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How to wear boots


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Tall boots, when worn correctly, can look chic and attractive. They contain restrained sexuality and take pride of place in the wardrobe. Narrow and tight-fitting boots visually lengthen the legs, because the lengthening effect only intensifies when they are narrowed at the bottom and gradually expand upward. Boots are a great addition to a women's wardrobe, whether they are conservative English-style boots, bright red club boots or cowboy bots.

About Treads

The range of over-the-knee boots is much wider than you could imagine: tight-fitting, loose, pleated, with and without heels, with a round, square and pointed nose, with a zipper, lace-up and no accessories at all, as well as leather, suede and textile , both classic and any other color.

Rarely, but still you can see the platform boots. This is part of the style of glam rock, and you need to wear them with non-standard things: ripped skinny jeans, light dresses and jackets.

How to wear flat boots

Treads without heels or low heels visually shorten the legs, so they look good only on tall girls. The most perfect combination can be achieved if you wear them with woolen or knitted dresses and skirts, leggings, skinny jeans. Casual-style clothing is suitable for over-the-knee boots: jeans, sweaters, sweaters, shirts, etc.

Treads and Sweater Dress

It is desirable that the dress was in a calm color scheme without a pattern: brown, gray, white, cream, black. Suede shoes are especially suitable for knitwear. At the same time, if the over-boots are loose or with folds, then the top should be tight. Conversely, if the boots are narrow, then the dress should be spacious. It is allowed to use a neat strap or belt to match the boots. Treads with a dress are always with tight tights to match the shoes.

Treads and Mini Skirt

High boots without a heel are combined with mini skirts of a free cut: a skirt-sun, a-line, a tulip, a flare. In winter, over the knee boots look best with a skirt made of knitwear, wool or tweed, in spring and autumn - from jeans. The top in this case should be tight, a turtleneck, fitted blouse or shirt, and a short jacket are suitable for this. Short warm shorts are also suitable for flat boots.

Treads and jeans

The only jeans model you can wear over the knee boots with is skinny. Direct models, and especially wider boyfriends and riding breeches, are best avoided. Jeans look best with boots without a heel. The top in this case should be free - a spacious jacket, sweater or oversized sweater.

Treads and Leggings

If the shape of the legs is perfect, then you can safely wear over the knee boots with leggings and jeggings. The top should be long enough, for this a cardigan, tunic, elongated sweater, sweater dress are suitable. The waistline can be emphasized with a strap.

Treads and boho style

Flat boots, ideally suede, go well with bohemian-style clothing. To create a boho chic, choose a light chiffon dress with a floral or ethnic print with an emphasis on the waist. Do not forget about accessories and large jewelry, stylized antique: bracelets, scarves, brooches, headbands, etc.

Flat Treads & Outerwear

High boots without a heel look good with a coarse military-style coat, with short leather or suede jackets, as well as fur coats of furry fur of any length, except for floor models. Treads made of leather are better combined with jackets, coats and trench coats, from suede - with fur coats and short fur coats.

How to wear heeled boots

The main advantage of heeled over the knee boots is that they are suitable even for short girls. Only in their case, do not choose too high boots, it is better to stop on models up to the middle of the knee or slightly higher. Heeled over-the-knee boots are combined with simple-cut dresses, medium-length skirts, voluminous sweaters and cardigans.

Treads and Cardigan

An elongated sweater or cardigan will look with over-the-knee high heels no worse than a dress. It is better to wear dark leggings or tight tights to match the sweater, if the length of the top allows. High-heeled jeans and boots are not the best option, but such a combination is possible.

Treads and Skirt

High heeled boots should not be worn with a very short or too long skirt. The choice is best to stop at an average length that will slightly cover the top of the over the knee boots or be a few centimeters higher. Ideally, the skirt should be with an extended bottom: A-line, a-line, flared. It can be long, but always with a cut. To create a business image, a pencil skirt and straight-cut models are suitable. Too fluffy skirts are not the best combination with over the knee boots.

Layered Compositions

A fitted bottom plus a volumetric top is the best combination. This effect can be achieved if you wear boots with a sweater dress or with a cardigan with a short sleeve, worn over a turtleneck. A blouse or shirt looks good with V-neck jumpers. The main rule when creating multi-layer - selected things should complement each other in color, material and style. For example, for clothes from knitwear, it is worth picking things from thin wool. It is better to give preference to calm muted shades.

Heeled Treads & Outerwear

Almost any outerwear is suitable for high heeled boots. To smooth leather over the knee boots capes, trench coats, fitted or loose cut coats, fur coats and short fur coats of fluffy and smooth fur are suitable. Suede Over The Knee Boots look best with suede jackets, sheepskin coats, cashmere coats. Categorically it is not necessary to combine suede and smooth leather in one look.

The hem can cover the top of the boots or end higher, but not more than 10 centimeters and be sure to cover the bottom layer of clothing.

How to wear over the knee boots

Immediately worth noting: stocking boots can only be worn by girls with perfect legs. Such shoes emphasize the feet, flaunting all the advantages and disadvantages. Treads, stockings, as a rule, have a longer length, can be on heels, wedges or solid soles.

In principle, the rules for combining this type of over the knee boots with clothes are the same, the only remark is that they should not be worn simultaneously with jeans and leggings. Stocking boots fit perfectly with skirts and dresses of any length, starting with a mini, ending with a midi. Keep in mind that when you stand straight, over the knee boots must go beyond the hem of a dress or skirt, or be a couple of centimeters lower, no more.

Naturally, clothes and shoes need to be combined among themselves in color and style. Bright boots should not be worn with clothes of "flashy" colors, the top should be neutral.

Remember about accessories - gloves, scarves, handbags and even glasses. You will never be mistaken if you pick outerwear to match the boots, and with the help of accessories you dilute the monotony of the image.

Now you can summarize:

  1. Over the knee boots should be worn with very modest clothes in a feminine style or casual style. Deep neckline, open back and other defiant elements are not allowed.
  2. Pantyhose is desirable to match the tone of the shoe. They should be tight enough. It is unacceptable to wear boots with fishnet tights.
  3. Give preference to suede, smooth leather or textile models (if it is stocking boots). Treads made of varnish look too defiant.
  4. Over the knee boots only go with leggings and skinny jeans. Pants and other models of jeans will not work.
  5. Over the knee boots and shorts are not the best combination. But if you really want to, choose models with a high waist and a free cut, and always from warm materials: wool, tweed, knitwear.
  6. Give preference to brown, black and gray boots, it is easiest to pick up the top for them. Treads of bright colors: red, burgundy, blue - can only be worn with clothes in a calm muted range.
  7. Boots should not “bite” into the legs and be too loose.

Now you are convinced that the boots are actually a democratic thing and quite universal. They can make a nondescript casual more interesting and soften outright glamor. And most importantly, by the effect produced by others, not one shoe can compare with them.

How to combine high boots?

Out of the variety of warm shoes, high boots look as stylish and effective as possible. This practical and elegant wardrobe will help you not to get lost in the crowd. With them, it’s easy to compose relevant urban images daily. It is worth making a clarification that such shoes are most expressive on the fair sex with a height not lower than average. Short and / or curvy fashionistas run the risk of looking unattractive. And, importantly, among the things with which to wear high boots in winter or in the offseason, there are so few exceptions.

  1. Leading designers recommend combining with elegant coats and fur coats.
  2. If boots are used in evening dresses, then they are combined with long dresses in a linen style or with bright prints.
  3. The ideal accompaniment for such shoes - all kinds of skirts, knitted, silk, tweed, leather, any style. The main thing is not to overdo it with too short a length - a maximum of two palms above the knees.

High boots without a heel

The popularity of this type of shoe is unsurpassed practicality and comfort. Shoe models at low speed, you will have time to do much more useful things than with high heels. Slippery sidewalks and snowy curbs are not scary if your beloved couple is equipped with an up-to-date tractor sole. In such a sole, the feet are also warm, because the layer between the surface of the earth and the foot is considerable.

If we talk about what women's high boots without a heel are worn with, then there are many options for a successful combination:

  1. Leggings and skinny trousers are good under the high women’s boots on a flat sole. If there is a need to visually lengthen the legs, the color of the bottom should match the color of the shoes.
  2. Under models without a heel it is permissible to wear short dresses and skirts without fear of the vulgarity of the look.
  3. The image is complemented by a coat or a fur coat knee-length or higher.
  4. Feminine boots look with flared outerwear.

High rubber boots

The once extremely practical and therefore unappealing wardrobe item in recent years has become a noticeable fashion trend for rainy weather in the off-season. Designers managed to create such magnificent models that sometimes they are little different from the usual pairs of leather or suede. For the most part, this applies to tall products, which during the period of continuous autumn rainfall are simply irreplaceable.

They are inherent in all the features of ordinary boots:

  1. These are smooth lines, a wide top, zippers for easy donning, a heel
  2. Often, these models are equipped with draw-on cuffs to prevent moisture from getting inside.
  3. Even extreme boots above the knee are similar to fashionable over the knee boots.
  4. If we talk about what to wear with high rubber boots, then with this type of shoe everything that you are used to wearing with any other pairs is acceptable.

Tall women winter boots

Comfortable and very inexpensive dutiks, which have proven themselves in snowy weather, enjoy great love. Tall models also provide excellent protection against snow if there are huge snowdrifts around:

  1. Many models have a zipper that makes donning easier.
  2. Fur décor along the edge of the shaft adds charm.
  3. Lacquered surface is another fashion trend in the shoe industry.
  4. They wear lush high boots of a dutiki only with a tight-fitting bottom. It can be skinny, tight jeans or leather pants, leggings.
  5. Dutiks with skirts / dresses in a democratic casual style are interesting.

Tall women's lace-up boots

Lacing as a decorative device has always been present in many collections, but in the current season the scope of its use has exceeded all expectations. Designers insist on the active use of lacing. It is possible that fears will appear that the shoeing process of a high model will turn into torture. But manufacturers have foreseen this moment, introducing into the products little noticeable zippers on the sides.

Lacing is present on leather, suede, velvet shoes, with heels, wedges or soles. Models are worn so that the main element - lacing - is visible:

  1. Suitable accompaniments are short skirts and dresses.
  2. It is permissible if the edge of the garment barely reaches the top.
  3. If the dress is long, it should be with a slit exposing the boots.
  4. It can be combined with trousers, but tight-fitting like a second skin, so as not to puff over the top with ugly folds.

Wide-legged high boots

If tight-fitting models are taboo for the fair sex with full legs, then high boots with a wide bootleg become a real lifesaver. They hide full calves and legs, visually slim and stretch the silhouette. Such models are contraindicated for low and very thin fashionistas, since they visually make the bottom heavier and at the same time emphasize thinness.

Of the options with which to wear high boots, you should include the following interesting images in your wardrobe:

  1. One of the noteworthy models - cowboys with bright finishes - is worn with cheerful dresses and sundresses.
  2. Classic women's high leather boots are good as an ideal basis for images of any style.
  3. But if you are tired of gray autumn or winter weekdays, cheer up couples with a bright print.
  4. Animalistic images under the skin of predators or reptiles are relevant.
  5. Combined models that use leather with suede are considered a trend.

High Top Sneakers

The fair sex, who even in the cold season do not want to part with such beloved comfortable sports shoes, should replenish the wardrobe with an extraordinary item - sneakers. This kind of compromise will allow you to walk in your favorite sportswear in the offseason. An interesting modification has a high dense boot of textile or leather, a rubber sole and lacing to the top. Fashionable high boots are worn with long sleeves, leggings, jeans, Afghan pants, casual oversized dresses.

High Boots

Boots are the real must-have of the year. Skillful combination with various things will help you look bright and stylish every day:

  1. In addition to combining with short skirts, you can try wearing them with shorts. The top should be concise and modest - a shirt, jacket, sleeveless jacket.
  2. Short culottes are a fashionable accompaniment of high shoes. For the top choose an oversized sweater, blouse, trench coat.
  3. Any insulated outerwear is on the list of what to wear high winter boots with. It is believed that the best length of a fur coat or down jacket is waist-deep or to the middle of the thigh so as not to visually look low.
  4. If you put on a skirt under the over the knee boots, choose tights not flesh but black. Vulgar mesh is contraindicated.
  5. Extra long shoes can be present in a business style, but with a minimalist design and a small heel.
Fashionable images with high boots

  1. This applies to current dresses-sweaters from large knitting and models from knitwear noodles.
  2. Elegant couples on a hairpin, a platform sole from noble suede are selected for them.
  3. Dresses with a smell accept leather products on a thick steady heel.
  4. To create a club look, you can use bully models decorated with rivets and chains, connecting them with jeans or leather dresses.
  5. The contrast between thick leather shoes and dresses made of chiffon, organza, silk looks good.
  6. The black dress is spectacular with shoes of the same color and extraordinary pairs. A print outfit requires plain couples.

High boots with jeans

The fashion of tucking tight jeans into shoes is back again! Over-the-knee boots or stocking boots look equally good with tight skinny skin. Shoes and pants can be made in one color or be different - there is no difference. The optimal top is an oversized elongated sweater, sweatshirt, turtleneck, jacket, fur vest. If all the components of the image are made in neutral colors, dilute it with an original accessory - a red scarf, a leopard bag, a mint hat.

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Prada, fall-winter 17/18

I’ll tell you about myself right away. I perceive boots solely in the style of "sport-chic": what Tommy Hilfiger designers offer, for example. I love the Rick Owens sport-style sheepskin and cotton over the knee boots: a slip-on model, without a clasp, with a rounded toe and a flat rubber sole. Here is mine! I love Stuart Weitzman boots - they are great! Made of luxurious stretch suede, where the top line is fixed with narrow ties. A very modest square heel and a calm rubber sole compensate for the very serious length of such boots. In the fall, sometimes I “walk” them.

Rick Owens, Fall-Winter 17/18

I love boots of interesting colors - I think that they are much more elegant than black ones. I especially like the mouse gray color (or the “shark skin” color) - it immediately ennobles the whole image.

In fact, over the knee boots are very democratic and almost “omnivorous” in terms of compatibility with other wardrobe items. But, as usual, everything is decided by the details, agrees? It is they who are able to turn a feminine and sexual image into too frivolous, frank or vulgar. If you decide to "take this height" and get over the knee boots - let's figure it out right away, what you can’t wear with it categorically (with what you can - it's full of tips on the Internet). But I’ll make a reservation right away: this is exclusively my opinion, which may not at all coincide with the opinion of the editors!

Fatal length

I strongly DO NOT recommend wearing knee-high boots with dresses or skirts. This combination visually shortens even the longest legs and looks out of date. Almost as ridiculous as capron and sandals.

Tight dresses

Please, without tight dresses! For if you put on over-the-knee boots with a close-fitting dress (and even season this “splendor” with extended nails and hair, a bright make-up and a black leather jacket), you will get a typical vulgar image of an easy-going girl from a nightclub (I’ll even notice it).

In the style of “Puss in Boots”

Remember that in the case of over the knee boots, you can very quickly turn into a “cat in boots” - just one incorrectly selected part is enough! Do not try to put on a "musketeer's" hat, for example! I ask you, correctly place accents in the image!

Not by parameters

Frankly, long boots look great on slender, tall girls with perfect parameters. If you are inclined to be overweight or cannot boast of tall stature, opt for classic boots or ankle boots. But if you absolutely want only boots, then choose models with heels with a length not lower than the middle of the thigh to visually lengthen the legs.

With lace

Do not wear boots with lace outfits (tops, blouses, bodysuits) - these provocative boots will give you a fair amount of sexuality, which will provide attention and enthusiastic looks of the opposite sex. Wear them with clothes made of wool, cashmere, knitwear in a feminine or casual style - this will balance the image.

With very short skirts

I can’t say that mini and over-boots are enemies forever, but still ... Be careful with the length! Mini shorts made of jeans and over the knee boots sometimes look very sexy. But a short leather skirt and over the knee boots are often a failure.

In total leather bow

Please, if you do not want to be like a hero of horror films - do not combine leather over the knee boots with leather jackets and jackets (and in general with leather clothes!). The maximum is a leather bag. You're not a biker, really.

With jeans

And finally, a note to lovers of jeans: with boots, they look as old-fashioned as possible. Better choose a loose sweater dress.

In general, everything is not so scary, right? The rule, in fact, is simple: the higher the length of the jack boots, the more modest the image should be. Stylish layering, asymmetrical hem, sport chic again - and you're on top!