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How to save energy in the office


Running your own business involves a lot of costs, starting from the salaries of employees and ending with the costs of maintaining the office space. As an owner, you can save money by reducing the amount of electricity consumed by you and your employees. Savings will reduce billing and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy can be saved if the office equipment is updated and the office is properly functioning.

Get rid of the vampires

Don’t worry, you don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to find out which staff is wasting energy.

It will be enough to “hunt” for vampire appliances that are hiding in each room. A device can be considered a “vampire” if it consumes energy even when it is turned off or in standby mode.

Such devices include televisions, chargers for mobile phones, wireless Internet routers. Take an inventory and turn off devices that are rarely used: at night, turn off the router from the network and unplug all charges from the outlet.

Invest in office plants

In fact, there are no magic plants for the office that can save electricity. However, potted plants can still help a little in this - they are quite capable of reducing the use of air conditioning.

And all because the plants are natural moisturizers, giving 90% moisture to the air thanks to the transpiration process. This allows you to make the air cleaner, and the room becomes cool. In addition, the natural green color improves mood and enhances the team's morale.

Do not wait for the end of the day

Most enterprises use the services of cleaners at the beginning or at the end of the day, there is no one in the office. However, you can clean at a time when, for example, the first employee arrives - so the included light in the office will not be wasted.

Sex as an energy source

When we think about energy saving, this is mainly about lighting and electronic devices, but what about the ordinary floor in the office? A cold floor can consume energy no less than a variety of office equipment.

So the warmer the floor, the less energy is spent on a computer or printer, experts say. Ideal - wooden and cork floors, worse - concrete and metal.

Vampire hunt

When it comes to vampire hunting, mystical stories and horror stories are usually recalled. But in reality, “energy vampires” are not the fiction of Hollywood screenwriters. This is the name of all kinds of electrical appliances that are usually not turned off from the network.

They can be found in any room. Agree, every time getting up from the workplace to connect the phone charge to the network is just too lazy. It is much more convenient not to turn it off altogether, connecting your favorite smartphone to a cord hidden among business documentation as needed.

Another example is network routers. When leaving home in the evening, employees, as a rule, turn off computers, while hubs and routers tirelessly blink garlands of indicators throughout the night.

Yes, and the computers themselves. They are, of course, turned off by the operating system. But while the plug remains in the socket, the electrons “sip” on the sly, waiting for the owner to touch the touch button or network command lightly to start up and wake up for real.

Each of the vampires alone consumes a tiny amount of energy. But who counted the total losses?

Several years ago, German researchers set such a goal. It turned out that losses can reach 10%. As you can see, office "vampire hunting" can bring significant benefits.

How to recognize vampires? They are given out by burning indicator eyes and warmth. Raise your hand to the turned off appliance. If it is warm (even the smallest one), then it “steals” energy.

Green savings

At first glance, indoor plants have nothing to do with energy saving. But in fact, palm trees in pots and violets in pots can reduce the need for air conditioning.

Any plant is an effective moisturizer. As a result of transpiration, the process of water evaporation by plants, up to 90% of the moisture consumed by indoor flowers falls into the atmosphere of the office. High humidity helps to cope with the heat, therefore - save on the work of air conditioners.

How to save on office lighting?

At the moment, many people use LED lighting. The first models that had LED lights were mounted on the production line. Thanks to this, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of this product. You also need to know that these LED panels can be highly efficient. If you install LED panels in your office, then you can save up to 50% of the money.

If you are renting your premises or office, then it is imperative to replace structures. In a large number of products pays off much faster. Today, LED panels are considered quite popular. A huge number of manufacturers are engaged in their production, but among the entire range of companies, you should choose the best.

If you want modern LED panels, then products can be found at Clusterwin. It is this company that produces the ultrathin model of the KUP-6060-40W lamp. The design of the fixtures is considered quite complicated. That is why only professionals must replace certain parts.

The main difference of this technology is that the system has a heat sink. The heat sink in turn can have a significant role as a luminaire. LED lamps have a small thickness of the housing, but they perform their main task with high quality. Today, the product warranty is 3 years.

The LED panel has a huge number of fixtures. All fixtures that are located in the panel emit a huge amount of heat. That is why the panels in many modern models are made of aluminum. Now you can also face the problem of overvoltage. That is why the manufacturer added a special driver to his design. It is able to protect all groups of fixtures, both at high and low voltage.

At the moment, many manufacturers are also trying to make lamps that can be controlled with a dimmer. This is necessary so that you can significantly increase the scope of this product.

Thanks to the possibility of additional adjustment of lighting, you can significantly save energy. For example, if the street is too sunny, then you need to reduce the brightness of the LED panels.

The product has a durable and beautiful case. That is why the products can fit into almost any design.

Also, when choosing this product, you need to remember that the manufacturer is constantly trying to make significant discounts. If you plan to replace lighting in an office or a shopping center, then remember that the price of products can also fall. If necessary, you can also choose a non-ultra-thin model. If you have a need then you can choose a simple LED lamp. If you are interested, then you can read about LED lights to save energy.

At the moment, the cost of a three-section LED lamp Kreonix KTP-6060 for office premises can be 1900 rubles.

If you plan to choose such lamps, then you need to remember that you can get significant savings. If you want to see that the products have advantages during use, then see the screenshot that we posted below.

As you can see, if you plan to use such lamps, then you can save significant money.

We hope that our article will help you. If you rent or own an office, then you should replace the old fixtures with new ones. Thanks to this, you can save a lot.

Clean by day - save around the clock

Cleaning ladies scurrying from office to office annoy office managers and visitors, distract from work. Therefore, many organizations clean up in the late evening or even at night when the cabinets are empty. On the one hand, it’s convenient, no one bothers anyone. On the other hand, the light in the windows sometimes burns all night. Is this really necessary? If you carry out the lion's share of cleaning operations during normal business hours, electricity bills will undoubtedly decrease.

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