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How and what to paint the refrigerator at home: types of paints, tools, detailed instructions


Many homeowners want their home appliances to look new and clean. In addition, household appliances are usually quite expensive, so changing it every time you feel like updating your room or house is pretty expensive. The appearance of the technique can be interesting and fresh if it is painted, which will give it not only a new look, but also a new life. Paint appliances in 1-2 days and save the money you would have spent on buying new household appliances.

Types of paints and their features

The coloring compositions are applied with different tools: brush, roller, spray. What paint can I paint the refrigerator:

  • enamel. It is she who paints household appliances. The enamel is adhesive, evenly lays on any surface that becomes glossy and smooth immediately after its application. Solvents that are part of enamel paints are very toxic, so painting the old refrigerator is best done on the street or with open doors and windows,
  • epoxides. They look no worse than enamel, but they cost more and it’s more difficult to work with them,
  • acrylic paints. Enamels lose in terms of coloring composition and smoothness, but are well suited for coloring home appliances.

All of these dyes are designed for painting metal, but if someone does not tolerate the smell of solvents, you need to carefully choose. For example, acrylic (or "rubber paint") almost does not smell, but it is difficult to work with it, as well as with epoxides. Any acrylic is sold only in white. Colored powder is dissolved in white paint to get the desired shade, and thoroughly mixed - until a homogeneous composition is obtained.

If you do not tolerate the smell of quick-drying solvent, do not buy epoxy dyes or car paint products.

What will be needed for work

To paint the refrigerator with your own hands, you will need:

  • solvent. It smells bad, but you can’t do without it. Any surface must be degreased so that the paint lays down quickly and evenly,
  • some sandpaper. Before painting the refrigerator, it is necessary to “grind” all the peeling places, removing the old enamel from them,
  • tight masking tape. If you do not plan to paint the refrigerator completely, cover with the masking tape those places that you want to leave white,
  • brush or roller - if you don’t use a spray can,
  • soft dry rag
  • newspapers or polyethylene. They need to protect the floor covering. Persistent dyes based on enamel and solvents “set” quickly, and it is difficult to wash them off the floor.

All work is best done with gloves and a respirator - especially with a strong smell of the paint composition.

Refrigerator preparation and general painting algorithm

Before painting the refrigerator at home, you need to protect the floor with plastic wrap or newspapers. They are laid around - so that there is no gap between them. Surfaces with peeling enamel and rust are carefully cleaned and sanded with sandpaper. After preliminary work, it is necessary to make the entire surface of the refrigerator rough. The paint does not lie on the gloss, and you simply lose time. Cleaning the entire refrigerator to a “matte” state is not an easy task, but it is necessary. After stripping, the paint will lie down evenly, and you will get not only an updated refrigerator, but also the pleasure of the creative process. The repainted "old friend" will look better and will find a new life in a new outfit.

There are old models with a matte surface that can be repainted without thorough cleaning. First, make sure that the composition lies flat: apply a little paint and leave for a while.

After removing the gloss, you can start painting. Do not forget to unscrew the handles so that they do not get dirty, and mask large defects with a colored primer. The primer is sold in spray cans and applied to the defect by spraying. Resistant paint fills small dents and mask defects well. When using a primer, she is given time to dry, then the main paint is selected. First, apply one layer, then watch how it lays down. Sometimes even one coat is enough, but for even coloring it is better to apply the second. If painting the surface is difficult, you can paint the refrigerator a third time.

All types of materials used for these purposes are quick-drying. The drying time of each layer is 30 minutes. Then proceed to re-staining. If you work with a roller or brush, start painting from above, gradually moving lower and lower. It’s more convenient for someone to paint clockwise. It is better to do this while standing, so as to always be able to even out the color and remove smudges in time. The painted refrigerator can be varnished, which is used to give cars a glossy sheen.

Use of paint in spray cans

If you have chosen a spray can, which is designed to “upgrade” old cars, such material will be easy to lay down, but a test application will not hurt. Spray paint at a distance of 30 cm from the surface. The layer is thin but bright. To achieve the best result, automotive paint can be used to paint the refrigerator in 2 or even 3 layers - fortunately, the process is fast.

The spraying technique is as follows: move the spray can clockwise - so as not to linger in one place. So, you will avoid a thick layer and smudges. In extreme cases, use acetone, carefully removing drops.

Brush or roller

You can paint the refrigerator in a different color with an ordinary brush or roller. The staining process should occur as usual (top to bottom or clockwise). You do not need to take too much paint on the tool: this will help to avoid smudges and uneven color. To paint hard-to-reach spots, take a small brush and process them last.

The use of enamel compounds

Enamel compounds are just designed for metal work. The layer is thick and enough to fully paint the old refrigerator. Other paints fit well on the enamel. They can further decorate the refrigerator by drawing a few simple drawings on it.

If your refrigerator is pretty “frayed by life” and you can see large chips and scratches on it, the enamel will repaint them so that they become almost invisible. It is even used as a primer when it comes to shallow chips. Enamel is easy to apply. For brighter and denser staining, two layers are enough.

Slate paint

You can paint the refrigerator outside with slate paint. It is applied in the same way as usual. There is a type of slate paint, which has a magnetic chip. On such a refrigerator it is convenient to write in color or white crayon or draw. Before painting, the refrigerator is treated with sandpaper and primed in "problem" places. Slate color is:

  • gray
  • golden
  • copper red
  • dark green
  • in black.

There is a comic poem that has long been put to music from the movie "The Godfather": "Let's paint the refrigerator black!" It was green, blue, red, black - no! ”It is the use of black ink that will help creative owners translate this text into reality. If you draw cheerful patterns of golden color on the surface of the updated refrigerator, it will not look gloomy.

Self-preparation of the coloring composition

You can paint the refrigerator yourself with a composition prepared by yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • 200 ml white acrylic
  • 2 tablespoons of light putty or grout,
  • a couple of drops of color (it is better to use brown or black). Kohler must be water soluble, otherwise the mixture will not work.

All components are thoroughly mixed. When using black tint, the result is a pleasant light tone, with a silver tint. If the color is brown, after painting the refrigerator will get a soft light beige color.

How to decorate an updated refrigerator

When using coloring compositions with magnetic chips on the surface, you can write in crayons. If plain coloring seems boring to you, decorate the surface with simple geometric lines or shapes. In places of color transitions, use masking tape.

A simple way to decorate the refrigerator is a regular self-adhesive film. It is sold in the form of ready-made graphics, plots, figures of birds, animals and flowers. Vinyl stickers that are in all construction stores are also suitable. The main thing is to choose a sticker of a suitable size and color. As for working with the film, it needs to be glued carefully - so that the picture does not have creases, bumps and "bubbles".

If you are familiar with the technique of airbrushing, apply any pattern by spot spraying to the surface. This technique is often used for painting cars. It is possible that the painting process may seem monotonous and tedious - for example, when the surface of the refrigerator requires the application of two or even three layers. For a change and originality, use the decoupage technique. This applique is in the form of an expressive acrylic painting. In such drawings, small elements are carefully drawn, and strokes look vibrant and bright. As a material for decoupage, thick paper coated with varnish is used. It is sold in art stores and is often referred to as a “decoupage card”.

As such an application also fit:

  • napkins folded in several layers,
  • pictures cut from the magazine,
  • illustrations drawn by yourself
  • prints from the Internet made on a color printer.

Painting the refrigerator inside

You can color the refrigerator both outside and inside. Since the inner surfaces of the refrigerator are in different operating conditions, this must be taken into account when choosing a coloring composition and painting technique. Do not use paint formulations solely for the purpose of changing color. Staining is advisable if corrosion and yellowness appear inside the chamber.

For painting choose waterproof compounds that tolerate temperature extremes. They can be painted over enamel chips, which often occur under the sealing gum and in the area of ​​the steps. Remember that only white paints are released to restore the inside of refrigerators. If there is a desire to give the camera an interesting shade, choose special colors. Apply such paint only with a roller or brush: do not use a spray gun or spray can for metal work. Drying time is about 24 hours. Only after a day is it possible to apply a new layer.

The algorithm for painting the refrigerator compartment looks like this:

  • Corrosion is carefully removed with sandpaper. You can use special tools,
  • apply the first layer of the composition, which will help acrylic to “grasp” faster,
  • degrease the surface with gasoline,
  • make a primer for “problem” areas,
  • dry and sandpaper
  • apply the paint in one layer, the exposure time is 24 hours,
  • apply the second layer, the exposure time is 24 hours,
  • leave the refrigerator open.

After staining the chamber, a specific smell of paint will remain inside for a long time. You cannot immediately use the refrigerator, because all products are soaked in toxic fumes. This problem must be dealt with immediately after the last layer has completely dried. The chamber is thoroughly washed with vinegar, the refrigerator is turned on, and several pots filled with clean water are left in it. Water will gradually absorb the smell of paint. Sauce pans are regularly changed for three days without lidding.

The smell of mold in the refrigerator or its actual presence is an alarming signal. Or your unit is not working properly ...

Dry tea leaves, activated charcoal and ground coffee will also help in the fight against the smell of paint.

If you have no desire to prepare home appliances and compositions, use an adsorbent for refrigerators. They are changed every day for 7 days, and the unpleasant odor disappears completely.

Coloring the refrigerator is not an easy but interesting creative process. It is necessary to approach it seriously - so that then you do not have to regret the wrong paint. If you do everything right, the old refrigerator will gain a new life and will serve you for a long time.

How to paint the refrigerator outside: we choose the paint composition and the tool

The first thing you need to solve is how the paint composition will be applied to the surface. There are two options here - brush and roller or spray. Both have both their positive and negative sides. We will dwell on this issue in more detail.

After the choice of the application method is made, you can proceed to the choice of paint. There can be three options - enamel, epoxy or acrylic paint. It is on this issue that we now dwell in more detail.

Paint to refresh the outside of the refrigerator with brush and roller

The range of enamels on the Russian shelves is quite wide - there is plenty to choose from

All three types of paints used can be applied with a brush and roller, but there is a certain difference between them:

  • enamel paint. It is with such compounds that the surface is painted at the factory, which means that this will be the best option. Enamel has good adhesion, and the surface after staining acquires a smooth, eye-pleasing gloss. The only negative is the presence of highly toxic solvents. Therefore, it is worth taking care of good ventilation or (if possible) to perform work in an open space,
  • epoxy compound. After application, it looks identical to enamel. It has the same characteristics, however, it loses significantly to the previous option both in price (such pigments are much more expensive) and in ease of application (it is very difficult to work with epoxy compounds),
  • acrylic. Despite the fact that the composition is inferior to enamel in terms of characteristics, it is quite suitable for surfaces used indoors. In addition, the cost of painting will be significantly lower.

How to paint the refrigerator without using a brush

Today on the shelves of shops you can find many aerosol paints that do not require the use of a roller or brush. For painting the refrigerator, automotive pigments in spray cans are perfect, which are not inferior in characteristics to ordinary enamels. Their use will greatly accelerate and facilitate the process. However, the cost of such formulations is slightly higher.

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Painting surfaces with a brush or roller is more complicated, but at the same time, work can be done more accurately without staining the floors and walls. Aerosol paints are best used if it is possible to take the refrigerator out into the open. The advantage of aerosol formulations is that the coating is thin, even.


There are aerosol enamels designed specifically for household appliances, but their cost is higher

How to paint an old refrigerator with your own hands: stages of work

Before painting the refrigerator at home, you need to prepare the surface. Otherwise, the paint will begin to peel off after a short period of time. We also decide how the painting will be done. Let us consider in stages the algorithm for the production of work from the first to the last step.

Refrigerator painted in color suitable for the interior. You can’t buy one in a store

Tools and materials needed for painting

The choice of tool, and paint, in particular, is best approached wisely. After all, not every enamel, especially an old refrigerator, can tolerate painting well.

Before painting, you need to prepare all the necessary tools

To work, you will need:

  • solvent for degreasing the surface,
  • sandpaper,
  • masking tape with which non-painted surfaces are sealed,
  • roller, brush (if this option is selected),
  • paint,
  • clean, dry rags
  • film or paper to protect the flooring, if the work is done indoors.

Having prepared everything you need, you can begin to work.

How to prepare the surface of the refrigerator for painting at home

First, lay out around the newspaper or film to protect the flooring. Next, using sandpaper, we peel off the paint in the places where it is covered. If there are corrosion spots, they also need to be cleaned. After we pass sandpaper over the entire surface, peeling off the gloss. The entire area of ​​the refrigeration unit must be matte - this will ensure good adhesion. Wipe the refrigerator with a dry cloth and then with a cloth dampened with solvent, degreasing the surface. We seal all non-painted surfaces with masking tape. After the preparation, you can proceed directly to the staining.

How to update the outside of the refrigerator: staining methods

Выбирая способ окраски поверхности валиком, кистью, следует понимать, что работа будет более сложной. With excess paint on the brush, smudges can form, which is unacceptable for the refrigerator - this will spoil the appearance even more than it was before painting. The paint is taken with a brush in small quantities, while it is not necessary to rush. The resulting smudge can be removed with a sponge, and then paint over this place again using a smaller amount of the coloring composition.

Such an update is clearly not going to be beneficial - the unit probably looked better before painting

If you choose the option of painting with an aerosol can, and there is no possibility to take the refrigerator out into the open, you should take care not only to protect the flooring, but also the walls. Ventilation is very important - the room should be well ventilated.

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Despite the fact that the paint from the canister lays evenly and thinly, with a delay in one place, the formation of smudges is also possible. Spray paint from a cylinder should be evenly, not lingering in separate areas. It is better to paint the surface a little later with a second layer. Car nitro paint dries very quickly. Photos of self-painted refrigerators can be seen below. Perhaps some ideas you use to decorate and paint your equipment.



There is no doubt that updating the refrigerator is much cheaper than acquiring a new one, and doing this work with your own hands is more convenient than hiring professionals. In addition, it is not a fact that hired workers will do better. It’s not for nothing that the old people said: “If you want to do well, do it yourself.” Moreover, such work does not require special skills. The main thing is that a specific idea of ​​renewal is formed in the head, and it will not be possible to bring it to life.

Is it possible to paint the refrigerator at home

Buying a new refrigerator is expensive. Especially if you have already forked out for repairs. However, there is a great way to get out of the situation and save money: paint the refrigerator with your own hands in a new color. This does not require special skills.

But before you get down to business, decide on the goal:

  • used refrigerator update,
  • painting in a color that will be in harmony with the interior,
  • alteration of an ordinary device into a design object.

Then proceed to the choice of paint. To update the shabby corners of the refrigerator, ordinary spray paint is suitable. However, there is a more reliable option - paint for metal. The main thing is to choose the right color and composition and observe accuracy in work.

How to paint the refrigerator: the choice of paint and tool

Among the variety of different colors to make a choice is not easy. The surface of the refrigerator is not the most ordinary, so not every paint will do. Choose from those that not only decorate, but also protect the skin of the device from scratches and chips.

It is pointless to spend money on anti-corrosion agents, since the device will always be in a warm kitchen. Also, do not take fireproof paint, because according to the rules of operation, the refrigerator can not be placed near the fire.

The paint must be flexible and resistant to detergents, have the ability to tint and keep an even layer on a vertical surface.

Repaint the refrigerator at home using the following formulations:

  1. Enamel. It is with this tool that the refrigerator is painted at the factory. It lays well, and the surface after staining becomes smooth and glossy. The lack of enamel is the presence of toxic solvents in it. Therefore, it is better to paint in a well-ventilated area or in an open space.
  2. Epoxy composition. After application, it looks like enamel and has the same characteristics, but costs more. In addition, it is more difficult to work with epoxy compounds.
  3. Acrylic. This dye is safe because it contains no toxic substances. Enamel is inferior in quality and characteristics, but is quite suitable for surfaces used indoors. Acrylic will cost much less.

The choice of paint for the refrigerator outside depends on the desired result. If you want the unit to turn out bright and unusual, it is worth taking a closer look at acrylics, as they have a wide color gamut. If there is rust on the surface, zinc compounds will do. They are much more expensive, but inhibit the corrosion process.

Attention! When working with these compounds, you need a brush or roller. But you can simplify your task by choosing car paint in a spray can. According to the characteristics, it is not inferior to enamel, and the use will greatly facilitate and speed up the process. The only drawback is the high cost.

Painting the refrigerator will not do without additional materials and tools.

Here's what else you need to work:

  • solvent for degreasing the surface,
  • sandpaper,
  • masking tape to seal unpainted areas,
  • roller or brush (if painted with their help),
  • paint,
  • dry pure matter
  • film or paper to protect the floor,
  • gloves and a respirator.

Having prepared all the necessary tools and materials, you can proceed to the main process.

Preparation of the refrigerator for painting and the work process

Before painting the refrigerator, it is unplugged, freed from food and trays. Then wipe the surface from the outside with a sponge and detergent to remove stains, grease and other dirt. After that, the floor covering and furniture are closed, since the following stages of work assume the presence of dust:

  1. First, coarse, and then fine-grained sandpaper, remove the old coating. Emery not only removes a layer of past paint, but also smoothes the surface for better adhesion to a new one.
  2. Wipe the surface with a damp and then dry cloth. Make sure that the fabric does not leave fibers.
  3. The dry surface of the refrigerator is degreased.
  4. Masking tape seals areas that are not stained. These include rubber bands, chrome parts and process holes.
  5. Rusty areas are covered with a primer, which is allowed to dry before applying new paint.

After all these steps, you can begin the creative process. But remember that applying the composition with a roller or brush is more difficult than spraying. With excess paint smudges form, and they spoil the appearance of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is worth typing it in small portions. If a smudge nevertheless has formed, immediately blot it with a sponge, and then paint this area again.

Here are some tips for painting your refrigerator manually:

  • dip a brush or roller in the paint, remove excess composition,
  • apply the pigment vertically and horizontally, making uniform movements,
  • after 30 minutes, coat the surface with a second coat of paint,
  • in hard to reach places use a narrow brush
  • if necessary, apply a third layer, hiding the flaws of the previous one,
  • To protect and give a glossy shine, the surface is coated with acrylic varnish.

If the paint for the refrigerator is in cans, then the surface is better to update in the open space - it is advisable to take the equipment outside. If this is not possible, not only the floor and furniture are closed before work, but also the walls. Proper ventilation is important, so make sure the room is well ventilated.

Spray paint is sprayed at a distance of 30 cm from the surface, so that the composition lies down beautifully and evenly. Drive smoothly from left to right and do not linger in one place. Otherwise, smudges form or the paint layer turns out to be too thick. In this case, wipe the problem area with solvent or do not paint when applying the following coat.

Important! When working with spray can be applied two, and preferably three layers. Take a break for half an hour - so each previous layer will have time to dry. Leave the repainted refrigerator for several hours until the paint has completely dried. After that, you can give the surface an additional effect: glossy gloss, dullness or simply fix the paint with acrylic varnish in an aerosol form.

If everything is done carefully and leisurely, the result will be very effective. For example, Soviet ZIL refrigerators painted in bright colors look stylish. Such units look harmoniously in kitchens decorated in the style of loft or modern. They add retro romance and serve as a bright accent in the interior.


Refreshing a refrigerator is much cheaper than buying a new one. In addition, painting does not take much time and effort. You can do it yourself literally in a day. And having shown a little imagination and adding a touch of creativity, you get a real designer thing. Individuality remains in fashion, so feel free to grab brushes and paints.