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How to find a hole in an air mattress: 8 effective ways


An air mattress is a convenient thing that is easy to store. It is an integral part of the party, for example, after which you still have friends, and allows you to place guests for the night in a comfortable bed. But, if there is even a small hole on the mattress, then your guest will remain on the floor by morning, I would like to avoid such moments. Finding such a hole is the same as looking for a needle in a haystack, but we will try to help you with this task.

First, remove the bedding from the mattress

We will place the mattress in a place where we can twist and twist it in different directions, but at the same time freely move around it

We fill it to the limit (it is better to use a hand pump, not an air compressor, because mattresses do not like high pressure)

We begin the inspection of the mattress (the completed design will allow you to notice even the smallest hole)

We mix soap liquid and warm water in the spray gun, and then systematically spray the solution over the entire surface of the air mattress. If you notice soap bubbles, then a hole has been detected. (This is one of the easiest ways to find a leak). You can also take a soap rag and wipe it with a mattress, the effect will be the same

If there is such an opportunity, then lower the mattress into the pool (it is also possible in the bath, but if it has sufficient dimensions). Immerse the mattress either in parts or in its entirety and in the place where the hole is located, you will notice bubbles, the puncture site has been found

Gradually and slowly slide your palm over the mattress, where air enters the palm of your hand, you will find a hole

You can bend your ear to the air mattress and hear the air leaving the mattress, this method is suitable for those who have good hearing

Examine all seams carefully. The air mattress has seams on the upper and lower sides, as well as, of course, on the sides. These are the most common air leaks.

To search for leaks, you can place the mattress on a table that is located outside the house. After, take a garden hose and start watering the mattress with a little water, now we are looking for bubbles over the entire surface. Be careful, because the hole will not constantly release bubbles, but only once every few minutes

Pay attention to the valve or nozzle to make sure they are securely fastened.

One alternative method

1. pour a glass of water inside the mattress

2. we fill the mattress with air, but it is not necessary to fill it to the limit, it is enough that it takes the necessary form

3. shake the mattress and turn first on one side, then on the other. Wet spots that appear on the surface of the mattress will leak

4. after finding the leak, it is necessary to drain the water and pour 1 liter of methyl hydrate instead, then shake the mattress and drain the liquid. This is to prevent mold and the appearance of any microorganisms inside the air mattress.

Soapy water allows you to focus on the bubbles when it gets into the leak.

Before starting to repair the mattress, remove the soap from it and let it dry.

Contact the manufacturer for more information on repairing the hole. Some firms may offer free repair kits or give recommendations.

While inflating the mattress, light the incense stick and position it so that smoke begins to fill the mattress. The smoke exit point is the leak point.

How to glue an air mattress.

Holes in air mattresses are not uncommon. We already wrote about how to find holes in an air mattress, it's time to talk about how to glue them.

DIY repair of air mattresses is simple. To do this, you need PVC glue, a degreaser (acetone, alcohol, solvent), fine sandpaper and a patch. Patches are usually bundled with an air mattress.

So, how to glue an air mattress? First, take the sandpaper to remove a layer of pile from the air mattress. If your mattress is smooth, then you can skip this step. Removing the pile is necessary, otherwise the patch simply does not stick.

Now you need to go through the cleaned area with a degreaser. Everything, you can glue a hole on an air mattress. We take a patch of the right size, cover with a glue the puncture place on the mattress and glue the patch. Press it down on top with something heavy to get a better grip. The glue dries quite quickly, but it is better to leave the mattress this way overnight.

Method 1: Valve Check

Many manufacturers of these products consider checking valves the best answer to the question "How to find a hole in an air mattress?" We advise you to do the following:

  1. First of all, remove bedding and everything that will interfere with your searches.
  2. Move the mattress into a well-lit, free from objects space - you will need to inflate it, turn it over and carefully examine it.
  3. Fill the mattress with air as much as possible.
  4. But now is the time to inspect the valve - it is he who is the main cause of all leaks. Make sure it is tightly closed. If the valve is double, then its plug must be firmly inserted into the base.
  5. If there is a problem with the valve, then it will be difficult to fix it on your own. Try to fix the leak by inserting a thin sheet of plastic, cloth.
  6. If there are no problems with the valve, it does not let air through, then how to find a hole in an air mattress? Let's move on!

Method number 2: using a soap solution

We will act according to the following algorithm:

  1. Add a little dishwashing liquid (soap solution, liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo) to the spray bottle so that there is enough soapy water on the entire surface of the mattress. An alternative to a “sprinkler” would be a sponge or rag soaked in this solution.
  2. How to find a hole in an air mattress at home? Fill it with air and spray, wipe off the entire surface of the product with soapy water, starting again with the valve and paying particular attention to the areas of the seams.
  3. Now watch carefully - where soap bubbles have appeared, and there will be a place for air leakage.
  4. Circle the leak with a permanent marker, mark with a piece of tape or with a sticky sticker.
  5. The next step is to 100% dry the mattress. Only after that he will be ready for storage and repair.

Method 3: visual and manual inspection

Another simple way that tells you how to find a hole in an air mattress:

  1. Fill the product with air to the limits.
  2. Carefully inspect the mattress from all sides for damage. Particular attention is given to the seams.
  3. Moisten your hand a little in water and, piece by piece, slide your palm over the surface of the mattress. Drive as slowly as possible - a quick inspection will not produce results. In the place where the air will come out, you will feel a slight chill or even a slight breath on a wet hand.
  4. Another technique - also, exploring the area after area, to press on the surface of the mattress, bending close to his ear. Perform the procedure in complete silence - only then you will hear a subtle whistle from a hole in the product. More attention - again to the seams.
  5. Also mark leaky areas with a permanent marker or duct tape. Do not stop if you find one hole - examine the entire mattress, there may be several damage.

What tools will be needed

The set of tools, materials needed to find a hole in the mattress depends on the method chosen to achieve the goal. Sometimes just one option is not enough, so the owner of an air mattress alternately uses several of them.

What tools are needed:

  • soap solution (add liquid soap, shampoo, or dishwashing detergent to the water),
  • a container to connect these two components in it,
  • sponge made of foam rubber (the usual one is suitable for washing dishes). Need to check the valve,
  • a large washcloth made of foam, to cover the entire surface of the air mattress with foam,
  • piece of cloth if there is no sponge
  • marker to trace holes in the mattress.

Find a hole in an air mattress - 7 effective ways

The most difficult thing in the process of how to find a hole in an inflatable mattress is not even a search method, but the detection of a cut. They are almost microscopic. They are difficult to see without auxiliary tools at hand.

Before searching, it is recommended to find the instructions that came with the new air mattress, and then read it. Often manufacturers make recommendations in order to find and clean a hole, taking into account the material from which the thing is made.

Valve inspection

In order not to waste too much time, you should always look for a hole in the mattress by first checking the valve for leaks. It is his failure that causes a decrease in pressure.

Before testing the mattress valve, you need to clean it from dust, rinse each component. Sometimes these measures are all that is needed to solve a problem.

The pump in the air mattress works in much the same way as a vacuum cleaner: through one hole, air is drawn in, through the other, it enters the valve. With it, dust particles, litter, hair, furniture fibers, threads, and pet hair fall inside. Seals are covered with garbage, lose their tightness.

  1. Clean, flush the mattress valve.
  2. Put it in place.
  3. Inflate the air mattress.
  4. Close both plugs tightly.
  5. Prepare a soap solution.
  6. Apply it to the valve, also soap the area around.
  7. Beat foam so that it covers the valve.
  8. If the problem is this, and not the presence of holes in the mattress, bubbles will begin to appear soon, a quiet hiss.
  9. It remains to understand what the complexity of the malfunction is. After the valve is either repaired or changed.

To listen

Another way is to climb onto the surface of the air mattress and move along it, listening, trying to find a hole.

Ears are sensitive to the sound of air coming out of the mattress. He emits a hiss.

Listen to the air leaving the product - an effective method of detecting a large hole in the mattress. It is not suitable for small punctures - hissing can simply not be heard.

You need to listen carefully at the location of the seams. This is a common leak zone.

Visual inspection

Not a very effective option. It requires attention, sharp vision, hearing. Trying to find a hole in the mattress in this way, you must have:

  • the source of the best lighting
  • space, that is, the ability to approach the air mattress from any side,
  • absolute silence in the room.

How to find a hole in an air mattress using its inspection:

  1. Inflated thing carefully inspect, listen, pressing on different areas. The area where the hole is located will emit a hiss.
  2. When a visual inspection does not work, you can wet your hand with cold water. They press it on the mattress, hold it as close to its surface as possible, touch the seams, all sides, the upper, lower area. At the location of the hole, a chill will be felt - this is a stream of outgoing air.

Soap solution

Using a soap solution to find a hole in the mattress is quite difficult, but the result will most likely be achieved.

A solution is a combination of water and detergent.

What do we have to do:

  1. Prepare the surface. Find a good light, space. If an air mattress is inspected on the street, the area around is cleared of any objects that can make a hole.
  2. Inflate the mattress more than usual.
  3. Make a solution.
  4. Moisten a large sponge in it, spread foam on the mattress. Circular movements are used. It is worth starting with seams. Where there are punctures, bubbles will appear, hissing.
  5. Circle the hole found with a marker.
  6. Continue inspection for other punctures.
  7. Rinse, dry the mattress before repairing it.
  8. Seal the hole.

Using cling film

The surface of the air mattress is moistened with water from a spray bottle, then wrapped with cling film. It is necessary to observe the reaction. A small bulge will indicate the place where the hole is. It appears due to the accumulation of air under the film.

Submersion under water

How to find a hole in a mattress by placing it under water:

  1. Partially inflate the product so that it turns out to be submerged under water.
  2. Do it in sections. You can use the bath, pool, river.
  3. Squeeze the drowned place, watching the reaction. An air stream emerging from a puncture will turn into bubbles under water.
  4. First inspect the valve, then the seams, then the rest of the surface.
  5. Circle the cut with a marker.
  6. Dry, fix the mattress.

Before using this method, read the instruction manual for the accessory. Some materials may not come in contact with large amounts of water.

Using a garden hose

The method is suitable for those who live in a private house or are in the country. What do you need:

  • large free space
  • hose,
  • water.

  1. Inflate the mattress.
  2. Put it on the selected surface.
  3. Run water through the hose. The pressure is not strong. Slowly water the thing. Closely monitor each area (a small hole releases air once every few seconds).

It is not necessary to throw out an air mattress if it is slightly deformed, has lost pressure, elasticity. Most likely he is pierced. Finding the area of ​​damage is easier if you follow the helpful recommendations:

  • check if the valve is tight
  • read the instructions
  • use foam by applying it to the surface,
  • external inspection does not always give a result, it’s more efficient to use the thing under water,
  • Do not use the garden hose in small rooms,
  • after detecting the hole, wash and dry the mattress.

Some try to find damage by pouring water inside the inflatable mattress. Then it will not be possible to dry normally. The consequences are the development of mold, the appearance of a smell of dampness.

Mattress inspection

If you did not find any visible causes in the valve, continue the search. How to find a hole in an Intex mattress - here is the answer - proceed to a detailed inspection of a well-inflated mattress:

  1. With proper lighting, check every millimeter. Walk your hands at the seams - most likely, the reason for the leak is in them. On the sides, top, bottom. Most likely, the hole is very small, and only with a well-inflated mattress can it be detected.
  2. Listen up. Your ears will surely catch the sound of the outgoing air, only for this, carefully press on the mattress so that the air comes out faster, and slowly move around and listen around the perimeter.
  3. Wet your palm with water. When you drive your mattress with a wet hand in search of a leak, a wet palm will feel air flow better.
  4. When you find a hole, mark it with a felt-tip pen or sticky tape so as not to lose sight of it.

Dishwashing liquid

That's right, the foam, and in our case, the bubbles, will help to quickly determine the leak:

  1. Add soap to the spray bottle. If not, just use a wet, foamy sponge.
  2. First, spray the Intex mattress valve; if there is even a small hole, the soap will foam.
  3. Next, soap each separate area of ​​the mattress with a sponge and see if bubbles form.
  4. Use a permanent marker to highlight, as it will not smear on a wet surface.
  5. To glue the mattress, it needs to be completely dried, in addition, if you remove such a mattress without drying it to the end, subsequently mold will form on it.

Submerge in water

Perhaps the surest way to quickly find a malfunction, which is easy to carry out even at home, in the bathroom. Remember that not all mattresses can be wetted, as some types of woven fabrics can lose their quality when in contact with water, and in some cases even deteriorate - read the label from the manufacturer, as a rule, everything is indicated there.

How to find a hole in an Intex air mattress? Follow these instructions:

  1. Slowly immerse the inflated mattress in water. It will be easiest to do this in the pool, but you can also omit only a separate part in the bathroom.
  2. Look for outgoing bubbles that indicate that air is coming out.
  3. Dry and glue.


If you are still wondering how to find a hole in an Intex air mattress, you can always read the instructions from the manufacturers, because different methods are suitable for different materials. Often they are applied immediately to the mattress set. We strongly advise you not to follow such methods as, for example, pouring water into an Intex mattress, the inner sheet will be very difficult to dry. When searching, take your time, if for a long time you have not been able to find a defect, then the manufacturers will be sure to contact the buyer or buy a new mattress.

Here, perhaps, are all the most effective methods of searching for air leaks in an air mattress, there are others, but we think these are enough for detecting a descent.

How to find a hole in an air mattress by video, start watching now:

Method number 4: immersion in water

This method, which tells you how to find a hole in an air mattress, is not suitable for all products - some of them can not be completely immersed in water. Обязательно ознакомьтесь с инструкцией от производителя. Если такой контакт разрешен, то действуйте по инструкции:

  1. Частично надуйте матрас воздухом, закройте клапан.
  2. Наполните ванну или бассейн водой.
  3. Поместите изделие целиком под воду.
  4. First of all, click on the material around the valve - if water bubbles come out of it, then the problem is found.
  5. Thus, pressing both hands on the surface, examine the entire mattress, immersed under water. Air bubbles will indicate a hole.
  6. The non-hydrophobic permanent marker will help to mark the place of damage.
  7. Be sure to completely dry the product before further storage and repair.

Additional methods

If all of the above does not help, then you can do the following:

  • Some advise filling the mattress with smoke. This method is good for smokers of hookah or vape. When pumping air into the mattress, fill the space near the pump with dense smoke. And then watch the product. Where thin smoky trickles will come from, there will be damage.
  • Download the application for determining sound decibels on your smartphone. In complete silence, slowly drive the device over the mattress. Where the scale will rise a little, and there is a hole.
  • Fill the product with freon. You can find a hole using a special analyzer - a device for checking the condition of air conditioners.
  • Fill the mattress with air saturated with aromas of air freshener, perfume, cologne or aroma candle. And then in another room already look for damage by smell.

How to find a hole in an Intex air mattress? The same methods are suitable for these high-quality products: valve inspection, soap solution, manual and visual inspection, immersion in water.

Do not pour water into the mattress in order to detect a hole through a fluid leak! You will not be able to dry the product from the inside - mold will multiply inside it and it will become completely unusable. We hope you find our tips helpful in finding the source of the problem.