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How to make milk tea


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Tea with milk is a combination of the gentle, semi-bitter aroma of strong tea and the creamy taste of milk. You can make hot or cold tea with milk, as well as complicate and enhance its taste in various ways. Here are some ways worth considering.

How to make milk tea

In order for tea to bring maximum benefits, you need to brew it correctly. Here are some basic rules:

  1. Tea should not be boiled. In order for the drink to retain all the beneficial properties of tea collection, boiled water is used for brewing, cooled to 70-80 degrees. Green and white varieties can be poured at 60 degrees.
  2. The proportion of milk used for tea is 70 ml per 1 cup (200 ml).
  3. First insist brewing for about 15 minutes. For a tasty infusion, take about a teaspoon of dry collection for 1 serving.
  4. To elite varieties of tea revealed better in their aroma, warm the dishes before pouring the liquid. Pour boiling water over a teapot or cup.
  5. When serving tea with milk, the fatty product is first poured onto the bottom of the cup. Shake the cream in a cup, as if smearing the walls, then there will not be a brown tea coating on the edges. Also, sediment is less when using filtered or mineral (unsalted) water.
  6. In tea with milk, you can add additional ingredients: sugar, honey, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, caramel, mint.
  7. Do not combine milk and lemon in tea - from acid, milk protein coagulates, and the taste of the drink deteriorates.
  8. The same tea leaves can be poured a second time, but no more than two times. In the “boiled” tea there are no useful ingredients and a pleasant tart taste.

Delicious milk tea recipes

Milk tea contains healthy calcium and nutritious creamy fat. This helps to satisfy hunger, improve digestion, increase the body's defenses and refresh the appearance.

For those who do not like classic black tea, there are several replacement options. For example, a warm milk drink with honey. Heat the milk and melt the honey. Add 1 large spoonful of sweetness to a glass of liquid, but each can focus on their own taste. To make the cocktail more refined, cinnamon is added to it, and in the cold season - ginger, such a drink will cure colds, strengthen immunity, improve the functioning of the heart and kidneys, help warm up, expanding blood vessels.

Add spices to tea leaves. Sweet milk tea with spices resembles a candy taste. But also in milk tea, you can add rose petals, jasmine, peach, elderberry. Such drinks give a sophisticated and airy bouquet of taste. In addition, a couple of drops of orange oil, blueberries or raspberries can be added to milk tea - fruit cocktails cheer you up, strengthen your health and help you relax.

For lovers of green tea, there is a recipe for oolong (oolong) with the addition of milk. The tart smoky flavor of this variety is pleasantly softened with cream.

Special indications

Tea with milk can help normalize metabolism and lose weight. To do this, you need to drink it before meals for half an hour or 40 minutes after. 2-3 cups a day will help restore and cleanse the body.

If you are considering whether milk tea is useful or harmful for lactation, you can be calm. Tea with milk contains less caffeine and does not affect the composition of breast secret. But if you want to strengthen the body during lactation, experts recommend paying attention to herbal teas with lemon balm, chamomile or thyme.

Tea drink has no contraindications. Do not eat it before bedtime, do not drink more than three servings a day and do not leave the tea leaves for more than a day - otherwise mold will start in it. In all other cases, tea will be a tasty and healthy drink for adults and children at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages of milk tea

Residents of many countries, especially the British, prefer to drink tea with fresh milk. This trend is associated with many positive factors. Milk tea helps our brain to work many times faster and better. It enriches the body with nutritional properties and strengthens the immune system. The whole secret lies in milk, which is rich in lactose, contains a large amount of vitamins and other beneficial components. When leading an active lifestyle - tea with milk is an indispensable source of strength and energy.

A delicious and invigorating drink has a high absorption rate. After all, tea dilutes fatty milk, which not all people can drink. In the process of drinking tea, the microflora of the intestines and stomach are restored. This is an ideal drink for those who experience constant discomfort associated with gastritis.
Tea with aromatic milk is ideal to use during various infectious and colds. When the body is most vulnerable, tasty and healthy tea will quickly help restore strength. Helps to improve the tone of the whole body. An excellent combination of proteins and fats in one drink, contributes to rapid rehabilitation.

Due to the large number of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, milk tea helps to strengthen the immune system. The drink perfectly helps to overcome nervous conditions, kidney diseases and various depression. Specialists in the field of medicine recommend using the “cocktail” for people who have regular nervous breakdowns. Tea, in its composition, contains caffeine, which irritates the nervous system and acts excitingly. Thanks to milk, caffeine in tea becomes diluted and less aggressive. And if you brew tea with a small amount of tea leaves, it will even act as a sedative.

Another advantage of tea with milk is that such a drink quickly and permanently quenches thirst. This is especially true in the summer. However, it is worth noting here that only green tea is able to cope with this task. In many arid countries, it is green tea that helps save water. Thus, drinking green tea with milk, you fill your body with health and rid yourself of thirst for a long time.

Regarding the harm that can be obtained from drinking tea with milk. He simply is not. Milk or cream can be added to any variety and variety of tea - white, black, green, pink, etc. The only thing you need to remember when using a drink - black tea is a diuretic. Therefore, avoid its use before long trips and sleep. This is especially true for children who are not able to endure for a long time.

Related Tips

More delicious tea is obtained if you add a pinch of salt to the tea leaves.

Brew tea in porcelain (or earthenware) dishes, rinsed with boiling water. Tea leaves are taken per glass of water a teaspoon of tea. Tea needs to be brewed based on: one teaspoon of tea leaves per tea ...

A piece of sugar in tea leaves will greatly improve its taste.

The tea stored in the package will become more aromatic if you put in it a dried peel of orange or lemon.

Tea brewed in a teapot should be drunk immediately. If the tea was brewed in the morning, you need to make a new one in the evening.

The beneficial properties of green tea are better absorbed by the body if sugar is not added to the tea.

To give kvass a richer color and taste, instead of regular rye bread, add, in the same proportions, toasted in the oven. But do not allow burnt crusts to get into the leaven.

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For the hot compote to cool faster, dip the pan with it in a bowl of cold water with added coarse salt.

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Real Turkish coffee or oriental coffee is brewed only in copper Turks (cezves) or, more simply, coffee makers.

Add salt to the coffee on the tip of a sharp knife. This will add oriental beautiful foam coffee.

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Traditional milk tea

Brewing tea according to the proposed recipe, you get three full-fledged 250 ml drinks.

  1. Take a half-liter teapot and pour it over with boiling water.
  2. Pour one tablespoon of tea into it.
  3. Pour the tea leaf until the water completely covers it.
  4. Let the tea brew for 5-7 minutes and add boiling water to half the teapot.
  5. We wait a few more minutes and only after that we add boiling water to the top.
  6. During the brewing process, put milk on the stove, approximately 250-300 ml. Bring it to a boil.
  7. Now in each of the cups you need to pour 100 ml of hot milk and add the remaining volume of brewed tea.
  8. Tea experts do not recommend diluting the drink with water. This will spoil the rich taste and aroma of this healthy drink.
  9. If you want, you can add a little sugar to the tea and milk “cocktail”.

Tea with baked milk

This recipe is suitable for real gourmets who are ready to spend a lot of time making tea with milk. The recipe and technology for preparing the drink are exactly the same as in the first embodiment. However, due attention must be paid to milk. Boil 300 ml of milk on the stove, then pour it into a clay pot, cover and send to the oven. The temperature should be no more than 100 degrees. It is necessary to withstand milk in the oven for about 6-7 hours. Those who want to enjoy not too fat milk, the cooking time in the oven should be reduced to two hours.

An easier way to make baked milk is to cook with a thermos. In the evening, pour hot milk into it, and by morning it will already be possible to add milk to tea. Keep to the same proportions that are used in the process of making tea according to the classic recipe.

Green tea with jasmine and milk

The drink is incredibly aromatic and delicious. Invigorating tea with vitamins, which also perfectly quenches thirst, is prepared very quickly. Brew green tea in a teapot, which in its strength will be slightly stronger for you than usual. At the same time, do not forget to add jasmine to tea leaves. It can be bought at a pharmacy or specialty store. Do not use tea with flavors of this plant. So you do not get the desired benefit and taste from the drink.
In a cup, you need to mix hot milk with brewed tea, adhering to a ratio of 1 to 1. Add sugar and enjoy the incredible taste of the prepared drink.

Milk Iced Tea

To prepare a drink for this recipe, we need to take the following ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon of black tea
  • 200 ml of hot water
  • 50 ml of condensed milk,
  • Ice cubes must be taken at the rate of 2 cubes per 1 cup of tea prepared. In our case, you need 4 cubes.

Brew tea leaves in a teapot, pour 200 ml of boiling water over them. Leave the tea leaves for 15 minutes so that it can properly brew. Pour 100 ml of tea into a glass, send 25 ml of condensed milk there. The amount of sweet ingredient may vary depending on personal preference. At the very end of the preparation, add a couple of ice cubes to the glass.

Interesting Tea Drink Facts

Almost every person on our planet daily uses tea. However, few people thought about the facts associated with this drink.

  • Tea bush is a long-lasting plant, its lifespan is at least one hundred years,
  • During the matchmaking in China, the homeland of tea, the newlyweds give each other a tea tree bush,
  • The color of tea leaves affects its chemical composition, appearance and taste. There are 5 main types of tea in the world - black, green, pink, red and yellow / white,
  • The same tea leaf lends itself to different types of processing. Because of this, they get different types of tea,
  • Green tea is considered the most useful. In its composition, it contains 50% more useful vitamins and minerals than black,
  • Experts recommend not boiling tea. This process kills part of the taste, aroma and benefits of the drink,
  • An interesting fact about tea with milk is that brewing a strong and sweet drink can get rid of various kinds of poisoning. This applies to drug, alcohol, food and drug toxicosis,
  • Chew a couple of green tea leaves - this will help relieve nausea and vomiting.

Delicious and aromatic tea with healthy milk is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Having prepared this drink correctly, you can strengthen your immunity and even get rid of neurosis.