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What and how to wear converse: fashion ideas for 35 photos


Converse sneakers gained worldwide popularity back in the 50s of the 20th century. They do not lose relevance now. This versatile and comfortable shoes, an integral attribute of the wardrobe of women, men and children. People accustomed to comfort and attractiveness have long appreciated these shoes.

First of all, you need to know what to combine Converse with. They look harmonious with many things. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to follow some rules.

Converse for women

The American brand has created a wide color line. Therefore, it will be easy to choose comfortable shoes for your outfit so that it matches the general gamut.

Conservative ladies choose a universal classic: black, white and brown sneakers. Brave women prefer something bright and summer: blue, lilac, red, orange, etc. At the same time, the shoes themselves are produced both in plain and motley versions with prints, inscriptions and images. The manufacturer also created models with spikes for real rebels.

There are five unbeatable wardrobe combinations for Converse:

Standard image. These are sneakers and jeans with a t-shirt or shirt. Any style and color, from classic blue straight pants to worn “boyfriends”. As a complement, they use a denim vest, a fitted jacket. The lacing on the shoes is loosened or not tied at all, just by hiding the ends,

Converses and vest. "Marine style" remains popular always. White sneakers with a low or high sole will do. Their main advantage is the harmonious maintenance of the overall tone,

Mini skirt. Stylists recommend wearing Converse not only as part of a sports outfit. For owners of beautiful legs, a winning combination will be sneakers and a knitted skirt or skater. Complete with shoes, they will make the legs visually longer,

Shorts + T-shirt + Converse. All three elements are combined perfectly. In this case, the color fades into the background, there are no rigid frames. For example, these are plain sneakers, denim shorts and a bright top,

Dress. A good combination. Converse looks best with a sporting or youth style, shirt dress or A-line.

What is better to wear Converse for men?

Of course, guys have less choice. However, they also have the opportunity to look good and experiment. These sneakers will perfectly complement a sports or casual wardrobe, namely:

High Converses and Jeans. The style and color of the pants is secondary. Narrow or wide models are suitable, pale blue or black, etc. For the top they usually take a T-shirt, a T-shirt and a shirt, and for cool evenings they also put on a free-cut jacket,

In the off-season, sneakers buy leather jackets in rocker style or military. Optimal colors - classic black or khaki,

White Converse blends in perfectly with the sporty look. They are versatile and are worn with breeches, shorts and pants in cream or beige color. Top - t-shirts and shirts of the corresponding tone.

Often men put Converse under a suit, but it should be loose cut. With the standard "deuce" they are usually not combined.

What are converses?

Converse is an American shoe brand. Initially, the company produced family shoes for winter and summer. The company released its first gym shoes in 1917 - it was a model specifically for basketball players.

The real revolution in production came in the post-war period - customers were fed up with “cloned” black sneakers, they wanted bright colors and new styles. The company responded to the demands of society - and it was overwhelmed by a wave of popularity.

Now, the converse - as they began to call the sneakers of this brand - wore everything. Athletes, teens, hippies, punks - and even Hollywood stars became fans of the new style.

Sneakers for children

These shoes are of interest to parents due to its versatility and excellent quality. The main criterion for selecting Convers for children is a bright color and various prints.

Especially for such purposes, the manufacturer often collaborates with well-known companies. Not so long ago, sneakers with images of superheroes from the Marvel and DC comics were available. Thanks to the contract with Disney, sneakers with Goofy, Mickey Mouse and other popular cartoon characters began to be sold.


Converse blends perfectly with an oversized overcoat. Free cut, artistic sloppiness create together a stylish and unusual image. The picture will be completed with a wide scarf in a large cage or voluminous snud.

Classics of the genre - sneakers with a jacket. Bright and classic colors, fitted and voluminous styles - with any option, the converse look acceptable.

Gumshoes are an unsuitable option for winter, but so far the earth is only covered by the first snow and frost has not yet come, you can experiment. The lightweight down jackets of extravagant asymmetric styles, which came into fashion in 2018-2019, will be successfully complemented by stylish insulated sports shoes.

Skirts and dresses

Short denim skirts in combination with sneakers were worn by students of the 60s of the last century, this is a time-tested option.

Checkered or striped half-sun skirts that look like a school uniform will look good. Length - just above the knee or to the middle of the thigh.

Lush dresses in a romantic style converse will give a special charm. The color of the fabric should be soft, pastel shades, and the length of the hem - to the knee.

A rough sheath dress, denim overalls in combination with sneakers will create a bold youth image. To top it off, you need to add bright accessories - a scarf, bracelets, elbow pieces.

The most common answer to the question of what to wear with converse for - cropped cowboy jeans with high waist. Also suitable leggings, leggings, capri pants. The classic version is comfortable sweatpants.


Socks, stockings, socks and leggings are an indispensable part for sneakers. Today there are many different options. This is a black mesh, socks with openwork framing, with original printed drawings, cozy knitted leggings of all styles - a well-chosen pair of socks and hosiery will emphasize the chic of conversions and will become the highlight of the image.