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Poster design


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What are the posters used for?

Advertising in the form of large and not very posters has been around for a long time. She may suggest that you go to a sermon by an American pastor who visited our country or go to a folk art fair. For what purpose is a modern poster not used. It can be:

  • All kinds of exhibitions, presentations, forums, congresses,
  • Seminars and webinars,
  • Discos and parties,
  • Invitations from the zoo, amusement park, circus, dolphinarium,
  • Classical theater posters telling about the upcoming theatrical season productions. There are options for folk theater,
  • Schedules of festive events for Shrovetide, Easter, New Year and Christmas, city days, other state, national, religious holidays,
  • Familiar movie posters. However, the movie poster has one feature. It is often official, and differs only in translation into different languages, depending on the country or region,
  • Also, rock poster layouts are often created for a concert, festival,
  • In ports, at stations, in various institutions, a schedule often hangs, and in the catering, a large menu on the wall is often made out in this way.

In general, the development of a poster for an event is always performed in different ways. Differs in complexity, style, the possibility of improvisation in design. If a set of classic tricks that have been used for years and barely change.

For example, the design of a sports poster for a football match, boxing match, any championship, etc. always has some common details. Usually this is a combination of photos of participants, some additional elements that reflect the general meaning, description of the event, a list of people / countries / clubs that participate, dates, venues, sponsors, etc.

Programs for design and layout

If you are interested in the development of a poster with your own hands, then you will have to familiarize yourself with the software in which this can be done most correctly.

Perhaps the simplest poster program you can think of is the popular graphics editor Adobe Photoshop. The one in which schoolchildren attach their heads to the bodies of bodybuilders and action heroes, and photographers retouch pictures of models. The capabilities of this software are quite suitable for creating a poster layout in raster graphics.

Not everyone can draw a poster layout in Photoshop. But we have good news for you - there are video tutorials. For the laziest, the simpler option is to download the PSD poster template from some website for designers. There are many free blanks. Using such a template for a poster, you will need to slightly tweak it to fit your needs.

A more “correct” layout of the poster implies the use of vector programs. It can be Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. If you had to work with them, and you know at least the basic rules of design, it will not be difficult to work.

  • Properly choose the fonts for the design of posters. Try to use as few types as possible at the same time. An exception is rock music, where each group has its own font. By the way, because of this, many names are not readable, and it is recommended that under them make transcripts in parentheses in a smaller font.
  • The text should always be sufficiently contrasted with respect to the background. If the letters merge with the substrate, people will not be able to get the information they need.
  • Use the so-called "i-stoppers." These are elements of the picture that attract attention. They can be images, headlines, or even single words. The most banal example, hackneyed by everyone, "SEX ... we do not offer, but we sell excellent phones." Instead of mobile phones, anything can be, the meaning does not change. Remember that the graphic design of the poster, no matter how beautiful it may be, has nothing to do with the advertising attractiveness of the material, if there is nothing for which the look of a passer-by can catch on.
  • As one very famous person says, "I will be brief." It is worth applying in design. Concisely, simply, clearly. Not a single extra letter, word, phrase.

If the design is definitely not yours, stop trying and entrust the work to specialists.

Professional development of poster design

Do you need a poster design for some event? Do you have ideas and even some of the materials? Then it's time to turn to printers. They always have a specialist who can help you. Do you think that the best posters are created exclusively by top - studios? Believe me, most creator names will not tell you anything at all. At the same time, the price of their services is an order of magnitude lower than that of the PR studios.

The professional does not care what to create - posters in the Russian style, a poster describing the upcoming Madonna tour, or an announcement of the upcoming World Cup.