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DIY chocolate figures: a step-by-step workshop with a photo


  • How to make chocolate figurines
  • How to make a car from mastic with your own hands
  • How to make cake decorations
    • chocolate molds
    • chocolate bars
    • food coloring,
    • parchment,
    • pencil,
    • metal cookie cutters.

If the figures did not lag behind the mold when you took them out, it means that the chocolate is not frozen sufficiently. Everything can be fixed by re-melting the chocolate and pouring it into the mold. Next time, hold the molds in the refrigerator longer.

To get colorful chocolate, use food coloring. By adding a small amount of dye to white chocolate, you can get a wide variety of colors and shades. Figures can be used not only as decorations, but also as an independent dessert, which children will especially like.

Belgian chocolate figurines

Chocolate from Belgium Barry Callebaut is replete with a variety of shapes. These are expensive souvenirs of the highest quality, made by masters of an ancient enterprise with the latest production technologies.

A set of chocolate figures can be purchased as a gift to a person of any profession. So, the hairdresser will like the products depicted in the photograph above. For the locksmith, you can pick up pliers and screwdrivers. For an avid motorist, “buy” a car of your favorite brand, and an electrician - a light bulb. A military man will be delighted with a chocolate pistol, and a child with a figurine on a wooden stick.

You can pick up a souvenir with the image of the symbol of the New Year or in the form of an openwork frame for a photograph. Surprise your loved one with a heart-shaped chocolate box filled with sweets.

The use of chocolate products

The first samples of the pen can be performed on homemade flat cookies. Place the melted chocolate according to the rules in a cooking syringe or bag and draw funny emoticons. Children will be delighted with such an experiment. Usually housewives do not stop at this stage, because you want to create more and more.

Using sketching drawings, you can make flat figures to decorate a cake or a serving of ice cream. It is interesting to draw a chocolate figure on the parchment for each guest that would characterize him. This treat will be a great topic for a fun discussion with friends.

And how interesting it will be for children to participate in the work! Even a simple self-made drawing will be the pride of the baby. Both girls and boys will be enthusiastically working with plastic chocolate.

Hand-made chocolate figures will be a wonderful gift for the holiday, you just need to wrap the voluminous work in cellophane and tie a lush bow. You can make sweets by yourself, stuffing them with nuts or dried fruits. As you can see, the use of the figures is quite extensive, so let's learn how to create them with our own hands.

What is necessary for work?

To create chocolate crafts, you must first buy it. Choose a tile with a cocoa content of at least 75%. This is a dark chocolate with a harder structure, it will retain its shape well at room temperature.

Prepare the following materials:

  • If you will do volumetric figures, you will need molds. They can be metal or silicone, which are used for baking confectionery or sweets.
  • If the crafts are flat, then you need a sheet of parchment.
  • A small pot.
  • Bowl.
  • Capacity where the poured molds will fit. It should fit in the refrigerator.
  • Knife for cutting (if necessary).
  • If the work is done on a screen, then print or draw a picture by hand.
  • A pastry bag for drawing with plastic chocolate or a spoon for filling the mold.

Next, we consider methods of melting bitter and white chocolate.

Three ways to melt chocolate

Depending on the equipment available in the kitchen, you can list several methods for preparing chocolate for work. Before you make a chocolate figurine with your own hands, you need to melt it.

If you have a microwave, then simply break the tile into small pieces and put it inside the oven in a plate. Set the heating time at medium power for only 1 minute. Periodically remove the plate and look at the condition of the chocolate, stir and make sure that it does not overheat and does not burn.

Chocolate is less likely to overheat when using a double boiler. It is enough to chop the tiles into small pieces and fill them in the bowl. Turn the mode to low power and stir constantly. This method is time consuming.

Most often, our housewives use the last of these methods, namely, heating chocolate in a water bath on the stove. Pour some water into the pan, place a container with crushed chocolate on top. Stir constantly with a spoon or wooden spatula and do not leave the stove. Make fire minimal. Turn off the gas immediately after all the chocolate has melted.

Work with white chocolate

Often when making chocolate figures with their own hands, for the cake, additional colors are needed to decorate the craft, draw small details. For this purpose, you need to cook white chocolate and dyes. This can be natural strawberry or blackcurrant juice or food coloring, which can be purchased at any supermarket.

White chocolate is melted similarly to the dark ones described above, and at the very end add a few drops of the selected color, beat with a whisk until a homogeneous mass is formed and transfer to a pastry bag for easy drawing.

Easy work with molds

The easiest way to do volumetric figures is to pour melted chocolate into metal or silicone baking dishes. They can have the appearance of any animal, for example, a bunny, as in the photo below.

It is interesting to make a gift set for a child from figures made of black, milk and white chocolate. Before pouring the molten mass into molds, lay them on a baking sheet or plate, so that then you can immediately lift everything up and evenly transfer it to the refrigerator shelf. During the rearrangement, make sure that the forms do not tilt, otherwise the frozen figure will have sloppy edges.

Contour drawing

To create flat shapes for decorating cakes, baking and making candy on sticks, prepare parchment. If the crafts are even, lay the sheet immediately on the surface of the baking sheet or any board, so that it is convenient to expose it to the cold. Having laid the molten chocolate in a pastry bag, you can draw simple shapes yourself by hand.

If you want to make a complex figure, then on a parchment with a simple pencil, circle the pattern printed on the printer. The chocolate line is clearly placed along its contours.

Create rounded patterns

How to make chocolate figurines flat and rounded at the same time? It's simple. Wrap the rolling pin with parchment, fix its edges on a baking sheet and draw lines and leaves on its convex surface.

In this way, you can even make an openwork figure in the shape of a tube, placing the pattern around the entire circumference. After hardening, remove the chocolate carefully. Pull the parchment from the rolling pin down and remove it from the inside. Handle the craft gently so that it does not break.

The roundness of the petals of a volumetric flower made of chocolate, as in the photo in the article earlier, was made using disposable plastic spoons. It is enough to dip the back side of the spoon in molten chocolate and put it on a plate for cooling.

How to make a nest?

To create such an original chocolate craft, use a round dish, turning it upside down. Apply the lines in a chaotic manner, so that the bird’s nest branches turn out.

To make a chocolate leaf, pluck a real leaf with clear veins from the tree, wash it thoroughly and apply melted chocolate on its surface with a brush. The nest egg is poured into a mold of white chocolate.

As you can see, making chocolate figures with your own hands (the photo you looked at in the article) is easy. This process is creative and very exciting. Try it for sure! Good luck

How to choose chocolate?

In order for handmade figures to look beautiful, have a glossy and even appearance, chocolate should be selected with particular care. Confectioners often use icing instead - it’s easier to work with, but it is inferior in taste to natural chocolate.

Figures can be made from any kind of chocolate, given its features:

  • white does not melt well due to the small amount of cocoa in the composition,
  • chocolate of dark grades melts best, in which the cocoa content exceeds 80% - Belgian is especially good, it produces tasty and smooth figures that do not deform at room temperature.

For cooking, you can use any high-quality chocolate without additives, and all the tiles for sculpting a sweet decor are divided into several categories:

  1. Confectioneries are the most inexpensive, but may contain impurities.
  2. Fudge - is inexpensive, easy to use, but practically does not contain cocoa butter.
  3. Dessert - such a product is suitable for creating voluminous, massive figures and is not suitable for sculpting delicate, delicate jewelry.
  4. Couverture is the most expensive sweet material, it is usually used to decorate baking intended for the celebration.

What chocolate is suitable for decorating a cake

When choosing chocolate, focus primarily on your taste. You can make figures from any chocolate bar or pastry bar. Bitter, milk, dark or white chocolate - each species has features.

The only rule: the product must be of high quality. Confectioners recognize Belgian chocolate as the best option. Belgian-made chocolate figures are glossy and very tasty. Products quickly harden and do not melt at room temperature.

Types of tiles for creating decorations:

  1. Dessert. Great for creating voluminous figures, but not for thin openwork lines.
  2. Fondant. Its advantage is affordability. Almost does not contain cocoa butter, easily kneads in the hands.
  3. Couverture. The price for it bites. But for chic desserts for weddings or birthdays, it is optimal.
  4. Confectionery Before starting work, read on the packaging how many percent cocoa butter is in the tile. The composition should not be artificial additives.

How to make chocolate figurines

Reusable molds for figures can be easily purchased ready-made. There are plastic and silicone molds. The recesses are various: from elementary colors to large figurines. But all of them are expensive and are issued in hundreds of copies. Would you like to make a cake a unique masterpiece?

You can make chocolate figurines for the cake yourself. There are two ways. Both are easy to execute, do not require special time costs and skills.

DIY cookie cutter for chocolate dough

Make salted dough from flour. Wrap the elastic ball with cling film or thin foil. Press some solid toy into the dough and foil. It can be a rubber pig for bathing your child or a favorite porcelain figurine. Gently pull out the figurine. An imprint will remain in the test. Pour tempered chocolate into it. Refrigerate in the freezer or on the shelf of the refrigerator. Soon the chocolate will harden. Pull the edges of the foil, and the figure itself will pop out.

Salted dough recipe for excavation:

Mix a tablespoon of coarse salt with 0.5 cups of wheat flour. After adding 30-50 ml of water, knead elastic thick dough. Does your dough stick to your palms? You did everything right. The dough should have a uniform texture. So the figure will turn out as smooth as possible.

Similarly, create large or small figures. Make two identical fragments. Connect them together with a warm ganache. Cool and decorate the cake with them.

Figures can be made individual. Perform them in dark color, from bitter or milk chocolate. And with white, draw small elements with a brush.

Chocolate mold made of ice

You will need cold water, a cup, a rubber children's toy and a little patience. The work process is as follows:

  1. Prepare a silicone mold or a deep cup. Pour some cold water into it so that the liquid covers the bottom. Freeze in the freezer.
  2. Pull out.
  3. Put a clean rubber or plastic toy on the ice.
  4. Pour exactly half of the toy with cold water.
  5. Leave in the freezer until the water is completely frozen.
  6. Gently pull out the toy. There will be a recess for chocolate in the ice.

Before making chocolate figures on ice, melt a pastry bar with a slice of butter (see the chocolate icing recipe below: “How to make chocolate icing to decorate a cake”).

Pour liquid chocolate into the recess. Let it freeze in the refrigerator, it will happen quickly. However, in the refrigerator at an average temperature of + 4 ° C, the ice will begin to melt. You can easily get a sweet sculpture.

Homemade Chocolate Cake Decorations

A simple way to create cake decorations is to use fresh leaves. Collect leaves from fruit trees, oak, birch, mint bushes. Rinse them thoroughly. Cut the ponytails. Dry. Put the leaves on a chopping board. Use a brush to brush the smooth side of each sheet with liquid chocolate in quick movements. Let freeze in the refrigerator. After just a few minutes, carefully remove the sheet. In the hand will remain a chocolate bar with a carved pattern in the form of a sheet.

Rose for cake decorating

Chocolate figurines are the common name for sweet decor. Among other things, the list of decorative ornaments includes flowers. Try to make a real rose. For work, take chocolate paste based on white, milk or bitter tiles.

Materials for working with different types of chocolate:

  • 100 gr. bitter tiles + 50 gr. glucose syrup
  • 100 gr. milk tiles + 45 gr. glucose syrup
  • 100 gr. white tile + 35 gr. glucose syrup.

How to make a chocolate rose:

  1. For flowers of different colors and tastes, take a mixture of bitter, milk or white tiles. Proportions for mixing, take from the list above.
  2. Melt the bitter tile. Add glucose syrup. It is important that both components are at the same temperature.
  3. Stir with a silicone spatula until smooth.
  4. Was the mass well behind the bowl? Put it on a layer of cling film and spread it in a thin layer.
  5. Cover with foil, creating a semblance of sealed packaging. Leave at normal room temperature for 10-12 hours.
  6. Then tear off a piece from the sweet mass. Mash your fingers. Roll a plastic rolling pin into a petal. Give it a neat shape.

Make the petals of different sizes. Blind together. The mass should keep its shape well. If you do not stretch your arms, it immediately freezes. Once the rose is ready, lay the flower on the cake.

Repeat a similar scenario with milk and white tiles. The dessert will be unique. Do-it-yourself chocolate figures are a great option to keep your child busy. Family master class is the best filling of free time.

Accessories for chocolate decorations on the cake: stencils and chocolate cornet

At home, you are able to make amazing decorative elements with glaze. Plain bubble wrap works wonders. Try to apply liquid glaze on it. Stick to the cake. Leave in the refrigerator for an hour. Then remove the film. Your cake is decorated with perfect round notches.

Options for how to make stencils yourself:

  • print a pattern on a sheet of paper, cover with a film,
  • draw an arbitrary pattern yourself, cover with cling film.

Apply a layer of brown glaze to the silicone flat plate. Above are fragments of colored glaze (white tiles and food colors). Toothbrush draw arbitrary lines. Garnish with pastry topping. After hardening, break into pieces. You will get marble chips.

Make a small cornet from a transparent office file. Put the icing in the file. Fasten the top with an elastic band. Cut off the tip of the file, squeeze the icing on the pattern.

Use a balloon. Inflate a ball with a diameter of 3 to 10 cm. Tie it tight. Dip in liquid non-hot glaze. When it hardens, burst the ball. There will be a round spherical shape for cream or ice cream.

How to make chocolate icing for cake decorating

Making chocolate icing is easy. Chop the chocolates in pieces. Pour into a cup. Place in another cup of boiling water. Do not heat - when boiling water in a water bath, chocolate will curl up and thicken even more.

Stir the pieces, they will soon melt into a liquid mass. Stir until there are no pieces left.

Alternatively, you can melt the tiles in the microwave. But at the same time, the sweet mass can easily burn. Put the sweet pieces in a glass cup. Heat in the microwave for short sessions of 5-8 seconds at maximum power.

How to make milk chocolate out of dark chocolate?

В наличии имеется только черный шоколад, а вам хочется сделать фигурку из молочного? Попробуйте сделать молочную глазурь самостоятельно.

  • 200 гр. горького шоколада,
  • 50 гр. несоленого сливочного масла,
  • 100 мл жирного молока,
  • 1 ст. l сахарной пудры.

  1. В кастрюлю налейте кипятка. Установите в нее чашку с горьким шоколадом. Wait half a minute. Shuffle.
  2. Add warm milk, soft butter and powder. Shuffle.

Use the mass to create decorations for the cake or homemade sweets.

Basic ingredients

To make chocolate figures at home, with your own hands, you will need:

  • quality chocolate of the right variety
  • food coloring, if the figures are colorful,
  • cream injector,
  • parchment or plastic film,
  • silicone, metal or self-made molds.

How to make delicate chocolate drawings

Making delicate chocolate drawings is not as difficult as beginning confectioners think. Find the right patterns on the Internet. A great solution - templates for cutting a punch. These are carvings of Christmas trees, butterflies, pigs, bells, hearts. Choose to your taste. Print your favorite pictures. Glue to a sheet of cardboard. Top with a file or cling film. Through a transparent layer, a pattern is clearly visible. Next, follow the script:

  1. Make chocolate icing. Put liquid icing in a cornet, pastry syringe or bag. Use the nozzle with the smallest hole.
  2. Apply chocolate to the film following the pattern. Movements must be active, as the sweet mass hardens quickly.
  3. Refrigerate the cake mix for 30 minutes.
  4. Remove the figure from the film.

Place the chocolate figures made at home immediately on the cake. Or store in the refrigerator on demand. As an idea for dessert, use several similar figures of different sizes. For example, put three butterflies made of chocolate on a homemade ganache-covered cake.

Similarly, make random curls, wire rack, or even sweet chips.

Step-by-step instruction

At home, the figures are made as follows:

  1. The chocolate is broken into small pieces and melted in a water bath or in the microwave, stirring every 10-15 seconds for uniform heating. The mass will be ready when it begins to resemble syrup in consistency.
  2. When working with a white grade, dye is added after the tiles melt.
  3. Prepare the molds - carefully wipe them so that there are no residual moisture or contaminants.
  4. Fill the molds with chocolate, lightly tap them on a hard surface so that no air bubbles remain in the mass.
  5. After filling the molds, they are placed in the freezer for half an hour, during which time the chocolate will harden.
  6. A soft cloth is laid out on the table, the molds taken out of the freezer are turned over and the figures are poured onto it.
  7. Ready-made sweet decorative elements can be used for decoration.

And you can also make patterns. To do this, a stencil is drawn, parchment is laid on top of it, and with the help of a pastry syringe filled with chocolate mass, a drawing or inscription is displayed. Then the created jewelry is placed in the freezer, waiting for solidification and the pattern is removed from the sheet with a spatula.

Jewelry Tips

In order for chocolate figurines to decorate a cake or other pastries to turn out beautiful and not to melt, you should listen to the tips:

  1. It is better to purchase a product from foreign manufacturers - when melted, it does not form lumps, and products from it are more even and glossy.
  2. When melting chocolate in a water bath, it is important to consider that black melts at 55 degrees, and white and milk melts at 45. Therefore, before placing the saucepan in water, turn off the heat under a large container and allow the liquid to cool slightly.
  3. To make the figures glossy, shiny, it is recommended to freeze the mass after melting, and warm it to 30 degrees before making jewelry.

Such simple manipulations will allow you to quickly make at home an original decor for cake, pastries and other dessert dishes. Figures will give uniqueness and beauty to any dish.

Chocolate chips for decorating cakes

Chocolate chips are suitable for decorating the sides and surface of cakes. Try to lay out a kind of nest with chips. Put chocolate balls from the glaze in the center or plant a small sweet bird.

How to make shavings at home:

  • put a bar of chocolate on a cutting board,
  • Press with one hand, hold the chef's knife in the other. Scrape off the shavings with a sharp blade of a knife. In a minute you will have a cake mix to decorate the dessert.

One of the options for creating shavings is chocolate chips. Melt the pastry tiles in a water bath. Pour the mass onto a piece of baking paper. Carefully roll the paper. Fasten with clothespins. Send to the refrigerator. Pull out after 10 minutes. Open the paper. Fine chocolate will start to break. Decorate homemade cake with these fragments.

Glue the splinters onto the sides of the cake with cream. There will be a likeness of a tree bark. If you add a color component to the icing, it will be even more interesting. For example, icing can be mixed with pieces of white chocolate or ground nuts.