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Teraband as an effective tool for the development of physical qualities of preschoolers in the implementation of GEF


Theraband (Teraband) is an elastic tape or tube made of latex or similar material. It is used for physiotherapy and light weight training. Athletes, especially dancers, often use the Teraband to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the foot. Most people use the Teraband under the guidance of a physiotherapist in preparation for exercise and free weight training. Teraband tape can also be used in long-term training programs to strengthen motor skills and strength. For exercises with Teraband, you need perfect posture, warming up and stretching, i.e. the same preparation as before performing strength exercises. The following tips will tell you how to use Teraband.

"Teraband, as an effective means of developing the physical qualities of preschool children in the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard"

"Life requires movement."

Nothing depletes and destroys a person

as prolonged physical inaction. ”


Children's health in any society and in any socio-economic and political situations is an urgent problem and a subject of high priority.

In connection with the negative trend in children's health in recent years, with a decrease in growth and development, a decrease in their functional indicators, there is an urgent need to organize recreational work with preschool children using new methods and technologies. This problem is relevant in the preschool period, since this period is extremely important in the life of a child. Most critical periods are associated with this age, which makes the preschooler the most vulnerable. One of the ways to solve this problem is the targeted use in the process of physical education of preschool children of innovative physical culture and health-improving methods and technologies adapted to the age characteristics of children. These technologies should primarily contribute to the correction of not only physical, but psychomotor, emotional and speech development. First of all, it is necessary to develop conceptual approaches to health conservation and the formation of the foundations of a child’s health culture in kindergarten, taking into account regional specifics and taking into account the introduction of GEF.

The requirements of modern pedagogy prompt physical education instructors to search for new approaches in organizing physical education and health work in the classroom. It is necessary to find such teaching methods and techniques, the use of which will solve the whole complex of somatic, intellectual and physical problems.

Conducting alternative non-traditional physical education classes, which take into account the peculiarities of the motives and needs of preschoolers, is of particular importance for the Kindergarten. The popularity of sports is growing every year, so it is not surprising that manufacturers produce new simulators and various devices that allow you to make classes more effective. In my practice, I use a lot of wellness technologies, such as fitball gymnastics, game stretching, step aerobics.

Of all the variety of sports equipment, I would like to single out elastic bands (terabrands that are used in fitness.

Elastic ribbons first appeared in 1987 in the United States, Ohio. This was the beginning of high-quality compact simulators. Teraband manufacturers successfully collaborate with doctors, exercise therapy specialists, and sports trainers. In 1999, the Teraband Academy was founded, a world forum for joint research, educational activities, training of instructors and the exchange of practical experience. The aim of the project is the introduction of the latest scientific achievements in the developed products and sets of exercises. Numerous studies have shown positive results in the use of the tape in physical therapy and general health programs.

Tapes (teraband) - This is a new, sports simulator designed for exercises to develop different muscle groups. The main principle of training with a terabrand tape is stretching. Initially, tapes were used in medicine to prevent injuries and recover from them. However, today you can see that this simulator is actively used in the training process, both with adults and with children. They are made of 100% latex, due to which they are able to withstand heavy loads without losing their properties. They have several levels of elasticity for people with different physical fitness. Usually there are three levels of resistance: soft, medium and hard.

The first level is the lowest, it has a yellow color, can be used for children from 4 years.

The second level is light (green)It is allowed for use by children of older and preparatory age, after systematic classes with a yellow ribbon for 3-4 months.

The third has an average - blue color, used for primary schoolchildren and adults.

The purpose of using a band expander is, first of all, to increase endurance, strengthen muscles and, as a result, improve your figure and posture.

The advantage of using elastic bands (terabrand):

Security. This sports equipment is the safest for health. During the exercises with elastic tape is simultaneously static and dynamic load across the entire range of motion. Therefore, training with an expander has a low effect on joints and ligaments, which reduces the likelihood of injuries and sprains.

Multifunctionality. It is easy to use and provides training for the whole body - this is the development of muscle strength, the development of flexibility, endurance and stretching the whole body. The tape allows you to work out all the muscles of the body, but especially the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks. Almost all exercises that can be performed with free weights can be performed with tape. As a rule, muscles quickly adapt to the same movements, and this reduces the effectiveness of training. By adding new attributes to classes, the productivity of children's physical activity increases.

Adaptability. With a shock absorber tape, you can constantly work on the progress and development of strength, because it has several levels of resistance depending on the elasticity of the rubber. You can also adjust the intensity of the resistance yourself, strengthening or vice versa easing the tension. If you stack the rubber in several layers, then you can further increase the load.

Efficiency applications for stretching. The tape is actively used in stretching and Pilates training. With its help, additional muscles are included in the work, and the amplitude of movement increases. However, due to the low impact on the joints, classes remain safe.

Availability. Teraband tape can be attributed to one of the most inexpensive fitness tools.

Ease. The elastic tape weighs almost nothing and is easy to carry, you can take it with you if classes are held in the fresh air.

Compactness. The tape takes up very little space.

Practicality. The expander is easy to handle.

Technique for Exercising with a Band Expander

When performing strength exercises with an expander, the following are very important:

• various racks are performed on legs slightly bent at the knees,

• the surface of the entire sole should be in contact with the floor,

• the knee should be exactly above the feet,

• the abdomen is tightened, to avoid deflections in the lumbar spine,

• the elbows remain slightly bent during extension, avoid over-extension in the elbow joints,

• it is necessary to pay attention to the symmetrical arrangement of the right and left sides of the body in space,

• when working with two hands, the movement of both the right and left hands is performed.

Gripping and winding tape

To prevent accidental slipping of the tape from an arm or leg, it must be wrapped in two turns.

Hands grip tape

Winding tape on one hand. Put the straightened ribbon on your hand. The end of the tape is facing the little finger. Wrap the tape around the brush and press it with your thumb.

Winding the tape on both hands

Grasp the ribbon with both hands at a distance greater than shoulder width. The ends of the tape are facing the little fingers. Turn your hands inward so that the tape wraps around them in one to two turns.

Attaching the tape to the legs

Loop around one leg

a. Stand with one foot in the middle of the tape.

b. Form a loop from the tape and fix it with the foot of the second leg.

Tape around the leg

Stand with one foot in the middle of the tape. Wrap one end of the tape around the foot.

For beginning preschoolers, you first need to include 2-3 exercises per lesson, gradually increasing the load. Throughout, the load should not be perceived as heavy, all movements should be performed with pleasure.

Classes with elastic tape can be included in the morning exercises, perform general developmental exercises, outdoor games, or set aside special time for them.

During the exercise, you must observe the following rules:

• You need to monitor the correct position of the body, when performing movements and after completion. Perform the exercise smoothly and follow the technique of movements.

• When practicing with tape there should be no pain.

And now I suggest you to perform a small complex with terabend.


I. p. - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, the tape skipped under the feet, the ends of the tape in the hands, hands on the sides

1 - stretching the tape to take your hands to the sides,

2 - resisting compression, slowly lower your arms, (5 times)

Instructor's instructions: keep your back straight, do not straighten your arms at the elbows to the end

I. p. - the same, hands spread apart, tape in light tension in the hands,

1 - bring your hands in front of you,

2 - return to and. p., repeat 5 times

Instructor's instructions: do not straighten your elbows

I. p. - sitting on his knees, heels under the buttocks, a tape in his hands with a grip on top, hands in front of him at shoulder level, elbows to the sides.

1 - stretch the tape to the sides on the inhale, moving your elbows,

2 - very slowly release the stretching of the tape on the exhale, resisting compression, repeat 5 times

I. p. - throw the tape over the back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, arms bent in front of the chest, elbows to the sides, grip the tape in the hands with a grip on top,

1 - bring your right hand forward with effort, stretching the expander,

2 - return to and. P.,

3 - bring your left hand forward with an effort stretching the expander,

4 - return to and. p., repeat 5 times

Instructor's instructions: do not straighten your arms in your elbow when moving forward to the end.

I. p. - put the tape behind your back, take the upper end of the tape with a grip in your fist with your right hand, bend your hand behind your back and raise your hand behind your head at the back of the head, the lower end of the tape with a grip in your fist, hold down at the floor level with your left hand:

1 - raise the right hand up, stretching the tape with effort,

2 - return the hand to and. p. resisting, compression of the tape (4 times)

Change hands and repeat the same with the left hand

Instructor's instructions: do not press your upper hand to the back of the head, keep your elbows to the sides

I. p. - tie the tape ends into a ring, with your hands take the ring from the tape with a grip on top.

1-2 to spread your arms with effort to the sides, lowering your elbows down,

3-4 return to and. p., repeat 5 times

I propose to conduct reflection in the form of charging.


Participants in the pedagogical interaction who have become part of the circle, the teacher suggests through the performance of certain movements to assess the individual components of this interaction (content, individual technologies, the activities of some creative groups, the student, the teacher, individual games, etc., as well as express their attitude to these components.

The following movements may be suggested:

Squatting - very low rating, negative attitude,

- to crouch, bending the legs a little in the knees, - low grade, indifferent attitude,

- the usual standing pose, hands at the seams - satisfactory rating, calm attitude,

- raise your hands at the elbows - a good assessment, a positive attitude,

- raise your hands up, clapping your hands, stand on tiptoe - a very high score, an enthusiastic attitude.

At the beginning of the implementation of this technology, the teacher introduces the participants to all movements and their significance.

Each participant, after the teacher calls one or another component of the interaction that took place, at his own discretion, makes some kind of movement.

I plan to continue to work and develop this direction, look for new forms of organizing sports and fitness activities, collaborate with my family in order to raise a physically developed, cheerful child by forming a conscious attitude towards his health and a need for a healthy lifestyle.

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What is a teraband?

In fact, a teraband is a regular stretching latex tape. For allergy sufferers, you can purchase a latex-free teraband. The tape has a certain length - from five to 54 meters. The main thing is that its parameters should be more than one meter in length and at least 20 cm in width. It does not have any springs, clasps, or handles. This allows you to independently adjust its grip taking into account the desired effort. Terabands produce different colors, color marking depends on the level of stiffness. A kind of teraband is a rubber ring, which is stretched over the limbs and provides increased load.

What is the principle of operation of a teraband?

Elastic rubber tape has long been used effectively for stretching exercises in ballet. In medicine, it is actively used in orthopedics in the rehabilitation period after traumatic falls and strokes, as a prophylaxis and treatment of scoliosis. The tape is popular in neurology in the elderly, recovering from surgery and stroke. Classes improve the contractility of muscles, help build their strength endurance. Thanks to training with a rubber band, the muscles experience additional resistance, which means that more energy is consumed and more calories are burned. The principle of action is based on the law of counteraction - the more force a muscle exerts, the more pronounced resistance it receives. For 30 minutes a day of competent work with the simulator, you can work out almost all muscle layers.

What does regular training with Teraband latex tape give?

  • effective rehabilitation after injuries and operations,
  • sparing development of diseased joints,
  • strengthening the muscle frame,
  • enhanced basal metabolism,
  • ability to balance and feel balance,
  • the appearance of flexibility
  • good posture
  • endurance development
  • dumping extra pounds.

Удивительный терабанд: эластичные ленты от медицины до фитнеса

Поклонники домашней физкультуры, любители походов в спортзал и просто «адепты» здорового образа жизни знают, что для качественного выполнения упражнений, нужно обзавестись подходящим инвентарем.

An expander of this kind is very easy to use, its cost is low, and any person can learn to use it, regardless of preparation, the initial state. Elastic ribbons make it possible to train all problem areas, develop special flexibility, and train endurance. At the same time, minimal load is observed on the joints, as well as connective tissues.

How to choose fitness tapes

It’s very easy to purchase any sports equipment today, and elastic bands are available in almost any sports shop. They have other names: thera-band, latex band, resistance band. There are also similar names in Russian: therapeutic tape, for Pilates and fitness, an expander tape and even a shock absorber. However, in order to figure out which one to buy, you will have to dig deeper into the details.

All such devices have several levels of elasticity, which is why they provide different loads during exercise. This allows people with different levels of physical fitness to do such inventory. They are mainly divided into three categories: soft, medium, hard. However, some manufacturers went further and made additional intermediate three levels of elasticity in order to further adapt to the consumer. For ease of definition and selection, they are specially painted in different colors.

  • The most affordable, mild load level (soft tape) is usually yellow, green and their shades.
  • The average level is marked with shades of red.
  • Lilac, violet and blue are the toughest ribbons giving the most significant level of load.

Mostly, for large, widely known manufacturers in the world, these rules always work, but smaller firms can depart from the unspoken rule. They can have ribbons of the same color, but with different elasticities, or vice versa, multi-colored with the same indicators. Therefore, it is better to consult with the sellers in the store when choosing.

Lenght and width

Usually multi-colored rubber bands stretch well, but less than one meter and twenty centimeters do not need to be taken. So they may be uncomfortable, will limit your swings and movements. According to the unwritten rule, the longer the tape - the more varied your classes will be. If the length is excessively long, then no one will stop you from folding it in half.

The standard width of the elastic band for exercises for men and women is from fifteen to twenty centimeters. More subtle will crash into the body, causing discomfort. If we take broader ones, then some classes and complexes will become inaccessible due to loss of mobility.

Secrets of application and storage

According to statistics, this type of sports equipment successfully wins an unequal “battle” with such popular shells as weights, dumbbells and barbells. There are quite objective reasons for this.

  • Compactness, small size of elastic bands plays a key role for some home athletes. In the conditions of, for example, a city apartment, it is very beneficial to simply put it in a drawer or bedside table before the next training session.
  • Such equipment can be taken with you on any trip or trip. It not only does not take up space, but is also very light and fits even in a handbag.
  • Using these tapes, you can easily work out all muscle groups without exception. Everything that is done with free weights falls into the categories of classes with ribbons.
  • Low injury risk is another feature of this projectile. Across the entire range of movements, there is a static and dynamic load simultaneously. Sprains and injuries will be virtually eliminated.
  • Inertia during exercises with elastic bands does not play a significant role. That is, a dumbbell or even a bar can be thrown, neglecting the technique of performing specific movements, and with a rubber band such numbers will not work.
  • In the classes with this equipment, you can perform almost all the exercises that are usual for the athlete, which he did with free weights. Their technique will be the same. In addition, you can use any grip, thereby varying the work with different muscles, because the tapes do not have handles.

Storage of such tapes does not have any special requirements. They behave well at room temperature, are not afraid of high and low temperatures. Even when they lie down in the sultry July sun or in a twenty-degree frost, they will have the same indicators as before.

Technique for doing classes with a tape

Such exercises with elastic bands for men and women will help to keep fit, achieving better results.

Legs at shoulder level elastic band runs just below the feet. Both ends must be firmly clamped in your hands, you can even wrap it around to prevent slipping. Overcoming the resistance of the elastic, we bend our elbows until they are bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Return to the starting position.

The position is the same as in the previous version, but one leg is advanced one step forward. The neck is relaxed, the head is looking forward. The tape is stretched under the front leg, both ends securely clasped in the hands. Raise your hands forward, without bending at the elbows, until they become horizontal to the floor surface. We return the hands to a position along the body.

To study the shoulder girdle, triceps, and at the same time the press, sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Pick up the ends of the rubber strip and stretch it under the feet in the middle. Further, gradually spreading your arms as far as possible to the sides, twist to the right and left.

For legs and buttocks

In a standing position, extend one step forward, and stretch the elastic under the back. Bend your elbows and press firmly against the body. Take a step forward with your free foot, while bending it at the knee (lunge position). Stretch your arms in front of you, as high as possible, without releasing the tape from them. Return to the starting position.

Step with your left foot in the middle of the shell, and with the palm of your right hand tightly grasp its ends. Lunge with your foot with the tape, while lowering your hand with the tape as much as possible. When lifting, pull the tape, bending it at the elbow and leading to the belt. Change your leg and repeat the exercise.

To work out the buttocks and hips, the “Kick” exercise is suitable. Lie on your back, bending your knees, and firmly pressing your heels to the floor. In this case, the socks should look up without touching the surface. Lift one leg at forty-five degrees, and then hook the gum on the foot. Hold the ends of the expander in your hands. Tear off the hips from the surface, while straightening the working (push) leg, thereby stretching the elastic. Return to starting position. Repeat with the second leg.

To strengthen the back muscles

Stand on the bar. Pull the elastic over your back, and grab the ends in your palms. Please note that in the initial position the gum should be stretched as much as possible. Push up the usual method. If it is difficult for you to perform this exercise right away, you can first practice a stand in the bar for several minutes, and only then move on to push-ups. Not only the back works here, but also the arms and other muscle groups.

In a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, we stretch the elastic under the feet, and we firmly take its ends in our hands. We bend our arms at the elbows, slowly we part them at the maximum distance from each other. We bring our hands together behind our back, and then we connect them in front of us. All movements are slow.

We lie down on our stomach, let the gum pass behind us, folding it in half and grabbing it with our hands. We put our socks on the floor, they should be perpendicular to the surface. We raise the body, as well as the hands, thereby stretching the tape. The neck should be relaxed. It is unacceptable to turn your head - the look is directed directly to the floor.

It makes sense to watch a video of exercises with elastic tape for the back to better understand what is being said.

For the development of abdominal muscles

Lie on your back, legs raised, as for an exercise bike. Fold the gum in half and fix it on the feet. Perform normal movements while stretching the expander.

Stand in the buttock bridge, while folding the gum in half and putting it on the area above the knees. Spread your legs to the sides, and then return to the place.

Without leaving the position described in the previous exercise, raise your legs alternately, pulling them to the chest. Keep your knees bent at an angle of ninety degrees.

Any stretching exercises can be made better by adding elastic bands to them. Moreover, it can be a stretch of the hamstrings, back, leading muscles, buttocks or back surfaces of the thighs. Variations can be very many, while creating is not at all prohibited. The main thing is to carry them out carefully, clearly controlling the load, in accordance with their condition and preparation.

A set of exercises with elastic tape for weight loss

Many people ask whether such a kind of sports equipment, convenient, compact and easy to use, will help with the task of losing extra pounds. The answer of course will be in the affirmative. Elastic band exercises for women are best suited, but men can use them when needed.

Important principles

We must observe the principles that help in getting rid of excess body weight. So you will achieve good results, while not exposing your body to danger from excessive loads.

  • Make yourself a progression of the loads, that is, the number of steps for which you are going to "get" from the current state to the desired one. At the same time, they should increase gradually, without stomping on the spot or sudden jumps. How to compose it is best to ask a professional trainer, he will help to figure out the details.
  • Do not forget about over-recovery or super-compensation, because muscle building occurs during rest between workouts. At the same time, they replace fat with themselves, because the total weight may not only not decrease, but even increase. This means that the load must be constantly increased, otherwise the building will not happen.
  • Do not push yourself in the back, do not try to lose excess twenty kilograms per week - so you can only undermine your health. In any business, gradualism is needed, and therefore the load during classes should grow slowly, but constantly.

To fulfill these recommendations in exercises with an elastic band is also important, as with other complexes pursuing different goals (muscle building, endurance training, etc.).

Day one - pumping the top of the body

  • Traction tape to the chest - 3 sets of 15 repetitions. There is a one minute break between exercises. Rest after completion - 3 minutes.
  • Push-ups with the tape - the same mode, but with breaks of 2 minutes. The general respite is 3 minutes.
  • Slopes with tape - 3 sets of 15 repetitions, with a break of 45 seconds. Rest 34 minutes.
  • The pull of the tape in an inclination, the extension of the hands, as in the first case.

Day two - aerobic exercise and lower body

  • Ribbon Squats - 5 sets of 20 reps. A minute between sets.
  • Lunges - 3 sets of 12 reps. One minute between sets.
  • Leaving the foot back - 3 sets of 15 reps with 45-second respite.
  • Jumping rope - 5 sets of one minute, with a two-minute rest.
  • Running on the spot for five minutes.

* Rest after each exercise should be at least three minutes.

Training days need to be constantly alternated, not dealing with only one type of load, as this will not give the desired result.

Tips for beginners

Much in the matter of quality weight loss depends on maintaining a balance in obtaining and spending calories. It is clear that you need to get less than burn. The optimal energy deficit should be about 250-900 units. That is, even loading yourself to the point of exhaustion, but eating two cakes a day, you will not achieve any result.

  • Daily training will not bring any benefit either, you can first plan two classes per week, and then increase them to three to five.
  • Please note that sacrificing equipment is unproductive.
  • Always warm up and hitch, otherwise you can seriously damage unheated muscles. Moreover, this will help to additionally burn calories and accelerate recovery processes by twenty to thirty percent.
  • When evaluating your results, do not rely on scales. As already mentioned, the total mass can even increase, because the muscles weigh more than a light fat. Measure volumes, look at yourself in the mirror, it will be much more reliable.
  • Psychologically take your workouts with tape as a chance to fix the bad, and not waste time on heavy loads. Only engaging in joy, inspiration, you can quickly achieve results. Turning exercise into hard labor is unproductive.

An overall healthy lifestyle will significantly accelerate the process of losing weight. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, for example, from alcohol and smoking, eat right. Understand that all these are artificial sources of happiness, because no cakes and sweets are worth health. With the right approach, your body will learn to enjoy physical education on its own, because it will no longer require stimulants like a cigarette or a glass of cognac.

System of Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky

The specialization of this doctor is kinesitherapy, that is, the cure of various pain syndromes without the use of medications. The system uses decompression movements, mainly on the multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky (MTB). The doctor’s teachings are based on the knowledge of their ancestors, and Hippocrates himself described the movement, in particular with an elastic band expander. Treatment of the musculoskeletal system according to the Bubnovsky method is effective in many cases.

  • Cyst Baker.
  • Polyarthritis.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Headaches, dizziness.
  • Arthritis and arthrosis.
  • Osteoporosis and flat feet.
  • Gout, pain in the feet.
  • Violation of posture (scoliosis, etc.).
  • Recovery from a stroke.

A treatment regimen such as that of Sergei Bubnovsky is recommended for the relief of the effects of strokes, with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, type 2 diabetes, reproductive problems, hypertension, hemorrhoids. The complex is recommended for the elderly, children after six years of age, adults, as well as those who suffer from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, curvature of the spine and other health problems.

Disadvantages of a Teraband

The teraband still has some disadvantages:

  • quick wear
  • the stiffness level has a certain ceiling for each color, after a while all the stiffness levels will be passed and it will be problematic to build up strength, this drawback does not matter for rehabilitation,
  • you can’t evaluate the result - those who are used to recording their achievements will have to be content with a subjective assessment of their feelings,
  • if you ignore the technique of doing the exercises, you can damage the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, although to do this is much more problematic than using other simulators.

Rules for choosing a latex tape Teraband

Teraband should be chosen taking into account age and physical activity. The width of the tape should vary between 15 - 20 cm, and in length should be at least 1.2 meters. The longer the tape, the more varied the choice of exercises, moreover, it can be folded in half. It is advisable to choose a well-known brand, so as not to doubt the quality of the product. The color marking of the tapes is different and depends on the rigidity of the material and elasticity:

  • yellow - the easiest simulator for beginners and older persons in the rehabilitation period,
  • red and green colors are suitable for persons of average level of preparation and for recovery from injuries,
  • dark colors (from blue-black to lilac-violet) are the toughest for athletes with a high level of training

Color coding may vary by some manufacturers, but yellow is usually the lightest tape option. Sometimes you can buy a ready-made set of tapes with several levels of stiffness. How to choose the best option for yourself? Try to stretch the maximum ribbon you select in the store. If after 5 repetitions you get tired, buy a weaker version of the teraband.

Teraband activities

Professional instructors are increasingly using terabrands and make up special training complexes with him. If the teraband is indicated in the recovery period, then you must follow the instructions of the rehabilitologist (traumatologist). A stepwise increase in loads allows you to create an individual patient program in dynamics, taking into account his age, pathology, level of physical fitness. An excellent recovery result during rehabilitation is due to convenient operation in different positions of the patient. Physical therapy lesson should include breathing and corrective exercises.

Exercises are preferably performed in front of the mirror. Each exercise should be repeated 12-15 times in 3 sets. Rest between sets of 30 seconds, between exercises - 1.5-2 minutes. The tape can be fixed to a doorknob or other item. Periodically, you need to change the training scheme, since there are a lot of exercises with teraband for different muscle groups.

Терабанд – уникальный тренажер, который эффективен не только в реабилитационном периоде после травм, растяжек, операций, после инсульта, при лечении патологий нервной системы, повреждении позвоночника, но и может стать незаменимым помощником для прогрессивных тренировок в домашних условиях.