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How to earn from $ 2000 selling products on Amazon and Ebay


Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the United States, led by the richest man in the world. In 2018, Amazon's share of the U.S. e-commerce market was nearly 50%. Any Russian business can use the largest online platform to sell their own goods. But how to do it exactly?

Amazon can be an excellent tool for entering the international market, because creating your own English-language website and promoting it is very expensive. Development costs are unlikely to be less than $ 10,000. And one targeted conversion using Google AdWords can easily cost more than $ 5-10. This is a lot of money for small and medium-sized businesses.

In order not to spend millions of rubles on the creation and promotion of the site, you can use Amazon and pay a small monthly fee or percentage of each sale. How to connect to the largest global marketplace and start making money?

We analyze competitors

Before registering a store, try to study competitors from your category. Without this, it will be difficult for you to set prices and understand how many products in your segment are already represented on the site.

- Go to the Departments section.

- Choose the category of goods you need - for example, Handmade. Go to the BestSellers section. This section presents the most popular sellers and products.

- Explore the range, descriptions, photos, headlines, reviews.

- When placing goods, try to do it at the same level: several photos on a plain background, a heading with keywords, an understandable description.

Tip: Add keywords directly to the headline. This will help to find your products on demand and will increase the delivery of goods in the search. To select keywords use free SEO-generators.

- Pay attention to the price at which your competitors sell similar goods, and if possible, lower yours. Remember that Amazon takes a commission from each order.

Choose an account and register

Amazon offers a choice of two types of accounts with their own characteristics and "chips" - individual and professional.

Individual (Individual selling plan)

  • commission on sale - $ 0.99
  • free service
  • no more than 40 products per month
  • lack of a BuyBox widget

BuyBox - a widget with the addToCart button to the right of the product description. Without it, selling will be more difficult: approximately 75% of all purchases on Amazon go through BuyBox. It helps the product stay in the top among similar things and simplifies the purchase - allows you to buy in one click.

This widget is received by sellers with a good rating or a unique product (but not always). Products without a BuyBox are at the bottom of the page, but buying them is sometimes more profitable. To make the buyer find the product without a widget, many stores lower the price by 15-20%.

Professional (Professional selling plan)

  • monthly fee - $ 39.99 per month
  • BuyBox widget (but not everyone gives it)
  • Primeshipping status

Awarded for the timely shipment of goods and a minimum number of claims in terms of time and quality. Buyers with this icon are trusted by customers more.

  • Ability to work with Amazon fulfillment centers

Amazon has its own center, which can be used by any seller of the site. What is it and why is it needed, we will tell in the section "Logistics".

You will have to choose the right account. You can change the type of account at any time. If you expect to sell a lot, it is better to choose Professiona lselling plan. The Amazon account registration page is here.

Before registration, you need to open an account in advance in the Payoneer international payment system, which provides users with the Global Payment Service dollar bank details. A Russian bank card is only needed to verify your identity - you won’t be able to withdraw money to it.
Depending on the category of your products, you will need to pay additional interest on sales.

How to connect Payoneer to Amazon

  • Sign up for Payoneer with your last name, first name, email address and date of birth. You can use your account immediately after registration, the withdrawal of money is available in your local bank account.
  • Connect an existing Amazon store to Payoneer.

To do this, you will need the details of the Global Payment Service in your Payoneer account. To find them, you need to go to the "Receive" menu, click Global Payment Service and select "USD currency".

After that, log in to Amazon Seller Central and type in an email address and enter a password.

Next, go to “Settings” (Settings) and find there the section “Account Information” (Account Info).

In the "Deposit Methods" section, click Add, then select Use a new bank account and confirm by clicking Submit.

Fill in the details of the Global Payment Service: in the Bank Location line, select United States, specify the data from the details of the Global Payment Service and finally confirm the connection of the system by clicking Submit.

Information about incoming payments can be seen in the Payoneer account in the "Payment history".

  • If you want to withdraw money, then you need to go to your Amazon account and select “Withdraw” and indicate “To Bank Account”.

If you ordered a Payoneer card, the money will go to it, after which it can be withdrawn. For the card order function to appear, you must receive a payment of at least $ 30. You can also withdraw money from your account to your local bank account.

After filling out the profile on Amazon and creating an account, the system will send documents to your email address for signature. They can be signed by electronic signature. You will also need to take a survey.

- constituent documents of the company,

- bank statement, which exists for more than 90 days.

Each user passes verification after registration. All this needs to be sent to administrators.

We place the goods

There are two ways to place products on Amazon:

  1. Add a unique product photo through Amazon seller center.
  2. Add your offer to the ready-made card through the search - this can be done if your product is already sold on Amazon.

If you are selling a unique product, it is important to post good photos: on a white or plain background, without watermarks, in high resolution. It would be nice to upload photos of the product from different angles and perspectives. In addition to the photo, you will have to work on competent descriptions of goods in English.

Competitors will help ease the task: if the product similar to yours is already in the Amazon catalog, you can take its card as a basis. Find it in the search and click the Sell on Amazon button to the right of the description. Next, a copy of the product card will open: edit it - you can’t completely copy it, it's plagiarism.

Then indicate your own price, product condition and delivery time:

  • Collectible (new),
  • Used-Like New (as new),
  • Used-Very Good
  • Used-Good
  • Used-Acceptable.

Better not to choose Collectible item status. Amazon has more stringent requirements for sellers of such products: they will be asked to present product certificates. Choose Used-Like New - this is what most sellers do.

We organize logistics

So, the goods are sold. How do you send it to the buyer? There are several options. Firstly, you can take advantage of the intermediary help of specialized companies, for example, fulfillment of Amazon itself. It is available to all platform sellers. In fact, you first send your products to Amazon, and the marketplace already independently delivers the goods to the end customer. The cost of such a service depends on the weight and size of the goods, type of packaging and delivery features. You can calculate the approximate price in the FBA calculator. True, sending goods to the FBA will still have to be done independently.

It is not necessary to use the fulfillment of Amazon itself - domestic analogues are no worse. We at Shiptor independently enter into an agreement with a Russian client company and export its goods to our warehouses in Europe or the USA. If you have thousands of orders, it will be difficult without fulfillment, but if you sell rare coins or designer clothes in small volumes, intermediaries will be unprofitable for you.

On your own, you can send the goods by "Russian Post" or private carriers. Most of all foreign parcels are sent using the Russian Post. The main disadvantages of this method are bureaucracy and speed of delivery. It is more expensive to send the goods by private courier, but most likely, surprises will not happen. The goods will reach the buyer quickly - he will only have to accept the thing on the threshold of his own home.

Amazon is a great platform to enter the international market and receive revenue in hard currency without a lot of investment. The corporation provides a convenient platform and its own fulfillment center. In return, you will have to pay a small commission or a modest monthly fee.

Many stores function perfectly without their own website - marketplaces share their resources and improve their functionality. Transparent rules and operational technical support allow you to conduct business from anywhere in the world.

Do not be afraid to get confused in complicated registration rules. If you haven’t found the answer to your question - feel free to use YouTube. Many Russian-speaking sellers are vlogs. Could not solve the problem yourself? Read the rules carefully and write technical support. Most likely, similar difficulties arose not only for you.

Andrey Lyamin, Director of Development of the Logistics Platform Shiptor

A month later, I earned the first 600 dollars

By the end of 2016, my income was about $ 1,500 per month, and this is far from the limit. In many ways, the systematic approach and the availability of a clear plan helped me - that's why I went through training and constantly continue to study. Sometimes the income in books depends on seasonal fluctuations - some books are sold for Christmas, others in the summer. If you do everything efficiently and thoughtfully, then this is a legal and interesting business that brings pleasure to readers of books, and writers, and business owners. I know that one seller in the book business recently had $ 100,000 in net income per year. This is an American who successfully writes science fiction novels. At this stage, I am aiming for these numbers.

It is worth noting the importance of my decision to take a training course in due time. When I began to make money on books, they often turned to me for help. Now I myself give consultations in the Russian-speaking and English-speaking online market, and this is a special feeling to help others grow.

Of course, this type of business is not for everyone, but it's great that completely different people can find a direction that they like and earn money on Amazon.

Roman Khosnullin, 29 years old, city - St. Petersburg, entrepreneur, business mentor, youtube channel blogger biznesnaamazon

About choosing a business

I had experience in the product business in Russia. It was a hobby that was not the main source of profit. The products I sold through the site were network marketing products. During my work, I understood how e-commerce is technologically organized. Later I thought about what business to do in order to have more free time. At the same time, I could do business remotely, without being tied to people. And the criterion was the level of income so that I could live and provide for my family.

My searches led me to Amazon, although I heard and knew about the Ebay, Aliexpress sites.

The platform interested me in its global nature. Today it is the most gigantic online store. Amazon has several hundred million customers worldwide. I trade in the US market, where the largest concentration of buyers who do not even think to buy goods elsewhere.

There are many nuances on Amazon. Before launching the product, I looked for various forums and people who explained the essence of the work, received personal training.

About platform features

The volume of customers here is so great that competition fades against this background.

Many people do not understand how to trade with a large number of sellers. With the correct entry into the market and entering your product under all Amazon algorithms, you can compete with large sellers.

People have a misconception that you can put up a product, and it will be sold. Amazon sets an algorithm to protect consumer rights. And when you become sellers from buyers, the system begins to seriously check you. Therefore, to understand the sales algorithm, you need to undergo serious training.

Difficulties can be a violation of the patent, in which the seller is not sure. If preparation for the release of your product takes a long time, then in these few months the market may settle. Therefore, I recommend starting sales as quickly as possible so that a maximum of three months passes.

Today, you can start your product business from anywhere in the world without leaving a country that will reach a turnover of $ 10,000 - $ 15,000 in a month or two. These are quite serious figures, since business does not tie people to place, time and people.

My first experience was a failure because Amazon is a fast-paced platform. And what worked half a year ago now no longer works. It seemed to me that it would be fun to sell meat thermometers. Many Americans love barbecue and love to control the baking process. But I complicated the launch of the product by connecting a thermometer with a timer for the kitchen. In the world of high technology, when every smartphone has such a function, nobody needs timers. Now I understand that it was a big mistake - to complicate everything so much.

In the first two to three months, I sold up to 300 units of goods, which is a normal indicator. People bought, but not in the volumes that I expected. I invested $ 3,500 in the product, and only half paid off.

This experience gave me an understanding of how to sell. After that, he began to study a new niche, namely electronic devices. I chose powerbank - it was a competitive product. At the moment, my goods are sold on autopilot, because for six months I managed to bring them to the first page of search results.This gives between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000 in net profit. For me, these are good numbers, because I no longer participate in operational tasks and business processes are automated. I spend an hour a week on business. There are examples when the guys earn up to $ 200,000 a year. In order to achieve such volumes, large investments are needed in starting a business.

Nikolay Anashkin, 27 years old, hometown - Yekaterinburg, seller on Ebay, youtube channel blogger sprosiKolyana

About choosing a business

In 2011, I started making purchases on the Ebay website, and I liked the site so much that in a year I thought how to start selling myself. I began to study all the material, but there was little information on the Internet. I had to do everything through trial and error, the “poke” method. The site was completely English, and it was difficult for me as a person who did not study English. Now the site is almost completely localized for Russian speakers, but in sales when creating an ad you have to see the English page.

About platform features

It is difficult for novice sellers to conduct business on the site. At first it seems that this is a good side job for a student. The whole problem is that the seller does not have the appropriate rating, experience and knowledge required. Ebay positions itself as a safe platform for buyers, so many sellers value their reputation. If your rating falls below 90%, it means that your sales will become almost like those of novice sellers.

First of all, beginning sellers are carefully checked not only by buyers, but also by the site itself. After the first successful transactions, immediately leave a positive feedback to the buyer, then send the goods, do not wait 2-3 days, put a small business card in the package with a reminder of the request to leave a review. If 30 days have passed since the purchase and did not receive a recall, write a message to the buyer with this request. You must set a goal for yourself - to make 10 successful transactions.

To begin with, I wanted to understand the principle of all work, but did not know what to sell. And the first thing I saw on the table was a phone case. I photographed it, made a description and put it up for sale for $ 3, plus shipping $ 1.5. Two hours later, an American bought it from me, and another three hours later the lot was removed, since my case was a copy of the famous Louis Vuitton brand. Then it turned out that delivery would cost more than the entire announcement, I did not know about the commission. I had to write to the buyer and ask to cancel the transaction. I returned to him so that there would be no problems in the future.

I was engaged in active sales on Ebay from 2012 to 2016, now I have moved in a different direction, but I periodically sell the main product in order to maintain knowledge, rating and turnover of funds. When I started trading on the site, I tried to set the price of the goods so that I had a net profit of 1000 rubles from physical goods and 300 rubles from virtual ones. But sometimes it was necessary to make concessions to customers and make a discount, for example, when one client ordered three goods at once.

The largest amount of net profit that I have earned from one transaction is 200 dollars

I began to approach more competently, began to monitor prices on Ebay. I worked for a large company and decided to sell anti-virus activation keys. Разница с заграничными ценами была в 3-4 раза меньше, иностранцы даже охотнее берут ПО, чем соотечественники. У меня было от 5 до 10 заказов в день через Ebay.

Далее были проданы такие товары, как советский диафильм, фотоаппарат Polaroid, картридж от Dandy, брэндовая одежда и многое другое. С каждым месяцем мне все больше увеличивали лимиты продаж, и я выставлял все больше новых товаров. I sold my tablet, smartphone, and the most interesting thing is that I would never sell most of the goods in my country. We do not have such collectors as abroad. I started working with suppliers and selling new products, there were even many regular customers.

How to sell on Amazon from Russia step by step instructions for agents

The FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program is the best option for beginners in this field of earnings. The most important advantage of sales in this way is that the system does almost everything for you.

In practice, it looks like this:

  • The seller finds the product, creates its listing on the site
  • Next, the goods are sent to the corporation's warehouse for storage. Only after receiving the parcel, the product page becomes active,
  • The next stage is waiting for applications for your product from buyers,
  • Amazon employees are also responsible for shipping.

At the same time, the seller pays only for delivery and gives a fixed percentage of the amount of sales.

Advantages of such a system:

  • saving time because you don’t have to think about processing and sending orders,
  • You can sell an unlimited number of products,
  • unlimited income.

Unlike the previous one, the MF program provides a wider list of independent work. How it looks in practice:

  • The seller finds the product and places it on the site. He immediately becomes active.
  • After receiving the order from the buyer, you must wait for confirmation of payment from an Amazon employee.
  • The next step is packaging and shipping. You will first need to purchase the transport label of the corporation.

In this case, the intermediary will have to independently plan the process of sending and delivery, choosing their own post office or courier service. Accordingly, it is he who bears full responsibility for each stage.

If you choose to work as an intermediary, it should be clarified that such a program does not provide for the possibility of applying the PRIME status.

How does Amazon Prime work?

To sign up for the program, you will need to pay $ 11 per month, or 99 per year.

Bonuses provided to the seller by subscribing to Amazon Prime:

  1. Its customers will receive all goods within 2 days.
  2. Delivery is free.

Customers are more likely to choose products with a Prime mark, even if their price is slightly higher than that of intermediaries. They thus receive a guarantee of prompt and free delivery.

How to sell on the Amazon from Russia: details about each stage

To become successful on this Internet site, you will need to go through at least four stages.

The developed step-by-step instruction will help you figure out how to sell on Amazon from Russia.

So, the first and most important thing is to create your own account. To do this, you need:

  1. Click “Your Account”.
  2. Go to “Your Seller Account”.
  3. Start selling using the “Start Selling” button. After that, you will need to determine the type of seller. The system offers two options - professional and individual. If you do not have a profitable online store, it is better to start with an individual seller, since they do not have to pay special fees.
  4. Next, fill in all the necessary information, bank details, personal data of the seller.
  5. Indicate the phone number, and confirm it using the “Call now” button and the sent four-digit code.
  6. The last step is to register and continue.

Next, you need to understand the process of putting goods for sale. To do this, you will need to enter the previously created account, select the desired category. For efficiency, it is better to use a keyword search system, ISBN, UPC or ASIN. It is important that the product is placed in the most appropriate category, so it will be easier to find for customers. If you incorrectly specify the product version and its format, you can get negative feedback from users.

Next, you must perform the following actions:

  • after the product is found, click the “Sell yours here” button,
  • indicate the state of the product (new, like new, very good, good, acceptable). If the products are new, you will have to additionally answer a few questions,
  • supplement the product description with important details, in your opinion. For example, the presence of a box, scratches on the case, etc.,
  • set a price, it’s better if it is below competitive,
  • indicate the quantity of the proposed product, delivery method, region.

This stage ends with the display of goods using the “Submit listing” button.

The third stage is packaging and shipping. To see your orders, you must log in to your account and use the "Show Orders" form. Next, you need to find the order you are interested in, in the "Details" tab, confirm the delivery method.

Next, you need to print a packing list containing detailed information about the product and the recipient to receive. The product must be packaged in an appropriate way so that it is not damaged during transportation. At the end, you need to confirm the shipment by clicking “Confirm shipment” and receive payment. The first time money is credited to the account after 14 days.

The last step is the ability to manage your account. You can change your data in the "Seller account information" tab.

Among other points that will often be used in the course of activity, it is worth noting the system of ratings, reviews and money back. Also, if it is not possible to constantly log into your account, you need to regularly check mail, where all messages and notifications in the system are duplicated.

After the first sale, it’s worth starting to expand your range, raise the rating and increase the level of sales and earnings. If the material was useful we like and subscribe to the newsletter. Good luck.

How to make money on Amazon

For starters, quite a bit of history. In 1994, US citizen Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, and a few years later he registered the site of the same name. The name of the company recalls the Amazon River, and, obviously, should cause associations with an unlimited flow of goods. Commercial activity began with bookselling, then, in 1998, the assortment was supplemented with disks (CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, games, programs, etc.) It is believed that Bezos’s business started from scratch: he didn’t even have money for a normal office desk , and therefore he used home-made furniture, assembled from improvised materials. However, the businessman himself later explained this fact not by need, but by fundamental economy.

The easiest way to learn how to make money on Amazon is to take a special online course. With it, you will learn how to earn $ 3,720 a month through the Internet. Details here.

The business idea, today declared as a publicly available opportunity to make money without investments (not quite so, but almost), did not arise immediately. At first, Amazon was the most ordinary online store, and only a few years later, Bezos came up with the idea of ​​transferring the cost of buying the goods to other entrepreneurs. His company takes on many of the cares of sales partners, for which he receives a considerable percentage from them, covering its costs and bringing huge profits.

Currently, business is booming. Regular customers of the online store have become 75% of Americans. Every second, the site takes over three hundred orders. More than two million sellers participate in the system and earn money. Question: how to become one of them?

Some details

A feature of the site is the huge market capacity, which seems to be enough space for everyone. The resource is designed to meet consumer demand in countries and regions characterized by the highest solvency of the population (USA, Canada, EU and Japan). There is a warehouse infrastructure with inventories formed by sellers. This is the explanation for the high conversion: its percentage exceeds 10%, while on other sites and 2% are considered a good indicator.

Conversion - the percentage of real customers in the total number of visitors.

What Amazon sellers provide

Despite the apparent simplicity of the work scheme, its organization is very complex and is implemented by high-tech means. The processes are time-consuming, which is indirectly confirmed by the reviews of the company’s full-time employees involved in logistics and warehouse operations: they often complain about excessive operation and strict orders.

The essence of the services is that the site provides:

  • receiving orders from customers,
  • delivery of goods
  • security of payments and settlements,
  • resolution of conflict situations on complaints.

The person who decided to start a business on Amazon must decide on the assortment of goods and purchase it from the supplier, paying also for delivery to the warehouse.


In practice, one should be prepared that, on average, a unit of goods purchased for three US dollars will be offered to the final buyer for $ 13.

An approximate calculation of the price is as follows:

  • cost price, including delivery to the USA and customs clearance - $ 3,
  • advertising - $ 1,
  • site commission - $ 5,
  • the seller’s profit is $ 4.

Scheme of work

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) customer service technology has five steps:

  1. A participating seller selects a product that it considers promising and pays for it with delivery to Amazon's warehouse.
  2. The company accepts the goods and stores them.
  3. The buyer makes a choice and pays for the product.
  4. Amazon accepts payment and ships the goods to the consumer.
  5. Settlement is made with the seller and, if necessary, after-sales service is carried out.

Now that all business principles at Amazon are theoretically clear, you can move on to practice.

How to sell on Amazon from Russia

Trading on Amazon is most often carried out according to a scheme that provides for the purchase of goods in China and its sale in the United States or other countries, characterized by a high solvency of the population. At the same time, the seller’s citizenship does not play any role: his task is to find positions that are in demand and pay for the party with delivery. A Russian who decides to start this business is likely to be interested in the sequence of his actions.

How to become a seller, what actions should be taken for this and how much money is needed to start?

Step-by-step instructions for starting a store

Selection of commodity items. Probably, this step, being the first, is also the most responsible. Amazon sells a titanic amount of goods, it is extremely difficult to come up with something original and original, and there are a lot of factors that determine the correct choice. Experienced traders are advised to start thinking about exploring the categories listed in the Departments option, for example:

  • home, garden and tools,
  • sports and outdoor recreation,
  • health and beauty,
  • cars and manufactured goods,
  • toys and children's products.

Unfortunately, the entire menu is presented in English, and knowing it at a high level dramatically increases the likelihood of success on Amazon. You can, of course, use electronic translation programs, but they too often demonstrate their imperfection, expressed by distortion and even complete loss of meaning.

Another tip is to offer buyers a product in which the seller is an expert. Do not try to trade, for example, accessories for pets, if the entrepreneur has never had a puppy or kitten.

The third possible way to choose is statistical. Amazon has a Best Sellers Rank buying activity rating, and you should focus on it. However, again on the advice of people who know, excessive fanaticism is harmful in this case too. The most popular positions attract a huge number of sellers, a “flea market” arises and, as always, the winner is the one who orders the largest batch of goods. It is best to opt for something average in popularity and try, when ordering your own product, to try to provide it with advantages that competitors do not have.

The criteria are also the dimensions of the package. Anything that does not fit into the box with faces of 18, 14 and 8 inches (1 ”= 2.54 cm) and weighs more than two kilograms will cost, most likely, unreasonably expensive due to considerable transport tariffs.

You should also choose a product based on price. Amazon commission is 15-30%, and at the same time it is higher for cheap products (their processing, packaging and delivery are more time-consuming). Therefore, trading positions worth less than $ 12 is not always economically feasible.

Certification is required for a range of products (Fulfillment Program Rules). If the supplier provides all the necessary documents - great. But you should ask about their availability before purchasing.

Seasonal sales may not be so bad. But it’s better to start with goods sold all year round.

Provider. Having determined the nature of the product, you can look for a company offering it on the best conditions. This task is also not easy, since the ratio of price and quality is not always possible to optimize immediately. More often than not, a trial batch is indispensable. If you already have experience with some suppliers, then this is a big plus. The topic of supplier selection is too complex to be covered in the short text of one article.

Registration. Creating a seller account on will be discussed in detail below. Register should be after the final decision on starting a business and choosing a product.

Brand On the site it is profitable to sell goods under your own brand. The brand provides better memorization and builds a reputation. Registration of a mark in the USA will cost two thousand dollars. However, this is only a reminder of what it will be necessary to return to later. There is no need to start with the official registration of the brand, but you should come up with it.

Order the first batch of goods. No one is safe from mistakes, therefore it is best to start from a batch of several hundred products (depending on their price). Payment is made for goods delivered to the warehouse of the online store. It should be prepared for the fact that transportation costs may be commensurate with the cost of the product. A small number of units are advised to give away for free in order to receive feedback (at least two or three dozen, without them, trading may not go at all).

Business development. Based on the first results, the seller draws conclusions about the prospects of the chosen direction, pluses (minuses) of the goods, and further purchases. If successful, they will increase.

Learn how to make money on Amazon

About book trading

Trade in literature is a traditional area of ​​the site. Selling e-books on this site could be a great find for domestic authors, especially since the technical requirements for the design of texts are very simple. However, there is a problem, and for many it is significant. The resource is not positioned on a Russian-speaking consumer.

Books are currently available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. If the author has the opportunity of high-quality literary translation, then prospects certainly can be. It is possible to put out a book in Russian under a foreign name, but it is difficult to guarantee or predict successful sales.

Sign up for Amazon

Getting an account as a seller is a snap. Step-by-step instructions include the following operations:

  1. Enter the option Your Seller Account. Two registration options are possible: “individual” or “professional”. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.
    INDIVIDUAL can sell up to 40 units of goods per month, and for each sale, in addition to the commission, the site will deduct one dollar from profit. In this case, a mandatory monthly payment of $ 40 is not necessary.
    PROFESSIONAL, on the contrary, pays forty dollars, but they do not calculate a dollar for each sale from it. There are no sales restrictions either, so the benefits are obvious.
  2. Fill out the proposed forms, including the name, seller’s name (brand), phone number, country of residence, email address, bank card number, etc. It should be remembered that does not perform fiscal functions, that is, it does not monitor taxes . Therefore, if the country is Russia, then the seller will have his own settlements with the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, and he does not owe anything to the American budget.
  3. Verify account by phone.

Data verification takes several days, after which you can begin to work.

Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping is such a sales system in which the buyer receives the goods directly from the primary supplier, with whom the seller cooperates through an intermediary. In some cases, such operations are acceptable, but the rules clearly indicate their inadmissibility.

Dropshipping directly contradicts the principles of the website, according to which the buyer should only know about him and no one else. Actually, this is the main advantage of the trading platform. For the violation expressed in an attempt to carry out dropshipping, the guilty party will face ruthlessly blocking the account without the right to restore.

Some sources indicate that they allegedly have step-by-step instructions on how to circumvent this ban, but experienced sellers do not advise experimenting. Moreover, even in the case of a hypothetical success, in addition to increasing the workload, the entrepreneur does not expect anything.

Best Selling Products on Amazon

О том, как выбрать удачное товарное направление, уже кратко упоминалось выше, но этот вопрос настолько важен, что заслуживает более развёрнутого освещения. Конкретных рекомендаций по поводу ассортимента (в духе: «торгуйте телефонами – это верняк!»), конечно же, никто не даст. В каждом случае необходим расчет себестоимости, к которой нужно добавить комиссию и разные накладные расходы, в том числе на продвижение (рекламу). The resulting figure gives an idea of ​​the likely level of competitiveness of the price of the goods in comparison with the offers of other sellers.

As in any other sector of the world market, it is most important to find your own niche in which comfortable positioning will be ensured, at least for a while.

The advice of experienced participants is to make a list of possible product options. Then it is possible to exclude from it positions that are doubtful or completely unacceptable.

The seller should rely only on himself and his own intuition, and all other tools are only a help. Suppliers in any case will seek to market their products, and to praise their business for them is familiar.

If a good direction has been found, but the price is uncompetitive, then there is nothing wrong with adding Chinese products to the assortment of European, Japanese or American products (in fact, this is basically what everyone does). The wider the choice of the buyer, the greater the chances of the seller.

How to post products on Amazon

Technically, displaying a product is pretty simple. To do this, you need:

  • go to the site and click the Sell on Amazon option,
  • Click the option to start sales,
  • to formulate a description of the proposed product with keywords that fully reflect the essence of the product. If the offer is unique, you must create its article,
  • add product images (size no more than 1.5 Mb),
  • set a price taking into account the competitive situation and your own profitability. It should be remembered that too cheap products can scare away the buyer.

Promotion Methods

The methods of advertising on Amazon are diverse, but the seller himself is recommended to make efforts to promote his product. Measures can be expressed in the following actions:

  1. Listing Optimization. The correct selection of keywords makes it easier for the buyer to find the product he needs.
  2. Good image. The more attractive a product looks in a virtual storefront, the more chances it has to be sold.
  3. Offer through the FBA service. The services of this promotion program help make the product more visible.
  4. Holding stocks. You can attract a client not only by lowering the price, but also by other pleasant surprises: loyalty points or free delivery. However, do not forget about discounts.
  5. Wide international coverage. Amazon is considered a global site, so there is no point in getting hung up on sales in only one country. If the product goes well in the USA, this does not mean that in Japan, for example, it will not be sold even better.
  6. Convenient delivery. Sometimes it makes sense to overcome the desire to save, and choose a more expensive transport company. A satisfied customer will give a good review, and reputation most often makes a profit.

Amazon affiliate

Of course, the online store has its own affiliate program to attract new customers. Her organization largely coincides with the stimulation of other selling platforms, but pleases with high interest rates, which also grow with the turnover. The principle is simple - there are links on the available Internet resources leading to commodity positions. It’s best to use your own website or blog.

Before you make money, of course, you should register on As in many other affiliate programs, reward is accrued regardless of whether the customer bought exactly the product that was viewed at the beginning, or some other.

Resource requirements are as follows:

  • he must be registered with a real person who has confirmed his identity,
  • the name of the site should not mention the word "Amazon",
  • buyers should be aware that the site is partnering with through an affiliate program.

No special requirements for the characteristics of the site are presented. It can be just created or already having high traffic.

Recommended measures to increase the effectiveness of partnerships include:

  • writing a title text informing about the site and the products presented on it listing their advantages,
  • contact details
  • maintaining your own thematic blog.

The percentage of remuneration depends on the number of products sold through affiliate links, as shown in the table:

Goods sold (regardless of their price)Accrued interest
Until 64
From 7 to 306
31 to 1106,5
111 to 3207
321 to 6307,5
631 to 15708
From 1571 to 31308,25
More than 31318,5

The withdrawal of funds is carried out through the international payment system ePayService, which also needs to be registered.

What sellers say about business on Amazon

People who are planning to start earning are naturally interested in whether it is possible to implement this plan, including without investments. Comments and feedback on this issue illustrate the degree of financial literacy of the population. To clarify the picture, we should first answer two simple questions:

  1. Is it realistic to make money in any trade (regular, offline) without spending at least some amount?
  2. Is there a 100% guarantee of a profitable sale of the purchased goods?

Each person with experience in trading, even petty speculation in the dashing nineties, will answer both questions in the negative.

At its core, the Amazon platform is no different from any other store, with the exception of the comfortable conditions created by sellers. Making money on a site is just as difficult as in any business. Failure to understand this reality can lead to large material losses.

Initial investment

Some sellers believe that a business here can start with two thousand dollars of capital. Theoretically, this amount should be enough for:

  • purchase in China of the first batch of goods,
  • delivering it to a warehouse located in the USA or the EU,
  • initial promotion activities,
  • payment of $ 40 "entry fee of a professional."

It is clear that the larger the amount, the higher the chance of success, expressed by profit: a large party causes a lower entry price.

Reality or fiction

In the process, an inexperienced seller can gain negative experience if his product is not as demanded as he wanted, which is later expressed in negative reviews. However, this happens not only on Amazon.

Among the reviews, there are sometimes complaints not even of the selling site itself, but of the organizers of courses training to earn money on it. If you believe former listeners of such programs, then this is a real "divorce." People who allegedly teach some special methods themselves for some reason do not want to earn a lot of money, but they teach others on a paid basis. Skepticism is quite clear in relation to those who divulge the "secrets" of a profitable craft. This phenomenon is also not unique, and applies not only to earnings on the American site.

There are quite a lot of positive reviews about Amazon, but some of them (not all) are simply surprising with their excessive enthusiasm. One gets the impression of their custom nature.

Amazon's selling platform is not a place to make easy money. You can start a business on this site with minimal investment, but start-up capital is necessary.

As in any other commercial activity, the paramount condition for success is the ability to feel the market and capture patterns of demand.

Amazon provides assistance to its sellers and creates the best conditions for them. There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of his motives: the resource’s profit is formed by sales volumes.