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Visual Hypnosis Technique


Hypnosis is a short-term state of a person’s slow consciousness, while maintaining sharp focus and high suggestibility. In this state, a person can be inspired with beliefs that are far from his usual gaze, which is what hypnotherapists use to work with patients. However, almost every one of us at least once in my life wonders if it is possible to hypnotize a person without some unique abilities.

Hypnosis gaze

It is not enough just to know the technique of how to hypnotize a person with a look - it is necessary to develop in yourself this very magnetic look that can enter into a trance state. To work out such a hypnotic look, one still has to work on oneself, performing a number of simple exercises:

  1. Concentration of gaze. To perform the exercise, you will need a white sheet on which a clear circle with a radius of 1.5 cm is drawn with a compass. The sheet is attached to the wall, after which every day you need to look at the circle from a distance of two meters for five minutes, trying not to blink. If this succeeds, the exercise time should be gradually increased.
  2. Excercise training. You need a mirror to complete this exercise. Standing in front of him, you need to look at the center of the nose and look for three minutes. Every day, the exercise time is recommended to be increased by one minute.

After two to three months of training, you can try to test the method of how to hypnotize a person with a look. First of all, for this it is necessary to create a favorable atmosphere: talk with a person on topics that are close to him so that he can relax. For the same purpose, it is recommended to listen to the interlocutor’s voice and adjust to his timbre - this will help to build confidence at the subconscious level.

The second condition for successful hypnosis is looking. It should be deep and close, not causing discomfort in a person. With regular exercises to concentrate, this view will not be so difficult.

If the hypnotized one looks away, one should not keep his own on it - one must also take it away. However, at the next address of the interlocutor, it is worth again to catch his eye and, trying to hold him, try to make a suggestion. You need to start by sending simple tasks - straighten your hair or look to the left. By practicing such simple skills, you can subsequently mentally incite interlocutors to make the necessary decisions.

For greater effectiveness, you should not start hypnosis immediately after warning the interlocutor - you should suddenly look closely, for a more vivid reaction and its analysis.

How to hypnotize a person so that he follows orders

To induce a person to execute commands in a trance state, one should use the ideomotor technique. The object must be entered into deep hypnosis, then, concentrating as much as possible, send him insistent commands. With sufficient experience in using the technique of hypnosis with a gaze, the hypnotized person will certainly obey and begin to execute the commands received.

Hypnosis words

The mechanism of hypnosis with a look is similar to how to hypnotize a person with words and comes down to one principle - diverting a person's attention to a uniformly repeating stimulus that causes a slowdown of the nervous system. If a person is successfully kept in this state for the necessary time, he falls into the required state of a hypnotic trance.

Answering the question of how to hypnotize a person with words, you can choose several options for verbal exposure:

  • measured monologue - a quiet voice, the absence of pauses, a lulling speech,
  • assertive and confident speech that leaves no doubt about the correctness of what was said and imposes necessary thoughts on a subconscious level,
  • instant switching - changing topics, you need to confuse the interlocutor and force just to follow the flow of spoken words.

The content of the conversation in this case is not particularly significant, and the spoken text at first may not be related at all to the purpose of hypnosis, but gradually the necessary settings should be woven into it.

Hypnotic gaze features

How to hypnotize with a look? The technique of hypnosis involves an effect that allows you to turn off the victim’s consciousness: a person understands what is happening, but cannot logically make sense of every setting heard. To hypnotize, you need to understand what moves the personality, what are its capabilities and defensive reactions. Each hypnotist is responsible for immersing the other person in a trance (a state bordering on sleep and wakefulness).

Weak people can be immersed in a trance with the help of a minimal set of instruments - monotonous speech, tactile contact, a pendulum or a coin that moves along one path. They help to focus on one process. For people with strong mental protection, it will be necessary to create additional conditions: their resistance interferes with a hypnosis session.

Glance is the main tool of hypnosis. It helps to suggest quickly. In such cases, using additional tools is not advisable. Do not use deep hypnosis for small manipulations or small changes in the mind of a hypnotized person.

Application features

How does a hypnotist use his gaze? He fixes it on a specific point, on which all the attention of a person is concentrated. The victim can take his eyes off the hypnotist, but does not want to. A hypnotic look helps in such cases:

  • when you need to conduct an urgent hypnosis session (in the wrong or crowded place),
  • when the suggestion is superficial, and it is not necessary to expose the personality to unnecessary mental stress,
  • when you need to carry out hidden hypnosis.

Doctors who help patients to get rid of addictions, overcome phobia or cure mental disorder take a special look. Hypnosis is suitable for quick correction of human behavior, then the color of the eyes or their shape is a trigger (a part around which strong suggestion is built).

Everyone can take a look at hypnosis, but this technique of immersion in a half-trance needs a long study. It is easier to get skills for people with charisma, attractiveness - their appearance automatically attracts attention.

Hypnosis consists of several stages, the look helps to immerse the hypnotized in a trance, but does not replace suggestion (you need to work on the technique comprehensively).

Hypnosis through the eyes is an additional technique. To begin with, the basics of technology are mastered, and only after training additional skills are developed. Exercises that are performed at home help to understand the procedure and try it. The more practice, the easier it is to use hypnosis with your eyes in real life.

A hypnotic look is good for people, and immersion in a trance is not necessary. This ability helps to manipulate others, to receive from them everything that is required. It underlies NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and is used to achieve goals.

Ability Exercise

The training takes place according to a simple technique: the hypnotist selects one of the popular exercises and repeats it until noticeable positive results appear. Develop a skill in one day will not succeed. At the initial stages of training, it is better to choose simple exercises: they are not so much effective as they are useful for a change in the thinking and behavior of the hypnotist.

Exercise will help to train the skill:

  • sparkle in the eyes
  • transmission of emotional message,
  • general gaze training,
  • calm in the presence.

The necessary skill develops gradually: the hypnotist goes deeper into learning, changes not only the look at familiar things, but also the manner of behavior. While his mind is being rebuilt, physiology is changing.

A hypnotic special look is a useful skill, but even without it you can immerse an outsider in a trance. Training should take place without undue pressure.

If it doesn’t work out the first time, new exercises are selected - hypnosis with the eyes is a unique technique that is perceived and reflected differently on the hypnotist.

Sight training should be regular and lengthy

Sparkle in the eyes

Glitter in the eyes is an exercise that helps to develop natural charm. This is the image that will affect suspicious personalities: when they see the hypnotist, they unconsciously give up, allow themselves to obey. Extinct eyes reveal a confused personality, show its problems and complexes. To train the correct look is necessary:

  • give the exercise 10-25 minutes every day,
  • do the exercise in front of the mirror,
  • learn to concentrate on one task, not be distracted by extraneous sounds and phenomena.

The hypnotist stands in front of the mirror and tries to repeat the look of an animal. It is important to choose the beast that harmonizes in behavior or strong traits with the hypnotist himself. For the exercise, one animal is selected, its manner is worked out for 3-4 days.

Gradually, the views of animals need to be changed according to their mood: choose calm, herbivorous animals, and then predators. The more views the hypnotist adapts, the easier it will be able to transform before the victim of hypnosis. After animals, the exercise in the gleam in the eyes uses personality psychotypes: from cunning manipulators to sincere children.

For exercise, you should simulate the gaze of an animal

Emotional promise

Glance reflects emotion. This is a message that the second person responds to (hypnotized). The essence of the exercise is in the expression and perception of emotions. The development of a sensual gaze allows you to enter into trust in any stranger. Transmitting emotions, the hypnotist charges the personality to a certain mood - without it, it will be very difficult to immerse the hypnotized in a trance.

Hypnosis is not without effect at a distance: in such cases, eye emotion is the basis. For the exercise, you need a volunteer, a person who can develop the necessary qualities in a hypnotist. They become opposite each other and look intently into the eyes (you cannot express emotions with facial expressions or words).

The hypnotist tries to convey emotion with the help of thought. Emotion is formulated in a simple phrase that is repeated mentally.

The duration of the exercise is determined by the persistence and calmness of the hypnotist. You can not be in a bad mood or nervous: as soon as the technique begins to raise doubts, the exercise stops. It is not worth repeating one emotion, it is necessary to change the emotional background.

The exercise will require the participation of another person

General gaze training

You need to train your gaze not only mentally, but also physically. To do this, a circle is drawn on a piece of paper of an arbitrary size (preferably a small diameter). A sheet of paper is located at eye level. The hypnotist moves so far that the circle does not seem more than a coin. The essence of the exercise is to perform the following points:

  • the hypnotist is in a calm, peaceful mood,
  • he watch (without blinking) at a specific point for 1 min,
  • after that a break is made (for 1 min),
  • after resting, the position of the hypnotist changes (he moves to the left or the right to meter).

After moving, the hypnotist looks directly for about 30 seconds, and abruptly looks at a point that is already on the side. You cannot turn your head at this time. As soon as a person gets used to this situation, he again departs.

The exercise is repeated 5-6 times a day. Do not overload your eyes. After the exercise, the hypnotist rests and does the usual things.

Presence in calm

To learn to look, a hypnotist will need a mirror. The hypnotist takes a sitting position and peers into his own face - focuses on the point that is between the eyes (eyebrows). You need to focus on this center until your eyes get tired. Over time, the emphasis on eyebrows will form, as an automatic reaction to reflection in the mirror. The habit will turn into ordinary life: when a stranger sees a hypnotist, he will look at his eyebrows.

Non-verbal communication is very important: if you look at the point between the eyebrows for a long time, you can cause aggression on the part of the interlocutor. Exercise changes over time: focuses either on the right or on the left pupil. A deep look evokes a special attitude towards a person - he wants to trust, open up.

The hypnotist must peer into his own eyes in the mirror

Eye muscle training

To enhance the effect of training, it is necessary to train the eye muscles. Warming up at home will help you focus on the right details faster. To do this, you need to alternately concentrate on objects that are in different parts of the room: each time completely different things are selected. The transition should be abrupt and unexpected, but cyclical: if 4 subjects are selected, then work is carried out only with them.

For training the eye muscles, it is useful to look with only one eye, and the second temporarily close. Rotations of the eyeball in a circle or moving up and down will enhance their concentration.

Classes need to be alternated. Due to boredom, the hypnotist can quickly abandon the idea with the development of a hypnotic look.


The hypnotic gaze is a special tool for immersing a person in a trance or instilling in him certain attitudes. All the hypnotist will need is a few exercises in comfortable conditions. To begin with, the goal of such training is determined: for what manipulations they will be needed, how they should be used.

An exercise is chosen to quickly concentrate or to develop non-verbal communication skills. The more the hypnotist works on himself, the easier it is for him to control his own gaze. Exercises are also used to strengthen the eye muscles, they help to better concentrate.

Features of a hypnotic gaze

Often an experienced hypnotist has such a look. To learn it, it is enough to be able to concentrate on one thought and at the same time to show the strength of your personality with the help of a strong and dominant look. Such a gift is not given by nature, a person can train it independently.

The possession of the magnetic gaze is the disclosure of the ability to hypnosis. If you manage to completely capture the attention of another person, then soon you will be able to inspire him with the information that is beneficial to you.

Quick hypnosis

Knowing how to quickly hypnotize a person, you can enter a person into a trance state in the shortest possible time. This method relies on certain emotions, for example, fear - it introduces a person into a state of confusion and significantly increases susceptibility to suggestion. It requires quick action: one hand is placed on the back of the neck, the second presses on the chin, as a result of which the person is lost and the criticality of their perception of the situation becomes dull, after which you can make a voice suggestion.

However, due to the strong negative emotions experienced by the patient when using this technique, rapid hypnosis is practically not used in medicine.

Ability development

The owners of such data as a confident and strong-willed voice, charm and strong internal energy, and the ability to arrange others are able to quickly master the methods of introducing into a trance. The main feature, without which knowledge how to hypnotize people cannot be put into practice, is the ability to concentrate, which can be developed and improved.

Absolutely everyone can learn hypnosis - there would be a desire. For successful training, it is necessary to choose a competent specialist, who is Nikita Valeryevich Baturin. For the convenience of training, he created an online hypnosis training course, capable of providing complete knowledge for both independent work and for working with clients.

More techniques and exercises for the development of concentration can be found in the materials of the video blog.

Dot exercise

For the first exercise we will need:

  • chair,
  • blank landscape paper
  • felt-tip pen.

In the center of the sheet you need to draw a circle the size of a coin of 5 cents and draw it with a felt pen.

  1. Attach the sheet to the wall and sit on a stool. Look focused on this circle for one minute. It is necessary to develop a close look at the black dot, not looking and not blinking, even if the tears begin to go. Take 5 more of these approaches.
  2. Move the sheet one meter to the left. Do not move the chair and look at an imaginary point in front of you. Then sharply, without turning your head, look at the point on the left, keeping your gaze on it for a minute. Repeat 5 times.
  3. After this exercise, rearrange the paper to the right 1 m from the starting position. Sit, look straight ahead, and then one minute — right. Repeat 5 times.

Have a rest. Persistently perform the exercise for 3 days so that the eyes begin to get used to the stress and the viewing time can be increased to two minutes. After 3 days - up to 3 minutes. Вы постигнете мастерство, когда сможете удерживать взгляд холодным и отрешенным 15 минут. Сила такого взгляда будет аналогична с тайной силой взгляда человека, который сможет смотреть, не моргая, 30 минут.

Thanks to this exercise, you can look into the eyes of any person without fear, causing your opponent respect for you and your words. Such a direct and bold look few people can withstand. People who use it are afraid.

Exercise with a Mirror

The next exercise will be a great addition to the previous one. You need to stand in front of the mirror and gaze into your own eyes.

Using this method, you can bewitch your eyes, learn to develop immunity to the eyes of others and the right emotions of your eyes. The time conditions are the same as in the previous version.

Reaction hardening

Attach a sheet with a dot on the wall at the level of your eyes, move 3 m from the wall. Keep your gaze on the point, without tearing it off, rotate your head first to the right in a circle, and then to the left. Try not to overwork your eyes, then the procedure will be more effective. This training:

  • improves eye muscles
  • reaction rate and nerves,
  • peripheral vision
  • brain development.

Muscle fiber stimulation

The easiest exercise to stimulate muscle fibers: stand in front of the wall, with your back pressed to the opposite wall. Accustom yourself to look at a point on the wall, and then sharply turn your eyes from this point to another (right, left, side, down and zigzags).

When your eyes get tired, you can’t continue the exercise. As soon as you feel relief, continue work immediately.

Practice time

When you do all the exercises systematically for a long time, you will feel your psychological strength. Find someone who wants to experience your gaze. Sit comfortably opposite each other and look intently into the eyes (like peepers). Soon your opponent will surrender, because psychologically it will be very difficult for him to withstand your pressure, he will begin to turn his head away to dodge. At the end of the manipulation, this person may have a condition similar to a hypnotic trance.

Stages of hypnotizing a person

Hypnotizing a person with a look is the most effective way to get to his subconscious. It is necessary to treat such an action very responsibly.

Hypnotizing a person is possible only by his consent. First, make sure that you really need it. Ask yourself if you are ready to take responsibility for someone else's life and health. If you are ready, you can proceed.

  1. Preparation with exercises with a mirror. Keeping a gaze that carries the right information.
  2. Learn to focus your eyes. To do this, use a pencil. Keep it in front of you, and then sharply turn your eyes to the other end of the room. Repeat the action.
  3. The development of lateral vision. Try to see as many details as possible on the sides, sitting in one position and not turning your head.
  4. Training the first hypnosis session. Find a person who is not afraid to participate in this. Realize that you will take full responsibility for this person.
  5. Ask the person to look you in the eye without blinking or turning away. Speak words quietly, calmly, their careful use will relax the interlocutor. It is necessary to try to show confidence in the look. Repeat authoritatively: “your eyelids become heavier, you want to sleep, you calm down and relax, your breathing becomes calm and even, you don’t think about anything, you just fall asleep. "Your body becomes heavy, lead, you cannot hold it, it wants to lie down and drags you along with it." Repeat phrases several times. When you see that the person is relaxed, ask permission to touch his shoulder. Tell the person that right after you touch him, he will be able to sleep.
  6. After that, say that everything is fine, he is under hypnosis, and his condition is normal.
  7. Tell the ward to listen to your voice. Count five to one and click with two fingers. The person will be in your attention. He will perceive everything that you say with great importance, because he is in a helpless state. You can program this person for positive thinking or distract him from obsessive thoughts if the situation requires it.
  8. You can check the condition of a person by holding his hand in the palm of your hand. If it is heavy and does not hold on its own, then hypnosis works.
  9. When the session is over, you need to warn the patient that you are now awakening him to real life. Say that when you count from five to one, he will wake up. After counting “one”, click your fingers sharply. A person will immediately come to his senses. Let him know where he is and what’s happening to him, continuing a casual conversation.

An insightful look is a unique weapon of a hypnologist. Having mastered it, you will be able to quickly and effectively penetrate the consciousness of other people and push them towards solutions that are beneficial to you. It is important to understand that hypnosis is a very serious action, so you need to treat it accordingly.