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All About Blair Waldorf: Facts, Commandments, and Best Quotes


Blair Waldolf - This is one of the main heroines of the popular TV series "Gossip Girl". It is not at all surprising that so much female and male attention is riveted to her, because she is the real leader among the rich and young girls of Manhattan. Blair’s character is multifaceted and very complex. Blair would say that she is inimitable, and you would find out how you can become like her. But no one promises you that it will be easy.

The first one. Become a leader! Since Blair Waldorf is no doubt an alpha girl on the social scene among the youth of New York.

The second one. Be ambitious! This is what will bring you closer to the image of Blair. Throughout all, all the series, this girl shows her expressed ambitious nature in almost everything, starting with the educational process, and ending with relationships. This Blair quality is manifested and in her individual style of dressing - expensive, fashionable, very original.

The third. Rather, become the most successful and diligent in school or in a student group. After all, Blair’s charm is not just that she is rich and attractive to guys, but she is also smart, very talented.

Fourth. Open yourself and your heart for emotions, feelings. Not looking at the reputation of a true lady-bitch, she is quite touching and sensitive. She sincerely seeks to take care of close people, worries about them, including her best friend, classmate Serena.

Fifth. Dress perfectly fashionable because Blair is known for her crazy passion for fashion and catwalks. Moreover, she is the daughter of a famous New York fashion designer - Eleanor Waldorf!

If you are more or less clear with the distinguishing features of Blair’s behavior and character, then you are probably confused by the very last paragraph of the instructions - number five. And really, how do you copy this impeccable, stunning, sophisticated style of Manhattan girls with their neat chic collars, classic scarves and rather low bows without significant costs? Read the following instructions, they will answer all your questions.

You will need: a blazer, perfumes, a warm woolen skirt, a hairband with any crystals, ballet shoes.

As well as:

The first one. A variety of blouses are needed by Blair Waldorf, like the air itself. Please put on a blazer over a fashionable blouse with a clear accent on pockets of a sea or gray shade.

The second one. Another permanent resident of the wardrobe Blair Waldorf is the notorious hairband. A white ribbon with crystals, or a red ribbon with a big bow on the right side would be amazingly beautiful. Choose wide.

The third. Do not forget about a dark blue or green skirt, preferably from a woolen material. She will instantly turn you into the main gossip in a school guise. Also, be sure to carefully hide the edges of the blouse in the skirt. Blapp outfit such things never dare to wear. Do not forget - Blair is refined and impeccable! And accuracy is her trump card!

Fourth. Complete the image with ballet shoes. Often. Most often fashionable and expensive, but the simplest discreet ballet shoes, chosen with taste, will also suit.

Fifth. No less important! Never forget to put a few drops of French perfume on your neck and wrists! Why exactly french? You know it yourself!

Facts About Blair Waldorf

Full name: Blair Carnelia Waldorf.

In abbreviated form: Queen Bee.

Birthday: November 15, 1990.

Occupation: Designer at Waldorf Designs.

Husband: Chuck Bass.

Son: Henry Bass.

Best friend: Serena Van Der Woodson.

First love: Nate Archibald.

Vocation: dictator of good taste.

Personality: complex but deep.

Favorite cakes: almond pasta.

Favorite flowers: pink peonies.

The 10 Commandments of Blair Waldorf

1. Friends are a family

Throughout the series, Blair was famous for her dedication in the name of saving a friend. From season to season she came to the aid of Serena and never betrayed her, not to mention the famous rule "friends do not blame". This bitch VIS could humiliate and offend anyone, but her friends are always above all.

2. A real lady always keeps calm

Blair’s rules included calm and composure in all situations. She repeated more than once when she was nervous: “I am Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly is me,” and she sighed meaningfully. Everything is simple - life must go according to plan, and there is no place for impulsivity in it, only cold calculation.

3. Do not follow fashion - create it yourself

Blair was ideal for all girls. Not for nothing at school everyone repeated it and without exception, in the literal sense of the word, walked in rims. Then Bee grew up and began to further influence fashion, creating her own collections dedicated to high school. Blair's style, inspired by the looks of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, is a science. She is imitated in real life. Feminine raincoats and skirts, silk blouses and exquisite shoes - an eternal classic.

4. For the sake of a loved one, in the fire, and in the water, and on the roof, and in the casino

We all worried about a couple of Blair and Chuck from season to season, and there is no doubt that Blair was betrayed by her love and always fought for it. Even when marrying another, Bee did this to save Chuck. Whatever bitch Blair was, she truly deeply and selflessly loved. That is why it all ended in the creation of a happy family, despite many obstacles.

5. Only the best are worthy near.

Blair was always very kind to her surroundings, her retinue was carefully selected. Not everyone has long stood a place next to Queen Bee. Every year she divided all the girls into projects and losers. And before her wedding, Blair even arranged a whole competition with strict rules between applicants for the role of the bridesmaid.

6. Be a manipulator

Blair knew how to manage people like her dolls, and to build complex schemes to expose at school. Of course, she went unpunished, because all the dirty work for her was done by others. But along with Blair, games, stakes, and her manipulative abilities grew. Bee first ruled the school, and then the lives of people. We all remember the inimitable output of all Blair’s bitch under her leadership to expose Bart Bass: “If you don’t know, I’m the main bitch here.” With Bi, no one could compete in her cunning plans.

7. Believe in a fairy tale

From childhood, Bi dreamed about her perfect graduation, drew it in all the details in the album, up to the sketch of the dress. And when it was time for graduation, by hook or by crook, Chuck made her holiday perfect, exactly the way she saw it when she was a girl. In addition, Blair always wanted to become a princess and almost got her own fairy tale, but still love for Bass prevailed. So, believe in a fairy tale, but follow the call of the heart.

8. Achieve everything yourself

Blair always knew exactly what she wanted and what her life should be like. Only with a childhood dream, Yale, had to say goodbye, but Bee did not despair and went on: she completed an internship in the magazine and earned the trust of her mother, who transferred her management of her company. At a young age, Blair was able to create a name for herself and embody her style in a fashion collection. We must not forget how Bee put off her relationship with Chuck so as not to lose her “I” and make a brilliant career before starting a family.

9. Be the first in everything

By virtue of her character, Blair strove to be the best in everything, and she certainly did it. Excellent grades at school, respect for girls, best parties, best guys, impeccable reputation and unlimited power. Blair achieved the royal title with everyday work on herself, which is worthy of respect.

10. Buying items on sale is bad form

In the first season of Gossip Girl there is an episode where Blair sends the girl out of sight for shoes bought at a sale. Another commandment of Queen Bi: only exclusive and expensive clothes from the main boutiques of the city. The style is in the details and the origin of what you wear. As Den Humphrey accurately observed, Blair is a cruel dictator of good taste.