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How to copy a protected drive correctly?


How to copy a protected drive?

The programs below allow you to copy and emulate protected drives:

Alcohol 120% - emulator CD / DVD-ROM drive. The program creates a disk image with data, audio or video information on the hard disk of the user's PC, and then provides access to this data to other programs as if the desired disk is in the drive. Alcohol 120% supports working with many CD / DVD formats, has the ability to work with 31 images at the same time, provides an incomparably higher (compared to CD) data transfer speed between the application and the disk image. There is support for the Russian language. Alcohol 120% can work with most known image files, emulates the work of a 200x high-speed CD-ROM, there is an image search, the program can copy protected disks, bypass the protection of SafeDisc, StarForce (partially), Securom and LaserLock.

Daemon tools - A small but powerful emulator of CD / DVD drives. Allows you to "pick up" any disk image made by some utility for copying disks (for example, CloneCD), i.e. can work with any kind of "discs" - even with the PlayStation. Similarly, you can "paste" audio CDs or DVDs copied to your hard drive into this emulator. For the correct operation of copies with the "tricky" protection used in the CD with games, the program has special modes SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom and Laserlock.

SlySoft CloneCD - A powerful program for creating "backups" of CDs. It allows you to create perfect copies of most of the available protected drives. This is achieved using the Raw Mode recording mode - in the so-called "raw" mode, when data recording is completely controlled by the program. Thus, with the data, you can do anything you like, fully controlling the process of recording data. Thus, the CloneCD program makes it possible to create identical copies of the CD. It requires a CD writer that works in direct format (Raw mode). In addition, the CD reader must support certain commands. A list of supported drives can be found on the manufacturer’s website. If the necessary equipment is available, the program copies any CDs, including protected ones.

Slysoft CloneDVD - A utility designed to create completely identical copies of DVD movies and burn them to DVD media. The program can completely rewrite the contents of the disk, which allows you to create copies in 1: 1 mode.

SlySoft AnyDVD - a program to bypass regional protections when playing, copying or converting DVD discs, runs in the background and allows you to bypass such protections as CSS, RPC, Macrovision and other warnings about illegal copying. It works with most programs (CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy and others), support for most drives and DVDs, fast and stable operation without the need to install an ASPI driver, the ability to play, copy and rob protected Audio CDs, automatic recognition and installation 72 Hz NTSC or 75 Hz PAL modulation.

Blindwrite - The program is designed to create exact copies of CD / DVD discs (or remove an image from them), which allows you to read information from copy-protected media, as well as scratched, worn and damaged in other ways discs. BlindWrite supports many formats and is constantly updated by the development company.

The list of key features of BlindWrite 5 include:
- a completely new interface,
- support for changing themes
- a new read / write engine compatible with CD and DVD,
- support for BlindWrite 4.x (.BWT), CloneCD (.CCD), Iso images (.ISO), Cuesheet / Binary (.CUE / .BIN), Alcohol (.MDS) formats,
- compatibility with almost any hardware
- multilingual support,
- voice notification of the user, the creation of log files.

DVD Mate Professional / Deluxe - A program for recording and copying (including protected) CD and DVD discs. The program allows you to record discs in Data CD, Audio CD, Mixed Mode CD and CD-Extra formats (there is support for CJK characters in file names), it can create bootable discs (including Mixed Mode Bootable CDs) and copy 1: 1 CDs.

Gamejackal pro - the program copies and can emulate all copy protection methods of the game, such as VOB Protect CD, StarForce 1 & 2, the new SafeDisc and Securom. Copy all CSS-protected single-layer DVDs and Video-DVDs. Contains ClonyXXL. GameJack supports the creation of CD images of the following formats: ISO, CUE, BWT, supports the on-the-fly recording of WAV and MP3 files, as well as the recording of CD images of the following formats: ISO, CUE, BWT, WAV, MPG, MP2, MP3.

SlySoft CloneCD

This application is designed to solve one single problem, namely, "how to remove a copy from the disk, including the protected one." Working in this application is very simple, the only thing you need to create a clone of the protected disk is to enable the special mode “Raw Mode”. Despite the high efficiency of the software, the program can not always bypass all protection algorithms, especially those that are used to prohibit copying in game discs.

If SlySoft CloneCD is useless, you just have to try to solve this problem in another application.

Daemon tools

This program is a large set of utilities for performing a variety of actions related to disks. Among this diversity, we will primarily be interested in the special CloneCD tool, designed for cloning protected optical discs. CloneCD can bypass various types of algorithms that oppose copying, including those applicable to PlayStation discs.

Speaking more specifically about the protection algorithms of modern drives, then this is, first of all, Securom, SafeDisc (C - Dilla), Laserlock and StarForce.

Alcohol 120%

This program is one of the best applications for working with disks, including for solving tasks related to copying. Support for more than 30 types of image formats allows you to copy almost any disk, including the one on which protection is installed.

This application demonstrates high efficiency even when cloning game discs protected using the StarForce algorithm.

It is also worth noting that the program allows you to mount virtual drives and connect game disk images to them, which significantly increases speed compared to using a regular disk inserted into a physical drive.

Copy the contents of a DVD disc to your computer’s hard drive.

For these purposes we use DVD Decrypter. After starting the program, we see a similar window:

There are several modes of operation of the program DVD Decrypter:
File MODE - overwrite individual VOB files
IFO MODE - Selective copying of individual scenes from a DVD disc to a computer hard drive
ISO MODE - DVD image

Choose IFO MODE (MODE -> IFO, pressing the "I" key will produce the same results).

Set the mode IFO (Tab Tools -> settings -> IFO Mode).

You should have enabled the creation of an information file about streams (in the window Create Additional Files the flag on Stream information), all information will be saved to a file Stream Information.txt. It is also necessary to record file names including PGC numbers (in the window File names check the box on Include PGC Number).

All settings are behind (just once to configure, he remembers all the settings), you can start copying, click on Decrypt. In the right window DVD Decrypter by default, the main thread is selected. Let DVD Decrypter copy all the audio tracks.

Ripping DVD to AVI

After starting AutoGK, we get to the main window:

AutoGK - automated version Gordian knot'but. So, let's start ripping your favorite disc.

Step 1: Selecting a directory with a saved DVD and selecting a directory for recording:

AT Input directoty select the directory where we copied the DVD disc to Output file we choose where the result will go. There we select the file name.
Step 2: Select audio tracks and subtitles:

Everything is simple here, we select the desired audio track and, if necessary, subtitles.

Step 3: Final size selection:

Can choose:
Predefined size - If the flag is set in this position, then the result is divided into several CDs. By default, the result is divided by 2CD.
Custom size - the result is not divided into anything, but you are able to choose the size.
Target quality (in percentage) - the size is set automatically, depending on the desired quality in percent.

Step 4 (optional): additional options
Preview - preview
Advanced settings - Advanced settings
After clicking on Advanced settings a window appears Advanced options

Resolution settings - resolution settings:
Auto widht - by checking this box, the program itself selects the most acceptable resolution.
Minimum width - sets the minimum width.
Fixed widht - sets a fixed width. The best choice.

Codec - Codec:
Many books can be written on this subject. Therefore, we choose what lies closer to the soul.

Audio - Audio:
AC3 track has a slightly better sound quality and thus greater volume compared to audio in MP3 format (AC3 is the default), i.e. when choosing AC3 there is little space for video when recording on two discs. If you want to get a high-quality picture, then the best choice would be VBR: 128.

Subtitle options - subtitles:
We poke at checkpoints, depending on what we like: original weighty subtitles, or ripped, and light.
At the end of the black magic session, poke in add jobthen start. After about 4-6 hours, you can enjoy the result of your labors.