a crescent moon, which will be the neck for the top of the suit. Then you need to carefully cut it. It is not recommended to do this by eye, it is better to measure the neck of the child and add a couple of centimeters to this number.

After that, the lower unnecessary part of the pillowcase is cut off. It should be made round, leaving about 25-27 centimeters.

The next step is to process the bag. He turns upside down, a pillowcase with a made neck is applied to it. The edges of the pillowcase should be circled with a chalk or pencil, then such a neckline is cut out on the bag.

Next, the design is put on from the pillowcase on the formed bag and fixed in any convenient and affordable way.

The tunic must be tried on the model and outlined the places that will become in the future armhole.

After the cuts are made, the fringe is used, which must be attached along the armhole, having measured the desired length in advance.

The best length for the dress will be footage to the knee

The completion of work on the costume becomes its decoration, the bottom must be processed with a fringe.

Decorate the bottom of the tunic with a fringe. Along the bottom edge of the bag, make cuts equal to 7-10 centimeters. An Indian's costume for a girl may look different if felt or other material is also used along the entire neck.

Option one - a headdress made of real feathers

In order to create a high-quality, and most importantly, an original Indian headdress, the following materials will be needed:

  • Bird feathers
  • Ribbon
  • Multi color paint
  • Glue

A set of feathers is selected with white so that you can easily color them in the future and create the design of the desired color, adding a bright palette of shades. For these purposes, chicken feathers may be the best solution, or in extreme cases ordinary pigeons, which can be found everywhere, this should not be a problem for parents who decide to sew an Indian costume with their own hands.

The ribbon is selected in blue to perfectly contrast with other structural elements, but you can make a choice in favor of a fundamentally different color scheme, the main thing is that it blends perfectly with other structural elements. The feathers will need to be painted in different colors, blue, red, green, yellow, some will need to be left white, without any changes. Using scissors, easy processing of both feathers and ribbons is carried out until the desired shape of the product is obtained, after which the structure is easily fastened together with glue. It is worth mentioning such a moment that the tips of the feathers must be cut to make it easier to strengthen the structure in the future.

As a result, an original Indian costume can be created with your own hands for a boy or a girl without much effort.

Collar Creation

If the top of the suit allows you to make adjustments, you can make a collar from the feathers found for this. If these parts are not found, you can make it from fabric or paper. One of the options will be a collar pattern made of fabric cut in the shape of a circle on which feathers are sewn. It will be possible to fasten a product by means of a flypaper or a standard button.

If you use a simpler method with paper or cloth, then for a start a circle is cut out, then a stretch is made from the outer edge to the middle with paints or a marker. It is necessary to draw lines for future feathers, cut the serrated edges and hem the stand with patterned braid.

What is noteworthy, almost all the work can be done in conjunction with the baby.

Creating Pants

When the question arises of how to make an Indian costume, an image of pants that are richly decorated with fringe appears immediately before your eyes. When choosing the bottom, you need to consider that they should be standard, not narrowed, but not wide. Too tight fit can ruin the overall positive impression of the outfit.

Sewing fringe on an Indian costume is easy enough. An adult should measure the length of the pants from the top to the very bottom, then it is necessary to cut two identical strips of felt of the desired length. By means of specialized glue for clothes or, if desired, needles and threads, fringe is attached along the entire length of the side seam of the trousers. When the glue dries a little, cuts will need to be made on the fabric, not exceeding two centimeters.

Availability of accessories and applying makeup

As for shoes, there are no specific frameworks and criteria in this case, any available one will do. Of course, brown shoes will be the best option.

In the hands of a boy, an Indian can be given a bow and arrow, and a girl can put on her hands homemade bracelets made of thick paper, fabric or leather. The design for making onions is also extremely simple. The foundations found on the street are based on. At home, it is worth processing and attaching the tape at the joints. For the arrowhead, a regular piece of fabric or sheets of paper is suitable. On the other side there should be plumage of pigeon or duck feathers.

The face of the model must be painted with paints of different colors, the basis of which is red, brown, white and black shades.

Indian costume

Hello dear blog readers!
We recently talked about an Indian party held for children. She talked a little about the simple elements of a costume for an event for 10 or more guests. Namely, how we made amulets from salt dough, feathers, tubes for cocktails, red headbands and told how to paint faces.

If the preparation is approached more thoughtfully, then you can buy fabric, cut into squares, cut a hole for the head in the center. And with the help of paints, apply different ornaments on the entire surface. I thought to do it do-it-yourself indian costume and was looking for fabric.

A simple chintz turned out to be thin and even felt sorry for the money for it. I went into the second ... and left. I can’t be there. I went to beauty salons and a chain of stores for them. Someone told me that you can buy a non-woven fabric or spandball, or whatever they call it. This is such a non-woven material, which is used in medicine as disposable clothing and in cosmetology, dentistry - to cover clothes from contamination. I found it on the Internet and it really is. There were ideas. I thought I’ll paint and beauty. Or I will give the children a task to paint. But in our city I did not find such fabric per meter. Sorry.

And today, in this article, I will share my best practices for tailoring an Indian costume, since the New Year is ahead and, possibly, who will come in handy. I note right away that the most realistic costume comes with a real wig. It is sold with two braids and is very good. I will definitely buy it for family props.

So, I repeat and say that the costume consists of a wig, amulet, combat color, costume (clothes), etc. (tomahawk, pipe, bag, bow, leather bracelets ...)

Native American Clothing

1. On the Internet I met such an interesting image. One picture shows different cuts of Native American wraps. Very useful information!

2. The simplest suit.

On brown trousers, sew strips of fabric with chopped fringe on the sides. A dark shirt can be worn on the body. On top of it is a vest and also with a fringe. If you have enough patience, then sew a cloak.
In the picture there is a pattern for a children's costume.

3. Cape from a t-shirt.

Plain t-shirts without modern inscriptions are suitable. Cut the bottom edge of the T-shirt and sleeves into fringe. The length of the incisions is 2-4 cm.

4. Once I bought the magazine Burda and it turned out to be indian costume pattern for children. For those who are not afraid to create, it is not necessary to know the exact drawing. It is enough to see the lines and he can translate them on paper, increasing the scale. If you are so interested in the pattern, then look for 1/2007 bourd. I place the scanned pages. With an increase, you can read a detailed description of the cut, fabric consumption, tailoring.

Clothes can be decorated with a collar.

Cut out a circle of fabric. Try and take into account that it will be laid out on the body with a small overlap. Therefore, you need to cut out a little from the circle, as shown in the picture. Sew feathers on the inner contour line for the cuttings. On top of cuttings sew an ornamental ribbon to cover their ends. Fasten with Velcro or button.

Feather Headdress

1. On a cardboard strip.

2. On a rigid tape, 2-3 cm wide, with an ornament.

3. On a fabric stitched strip. Inside, I recommend glueing the seal (non-woven or doubler) to the part that will be on the forehead. Leave back length for tying or sew in elastic.

4. Feathers are best natural. This is from the birds))). In extreme cases - cut out of paper.

5. Sew the hair from black thread under the strip. Of these, 2 braids are then weaved.

1. Brown moccasins.

2. Or sew on any loafers a brown cane.

3. Put brown socks on moccasins or sneakers.

Costume Tips

1. I recommend any pattern to first build on wallpaper or newspaper. Then attach to the body, make changes, if necessary, and then cut.

2. If you liked the children's pattern, but you want an adult, so also increase everything proportionally. The drawings are simple!

3. There are many costumes from stores on the Internet. There are lots of ideas! You can see the color scheme, and where the fringe is located.

4. I recommend purchasing fabrics whose edges do not crumble. then it will be easier to cut the fringe or even to make seams with allowances to the outside.

5. If you look at the first picture with ideas of a serious cut, you will see that these costumes were sewn from leather and sewn in knots and the threads hung. So, this idea of ​​stitching can be repeated if the fabric does not crumble and at a distance of 3-5 cm the hole made will serve as a junction for the rope.

Kids especially like indian costume. After all, they love to run, shoot, ride horses, fight on sticks. So, get inspired and create costumes for the holidays for yourself and your loved ones!

Necessary materials

Creating an Indian Costume do it yourself for the boy is not particularly difficult. For this work you will need the following materials:

  • Brown blouse and panties,
  • Turkey feathers
  • Fringe,
  • Colored cardboard and colored paper,
  • Braid.

Original outfit for a boy

The basis of such a suit is a jacket and panties. You can use unnecessary things in your wardrobe or sew them according to patterns from thematic magazines. Ordinary straight kids pants fit and a blouse with a long sleeve. Color - shades of brown, gray, yellow, olive. You can use a white turtleneck, light or brown jeans, any other clothes. A braid with patterns is sewn along the entire sleeve. You can easily buy fringed braid or make it yourself. To do this, cut a strip of fabric and cut it into small strips.

Exactly the same fringe and braid are sewn to the panties. You can leave only a fringe, without using a braid that simplifies work. There are many details in the Indian costume for the boy, so try to decorate your outfit in an original way. The edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the pants can be cut into fringe. The braid can also be sewn to the knees and elbows.

Then proceed to create a loincloth and a poncho. For dressing, two large rectangles of light fabric are cut out. Sew smaller rectangles of brightly colored fabric onto them. Sew braid and fringe to smaller rectangles. You can embroider any pattern, we will need to complete as many details as possible. Large rectangles are sewn to the wide belt. Such a belt will allow we tie a loincloth over our pants.

For a poncho, we cut out a large square from the fabric and fold it into a triangle. On the bend in the middle, an incision is made to put on the cape and poncho over the child's head. We trim the incision made with braid. Sew a fringe along the edge of the poncho, pulling the threads. On the surface of the poncho sew appliques or make embroidery.

You will have to make a roach, which is a headdress of feathers. Native American hats with feathers can be bought at the store, but if you have a dozen turkey feathers lying around at home, you can easily make such a hat yourself. Feathers should be painted in different colors and glued to the braid that the child will put on his head. If there are no feathers at hand, the roach can be made of cardboard and paper. You will need to cut a strip of cardboard about 2 centimeters wide and slightly longer than the circumference of the child’s head.

A circle is cut out of the fabric, which is a symbol of the sun and glued to the central part of the roach. Various geometric shapes are made of colored paper and glued to the base of our hat. It will be necessary to cut out various shapes from paper resembling oblong leaves, fold them along and cut the edges with a fringe. Performed feathers are glued to our Native American headdress. Next, long strips of colored paper are cut out and glued to the roach, making paper fringe of them. Instead of paper strips, fabric tapes can also be used.

To complement the image, you can make a bow and arrow or tomahawk from plywood or wood, which is simply cut out of paper.

Option Two - a plain paper hat

The second version of the Indian headdress involves the creation of a product entirely from paper, which guarantees the application of a relatively small reserve of time for its manufacture. What is noteworthy, to create a design you just need a set of colored paper and glue, scissors, and you can do all the work right with your baby.

Initially, a set of feathers is cut from colored paper, each one must be of a different color, which will allow you to create a real extravaganza of the rainbow on the head of your child. You can make the central feather slightly larger than the rest so that it stands out against the general background of the headgear. The best solution, thinking over how to make an Indian costume with your own hands, is to cut feathers from paper so that they completely imitate the original product, which takes a little time and effort.

A cardboard hoop is also prepared, on which feathers made of colored paper are attached later. For these purposes, ordinary glue is used that can reliably hold the structure together.