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How to be unpredictable for a man and always remain a mystery


A quiet, calm and balanced person evokes the trust and disposition of the people around him. Sometimes you have to hold on to your ardor and learn to restrain your emotions. From birth, some people know how to be quiet, while others need to work a little on themselves in order to develop this quality in themselves.

How to learn to be calm and quiet

Many girls want to please the stronger sex and try to make a good impression with their modesty and decency. After all, some men do not like too noisy girls and pay attention to quiet and mysterious people. Here are some tips on how to learn to be more balanced and quiet.

  1. So, first you need to develop a strong motivation and desire in order to achieve a result. Start working on yourself right now. Tell yourself that becoming quiet and calm is what you really want. And you will apply all your strength for this.
  2. Before you raise your voice again or flare up, use the old, but effective way - count to 10. Breathe calmly and do not think about the source of irritation, try to calm down.
  3. Of course, at first other people will seem noisy and irritable to you, but be patient. Know that the main task is to change yourself, not others.
  4. Work on the intonation and timbre of your voice. People around are pleased to listen to a quiet, calm, but at the same time self-confident person.
  5. To become quiet, you will have to learn to listen to the other person. People who tend to talk and interrupt a lot, just need to understand that these qualities are not the most pleasant.
  6. Yoga classes, a visit to the pool, walks in the fresh air will help you learn to control yourself, become more quiet and balanced.
  7. If you have a lot of energy and can’t be calm, try to direct it to a good cause. Engage in creativity, charity, learn something new.
  8. Harmonize your space. Set up your home the way you want. Pastel and green colors are soothing, so pay attention to the color of your room. Do not be afraid of changes!

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Why you must remain a mystery to men

Despite all its beauty and charm, on the contrary, the sitting girl became clear to me literally after an hour of conversation. She managed to complain about her difficult fate, talk about bad relationships, and share her thoughts and ideas.

Stop! It’s not interesting to listen further. Mentally, I already imagined what would happen next, and also figured out how to conquer it. Now you can relax, everything will go according to the already familiar scenario.

To interest in your person does not fade, you must become a mysterious, unpredictable.

“There is something in her,” we guys and men say about such women, “something special.”

But what is being said, the man will not be able to answer. This is what is called female mystery.

It is important to understand. A mysterious woman is not that strange person who, as a superspy from "Men in Black", either cooks and knits, or disappears in an unknown direction with a gun in her hand. Mysterious woman is interesting, deep and difficult for a man to understand..

Female qualities that must be mastered in order to be unpredictable for a man

Do whatever you want!
But your life will still smell like my perfume.

The mystery woman is always:

  • I’m sure of myself. Appreciate yourself, and others will be interested in you.
  • Calm in any situation. Too emotional women are easy to read. All their experiences are visible to the naked eye. Emotions should be shown, but in moderation.
  • Polite and affable. And no other way. Otherwise, unfriendliness may be considered rude or indifference. The shadow of a smile on his face will prompt a man to find out what is happening at that moment in the head of his interlocutor.
  • Not afraid to look ridiculous. Allow yourself to do sometimes strange and illogical actions.

“Sometimes” in the last paragraph is an important word. With unusual behavior, it is better not to overdo it, otherwise you risk becoming a freak, from which men will shy away in different directions.

How to be unpredictable for a man and always remain a mystery on the first and subsequent dates

Already on the first date, people decide whether it will be interesting to them together. It can be the beginning of a relationship, or remain a pleasant memory. If you have arranged a meeting, it means that you already have sympathy, so do not worry, but you need to pull yourself together and get ready.

I’ll tell you a few secrets that will help to interest a man you like (after all, you did not just dress up like that, did makeup and hair, right?).

How to remain a riddle for a man

  • Do not talk about yourself in detail. I do not urge you to remain silent all evening. And the phrase: “I don’t even know what to tell,” will completely ward off your gentleman’s desire to communicate further. Of course, you need to talk. But! Talk about yourself, omitting details, and more often ask questions to the other person. Speak concisely and in fact.
  • Do not start communication with negative information. All stories about yourself - only in a positive way.
  • Try to talk on a variety of topics not related to your personal life.
  • It is very important to master such quality as to shut up in time. Alas, many girls do not own it. In secret all over the world they are ready to give out 1000 words per minute. But understatement is a way to interest a man. Remember your favorite series when the end of each series is intriguing, making you wait for the next.

The most famous example of mystery is James Bond, with his ability to seriously joke. Here's a James Bond, only in a skirt, I propose to become you.

How to become a mysterious girl

If the first date went well and the man or guy fills up with SMS and calls, do not rush to rejoice. Like Mr. Bond, you should always be busy with something, but you cannot say with what concrete. Some girls call this process “pickling” (well, why is everything related to food?). That is, it is necessary to withstand time each time before answering a call, message or agreeing on a date.

Try not to answer questions directly.

He writes: "What are you doing?"

Wait a bit, and then answer something undefined like:

- This is a very intimate question! Tell me better ...

- What do you think?

- I can’t answer, I gave a non-disclosure subscription (just kidding).

- I am a little embarrassed to answer such questions ...

Now the man is trying to build an image in his head, independently adding some details to it.

Add a touch of piquancy to the conversation, and he is already eager to get your attention.

When asked how you spent time (weekends, days, etc.), answer briefly: "Good." Everyone has their own ideas about this "good." This seems to be the answer, but nothing is clear. Let him think out.

And if you want to create an intrigue (well, or that he was tormented by conjectures), then answer: “Well, have fun!”, “Had a great time!”. And immediately translate the topic of conversation.

What does a woman want?
When scientists thought of it, it turned out that she had already changed her mind.

You can warm up your interest with a phrase, after which there will remain a mountain of questions. For example, to call and say: "I wanted to offer you something interesting, but then changed my mind." What an interesting thing, why did you change your mind? What did she want to offer? The man has a bunch of questions, which, incidentally, may not be answered (you changed your mind).